Betty Kyallo still can’t explain how marriage changed her relationship with Dennis Okari in just 6 months – after 4 years of dating

Betty Kyallo is among the news anchors who got married in their earlier 20’s simply because they had found the perfect match. However for Betty Kyallo it was different because she’d known and dated Dennis Okari for 4 years before moving on to another level of their relationship.

Ex-couple, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari


From what she said during an interview on her reality show Kyallo Kulture is that till date she can’t explain how things between her and baby daddy fell apart overnight. I mean, this is a man she’d loved and had a kid with – there was love, they were both stable, admired by many for being the perfect couple…so what changed in six months of marriage?

Well – they’ve been a lot of rumors claiming Betty Kyallo did Dennis Okari dirty by mingling with a certain powerful man; while others point fingers at Ken Mijungu for influencing Dennis Okari to leave BK….and also there was a rumor about Okari’s church warning him against the lady. Too much drama and baseless tales to the said breakup.

Former couple, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari

Betty Kyallo on breakup with Okari 6 months after marriage

Anyway although the two have chosen to maintain silence on this issues, looks like BK might just end up sharing ‘her truth’ in the near future.

Howeber speaking during recent interview we understand that breaking up with Dennis Okari was the hardest things Betty Kyallo ever did. She revealed this saying;

I don’t mourn about relationships.


  I did that with the separation from Ivanna’s dad but these days am different. I can’t believe how things went. It was such a nice relationship and very light. We had a special relationship. The wedding was huge and I didn’t think we knew what we were getting ourselves in.

After this incident, Betty Kyallo says she no longer looks at marriage the same way she did. Like…how can something so beautiful turnout so ugly in just a few months?

The divorce changed my perception about marriage. We were so happy for four years it didn’t make sense that we were there, only for six months inside the marriage.

So basically right now it’s more of Kuoga na kurudi soko asap….something like a sport.

Smart choice? Why Betty Kyallo prefers getting married to a divorcee husband

Betty Kyallo is currently making headlines thanks to her new YouTube show that allows fans to know her in a more intimate way!

So far she has her first video up and fans can’t sit still as she opens up revealing unknown details about her love life; years after her separation with Dennis Okari who is the father of her daughter.

A while back Betty Kyallo shared her story explaining why her marriage to Okari never lasted a year. According to the K24 news presenter, her ex was caught up in his church; which claims she was not the right woman for him.

Betty says that even for her ruracio Dennis Okari showed up later on after hours of her family waiting on him to arrive.

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Moving on

With every pain, tear and anger Betty Kyallo managed to get herself in check and is now ready to settle down as a married woman. Speaking during  her 1st episode Betty revealed that she might be compatible with a divorcee since he would understand where she is coming from.

Betty opened up saying;

I am not sure if actually would want a divorced guy, a single man or a widower. I am always pulling on that direction of a divorced guy because; i think tunaelewana. Because I have been through it.

According to Betty, dating a divorced guy would help the relationship; this because they can both tell when something is going wrong. She went on to say;

I feel when you have someone divorced is almost like they know when things go wrong. And so they try and avoid them. But i know there are nice guys as well. But tutaona tukiendelea.

Betty Kyallo reveals main reason she regrets getting married

Betty Kyallo is undeniably a gorgeous lady who not only inspires young women on social media; but is also the main reason as to why her male fans cannot miss the 9 PM bulletin on K24!

For years now she has been making boss moves that have seen get ranked among the top paid journalists in Kenya; and if you disagree with this, then go argue with KoT!

While Tanzanians have Wema as their sweetheart; Kenya has Betty Kyallo who has lately been sharing too much personal information on IG live thanks to one too many glasses of wine.

After her viral drunk post, Betty has since been receiving massive love and support from fans on social media who believe that she needs a friend to talk to. According to most fans, Betty has bottled up most of her pain; but thanks to her new online family the mother of one can now release it in peace.

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K24’s Betty Kyallo


One of her Instagram fans recently went on to asked the news anchor to share one of her regrets in life and surprisingly Betty opted to talk about her ex marriage.

Well, turns out that the lass got married at 26 and at the time she had not lived her life to the fullest. By this, Betty meant that she had not experienced life well before choosing to settle down as a someones wife at that specific age .

I think it was getting married a bit young because I was 26. This is for me Betty. At 26 I don’t think I had really seen my full potential or like I hadn’t lived life; I hadn’t seen or explored life by myself and I think that’s it. There’s no issue with that, it happened but it’s not something that was a mistake as such. It was just something that you know if I was to re-do that part of my life, probably I would have waited a bit,”

She went on to clarify that it wasn’t a mistake but if given a another chance she would have done things differently.

It wasn’t a mistake but if I was to redo that part of my life probably I would have waited for maybe a few years from now. I should have chilled, nlikuwa na haraka! Now it’s easy to let in somebody.”

Depression made me go to a wedding in sleepers- Betty Bayo screams

Kenyan gospel artiste Betty Bayo has come out to reveal more details about the time she was fighting depression.

Speaking o her Youtube channel, Betty, who was married to controversial pastor Kanyari, said that she really struggled with depression but didn’t reveal exactly why she was in that state.

‘Someone might ask if I have ever been depressed and I would say, yes I have. I knew I was depressed after I attended a wedding only to realize that I had worn slippers. I had not combed my hair nor had I applied lotion on myself,” she said. 

Speaking up

Betty Bayo’s kids

She further went on to add that she managed to fight it in the long run and after speaking about it and getting help.

“In my mind, I knew that before I left home I had planned on attending a wedding but I did not plan on attending while looking unkempt. Thankfully I overcame my depression, with time I will open up on what drove me there in the first place and how I overcame that phase,” she added. 


Dennis Okari to finally address Betty Kyalo’s allegations that he’s a dead beat dad 

Media personality Dennis Okari is planning to responded to allegations that he is a deadbeat dad.

The allegations that have filled online, were started by his former wife Betty Kyalo who has shared several times that Okari has neglected his baby girl.

Speaking in an interview with Word is, the TV news anchor said that time has not yet come for that but soon, he’s planning to prove everyone wrong on what they have been reading about him.

“I will not discuss family now, but at some point I will speak because so many things have been written about me, but people who say those things don’t know me well.” he said. 


Okari and ex-wife Betty have not been co-parenting since July last year. The drama started when Okari called out Betty for exposing their daughter Ivanna on social media, saying that she doesn’t deserve all that kind of attention and publicity.

“My daughter does not deserve the kind of publicity she has been getting. She deserves to grow up quietly and no one, including myself as her father, should interfere with her rights to privacy,” he said.


Kamene Goro tells Betty Kyalo she’ll never get married after South African man dumped her on wedding day via WhatsApp

NRG Radio presenter Kamene Goro has revealed that she’s not interested in settling down anytime soon, or forever, since she has never been the same after her man dumped.

The former TV host was dating a rich South African man who dumped her just hours to the wedding. He did it via WhatsApp a thing that left Goro’s heart shattered.


Speaking to Betty on K24, the radio presenter confessed that since that day, she swore never to settle down and has never been interested in marriage.

“You know the way you have your goals and KPIs (Key performance Indicators), marriage is not one of my KPIs and goals. If it happens great, although it’s not something I can say I am actively working towards” she told Betty Kyallo. 

Just Kamene, Kyalo was also dumped just a few months after her publicized wedding with Dennis Okari. Kyalo has also shared several times she’s not going to get married anytime soon.


‘I’m a single parent’ Betty Kyallo talks about raising her daughter without Dennis Okari’s help

K24’s news anchor Betty Kyallo has revealed that her baby daddy Dennis Okari is not part of their daughter’s life. Apparently the young mum has been raising her daughter single handedly and from the look of things; she doesn’t mind this.

Betty Kyallo revealed this during a question and answer session on her Instagram page. This is however not the first time the lady is revealing that her baby daddy is absent in his daughter’s life.

What is more surprising is that apparently Dennis Okari refuses to see his own child. This comes after Betty Kyallo and Okari’s bitter breakup that saw them split just a few months after their glamorous wedding.

According to reports the two no longer see eye to eye – something that has now forced Betty Kyallo to raise her baby girl on her own.

Okari with his daughter

Dennis Okari remarries

In yet another post, Betty Kyallo reveals that she is indeed happy for Dennis Okari who now has a new wife. She goes on to add that she wishes him nothing but the best while answering the question below.

Betty Kyalo on getting a new man: I have met so many nice guys but I am being intentionally patient

Four years after her ugly break up with ex-husband Dennis Okari, news anchor Betty Kyalo is yet to find a man to settle down with but don’t get it confused, it’s a choice she has made.

The K24 TV presenter recently opened up in an interview with Parents Magazine about her relationship status saying that she’s taking her time before she settles down again majorly because of her ugly break ups with Dennis Okari and Governor Joho.

“I have met so many nice guys but I’m still hesitant because of my past experiences. Even when I meet someone new who seems nice, I am always walking on eggshells.That said, I know nice guys exist, I am being intentionally patient just to get someone who I feel is ideal for me,” she confessed to Parents Magazine.

Not about money and cars

She added that she’s no longer interested in a man who has big cars and money but just looking for a man who is more all-rounded.

“It goes beyond the big cars or money and comes to the little things like being kind to the waiter or to children, I love love so I would want someone who truly loves me back and sends me flowers to the office or buys me cake, for me it’s the simplest things that make me pay attention,” she confessed.

Ukambani tena? Dennis Okari held a secret traditional wedding in Ukambani recently with new bae 

A juicy report has been flying around that NTV news anchor Dennis Okari held a wedding recently that was well kept out of the media.

The news anchor, who had an ugly split with Betty Kyalo several years ago just months after exchanging vows, has gone to Ukambani yet again for another wife.

Red and White theme

According to the Nairobian, Okari and his undisclosed new bae were there recently and had a traditional wedding but not much about the event has been said.

“Dennis tied the knot at a secret traditional wedding held in Ukambani. The father of one has been dating his new wife for a while now, though he kept it on the low. The red and white themed traditional wedding was held on October 27.” said the Nairobian. 

Betty and Mercy Kyalo respond to Standard Media’s tainting story

Betty Kyalo and Mercy Kyalo have reacted to a story published by Nairobian that gave an inside look of how her relationship with Governor Hassan Joho ended.

The newspaper claimed that Joho took back a BMW X6, a Porsche Cayenne and the house he had bought for Betty in Nairobi’s Kilimani area after their breakup leaving her homeless.

The Porsche Cayenne was repossessed while she was driving on Mombasa Road.

“Joho took his house and the BMW. The Porsche Cayenne was repossessed from Betty when she was behind the wheels on Mombasa Road. She was forced to park off the road near Nyayo Stadium and pick her stuff before Joho’s security detail seized it,” claimed the newspaper.


It seems Betty Kyalo and her sister Mercy Kyalo were not so much bothered by the story. Mercy Kyalo took to social media to claim that Betty was not shaken while Betty herself decided to laugh off the story.

“Nothing shakes us. Moving on,” said Mercy Kyalo on Instagram. 

“But at least they used a nice picture,” captioned Betty.

Betty Kyalo finally announce she’s leaving KTN 

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo has finally announced that today is her last day anchoring at the station.

Using her Instagram account, Betty told her followers:


New home

Word had it that the news anchor has relocated to K24 where she’ll be the lead anchor but she’s yet to confirm. She’s also expected to announce on Friday Briefing that it’s her last show. Today on Instagram, she said:

“The future be so bright. Tonight, I say goodbye?”. 


Okari bonoko! Betty Kyalo confuses fans after sharing photo with colleague who looks like Dennis Okari 

Fans recently had to double check Betty Kyalo’s post on social media after she shared a photo with  balded man who looked like her baby daddy Dennis Okari.

Okari, who has made a comeback on TV as a news anchor at NTV, is now working alongside Olive Burrows to host the 9 o’clock news.

Okari and Olive

Kyalo took to Instagram to share a photo with a Dennis Onsarigo, throwing many fans off since the name sounds like Okari’s and also looks like him. Fans had a lot to say after the photo with some believing that she’s just trying to make Okari jealous while others claimed she was missing him.

Onsaringo and Kyalo.

austinewendoWewe ulirogwa na ma Dennis…. I wish I was Dennis

snyamuok07I almost said…perfect reunion. The Dennis name imenichanganya

johnnie2nd@jentrix_engefu did okari played with your emotions?…..or you were sharing him with Betty? Coz hiyo hasira yako…sio ya bure…

charlesfridaymoWonders never cease!
no_identitiBumper to bumper
nythan_blessingBoth of you bury the hatch kubaff!!!
charlesrono93huyu mwanamke anakuwaga sawa
hopkins_mcqueenKisii man x Kamba lady just liit…like if you know what I mean aha
hopkins_mcqueen@shakazulu.0 aha our shots are heavy and hard hehe
king_marangaShould be another couple working together Dennis okari
bett8lagThought it was dennis okari(hope it’s the correct name) it’s almost two years it’s high time the two of u forgot the best and develop a mutual relationship for the sake of your daughter instead of bashing each other on social media. You are not sane upright people. Na usiniambie pilipili….

Betty Kyalo taken back to hospital hours after surgery 

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo was taken back to hospital on Sunday just hours after she underwent a tonsillectomy after suffering from inflammations and infections for quite a while.

Her sister Mercy Kyalo took to Instagram to alert her fans in a video. Betty was forced back to hospital hours after the surgery because of too much pain.


Betty in hospital

Betty has been in and out of hospital lately because of different reasons. On Saturday however after the surgery, she shared that she was feeling much better.

“Out here looking like a cupcake?? feeling much better, getting some sun☀” she said on her post.

Kaittany: I used Ksh 40 million to build Posh Palace, Betty Kyalo didn’t contribute a shilling 

Susan Kaittany is not stopping any time soon, not until the world understands her enemy, Betty Kyalo, had almost zero impact in building Posh Palace other than just hyping it.

Kaittany spoke with The Star newspaper recently opening up again on their ugly break up which led to the temporary closure of Posh Palace and Kyalo opening her own spa, Flair By Betty.

Kaittany has now revealed that though they were 50-50 partners with Kyalo, she didn’t contribute a dime into the business. Kaittany on the other hand, invested a clean Ksh 40 million.

“I met Betty Kyallo when she was planning on getting married. It was a celebrity wedding. Thereafter we sponsored the wedding, we sponsored the honeymoon to Dubai and Mauritius and after that, we became friends. And of course having done the influencer marketing with her for our events and travel company, I really wanted them to be happy. I knew that if Kenyans saw them happy then definitely it would reflect very well on our company,” she said. 

“And that is exactly what happened. So I thought the same kind of marketing would work for Posh Palace. And that is why I brought her on board. Along the way, it did not work out, unfortunately.”

Betty had to go home

Kaittany then went on to add that she had to fire Kyalo since she was becoming a liability for the business.

“I gave her that opportunity but of course, the thing about influencers is they are not used to having to give capital for anything. Or pay for anything. When you sink sh40 million into a business, really, it cannot amount to influencer marketing. Then in that case, i can afford to pay an influencer marketer sh200,000 per month for that service, if you compare it to the value of the business. So, that is why in the long run it just could not work,” She went on. 

“The cracks started showing when it became more about her than the business. Yet, I was the one doing all the hard work, putting in the capital. Over the long run the cracks would definitely show. When they did show, i said, i have to be practical, we may have had a friendship but it is business. We have to be real; we cannot hide it or pretend. That would have gone only so far.”


Susan, however, is not bitter. She wishes her enemy all the best.

“Everyone has their hair done, from your mother down to the nanny. So there is enough for everybody. We need to employ our marketing strategies across the board. Also, possibly, people will walk into your store, not because of somebody, but because of the services you offer,” Susan explained.

She continued:

“In the long run you realise that people don’t even know who this influencer is. It is true, because the kind of clientele i attract don’t even know [her]. I did not know who she was when my husband was introducing me to her. I don’t watch tv. And who i am is my target audience. You could be popular in Kenya but you are not relevant to my target audience unless i am selling airtime or milk to the masses. Right?”


Susan Kaitany after Betty Kyalo’s drama: Lack of loyalty is a thing especially here in Kenya 

They were once friends but now they are enemies. Susan Kaittany and KTN’s Betty Kyalo ruled the headlines after launching their state of the art spa Posh Palace. But less than a year on, the two are in a bitter fight after parting ways and later Kyalo starting her own spa just next to Posh Palace. She also “stole” all her employee.

But according to Kaittany, this is a normal thing in Kenya. Most people are not loyal.

“This is not my first business, lack of loyalty is a thing especially here in Kenya, not just for me , it’s for everyone, ask business people, the people who are close to you will let you down,  the peole who are close to you can even steal from you, it’s not new to me, it affirms my thoughts on like people not being loyal and believing and trusting in yourself first, people will let you down, you cannot have faith in people at all” said Kaittany in an interview with interview with Ebru TV.

She said that the market is can accommodate everyone hence there’s no reason to panic.

“The beauty industry in Kenya is over a billion, there is so much me and her is like a small fraction, even if ten people set business next to me, I will still be cool, there is enough to go around, I don’t know why people see it as, it has to be a fight or we have to have beef, there is so much, that we can even cover, I say welcome to the business join me in the journey of beauty, and discovering” she said.

Betty Kyalo


“We have the best intention we are going into something and we want it to work. The thing is we plan but you never anticipate what is to come and happen along the way. You saw us together we were happy, but shit does happen and when it does, you gonna be really coz I don’t want to hide behind tables and chairs, am really, it’s not working so it’s not working and whatever the consequences that gonna be there after you have to face them, it didn’t work out I decided to move on, we decided to part ways and she decided to start her own business.”

Betty Kyalo burns with anger after pervert fan asked for unexpected ‘favour’ on social media

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo is one cute single mother. And her cuteness brings a lot of drama that in most cases pisses her off.

The news anchor was recently forced to angrily shoo off a fan after posting an offensive comment on her Instagram page.

Show me what your mama gave you

While shooting a live video on Instagram, a fan identified as Sukhdeep, annoyed the news anchor after posting, “Show me your boobs.”

Kyalo fired back saying:

I will not show you boobs that is very wrong. Get out of my page, Sukhdeep1257. As you can see the weirdos have now checked in. Why? Why would I show you boobs? I am not…anyway whatever its fine”

Dennis Okari responds to allegations made by his ex wife about him not being part of their child’s life

After Betty Kyallo opened up about what really went on between her and Dennis Okari – we now understand that the two got married to maintain the ‘perfect couple’ image which later turned sour forcing them to split.

Their breakup was however not bitter as they did not yup about it on their social media pages for almost a year until just recently when Betty Kyallo opened up about her life on True Love magazine.

Well…at some point Betty revealed that Dennis Okari has not been in their daughter’s life (Ivanna) for a while nor has he made any effort to visit her. Betty said;

“I was comfortable with him being part of our daughter’s life but he decided otherwise and I’m perfectly fine with it. I respect his decision.”

After this Mpasho has reported that they contacted Denis Okari for a comment but things did not go as they had planned. Apparently Dennis Okari told off them by saying;

“I do not owe you or anyone else an explanation about anything!”

So does this mean that there is more that we don’t know? Could be!