Bensoul defends his friendship with Cindy K., his ex-girlfriend’s best friend

Former Sol Generation signee Bensoul has found himself deeply in love, and his newfound romance with TikTok content creator Cindy Kipsang, also known as Cindy K, is stirring up quite the buzz.

Cindy K, once the best friend of Bensoul’s ex-girlfriend Noni Gathoni, has now become his romantic partner, sparking varied reactions from fans.

During his recent performance at Raha Fest, Bensoul surprised many by inviting Cindy K on stage and serenading her with his song ‘Favourite Song’, followed by presenting her with a bouquet of roses.

While some fans embraced the news enthusiastically, others found themselves bewildered, considering Cindy K’s past connections to both Bensoul’s ex-girlfriend and his close friend, YouTuber Prince Newton.

Cindy K had previously been involved with Prince Newton following a turbulent split from NRG host Shaq The Yungin, who accused her of infidelity with his friend.

Despite being aware of Cindy K’s romantic history, Bensoul remains steadfast in his love for her, asserting that their bond is strong and unaffected by outside opinions.

“We’ve been going out for a long time. This is my girl and she’s amazing. No matter what anybody says, they don’t know the story. If you want to comment, comment, it’s not going to hurt us. It won’t affect our love,” Bensoul declared.

According to the singer, they had been planning to publicly reveal their relationship for some time, and Raha Fest provided the perfect opportunity to do so.

Bensoul Highlights Benefits Of Weed As He Calls For It’s Legalization In Kenya

Talented musician Bensoul is calling for legalization of weed in the country. The singer, who has been among the few celebrities admonishing the govt to legalize, has been on the frontline justifying the pros of weed.

Bensoul shared his sentiments in a recent interview with SPM Buzz, where he outlined two main reasons for his stance: medicinal benefits and relaxation properties.

“Let’s legalize this, not just because people like us smoke it,” Bensoul said in Swahili. “The medicinal uses of this plant could significantly change our country’s medical industry.”

Bensoul, known for his hit song “4:20,” urged the government to consider legalization’s potential to aid those suffering from treatable conditions. He also emphasized bhang’s ability to promote relaxation and meditation.

“There are many distracting drugs out there,” Bensoul said. “Bhang offers a natural alternative.”

Bensoul’s comments come shortly after he introduced his new girlfriend to the public. He addressed critics of his position by citing examples of countries like the United States and Germany that have legalized bhang.

Watch his full interview below;

Bensoul Advocates For Legalization Of Marijuana-‘I Have Never Seen Anyone Go Crazy Because Of Weed’

Benson Mutua, also known as Bensoul, is a Kenyan singer and songwriter who has supported the legalization of marijuana.

The musician Anyiko Awoko recently stated in an interview that legalizing marijuana will help the economy because it has more benefits than drawbacks.

He stated his opinion that Kenya ought to legalize marijuana if other nations have done so.

He made the case that Kenya could follow many other countries in the world where individuals are financially supported by the marijuana sector and using it to support their families.

Bensoul continued by saying that marijuana users experience no adverse health impacts.

“I Have Never Seen Anyone Go Crazy Because Of Weed, Wenye Wanachizi Ni Because Of Other Drugs.”

Bensoul is a proponent of legalizing marijuana and de-stigmatizing its use for personal and medical purposes.



Bensoul Defies Deadbeat Father’s Advice to Pursue Musical Passion

Despite his father’s discouragement, Sol Generation artist Bensoul is grateful for his unwavering passion for music, which has led him to the pinnacle of success. Following his father’s footsteps was not a path Bensoul was destined to follow, as revealed in a recent interview on Sol Generation’s YouTube channel.

Bensoul’s father, also a talented musician in his youth, attempted to steer his son away from a musical career. However, from the tender age of three, Bensoul knew his heart belonged to music.

“My dad was also a musician. He sang in the choir and played with a certain band. He tried to stop me from doing music, but music has been a part of me since I was three years old,” Bensoul confessed.

Born and raised in Embu, Bensoul’s childhood was marked by his single mother’s unwavering support and the challenges of growing up in the Dallas slum. His father had left the family, leaving Bensoul and his older sister, Lucy, under their mother’s care.

Bensoul’s mother, who has since passed away, openly discussed the struggles of raising her two children, with an age difference of 13 years. She revealed that Bensoul’s passion for music became a source of tension between her and his father, ultimately leading to their separation.

“My husband decided to leave us due to his insistence on my conversion to Islam. He made it clear that if we didn’t embrace Islam, we would no longer be associated with him. Bensoul’s pursuit of a musical path also became a source of conflict between me and his father,” she explained.

Despite his unconventional upbringing, Bensoul holds strong family values.

“Family holds immense significance for me. Raised by my mother, my father may not have been physically present, but his presence is still felt. However, his current whereabouts remain unknown to me,” he said during the interview.

Bensoul’s journey exemplifies the power of pursuing one’s dreams despite adversity. His unwavering passion for music has undoubtedly shaped his path to success.

Bensoul Pays Tribute To His Late Mother During A Concert

Kenyan singer Bensoul has announced that his mother, Suzana, has passed away. The singer shared the news with his fans during a concert last week, performing a song in her honor.

In a previous interview with The Trend, Bensoul revealed that he could tell if his songs were hits based on his mother’s reaction.

“I never talk to her about them or send her a link, if she finds out I have a new song out and its amazing, that’s how I know that that was an amazing song,” he said.

Suzana also appeared on the reality series “Sol Family” on Sol Generations, where she opened up about Bensoul’s battle with tuberculosis. “I didn’t see the body, I only saw bones. I went crazy and I went to go look for doctors and at the time, they were on strike,” she said.

Bensoul has not yet released any further details about his mother’s passing, but he has asked fans to keep her in their thoughts and prayers.

Bensoul’s Music Career

Bensoul is a Kenyan singer-songwriter and guitarist. He is known for his soulful vocals and his blend of R&B, soul, and Afro-pop music. Bensoul has released two studio albums, “Soaring” (2016) and “On Fire” (2019). He has also won several awards, including Best New Artist at the MTV Africa Music Awards 2017.

Bensoul’s Personal Life

Bensoul is a private person and does not share much about his personal life with the public. He is not married and does not have any children.

Fans React to Suzana’s Passing

Fans of Bensoul have expressed their condolences to the singer and his family on social media. Many fans have shared their memories of Suzana and praised her for her kindness and love.

“Rest in peace, Mama Bensoul. You will be dearly missed,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“Sending my love and prayers to Bensoul and his family during this difficult time,” another fan wrote on Instagram.

Suzana was a beloved mother, grandmother, and friend. She will be deeply missed by all who knew her.

Bensoul & Baby Mama Tiffany Muikamba Celebrate Daughter’s First Birthday

Sol Generation singer Benson Mutua, better known by his stage name Bensoul, and his baby mama Tiffany Muikamba are celebrating the first birthday of their daughter, Trinity.

The happy parents took to social media to share photos of their little girl and their joy at her milestone.

“1 to Infinity. My absolute bundle of joy,” Bensoul wrote on Instagram.

Tiffany Muikamba posted a photo of herself holding Trinity and wrote, “Dear God thank you for my little bundle of joy. Seeing her turn one is a real joy. Thank you for taking care of us and always having our backs. Long live our little family ❤️.”

Bensoul and Tiffany met during the Oktobafest concert on October 31, 2021, while he was still dating his long-term girlfriend Noni Gathoni. Noni made it clear that she was not leaving Bensoul and would stick with him till the end.

The news of Tiffany’s pregnancy broke out earlier last year. In an interview, Tiffany revealed that their daughter was not as a result of a one-time thing.

Baby Trinity was born on September 2, 2022.

In a previous interview with Mic Cheque podcast, Bensoul revealed that he had to order DNA tests to confirm paternity of the daughter he sired with Tiffany Muikamba.

Despite the challenges they faced, Bensoul and Tiffany have managed to co-parent their daughter and are now celebrating her first birthday together.

The couple’s post has been met with a lot of love and support from their fans. Many people have wished the little girl a happy birthday and congratulated the parents.

It is clear that Bensoul and Tiffany are very proud parents and are excited to watch their daughter grow up. Here’s to many more happy years for the family!

Tiffany Muikamba Shares First Photo of Bensoul with Their Daughter

Tiffany Muikamba, the baby mama of musician Bensoul, has shared the first-ever photo of him with their daughter on her Instagram page. The photo shows Bensoul holding their daughter in his arms, and they both look very happy.

Muikamba also shared a birthday message for their daughter, who turned one year old on September 3rd. In the message, she thanked God for her daughter and for always taking care of them. She also said that she hopes their little family will live long and prosper.

The photo and message are significant because they mark a thawing of the relationship between Muikamba and Bensoul. The two had a strained relationship in the past, but it appears that they are now on better terms.

Muikamba disabled the comment section on the post, which is understandable considering the sensitive nature of the situation. However, the photo and message have still been met with positive reactions from fans. Many people are happy to see Bensoul and Muikamba putting their differences aside for the sake of their daughter.


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A post shared by Tiffany Muikamba (@tiffany__wanjiru)

Bensoul speaks on what’s next after leaving Sauti Sol record label

Bensoul, a Kenyan singer, has shared the valuable lessons he learned during his time with the Sol Generation record label.

After a successful five-year stint with the label, Bensoul is now ready to embark on a new chapter as an independent artist.

In an interview with Nairobi News, Bensoul said that the most important lesson he learned from Sol Generation is that he is the master of his own destiny.

“I realized that success and failure are ultimately up to me,” he said. “I’m now taking on the role of CEO for my own venture, Lion of Sudah, and I’m excited to create my own digital presence and showcase my merchandise.”

Bensoul also said that he is a strong believer in artistic independence, and that he is now at a point in his career where he feels the need to create his own space.

“I’m grateful for the support of my fans, and I’m excited to keep creating music that pushes the boundaries of Kenyan music,” he said.

Bensoul also talked about the symbolism of his trademark dreadlocks, which he has worn for eight years.

“My dreadlocks represent my journey and my resilience,” he said. “They’ve been a challenge to maintain, but they’ve also been a source of great strength.”

Bensoul is a talented musician with a bright future ahead of him. He is sure to continue to make waves in the Kenyan music scene for years to come.

Here is some additional information about Bensoul:

  • Bensoul is 27 years old and from Nairobi, Kenya.
  • He started his music career in 2017 and released his debut album, “The Journey,” in 2020.
  • He has won several awards, including the 2021 Groove Awards for Best Male Artist and Best Song of the Year.
  • He is known for his unique blend of R&B, pop, and soul music.
  • He is a strong advocate for artistic independence and has spoken out against the exploitation of artists by record labels.
  • He is a role model for young musicians in Kenya and is inspiring them to pursue their dreams.

Bensoul’s baby mama Tiffany Muikamba opens up about financial struggles

Tiffany Muikamba, the baby mama of singer Bensoul, has opened up about her financial struggles in August last year, when she was preparing to welcome her daughter.

Muikamba took to Instagram to share her story, saying that she was “struggling” and “didn’t know how she was going to pay for her hospital bill or baby stuff.” However, she said that she was “grateful to God” that everything worked out.

Muikamba welcomed her daughter with Bensoul in September last year. She has since shared photos of her daughter on social media, calling her “really pretty” and saying that she is “really in love with her.”

The two met at the 2021 Oktobafest. Muikamba said that they had been dating for a while before she got pregnant. She denied that the pregnancy was a result of a one-night stand, saying that “our baby is not a product of a one-time thing.”

Muikamba’s story is a reminder of the financial challenges that many single mothers face. She is one of many women who have to go through pregnancy and childbirth without the financial support of a partner. Her story is also a testament to her strength and resilience. She is a role model for other single mothers, showing them that it is possible to overcome financial challenges and raise a child.

Bensoul and baby mama celebrate daughter’s first year

Bensoul, a singer, and Tiffany Wanjiru Muikamba, his baby mama, will commemorate their daughter’s first birthday.

Muikamba declared “My baby angel is soon to turn one. God is awesome. I’m one content mother.

September of last year saw the birth of their first child.

“Today I also celebrate the birth of my really pretty daughter. Guys I’m really in love with her.

And the miracle of having another person growing inside you is the best feeling in the world. I can’t wait to meet you, my baby girl.”

Bensoul and Muikamba met at the 2021 Oktobafest.

Bensoul’s baby mama brags about being the reason he broke up with his ex-girlfriend

Tiffany Muikamba, the baby mama of Sol Generation singer Bensoul, has sparked controversy with a cryptic Instagram story. In the story, she seemed to express her belief that there’s nothing wrong with being involved with someone in a relationship. She said, “Never feel bad for taking someone’s partner. You deserve to be happy too.”

Tiffany’s story has led to speculation about her relationship with Bensoul. In 2022, she became pregnant with Bensoul’s child while he was still dating Noni Gathoni. This led to accusations of Tiffany being a “homewrecker.” However, Tiffany has denied these accusations, saying that she only had a “civil relationship” with Bensoul at the time.


Bensoul has also recently opened up about the end of his long-term relationship with Noni. He said that the relationship simply ended and that he is now enjoying being single. He is focusing on his music career and fatherhood responsibilities.

Bensoul clarified that he initiated the end of their relationship and that it has not negatively affected him. Instead, it has served as motivation to achieve more in his career.

Tiffany’s cryptic Instagram story and Bensoul’s recent comments about his relationship status have reignited the controversy surrounding their relationship. It is unclear what the meaning of Tiffany’s story is, but it is clear that she and Bensoul have a complicated past.

Kuwachana na Noni ilinisaidia sana – Bensoul

Benson Mutua Muia, better known by his stage name Bensoul, has revealed that his relationship with his longtime girlfriend Noni Gathoni ended as a result of the romance.

Bensoul mentioned that following their separation, he and Mrs. Gathoni are enjoying their new circumstances in an interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo.

“Ilifika mahali hakuna mapenzi. Sisi sote tuna furaha sasa. Hakuna haja ya kulazimisha kitu mhangaike baadaye”

The musician claimed that he is content with his life right now and mentioned that he can concentrate on both his music and the obligations of parenthood.

“Mahusiano yaliisha tu. Unajua mapenzi huisha. Nina raha vile niko single. Kazi yangu sasa ni muziki wangu na kulea binti yangu,”

Bensoul made it plain that he was the one who broke things off with his ex-girlfriend and that the decision to terminate things had no bearing on him.

“I’m like Harmonize I am single not mingle but I’m single..” Bensoul said in an interview with Mungai Eve in April.

After being in a relationship, the musician stated earlier this year that his romance with Noni Gathoni had ended.

Bensoul and Gathoni dated for a very long time, although they never had children together. The artist, however, is the mother of Tiffany Muikamba’s daughter.

The father of one said in his remarks on Tuesday that he and his co-parent had been working well together to raise their daughter.

Bensoul also made it plain that he is open to resuming relationships with women from any country in the foreseeable future.

Bensoul reveals he did a paternity test on his daughter

Kibe would be so proud of Bensoul after he revealed he is not like most of the simp schmucks that make up Kenyan male celebrities. And this revelation was made on the podcast MicCheque in which he spoke a lot about his daughter and what parenting and fatherhood mean to him.


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A post shared by Ghafla! (@ghaflakenya)

It has long been a running joke for Kibe to say that he is willing to pay for a paternity test for most of Kenyan celebs kids if they cannot afford it and I’m glad to see that message reach home.

Bensoul’s baby mama spills secrets of what co-parenting with him is like

Bensoul boss baby trapped by his side piece by the name of Tiffany Muikamba while he was still dating Noni Gathoni and together they have a daughter called Trinity.

Bensoul baby mama hints at getting back with him after his break up

After procuring the paternity test he has been a very involved father in his daughter’s life and we all wish him more life and more success so that he can provide well for the young one.

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Bensoul’s baby mama spills secrets of what co-parenting with him is like

Bensoul’s baby mama, Tiffany Muikamba Wanjiru has decided to tell the entire world what co-parenting with him is truly like. This follows another commute is pregnancy in which she had previously accused him of not being available for their child or for her.

Bensoul baby mama hints at getting back with him after his break up

This time however she has painted a rather flattering picture of Bensoul saying that he is truly an involved parent and that leaves us wondering whether you will simply waiting for a paternity test to provide him with evidence that the child was his.

Bensoul Confirms Break-Up With Long-Term Girlfriend Noni Gathoni

It should be noted that she had baby trapped the singer while he was still in a relationship with his immediate ex, Noni Gathoni, and though the couple tried to make it work they eventually went their separate ways.

So what did she have to say about co-parenting with Bensoul? Find out below:

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Bensoul baby mama hints at getting back with him after his break up

Bensoul’s baby mama, Tiffany Muikamba seems to be aware that he and his longtime girlfriend, Noni Gathoni have called it quits but she doesn’t seem to care that he is now with a new bae.

Bensoul’s Baby Mama Tiffany Muikamba Says She Misses Him

She recently shared her other cheeky post about going back to the man everyone has warned her to stay away from and then getting very upset at her.

Perhaps this is a hint that Tiffany Muikamba has designs on Bensoul and if that is the case it would be a repetition of their previous dalliance as even then he was cheating on his girlfriend with his eventual baby mama.


So this is familiar territory and nothing is as big an advantage as playing on home ground. Tiffany Muikamba should have ever be smart this time round so she does not end up with another baby.

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Bensoul Confirms Break-Up With Long-Term Girlfriend Noni Gathoni

After his exit from Sol Generation, Bensoul turned over a new leaf and declared that he’s no longer in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend Noni Gathoni.

The singer, who had been with the record label for close to five years, said he would not renew his contract and believed he was ready to be in charge of his future.

“I’m the jungle male cub, akifika a certain age, wanafukuzwangwa from the pride, wanaambiwa sasa enda ujitafutie. So wanafukuzwangwa wakiwa wengi, wengine wanamake it, na wengine wanakufa in the wilderness,” Bensoul said in the interview.

Single Again

Bensoul's Side chick Takes A Shot At Noni Gathoni - Kelebrity

Talking after his latest album released 20th this month, Bensoul disclosed that he is currently single;

” I am single. Don’t you know that I am single? Things ended amicably. We tried, but at some point it felt like we were forcing things. Right now, we are friends and we support each other. It’s not the baby mama issue that we had talked about and solved them. It’s unrelated issues.”

Bensoul doubles up as Tiffany’s baby daddy; and he’s looking to co-parent successfully with her despite their tumultuous relationship.


‘We’re Co-Parenting Well With Tiffany’- Bensoul

Sol Generation artist Bensoul is in talking terms with his baby mama Tiffany Muikamba despite having a tumultuous time before welcoming their baby.

They were previously locking horns over the responsibility of the child.

A screenshot made rounds on social media showing that singer Bensoul was not on talking terms with Tiffany Muikamba.

The artist apparently, wanted Tiffany to contact his girlfriend Noni Gathoni whenever she wants any help, instead of talking to him directly.

The screenshot of the text exchange between Tifanny and Gathoni read;

“Thank you. Also Ben wants you to be talking to me directly if you want to reach him. Is that okay?”

However, Tifanny didn’t like the idea, terming it unfair.

“Hey no, it’s not okay respectfully. You are not the baby’s father so how does that make sense,” she responded.

The mother of one was updating her fans about her motherhood journey two weeks after she welcomed a baby girl.

But their predicaments seem to have been settled amicably.

Watch Bensoul’s full interview below;

Is Bensoul dating Mwalimu Rachel? (VIDEO)

Bensoul and Mwalimu Rachel have sparked rumours after a video of them chilling together and his caption too was tailored to set tongues wagging and true to form, his fans have come to agree that he should indeed shoot his shot.

Bensoul’s caption read:

Hapa mkinipea blessings sitawaangusha . Ona Furaha ya Somebody New. @theemwalimurachel ambia @akotheekenya we are next in line.????

His fans took to the comment section of the post to react and this is what they had to say:


  • Nimengojaa kuvutishwa lion of sudah????????❤️????

    See translation
  • magiiosore's profile picture
    Approved, niekwe kwenye line up????????????

Bensoul’s Baby Mama Tiffany Muikamba Says She Misses Him

Sol Generation musician Bensoul’s baby mama Tiffany has opened up about missing the singer at times. The damsel, who happened to be impregnated by the singer while he was in another relationship, claims that he thinks about him on several occasions.

She shared on her socials that the two are no longer in bad terms and that she’s reminiscing the good times they had when they were still together.

” would be lying if I said I never think about you. What we had, our love hate relationship. Everything feels so ridiculously funny right now.”

Even though the two are no longer together, Tiffany said she loves that they are at peace now and she is happy raising her daughter.

“Considering how everything went downhill so freaking fast, I love the peace and harmony we now share. Life really has its ups and downs so never focus on the downs only because I never thought I would be this happy plus peaceful. It all feels like a dream but it’s really a huge miracle.”

Bensoul's baby mama reveals pregnancy has sent her sex drive through the  roof : K24 TV

The mother of one also revealed she might be ready to date again.

“Just realized something I never though I’ll be thinking of. I’m actually ready to date again, but I have a lot of rules.”

Bensoul had impregnated Tiffany while he was with Noni Gathoni. The revelation led to drama; which didn’t last for long anyway. For now, all Tiffany is having is déjà vu.

Baby mama takes a swipe at Bensoul, mocks him for growing up without a dad

Bensoul’s baby mama is clearly not happy with her unborn baby’s dad – that is judging from the posts shared on social media. Okay okay, for those who don’t know… word making rounds in town is that Bensoul is about to become a dad.

Bensoul with girlfriend

Yes, the 24 year old singer has a baby on the way, with one of his former flings. From what we’ve heard is that the pregnant girl is from Mombasa – and the pregnancy unfortunately was a result of a one nightstand; however the girl, Tiffany Muikamba claims her relationship with Bensol was never a one nightstand as alleged – but all in all the good thing is that he promised to take responsibility of the unborn baby.

A few weeks down the line and the two are back to making headlines – thanks to the amount of shade they keep throwing at each other. Well from what we’ve seen is that Bensol and his girlfriend, Noni Gathoni can’t stop choking baby mama haters with their unbreakable love.

Bensoul’s baby mama

This became obvious after Bensol shared a short video of both him and girlfriend singing to Ginseng Strip 2002

… Bitches come and go, brah
But you know I stay

And that there ladies and gentlemen sounds like a diss aimed at someone who tried splitting them apart – but failed.

Baby mama hits back, hard

Well having seen the video and having most of her hormones work overtime now that she has a human growing inside her; Ms Muikamba decided to respond – but damn was she savage.

You see, she opted to share a post which we all know was aimed at Bensol – who once opened up about growing up without a dad around. In his own words Bensol described his relationship with his dad saying his mzee ako busy anarobosa huku tu Nairobi.

Words he probably never thought anyone would use against him until baby mama came along. Well, from what we can see is that Ms Muikamba recently threw some shade to her baby daddy in a post talking about deadbeats…but this time around she used his dad to hit back. Ouch. But again, hasira hasara.


Love wins! Girlfriend celebrates Sol Generations Bensoul with special message as he turns a year older

Trust me there is no such thing as bad publicity. Publicity is publicity and Noni Gathoni is making good use of her boyfriend’s cheating scandal – that is judging from her Instagram posts.

Just a few hours ago she was said to have thrown shade at Bensoul who not only cheated but impregnated a certain girl from Mombasa. In the now deleted post, Noni wrote;

Also read: Bensoul’s girlfriend reacts after he admits to impregnating another woman

Enyewe mal*y* ni mal*y* tu

But again, the post could have been aimed at the other lady – who exposed the scandal through blogger Edgar Obare. Ama?

Birthday boi!

Anyway, in case you mistook the post shared above as a breakup stunt – then….. jokes on you because Noni Gathoni isn’t planning on leaving her bae, Bensoul. Asking why?

Also read: ‘Nairobi’ hitmaker Bensoul admits to cheating on girlfriend and impregnating ‘side chick’

Well, the lady has joined the many fans celebrating Bensoul who just turned 24 years on March 4th. Noni celebrated her man by sharing an old photo from her IG timeline to which she wrote;

Happy birthday my love ❤️ @bensoulmusic

And to prove that everything was perfectly okay between him and Noni, Bensoul reposted  the post on his IG – but did not caption it.

I know there’s the ‘can never be me’ team watching from the sidelines – but again iriz whar iriz and life has to move on. Right?

Bensoul’s girlfriend reacts after he admits to impregnating another woman

It is no longer secret that Bensoul cheated on his girlfriend Noni Gathoni and the worst part is that he got the other woman pregnant. Wait, what happened to protecting your partner when you’re involved with other people especially a one night stand?

Bensoul with girlfriend

Also read:‘Nairobi’ hitmaker Bensoul admits to cheating on girlfriend and impregnating ‘side chick’

Anyway, sadly – yes it happened and although Bensoul had an option of denying and covering up the story; he came out, spoke about it and admitted to have made a mistake.

Having him address the issue may have been the best thing ever; that is judging from how fans are applauding him for being man enough to admit when he is wrong.

Also read: 5 lessons we learn from Bensoul impregnating his affair partner

Bensoul’s girlfriend not having it!


With all this drama going on, girlfriend Noni Gathoni who has found herself in the middle maintainer her silence until just recently when she first addressed the issue.

As expected, Noni Gathoni is not only angry but disappointed by the fact that her boyfriend cheated and impregnated another woman; knowing very well their relationship was already public.

However from her reaction, it’s obvious to see that she didn’t expect much from Bensoul – who she bashed saying;

Enyewe Mal*ya ni Mal*ya tu

Ouch, right? Anyway with this reaction is it safe to say Gathoni is now single, since clearly there’s about to be some baby mama drama from the other lady. I mean, wasn’t she the one who leaked the story despite Bensoul accepting responsibility of the unborn child?

‘Nairobi’ hitmaker Bensoul admits to cheating on girlfriend and impregnating ‘side chick’

Just wow. Anyway word making rounds on social media is that Bensoul has one on the way but problem is, he is not expecting the baby with girlfriend but a girl he apparently met during a show in Mombasa.


The exclusive given by Edgar Obare May have been aimed at exposing the Sol Generation artiste – who by the way has confirmed the story is true. According to Bensoul, he was planning on addressing the issue soon but Edgar beat him to it.

In his statement, the Nairobi hit maker wrote;

Hey Edgar, yes this is true, a mistake I did on my part and my people know that I have been doing all I can to be there for the unborn child.


I was about to make the story public but I guess you beat me to it. If you need any more information, ask me.

Bensoul in Mombasa

As you can expect, fans on social media are having a field day with the new tea; especially since the singer was the first one to expose how Kanairo relationships work. What he didn’t know is that one day he would find himself caught up in such a scandal.

Bensoul alisema sote tunashare and he just confirmed hakuna mtu wa mtu. No? But again, having him accept the responsibility proves he is not ready to join the celeb deadbeat dad list. Yes?

This Is Why Bensoul Wants Marijuana Legalized In Kenya

Benson Mutua Muia, famously known as Bensoul, has joined the controversial debate on whether to legalize marijuana or not. The singer seems to strongly agree with Octopizzo on the issue of legalizing the drug.

In an interview, Bensoul said that marijuana is actually safer than the cigarettes and alcohol people are taking.

”I feel like ni conversation government yetu inafaa ku take upon.”


The singer also adds that marijuana has helped economies to grow. He also gives an example of Rwanda and Canada.

”Angalia countries kama Canada, walilipa deni yao within the second day. It’s a big industry.”

He also adds that USA has a good economy because they legalized Marijuana.

The singer has joined Senator Ledama Ole Kina and Octopizzo to campaign and champion for the legalization of marijuana in Kenya publicly.

The late Kibera Member of Parliament, Hon. Ken Okoth has also been championing and campaigning for the legalization of weed.

He wrote to the National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi to petition for the legalization of marijuana use. He was the first Kenyan MP ever to support marijuana legalization.

I honestly think that our economy needs to try all means to get better and sustainable. Besides, we have a huge debt to pay as a country.

‘Baba Yangu Ako Tu Lakini Sijui Ako Corner Gani-I Was Raised By My Mom and Sister’- Bensoul

Benson Mutua Muia, famously known as Bensoul, has been the talk of the town after his latest song release ‘Nairobi’. The song features Sauti Sol, Nviiri the Storyteller and Mejja. The hit song has been hailed by most netizens for the message that it conveys about Nairobi girls. The song was released a week ago and has fetched over 1.4 million views on YouTube.

In a recent interview, Bensoul says that his father is alive but he doesn’t know where he is right now. He adds that it’s normal for such to happen.

”So, mimi nimezaliwa Embu and raised by my mom and my sister. Baba yangu ako tu lakini sijui ako corner gani. Lakini hiyo ni hali ya kawaida saa zingine.”

Bensoul wrote his first song when he was in high school.

”It was inspired by “Lazizi” and I dedicated it to a girl I liked back then. Guys liked the song and I felt like it was something I could do. I went on to write some gospel songs. When I moved from Embu to Nairobi in 2013, to study Civil Engineering at the University of Nairobi, I met H_art the Band at Kenya National Theatre and, with time, my writing got so much better that they started asking me to write for them.”

Bensoul is definitely a promising talent. More collabos with Sauti Sol will boost him at the top in the music industry.

Mejja comes under attack after dropping a whack verse in Bensoul’s ‘Nairobi’ (Video)

Celebrated Kenyan singer Major Nameye Khadija, known to you and I as Mejja, found himself on the receiving end after netizens claimed that his verse on Bensoul’s latest jam Nairobi featuring Sauti Sol and Nviiri is below par.

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Okwonkwo, as he is popularly known, was the man behind the biggest hits in 2020. As such, we would not blame Bensoul for asking him to drop a verse on the track.


However, many Kenyans were not really impressed with his lyrics in Nairobi – which basically talks about how girls are sleeping with every Tom, Dick and Harry.

While some opined that him featuring in every song that comes out has become monotonous, others claimed that he ruined Nairobi, which according to them is a good song, and that his verse should be deleted.



Watch the video below and tell us what you think.