Why Makena Njeri came out as a Lesbian

Media personality cum influencer Makena Njeri is proud of sexuality. Unlike other members of the LGBTQ members struggling to accept themselves – Makena to owned the person they have always been and that is – a member of the LGBTQ.

For this article – we shall refer to Makena as they or them as requested since she does not identify herself with a specific gender – male or female.

LGBTQ activist, Makena Njeri

Anyway in a detailed post shared on Makena Njeri’s page – they explain their main reason of outing their sexual orientation hoping to become a gateway to all people being loved for who they are – and just as they are. In a detailed post Makena wrote;

I have made myself vulnerable and made my life an open book. All this so that my experiences can be the gateway to all people being loved for who they are and just as they are.


No one is superior and no one should be treated differently. I have done interviews where my life experiences have resonated with so many and because of my journey people have felt a sense of belonging. Trust me I also belong because of ya’ll ♥️. I have openly talked about my love experiences and celebrated love loudly so that others can gain the courage to do the same and to feel free to love who they love like everyone else.

Aim is to Fight for LGBTQ

Having seen how the system works in Africa, the activist says they’ve had good and bad days if not the worst. This is because they’ve been forced to walk on streets fighting for their rights, spent days in police stations – just to see the LGBTQ community accepted and given equal rights.

Chiki with Makena Njeri

However despite it all – the pain, humiliation, disrespect and killings – they continue hang in there hoping one day society will accept them for who they are – humans just like you and I.

I have walked on the streets with other activists to fight for the rights of other people. I have had sad days when everything didn’t make sense at all breaking in every possible way. Spent days in police stations trying to make sense of it all while still being patient enough to educate the system. I have had beautiful days where we all felt accepted and free to live.I am constantly letting vulnerability to take over my existence so that because of my journey we can accelerate acceptance and have all round love in society without discrimination and hate. I do my advocacy through my daily life experiences shared with the world.

And lastly….

This is yet another chapter of my life I am about to share with you. An exciting adventure full of beautiful chats and lessons! Are you ready for the conversations? ????

“So this year has been my year of Yes” BBC reporter, Makena Njeri affirms despite messy cheating scandal

BBC reporter, Maken Njeri was the talk of town after her Benz ride was vandalized over alleged cheating scandals from her lover.

The former Tahidi high actress has since then kept her cool and stayed off any drama palpable of paparazzi’s cameras.


It has definitely been a deafening year for her but her wounds make her proud of who she is today.

Via Instagram, she pens:

So this year has been my year of Yes! Saying yes to things that move me out of my comfort zone, challenge me, excite me, move me & grow me. Lots of lessons learnt through it all.