Corazon Kwamboka openly shares her dream of marrying Frankie Just Gym one day

Former socialite Corazon Kwamboka is now in that phase where she wants to spend the rest of her life with baby daddy, Frankie Just Gym it.

Frankie Just Gym It with third son

This comes a few months after she had openly confessed that marriage is not one of those things she is planning; but after living with baby daddy for a couple of months – Ms Corazon now wants to seal the deal.

Speaking during the recent launch of Safaricom’s new Baze platform; the lady went on to talk about possibility of settling down with Frankie – which shows that she is now deeply in love with the guy.

Well, at first it was all fun and games for Corazon who is the boss in the relationship (money wise) but now; looks like she fell in too deep. During her interview, Mama Taiyari said;

Corazon Kwamboka

I hope he proposes one day. But I’m not really looking forward to it. I’m taking one day at a time, if it happens and it’s the right time, I will say yes.”


Although this is a phase all women go through especially after the first child; but at least Corazon isn’t pushing for marriage at least not on social media; but I hopefully her engagement won’t end up like Ms Waititu’s… tears.

Ms Corazon with baby, Taiyari

But as for now, Corazon says that both her and Frankie are just focusing on parents for the sake of their baby boy.

“Right now I’m just enjoying getting to know him and being parents.”

“Move on!” Corazon Kwamboka to Maureen Waititu

Corazon Kwaboka this past weekend went on to publicly confirm that there is beef between her and Maureen Waititu.

In fact their personal lives and issues are now affecting us as fans since things are getting more toxic and 2 young boys are caught in between,

Of course many continue to side with Maureen Waititu especially after learning that she had been kicked out by her mother in law; and her boys who asked Maureen Waititu to vacate their house in Westlands. It happens, and life moves on as one cannot force matters when things are not working out.

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Anyway this past weekend, Ms Waititu opened up exposing Frankie Just Gym it for who he is. In the video dubbed ‘Enough’ Maureen goes on to reveal how Frankie has been handling the whole co-parenting plan; and even before she said it, we had already known their was trouble.

Corazon defends her baby daddy

Anyway being the one said to have ruined Maureen Waititu’s relationship with Frankie; Corazon for some reason decided to weigh in as she defend her baby daddy from Maureen Waititu’s side of the story

According to Corazon Kwaboka, it about time Maureen moved on from Frankie who is living his life in peace. As seen on a post shared by Corazon, she went on to tell Ms Waititu;

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Corazon Kwamboka’s post

Even me i was left. Someone I loved and thought was my life. I was hurt, I went weeks without food, I wished the world could swallow me. My life had no meaning, but you don’t ruin someone just because they went the other way.

Well, this comes right after the same Corazon went on to accuse Maureen Waititu of insulting her new born baby! However thanks to a screenshot shared by Frankie Just Gym it; seems like there is some truth, to the name calling… but who are we to judge?

Corazon’s post