Never seen before photo of Betty Kyallo whining her waist and hips on Dennis Okari

Being a Friday, Ghafla is honoured to feature flashback stories from back in the day. Thanks to Lulu Hassan we finally have a ‘never seen before’ photo of Betty Kyallo and Dennis dancing together.

If you remember well back in 2013 Betty Kyallo and Okari were inseparable. The two had everyone envying them and barely 6 months into their marriage; something went wrong!

According to Betty, she believes to have rushed into marriage while still young; but does that mean she loved him less or was it a crush?

Anyway, those are just questions Betty Kyallo will have to (or no)t address in future now that she has moved on with her handsome Somali bae.

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Fun times together

Although their romantic relationship is over, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari remain as good co parents for their daughter’s sake. However, Lulu Hassan sharing the photo of the ex lovers has left many looking back; and admiring the love and fun Okari and Betty before parting ways.

Dennis Okari dancing during Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla’s wedding

The smile on Okari’s face can tell you for free that Betty often brought out his happy and fun side to play. This is because out of the many photos we have seen of Okari; the fella always appears serious and not the joking type!

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Since his separation with Betty Kyallo, word has it that the news anchor has since become spiritual; and quite involved in his church!

But hey, at least he can say – he lived a little before opting for a more settled life.