Betty Kyallo reveals main reason she regrets getting married

Betty Kyallo is undeniably a gorgeous lady who not only inspires young women on social media; but is also the main reason as to why her male fans cannot miss the 9 PM bulletin on K24!

For years now she has been making boss moves that have seen get ranked among the top paid journalists in Kenya; and if you disagree with this, then go argue with KoT!

While Tanzanians have Wema as their sweetheart; Kenya has Betty Kyallo who has lately been sharing too much personal information on IG live thanks to one too many glasses of wine.

After her viral drunk post, Betty has since been receiving massive love and support from fans on social media who believe that she needs a friend to talk to. According to most fans, Betty has bottled up most of her pain; but thanks to her new online family the mother of one can now release it in peace.

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K24’s Betty Kyallo


One of her Instagram fans recently went on to asked the news anchor to share one of her regrets in life and surprisingly Betty opted to talk about her ex marriage.

Well, turns out that the lass got married at 26 and at the time she had not lived her life to the fullest. By this, Betty meant that she had not experienced life well before choosing to settle down as a someones wife at that specific age .

I think it was getting married a bit young because I was 26. This is for me Betty. At 26 I don’t think I had really seen my full potential or like I hadn’t lived life; I hadn’t seen or explored life by myself and I think that’s it. There’s no issue with that, it happened but it’s not something that was a mistake as such. It was just something that you know if I was to re-do that part of my life, probably I would have waited a bit,”

She went on to clarify that it wasn’t a mistake but if given a another chance she would have done things differently.

It wasn’t a mistake but if I was to redo that part of my life probably I would have waited for maybe a few years from now. I should have chilled, nlikuwa na haraka! Now it’s easy to let in somebody.”