Ben Pol blames Anerlisa Muigai for the dip in his music career

Tanzanian singer Ben Pol has asked his fans to stop comparing the duration of his marriage to his musical career.

In a recent interview, Ben Pol said that his marriage was a “distraction” from his music career and that he did not fully enjoy it. He also admitted that the marriage was more about showcasing their relationship online than experiencing the deeper aspects of married life.

Ben Pol’s comments come after some fans compared the two years he was married to the 11 years he has been active in the music industry. However, Ben Pol said that this comparison is unfair and that he has been genuinely active for 11 years, not 13 years as some might believe.

Ben Pol also promised his fans something special from his upcoming album. He said that the album is “very tight” and that he is excited to share it with the world.

Overall, Ben Pol’s comments suggest that he is now focused on his music career and that he is not looking back on his marriage. His upcoming album is sure to be highly anticipated by his fans, and it will be interesting to see how he addresses his recent experiences in his music.

Ben Pol Advices Men To Use Protection

Tanzanian singer Ben Pol is urging young people to take care when it comes to physical intimacy. He is now endorsing a condom brand and has been speaking out about the importance of safe sex.

“There’s a lot of illnesses nowdays that are as a result of sexual intercourse,” Pol said. “We need to say something about it and make steps about it.”

He also stressed the importance of planning your family.

“There’s a lot of responsibility, every young person has to play their part,” he said.

Pol’s comments come after his ex-wife, Anerlisa Muigai, called him out for always texting her. Muigai said that Pol had been trying to rekindle their relationship, but she was not interested.

“Ben I see you have really taken advantage of my silence for weakness… You’ve always had the right to tell the interviewer not to ask about me, why are you always making me look bad, yet you send me different from what you talk?” Muigai said on her social media.

She added that she would never rekindle her lost love with Pol.

Pol has not responded to Muigai’s allegations.

In addition to promoting safe sex, Pol is also using his platform to speak out about other important issues, such as mental health. He recently opened up about his own struggles with depression and anxiety, and he has encouraged others to seek help if they are struggling.

Pol is a role model for many young people, and his message of safe sex and mental health awareness is important. He is using his platform to make a difference in the world, and he is an inspiration to many.

Fans demand to know Ben Pol’s alimony from Anerlisa Muigai

Ben Pol was one of the many celebrities who decided to weigh in and give his thoughts on how Achraf Hakimi, PSG’s star player handled his divorce and protected his assets. But boy was he not ready for the sharp tongued Tanzanians who decided it was not his place to be taking especially since he was simping and has a history of simping for his ex, Anerlisa Muigai.

3 lessons we learn from Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai’s divorce

Ben Pol had been married to Anerlisa Muigai, a woman who came from a more financially endowed family and one has to wonder whether he too put into practice what he is preaching. Did he get a share of her wealth or did he simply walk away with nothing?

I owe Anerlisa Muigai an apology

Because simps seem to be upset about Achraf protecting his wealth instead of accepting that there is a real reason for him to do so. So they have been virtue signalling and “I would never betray m’lady”-ing all over the timeline.

Singer Ben Pol looking skinny after breakup

Check out what Ben Pol was told after his daft comment:

Ben Pol’s Advice On Relationships Is Shrewd

Ben Pol is claiming he’s living a better life after divorcing with his ex-wife Anerlisa Muigai. The Keroche Heiress and Ben Pol met at a press conference in Nairobi in 2018 and dated for a while before they got married in 2020. It was love at first sight, but it wasn’t going to last for long.

Apparently, Ben Pol had been single for about a year when their paths crossed as he had not gotten into another relationship after splitting up with the mother of his son – who is now six years old.

Ben Pol’s Advice

Ex husband cum lover Ben Pol

There’s no doubt that Ben Pol was married to a hottie. I mean, Anerlisa is all curvy and her flawless beauty is worth admiring. But Ben Pol believes that women who are beautiful should not be cosseted much.

He was sharing his advice on relationships and dating.

Ukiona mtu kila kitu kimenyooka, kipato kujitegemea, muonekano/urembo, heshima/unyeyekevu, akili/maarifa na haitokei siku moja akakukosea, ndugu yangu KIMBIA FASTAA!! na usigeuke nyuma huo ni mtego.”

According to Ben Pol, men should avoid dating such women. and to be honest, it makes sense. Look at how some of our exquisite female celebrities are failing in relationships. The likes of Amber Ray, Betty Kyallo, Lillian Muli, among others.

Ben Pol has had the experience. His relationship advice will definitely suffice.

“You cannot breakup today and move on tomorrow” Benpol implies ex wife, Anerlisa Muigai was cheating

Ben Pol has been maintaining a low profile since his divorce with Anerlisa Muigai and this is because he had a few issues to settle with himself before getting back to his old lifestyle.

Speaking during recent interview – Ben Pol has opened up about the changes in his life now that he is a divorced man. Among the many things he talked about is the fact that he still feels that his ex wife moved on abit too fast after their separation; something he also see’s as a red flag especially she claimed to love him.

Anerlisa with ex hubby, Ben Pol

After whatever happened in my personal life, in my opinion I felt that if someone was really in a relationship, that space and was really invested, you can’t end things yesterday and tomorrow you move on with life like nothing happened.

Seeks mental support

Well having married and invested in a woman he thought was the love of his life; the breakup did not go so easy for Ben Pol who also admits he had to seek help from a specialist – hoping to overcome his pain.

Speaking about his pain and how he managed to push through – Ben Pol said;

Anerlisa and Ben Pol’s young marriage allegedly going South

I had to cope and the copying mechanism meant I had to see someone who is a professional with those things. Got some counselling and what not…. So it’s true I was seeing a specialist, that I won’t deny.

What went wrong?

Anyway for those wondering what went wrong between the two, turns out that Ben Pol has also been asking himself the same question.

According to him, he still can’t pinpoint one thing that brought down their love ship…but all he knows is that this was God’s plan.

I cannot pinpoint one thing and say this is what happened. It is the universe that allowed us to go separate ways. Both of us. I can say it was God’s plan.

As for moving on, well according to the Bongo singer – only time will tell whether he will one day move on or not.

I am kind of single. I have been busy working and traveling but I don’t know what to say. That question might not help people but yes am single.

Alaar! Ben Pol reveals why he can never get back with ex wife, Anerlisa Muigai (Video)

At this point, Ben Pol has confirmed a rumors that has always been directed at Anerlisa Muigai; that she is controlling, spoilt and above all – very very selfish!

Not my words but clearly it’s all starting to make sense. Well, just recently Ben Pol who is known for hit song Roho Machine and of course his title as Anerlisa’s husband has come out to talk about their ongoing divorce.

Anerlisa after rumored failed marriage with Ben Pol

Speaking to Sky of SnS – the humble Ben Pol shared a little information about their divorce; but being protective – he chose not to expose his ex wife.

However judging from his tone, it’s obvious to hear that Ben Pol was with holding a lot; and unlike other men all he wanted was peace.

Battle with depression

At some point while talking about the break up Ben Pol went on to reveal that he got into depression; which affected his mental health and entire life routine.

Singer Ben Pol looking skinny after breakup

For example – Ben Pol would have breakfast at night, lunch at midnight and supper in the wee hours of the night. Call it confusion.

This also affected his well built body as he lost so much weight; and looking at him – it’s evident to see the physical changes on Ben Pol.

Missing ex wife?

Having put up with tantrums, unnecessary on and off breakups, being controlled and threatened; Ben Pol says he is done with his marriage with Anerlisa for good.

Ben Pol files for divorce from Anerlisa Muigai

The singer revealed this after Sky inquired whether he had any romantic feelings towards his ex wife; to which Ben Pol said;

Ahhh…mimi namuombea tu heri kwa Mipango yake; lakini ukizungumzia eti kumzimia…ah hakuna kitu kinaweza tokea kati ya mie na yeye. Nadhani labda nazinguka sana, lakini nadhani nina haki ya kusema kuwa sina hisia wala simfeel kabisa.

Sad part is that Aner’s exes always tend to run away from her despite all the money and fame she has; but clearly something about her keeps chasing these handsome men away…so let’s just call it beautiful but unlucky!

Anerlisa Muigai’s bold message to men stalking her timeline days after rumored troubled marriage

After news of her rumored failed marriage to Tanzanian music star, Ben Pol, went viral, thousands of men have been flocking Anerlisa’s timeline, trying to grab her attention.

The irritated Kenyan billionaire heiress has come out with a bold message for the male attention-seekers thinking this is their opportune time to bag the beauty.

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Anerlisa boldly fires back

An unconcerned Anerlisa has blasted the thousands of men persistently following and unfollowing her on her Instagram, to stop wasting their precious time because she is not even in the business of falling in love.

Men now stalking Anerlisa after rumored troubled marriage

Also read: Anerlisa Muigai’s reaction after Ben Pol converts to Islam

She took to her Instastories with a message dedicated to the stalkers to cut the crap and find something else to keep them busy instead.

The curvy beauty was clearly irritated by the string of annoying men who could not even spare her some time to mourn or get over her recent relationship in peace.

Anerlisa Muigai bitterly tells off male stalkers flocking her timeline

Since their marriage started showing signs of a split, Anerlisa has kept her timeline private, careful with her photos, words and reactions to everything going on around her.

On Friday, October 23, Ben Pol broke the announcement of his conversion to Muslim, something that might have officially confirmed their marriage split.

This is based on the fact that Ms Muigai is a staunch Catholic.

Ms Muigai

The pair had their nuptials in June 2020, in a private event down at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and thereafter a high-end reception with close family and friends.

It has only been 5 months since.

Anerlisa Muigai’s reaction after Ben Pol converts to Islam

The fate of Anerlisa Muigai’s marriage to Ben Pol remains unknown after the Tanzanian singer officially converted to Islam.

On Friday, October 23, the Bongo Flava star officially broke the news to the public, with the words “Bismillah-hir-rahman-nir-rahim ????????”.

Also read: Intimate details of Anerlisa and Ben Pol’s troubled marriage leak (Screenshot)

Complete in a white Thobe (an ankle-length garment usually with long sleeves, mostly worn by Muslim men) and a white headscarf.

Ben Pol converts to Islam

Before sharing photos of him in a Mosque together with his Muslim brothers, moments after prayer.

Ben Pol converts to Islam

Also read: “Guard your heart with a double-edged sword” Anerlisa Muigai cryptic message confirming marriage is over?

Through his IG stories, the Moyo Mashine hitmaker shared the official receipt showing his conversion, now adopting the name ‘Behnam Paul Mnyang’anga’.

Ben Pol officially converts to Islam

It is no shock because a better percentage of Tanzanians majorly profess the Islam religion. With the likes of Diamond Platnumz coming out to congratulate the artist on his brave move. Commenting: MashaAllah..????

Ben Pol adopts Islam religion

However, it is more about the fate of his rumored rocky relationship with Kenyan billionaire heiress Anerlisa Muigai who is a staunch Catholic.

With the two having tied the knot at an exclusive high-end Church ceremony in Dar es Salaam in June 2020, shortly after the burial of her younger sister, Tecra Karanja.

Anerlisa and Ben Pol’s church wedding

From her end, Anerlisa has kept off social media since her husband broke the news to the public, with a cryptic post;

Anerlisa Muigai’s cryptic post

Details of what becomes of their once star-studded relationship, remain scanty.

Anerlisa Muigai on the receiving end after unveiling new project

After her eventful weight loss journey, Keroche’s own Anerlisa Muigai has revealed plans to start her own fashion company.

Ms Muigai who is in the thick of a rocky marriage to Tanzanian music star, Ben Pol has had a rough time trying to accept herself in her own skin and believes it is time to equally support women going through the same.

Also read: Anerlisa Muigai changes tune a day after Ben Pol responded to marriage split

The curvy lass has since worked her way up to achieve that ‘perfect’ body, with her wasp-like waist and hippy edges worth dying for.

Mrs Ben Pol

Despite being CEO of Nero Company, Anerlisa keeps her dreams burning this time, going into fashion and targeting to start her own clothing line.

Also read: Celestine Ndinda’s glammed-up look causing a stir online (Photo)

When asked, she says it will focus on making women feel confident in their own skin.

Wild reactions

Unfortunately, knowing her economic background and social circles, fans are worried that her business does not target just any woman but the high and mighty.

Affluent businesswoman, Anerlisa Mugai

According to masses, their only hope is that the prizes will be affordable in the first place otherwise, she might loose a fair share of her fans.

A section actually believes she is smart at her marketing in that; the company is already up and running, she just needed to make her fans feel part of the decision-making. Boom!

Nero Company CEO, Anerlisa Muigai

The deal was: her post gets 30k+ likes and her dream comes to fruition.

As we speak, her post stands at 31,339 likes and I bet that is a straight yes to starting her clothing line.

Question is: how many will be able to afford her products?

gladysgichohi ???? Praying that the clothes will be pocket friendly to all women swry????


lilianwakarindi You can start it with or without the likes


noni_karanja BOOM ???????????? also…was she confident in her skin b4 surgery???


thedreamlandss it’s smart marketing…. she captures your attention, she wants her followers to feel like they have been participating in her decision! She is a business woman, she knows whassup!!!!


medzuwa At affordable price kila mtu ang’are… usituuzie 5k????????


pippizah Mrs Benpol


estheratsango I wish I can like as many time. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Unveiling Michael Bundi’s incredible talent that proves his supremacy as the de facto King of Covers

Dear Diary,

Today feels like 10, 464, 598th day of the curfew and subsequent semi-lockdown, thanks to the ravaging Covid-19 virus. I have learnt a few lessons, but the major one?

Well, life is fleeting. Grab every chance that comes along. Do new things. Watch new movies. Listen to new music.

Find a soul mate. Or, make one. Make a hell of a wedding, budgets be damned. A wedding full of dance and colorful dress – chuck the traditional black on white. Make it a party, with an awesome musician.

It’s a world full of erratic, half-baked musicians with jumpy lyrics, Dear Diary. We need better.

We don’t have a budget to hire a celebrity musician – most of which thrill with a mere half of their releases – and suck with the rest. Ok, a band? Hell, no. A band in a wedding has become cliché.

Then, a single genre would bore. Not everyone digs slow gospel. A significant section of the crowd are reggae freaks, but what do we do with the vibrant Bongo fans? The dancers will be found here, remember.

Ok, let’s get a versatile performer, with an adaptability to perform across genres – and with a commanding stage presence.

Meet Michael Bundi.

Michael alongside Jamaican artist Etana in 2019
Michael alongside Jamaican artist Etana in 2019

In the world of covers, Michael Bundi is one of Kenya’s best kept secrets. It’s a hard task describing the immense enigma.

This guy can sing, rap, croon, chant and wail across the most difficult productions in the world of music – and in some cases – do a solo medley while at it! If that’s not incredible, I don’t know what is.

Michael Bundi cannot be tamed into a regular voice category. You want to hear your favorite cover in baritone? Mezo-soprano? Tenor? Countertenor? Contralto? He’s game. (Oh, you didn’t even know there’s a Contralto? Ha!)

A casual perusal into his YouTube channel will enslave you. There’s no exiting. There’s a butt-load of talent buried in cyberspace waiting to be discovered. It’s not hyperbole.

A random pick of my three favorite covers? His ‘For the Love of Reggae’ series is superb.

Baby Love (Otile Brown).

Njiwa Njiwa (Willy Paul & Nandy).

Moyo Mashine (Ben Pol).

His musical buffet ain’t singly filled with covers. He’s excellent own productions.

The greatest thing with Michael is his flawless, almost tangible vocals. Videos are simply self-shot, with a smart phone. The only other star in the videos is a little, adorable 2yr-old kiddo, so sweet it makes me choke with emotion!

This is one of the artist’s best covers, Baby Love originally done by Otile Brown, over Heart & Soul Riddim instrumental:

¨Life had lost meaning…¨ Ben Pol narrates dark days before his son´s birth

Bongo flava artiste, Ben Pol has spoken of days when alcoholism was the order of the day, leading a life without meaning and reckless in his ways.

The Tanzanian musician has for the first time opened up about his life battles that saw him turn to alcohol, to give him comfort and strength to push on.

During an interview with Tanzania´s Simulizi na Sauti, Ben Pol spoke of dark days before the birth of his son – which turned his life 360 degrees.

It got to a point, life lost meaning – Ben Pol

When in public, he would put on a brave face and to many, he seemed like he was living a life full of butter and milk.

But the minute he was alone, a cloud of sadness creeped into his being.

Ilifika wakati kila kitu hakina maana. Unafanya show unashangiliwa na watu wanomba kupiga picha lakini hauna vibe yoyote. Ukirudi hotelini unaweza hata ukalia. Unapigiwa simu na promoter yaani unongea naye vizuri sana mpaka kazi unapata lakini ukitulia mwenyewe, sadness moja hatari.


He would drive back home, but under the influence of alcohol and when he arrived safely, he could not understand how that could be.

Nakumbuka nilifika kipindi nilikuwa mpaka natumia vilevi nikiwa nakunywa sana. Unajua ile unaendesha gari ile unatoka Moroko mpaka Mwenge alafu hujui umepitaje. Hukumbuki katikati na wewe ndio uliendesha gari.

It got so bad, despite owning a house at Mbezi Beach, he would instead sleep in his car, at the parking lot of malls.

My son, Mali´s birth, gave life meaning – Ben Pol

But with his son, Mali´s birth, life became meaningful and Ben Pol had a reason to live.

Ilifika kipindi nilikuwa nimepanga nyumba nzima Mbezi Beach, lakini nilukuwa naweza park kwenye mall nikalala kwenye mall mpaka asubuhi. So Mali alipozaliwa akaleta kama nuru fulani nikaona kama kila kitu kina maana.

Ben Pol praises God in new gospel tune ‘Ebenezer’ (Video)

Award-winning Tanzanian singer Benard Michael Paul Mnyang’anga, popularly known as Ben Pol and famed for his Moyo Mashine mega hit, has released a new track and it’s getting a lot of love from his fans.

Also read: Kenyan musicians have so much to learn from their Tanzanian counterparts

The jam dubbed Ebenezer, which is a Hebrew word that means stone of help, is different from the songs that Ben Pol has released before because it’s a gospel tune. I bet you never saw this coming, did you?

Basically, this track talks about giving thanks to God for the things that He has done in our lives and heeding the call to serve Him.

Ben Pol

It also puts emphasis on the importance of walking with God and having faith that He will never leave our side when the going gets tough.

I totally love this track. Other than the powerful message that it carries, perhaps after listening to it, you’ll agree with me that it’s a beautiful composition.

Actually, I’m starting to think that Ben Pol should release more gospel jams such as this one because well, he can use his melodious voice to spread God’s word. I mean, why not?

The beat and instrumentation on this song are dope. Its subtlety allows you to connect with the artist while digesting the message.

Listen to Ebenezer below and tell us what you think. Enjoy.

“Ile story ilikuwa exaggerated sana!” Ben Pol explains himself days after naming the list of men in his Fiancé’s DM

Ben Pol has come out to set the record straight days after Harmonize explained why his name appeared in Anerlisa Muigai’s DM.

Anerlisa Muigai

During a recent interview with Citizen TV, Ben  Pol went on to say that he was misquoted by tabloids who ended up exaggerating what he said about Harmonize, Shettah and Khaligraph.

According to Ben Pol, he had not bad intentions when he named some of the celebrities he has seen in his woman’s messages. He went on to say,

“Ile story ilikuwa exaggerated sana. Kwa kweli niliona majina yao lakini sikuisema kama kitu kibaya wala sikuisema kama nimekasirika kwa sababu to be honest hakuna maneno mabaya yalikuwa yameandikwa. Kama kungekuwa na kitu kibaya kimeandikwa ningewatafuta personally. DM sio kitu kibaya jamani. So haikuwa story mbaya na sikuwa na shida na mtu niliisema tu kikawaida na hakukuwa na mpango wowote. Washikaji wasiskie vibaya mimi kusema vile. Sina matatizo nao at all at all, it’s all about love,”

Harmonize’s response

After being named among the men sliding in Anerlisa’s DM the Wasafi records singer addressed the issue saying he wouldn’t hit on his friends soon to be wife. He opened up saying;

“Unajua mkiwa katika mahusiono kila mtu anataka kumheshimu mwenzake kuwa usinichukulie poa, kuwa kuna mtu, Fulani alishawahi kunitongozanga, Kuna vitu vingine vinaongelewa vinaweza kuwa vya ukweli au sio kweli. So as a gentleman ukisikia vitu kama hivyo si vizuri kuweka kwenye Public. Angeniambia tu bro wife kaniambia hivi na hivi, na mimi ningemwambia that’s not true. Hamna ukweli kwa hilo, before I was feeling bad lakini nikasema sisi binadamu. Mwanamke wa Ben Pol mimi nimemjua hata kabla hajamjua Ben, like three years ago,”

Harmonize responds after singer Ben Pol accuses him of sliding in his Fiance’ DM

Harmonize aka Konde Boy has finally given his side of the story after fellow singer Ben Pol accused him of hitting on his fiancé, Anerlisa Muigai.

The WCB singer went on to explain himself saying this is something he wouldn’t have done as he respects Ben Pol and his relationship.

Harmonize revealed this at a recent interview adding that Ben Pol could have been using his name to attract attention on social media.

Unajua mkiwa katika mahusiono kila mtu anataka kumheshimu mwenzake kuwa usinichukulie poa, kuwa kuna mtu, Fulani alishawahi kunitongozanga, Kuna vitu vingine vinaongelewa vinaweza kuwa vya ukweli au sio kweli. So as a gentleman ukisikia vitu kama hivyo si vizuri kuweka kwenye Public. Angeniambia tu bro wife kaniambia hivi na hivi, na mimi ningemwambia that’s not true. Hamna ukweli kwa hilo, before I was feeling bad lakini nikasema sisi binadamu. Mwanamke wa Ben Pol mimi nimemjua hata kabla hajamjua Ben, like three years ago.

Friendship with Ben Pol

Unlike many Bongo artists, Harmonize says he  respects and loves Ben Pol because of how humble the fella is. According to him, he wouldn’t pull such a disrespectful move to ruin a serious relationship for his ‘brother.’

But mimi naheshimu na sisi ni binadamu sometimes tunateleza. Labda shemela wetu pia kaamua kusema ivo kumwasha bro kuwa usinichukulie poa, kuna watu bado wananifuata. Mimi sio stupid kuona watu wako kwa mahusiano serious alafu mimi namtext DM. Ben Pol is my brother and I love him so much and nimeshiriki katika kazi yake ya Why and I like him he is just humble and my role model too because mimi nimeanza kumskia Ben Pol back in the days at a time I was nobody.

So could have Ben Pol lies to his fans?

Anerlisa Muigai responds to female fans telling her to hide her fiancé, Ben Pol

Keroche breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai must feel like the luckiest woman. At the age of 30, the lovely lady has managed to meet the man of her dreams, Ben Pol and if things work out as planned then the two are expected to walk down the aisle pretty soon!

Unlike her previous relationships, Anerlisa Muigai feels quite confident to post videos and photos of her Bongo lover on social media. 

Looking at how they handle each other on social media it’s evident to say that these were meant for each other; and this is why Anerlisa‘ latest post has left many women feeling silly for meddling in her love life!

Mind your own business!

Apparently some women have been sending Anerlisa messages advising her to stop parading her man on Instagram. This is because they feel that other women will end up snatching him from her.

However, seems that the lass did not agree with them on this. In response to this, Miss Anerlisa wrote to say;

I have seen 3 or 5 women advising me to stop showing my man apparently because women out here will take him (Do they know he has 2.6 million people following him?)… Anyway that’s beside the point… Sweethearts let me now advice you, if you ever have a man and you have such doubts about him, then that is not a man to even waste your time with. A man who loves and respects you, will never give you reasons to doubt him… always put God first in everything and always remember nobody can ever come between what God has planned for you… #Godfirst

Well, there you have it!

Ben Pol exposes Harmonize among other artists hitting on his fiancé, Anerlisa Muigai

Tanzanian singer Ben Pol is one lucky man to have bagged a woman like Anerlisa Muigai. The couple has now become what many youths term as “Goals” and judging from how they portray each other on social media we are indeed expecting a grand wedding!

Just a few days ago Ben Pol for the first time got the chance of opening up about his relationship with Anerlisa Muigai.

Surprisingly Ben Pol revealed that he has been in a steady relationship with Anerlisa Muigai for 1 year and a few months unlike what many think. He revealed this during an interview with popular Tanzanian media personality Zamaradi.

Team mafisi eyeing Anerlisa

When asked whether he gets to see Anerlisa Muigai’s DM, the Tanzanian singer went on to reveal that they never keep anything from each other.

So far he has come across DM’s from the likes of Harmonize, rapper Shettah and Khaligraph Jones who slide into his fiancés DM. He went on to say;

Wasanii wapo ninawaona Shettah. Harmonize, Khaligraph wasanii wapo nawaona kwanza blue ticks pale verified lakini sishangai kwa sababu ni msichana mrembo na ukipata nafasi ya kukaa naye kama hivi ndio unaona uzuri wake Zaidi. Zinaonekana.

Even with this, Ben Pol is still secure about his lady especially now that they are planning to walk down the aisle.

It´s Official! Anerlisa Muigai now betrothed to Ben Pol

This must be overwhelming for Nero CEO, Anerlisa Muigai after she just recently got gifted a 100K+ Samsung Galaxy and now, Ben Pol decides to go down on one knee in just one week.

Anerlisa Muigai is a proud owner of an engagement ring, put on by her Tanzanian beloved, Ben Pol, whom she said ¨YES¨ to, just yesterday evening.

The couple broke the news to the world on their social media pages, dressed in All-White, right on the shores of the beach.

The Keroche Breweries beauty can´t seem to get enough of it, sharing a short clip of the adornment:

The elated couple then closed off with a romantic kiss, right at that spot and Anerlisa captions:

I love you till my heart aches.

The gesture went down at the Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa in Mombasa.

Anerlisa, 31 and lover, Ben Pol have graced the dating scene for more than a year now and might have been the high time the bongo artist, gave credit to the beauty.


Like one would guess, it definitely is happy hour and happy lifetime moment for the couple and fans resonate the love too:

Benny kafanya booking, woyoooooooooo, everibadi sei yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa


Rastaaaaaa,hongera mwanangu ✊????


Congratulations my brother ????❤️????




Yebbah!!! Hongera Sana!


Hongera sana Bro Isoookeeyyyyy ????????❤️❤️


Awwwwww I’m so excited. Congratulations. Next stop in Nairobi I must meet my brother in-law ! You deserve all the happiness.


???????? Congratulations love

Congratulations to you both ????????
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ????????
Beautiful. Congratulations ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Its beautiful ????
Congratulations hun????????????????????
Congratulations????????????now work together like Kandi &Todd of rhoa and build your empire

Kudos to the new couple in town!

We can’t get enough of Arrow Bwoy’s new collabo with Jovial (Video)

When you talk about Kenyan female singers with beautiful vocals, Juliet Ayub Miriam, alias Jovial, can’t fail to feature in the list. She has a soothing voice that I wouldn’t mind listening to all day, even if it’s just a casual conversation.


Maybe you’ve not heard of this talented songstress who hails from Mombasa yet, maybe you’ve never listened to any of her songs but it’s about time you knew of her. Drumrolls, please.

Jovial is an Afro-fusion singer whose songs have a twist of zouk. She has several songs to her name and has worked with leading artists including Jua Cali, Ben Pol. Some of her hits include Mimi Ni Wako, Kila La Heri, Unakosa Raha, just to name a few.

A few days ago, she released a collabo dubbed Dekeza alongside Mr Digi Digi, Arrow Bwoy and it has been getting fair airplay on local radio stations.

Dekeza is a Swahili word that means ‘to persuade’. As you can already tell, maybe you can’t, this is a feel good song in which Jovial narrates how she loves to be cajoled, spoilt with good things and what not. Her delivery was top-notch and she has her smooth vocals to thank for that.

As expected, Arrow Bwoy did not disappoint either. He used Swahili, Sheng, English and a bit of Patios to drive the love song home. You know what to expect when you hear that Arrow Boy has a new song, in this case expect much more.

Arrow Bwoy

The song’s bridge is such a no brainer and it is easy to master, it goes like “Kwako sitoki nimezama sijiwezi *2“. That’s it.

The video was directed by Johnson Kyallo and produced by Ihaji. Watch Dekeza below and tell us what you think.

At this point I might need Swahili lessons- Anerlisa after meeting Ben Pol’s in-laws

Anerlisa Muigai is a fluent English speaker but that can’t be said so much regarding her Swahili.

Recently while visiting her in-laws in Tanzania, Anerlisa shared that she was really struggling to understand their Swahili and even confessed that she might need a few classes.

“At this point I might have to take Swahili lessons again because these in-laws of ours are spitting some words I am left like,” She said.

Ben Pol has often revealed in interviews that he is not so good in English so perhaps they can school each other. The two it looks are also moving fast to solidify their union after falling in love.


The Keroche heiress and her Tanzanian sweetheart are now all set to get married soon, the two lovebirds have finally laid the groundwork for their wedding.

Ben and Anerlisa recently shared photos of what looked like a traditional African introduction ceremony. The Keroche heiress took her sweetheart to met her parents.

“I would like to dedicate this day to my love and my husband to be. My life has not been the same since I met you, you have brought so much love, happiness, honesty and calmness into my life. You have taught me so much that sometimes I wonder if I was really living the life I should have been living. Nobody ever came to my life and changed it like you,” wrote Anerlisa.

Ben Pol’s ex lover says the singer is with rich kid Anerlisa Muigai because of money: ‘He’s a gold digger’

Anerlisa Muigai and Tanzanian singer Ben Pol are drunk in love. The two love birds have been sharing their love on social media and going for trips leaving Kenyans awed as they follow their luxurious love life.

But, according to Ben Pol’s ex-girlfriend Annastazia Exavery, Muigai should watch Ben Pol closely and monitor him. Exavery warned the rich kid who’s parents are multi-millionaires that Ben Pol might be in love with only her money and luxurious lifestyle.

Be careful with him

In an interview with EATV, she claimed Ben Pol is a gold digger and Anerlisa should be very careful.

”I am not even hurt because I see Ben Pol as a Ben 10. I laugh at him because he is enjoying the good life, he is taken to Dubai on holiday because he does not have money. You know he is just around her to carry her purse,” Ebitoke revealed. 

Anerlisa and Ben Pol have been together now for almost seven months and seem to be going strong despite naysayers.

Anerlisa Muigai pours out her heart to sweetheart Ben Pol on her birthday (Photos)

Anerlisa Muigai turned 31 on January 9th, she celebrated her birthday party with her Tanzanian boyfriend Ben Pol together with her friends and family members.

For starters, Anerlisa and Ben Pol have been dating for at least three months, the two were first spotted together on October 16th 2018 when Anerlisa  announced that she would be working with him to advertise her bottled water – Executive Still Water.

Before going public about their relationship, the two used to deny claims they were dating but kept making public appearances together and also openly flirted with each other on social media.

You bring happiness to my life

Anerlisa poured out her heart to her Tanzanian sweetheart as she celebrated her 31st birthday. The Keroche heiress took to social media to remind Ben Pol how much she values his love.

“Thank you @iambenpol for being such an amazing human being and for bringing pure happiness into my life. I don’t want to say much but i must say that everyday you have surprised me. May God bless you beyond your expectations and give you a long life. ? ?️Ⓜ️,” wrote Anerlisa.


Mapenzi moto moto! Here’s Ben Pol’s sweet message to Anerlisa Muigai on her 31st birthday

Singer Ben Pol and Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai are drunk in love and have not been hiding it from Kenyans.

The two are fresh off a long vacation in Dubai and are now in the country to resume the normal hassle and bustles of the city.

Tanzanian RnB Singer on January 9 took to social media to pen a very sweet message to her lover as she turned 31 years old.

On Instagram, Ben confessed how words can’t be enough in describing his Love for Anerlisa. He then went on to wish her a happy life.

“Happy Birthday My Love @anerlisa .. Words Cannot Explain How Much I Love You , Nakutakia Maisha Marefu Na Furaha. May All Your Dreams Come True.. #MyQueen” shared Ben Pol.


Anerlisa and Ben have been airing their love and guys have already started to pressure them to marry. Others have speculated that Anerlisa might be already pregnant.

Still, the two are taking their time but chances are, they might exchange vows in the end.

Pilipili urges Ben Pol to marry Anerlisa Muigai before the year ends

Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai have been dating for at least three months, the two were first spotted together on October 16th 2018 when Anerlisa  announced that she would be working with him to advertise her bottled water – Executive Still Water.

The two denied claims they were dating as they kept making public appearances together and also openly flirted with each other on social media.

Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai
Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai

By November 2018 Anerlisa and Ben Pol could no longer hide the fact that they were deeply in love and that they were also dating. The Bongo singer confessed he was in a relationship with the Keroche heiress during an interview with Tanzanian radio Times FM.


Tanzanian stand-up comedian Emmanuel Mathias popularly known as MC Pilipili has urged his fellow tribesman Ben Pol to marry Anerlisa before the year ends.

Pilipili revealed that he had already talked to Ben Pol about marrying Anerlisa. He further claims that men from the Gogo tribe get ‘lost’ when they fall in love.

MC Pilipili
MC Pilipili

“Wagogo tukipenda hua tunapotelea kabisa Ben Pol nakuelewa kaka yangu huu mwaka wetu kama tulivyoongea kaka,” said MC Pilipili.




‘People will judge you no matter the age’ Anerlisa Muigai’s deep message before turning 31 years old 

Fresh off a long vacation(baecation) that left many feeling like it was more of a honeymoon than just a get away, rich kid Anerlisa Muigai is back in the country and ready to work.

Anerlisa has spent the better part of December in Dubai alongside her ride-o-die Ben Pol. The two have littered social media with pictures as they enjoyed their vacation and celebrate their flaming love.

Anerlisa might be planning yet another short holiday, or party soon, since her birthday is just around the corner. She will be turning 31 years old and she had a deep message for her followers now that she’s really getting “old”.

“In exactly 3 days ill be turning 31 years which to be honest have to say is a blessing. I remember when was little younger used to think 31 years was very very old. The only regret i had in my 20s is that i cared a lot about what other people said about me. My advice to young people in their early 20s is to concentrate more on you and what makes you better. Don’t focus alot on relationships, social media and getting certain things quickly. Focus on your education and the career you want to take after university. I have grown up with so much pressure to be a certain person that people expect and i realized that was only damaging me.” she said. 

Ignore judgment

Muigai urged her followers to be different this year. She asked them to focus less on entertainment and more on education in case they want a brighter future.

“If you focus on you, your goals and dreams will definitely be achieved. Don’t also pay too much attention to people who think they know your life more than you do and want to plan for you your life. People will judge you no matter the age, that is guaranteed to always be there.

Looking forward to turning 31 years. I have become more wiser and my focus right now is my business and make people around me happy and better. ?. Have A Blessed Sunday. ?️Ⓜ️” she said. 


Anerlisa Muigai pregnant by Ben Pol? social media post leaves fans thinking so 

Kenyans have been digging and trying to push Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai into opening up on whether she’s pregnant or planning to be soon after she announced her relationship with Tanzanian singer Ben Pol.

The two lovers have been enjoying month long their vacation in Dubai and they are truly in love.

Muigai recently shared a photo that left fans believing it’s a hint that she might be finally pregnant for him.

“Dear baby…since we met I have just been eating too much. please let me be great in 2019.” said Anerlisa on Instagram stories. 

Second meaning

The photo might also be having another meaning. Anerlisa might be saying that since he met Pol, the two are having many lunch and dinner dates and she has added weight in the process.

Well, only time will tell. All what we know for now is that Mimba haifichiki. 

Anerlisa Muigai: I am so f*ckin in love. For once I am locked in it

Anerlisa Muigai is completely smitten with Bongo singer Ben Pol. The singer’s love is literally making the Keroche heiress speak in tongues.

Anerlisa has not been quite lucky when it comes to love. Her former boyfriends dumped her when wedding plans were in the pipeline.

She engaged sometimes in January 2017. The Keroche heiress was all set to marry her longtime boyfriend Stephen but they broke up six months after the engagement.

Anerlisa Muigai with her ex Stephen
Anerlisa Muigai with her ex Stephen

Then came Don, her relationship with Don started off on the wrong foot after a woman called Joy Njokie accused her of being a husband snatcher. And six months into their relationship disaster struck.

Anerlisa Muigai with her ex Don
Anerlisa Muigai with her ex Don

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Ben Pol, what’s different

Anerlisa and her current sweetheart Ben Pol already have wedding plans in the pipeline, she spoke about marriage during a questions and answers session with her fans on Instagram.

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Ben Pol’s love is making Anerlisa feel butterflies, she recently took to social media to explain how she has fallen heads over heels in love with the ‘Moyo Mashine’ hit maker.