Betty Kyalo: “2019 I’m hiding my lover from social media. And No, i’m not pregnant.”

If you haven’t noticed, Betty Kyalo has added some weight this year and we at Ghafla have been preaching that it’s all because she’s in love.

The K24 news anchor recently opened up about her love life saying that she has a man now but is not going to post her on social media like Vera Sidika and all these other ladies.

Also, just because she’s in love doesn’t mean she’s going to settle down any time soon.

“Tulisema 2019 tunawaficha. I want to enjoy time with him silently. It’s better and sweeter. I’m not in a hurry to get married again. For now, mbele iko sawa,” kyallo said.


People have also been speculating that she might be pregnant considering her recent weight gain. Kyalo denied this adding that even her daughter is not yet ready for a sister/brother.

“Lol, pregnant! Aki mnapenda kupangia mtu maisha, you’ll scare my mum. No, I’m not. Maybe in a few years. For now, Ivanna (her daughter) can’t even stand another child getting my attention,” she said. 

Betty and Mercy Kyalo respond to Standard Media’s tainting story

Betty Kyalo and Mercy Kyalo have reacted to a story published by Nairobian that gave an inside look of how her relationship with Governor Hassan Joho ended.

The newspaper claimed that Joho took back a BMW X6, a Porsche Cayenne and the house he had bought for Betty in Nairobi’s Kilimani area after their breakup leaving her homeless.

The Porsche Cayenne was repossessed while she was driving on Mombasa Road.

“Joho took his house and the BMW. The Porsche Cayenne was repossessed from Betty when she was behind the wheels on Mombasa Road. She was forced to park off the road near Nyayo Stadium and pick her stuff before Joho’s security detail seized it,” claimed the newspaper.


It seems Betty Kyalo and her sister Mercy Kyalo were not so much bothered by the story. Mercy Kyalo took to social media to claim that Betty was not shaken while Betty herself decided to laugh off the story.

“Nothing shakes us. Moving on,” said Mercy Kyalo on Instagram. 

“But at least they used a nice picture,” captioned Betty.

Singer Timmy Tdat denies being fired at NRG and explains why he has not been on radio lately 

Singer Timmy Tdat has come out to deny that he was shown the door at NRG Radio. According to the singer, he had to take a break so that he could analyse how he can balance his radio job and music career.

Timmy confessed that the music business is not easy and once you stop giving your career the needed attention, everything starts tumbling.

Kidogo natry kurearrange vitu flani amazing. Zii sikufutwa mziki ni talent ya mine na ndio nifike mahali nimefika is all about music. Na mziki I think ni profession flani iko very jealous as in ukitry kufanya na vitu zingine kidogo inaweza kuwa tricky because inahitaji time. Mziki ni inspiration hauandiki tu so nikutry tu kwanza kustep back na kuangalia vile unaweza zibalance,” said Timmy in an interview with Mwende Macharia and Clemmo.


Timmy and Mwalimu Racheal

The ‘Welle Welle’ hit maker was hosting a daily show dubbed ‘Transit’ from 3.00pm – 7.00pm alongside celebrated Radio and TV presenter Mwalimu Rachel. He got the job in March but it seems he has been too busy on radio that he was finding it hard to make enough music.

On getting the job, Timmy was excited but shared that he won’t quit music.

“Am exicited to venture into radio and further progress my career as an entertainer. This does not mean I am quitting music, I am in it for the long run and my fans should watch out for my many more projects that are to come.” he said then. 

Betty Kyalo sheds tears on her last show on KTN 

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo hosted her last show last Friday and it was one emotional affair. The anchor, who is said to be moving to K24, was given a surprise mini party by the station after hosting the show.

KTN organised some flowers and a cake for her something which turned her emotional. The farewell party, which was being broadcasted live from the Terminal Weekend at KICC, was attended by her family and friends too.


“The future be so bright. Tonight, I say goodbye. It has been an amazing 8 years at KTN, tonight I say goodbye with so Much Gratitude and Love:heart: to you. See you on #FridayBriefing @KTNNews” Shared Betty Kyallo on her Instagram page earlier.

Watch the video below:



Betty Kyalo taken back to hospital hours after surgery 

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo was taken back to hospital on Sunday just hours after she underwent a tonsillectomy after suffering from inflammations and infections for quite a while.

Her sister Mercy Kyalo took to Instagram to alert her fans in a video. Betty was forced back to hospital hours after the surgery because of too much pain.


Betty in hospital

Betty has been in and out of hospital lately because of different reasons. On Saturday however after the surgery, she shared that she was feeling much better.

“Out here looking like a cupcake?? feeling much better, getting some sun☀” she said on her post.

Citizen TV grabs yet another news anchor from struggling TV stations, poaches Mashirima Kapombe 

Lately, TV stations have been struggling to break even as competition stiffens. In the process, one TV station has been winning big: Citizen TV.

Royal Media Services has been poaching presenters and employees left right and center from other TV station as they continue to grow their brand.

Long line up

NTV has been affected more as most if not all anchors are now at Citizen. It seems KTN is also heading on the same patch after Citizen TV managed to convince Swahili news anchor Mashirima Kapombe to join their team.

Mashirima Kapombe

Mashirima moved from NTV to KTN in 2013 after a three-year stint the media house. It’s not yet clear whether what her role at Citizen TV will be but she might be among the once listed to replace Kanze Dena.


Better cooperate or else “dus nyao”! Fans react to Timmy Tdat’s arrest

Controversial singer Timmy Tdat on Friday found himself fighting with the law after breaking a traffic rule. The singer, who has just released a new song titled Magaldem, was arrested and locked up at Parklands Police Station for several hours in the morning for a traffic offense he committed.

A fan shared a clip of his arrested which has the singer being roughed up by police.

“I made a wrong turn while exiting a petrol station without knowing the police were around. They followed me and after stopping they wanted to handcuff me hence the scuffle. Luckily, there was someone who recognised me and took a video and shared it on social media,” said Timmy later on 10 over 10 during an interview.


His arrested was turned to yet another funny affair by KOT who posted a string of comments on the video.

Here’s what Kenyans said.

Is Betty Kyalo throwing shade at Susan Kaittany after she said Kyalo is not loyal?

Susan Kaittany came out to call Betty Kyalo — a once good friend — not loyal at all after she took all her employees and started her own spa just next to hers.

It seems Betty Kyalo has come out to answer her attack saying that she just human and humans are not perfect.

In long post, the KTN news anchor poured her heart out after Susan’s remarks.

“I’m not going to say I’m the most wise woman or perfect in any way but I feel an impression on my heart to say this. I feel like the world today has so much hate, so much spite, so much anger and this has nothing to do with anything that has been said about me(trust me I’m a tough woman who’s favoured by God and that’s all that matters) but it has everything to do with the kind of people we have become. Hateful. As you sleep I pray for love and happiness in your life,” she said.

She continued:

“I pray that you will find joy in something in your life even if you are struggling with something it could be sickness of a loved one, unemployment, a hurtful break up, a business Deal gone sour, a death of someone you were close to. It could be people who don’t see the greatness in you and shun your abilities and talents. Look for positivity in your life, look for the ones who truly love you and believe in you. Keep them close even if it’s one person. Know that there’s always rain before a rainbow (I’m a testimony)

“But above all I believe in the Law of attraction. If you attract love, if you are kind, good to people(even those that can’t give you anything) if you are humble, if you are helpful, if you see the good in people, all that will come back to you. If you give evil you’ll always be surrounded by the same. Love one another. Spread positivity, be good at seeing the best in people, whether it’s a Security guard, your nanny, your employee; be a Love ambassador in all you do. Tonight I pray for you to be better, to love more and hate less. I love you. Love BK. Goodnight. ❤” 

Susan Kaitany after Betty Kyalo’s drama: Lack of loyalty is a thing especially here in Kenya 

They were once friends but now they are enemies. Susan Kaittany and KTN’s Betty Kyalo ruled the headlines after launching their state of the art spa Posh Palace. But less than a year on, the two are in a bitter fight after parting ways and later Kyalo starting her own spa just next to Posh Palace. She also “stole” all her employee.

But according to Kaittany, this is a normal thing in Kenya. Most people are not loyal.

“This is not my first business, lack of loyalty is a thing especially here in Kenya, not just for me , it’s for everyone, ask business people, the people who are close to you will let you down,  the peole who are close to you can even steal from you, it’s not new to me, it affirms my thoughts on like people not being loyal and believing and trusting in yourself first, people will let you down, you cannot have faith in people at all” said Kaittany in an interview with interview with Ebru TV.

She said that the market is can accommodate everyone hence there’s no reason to panic.

“The beauty industry in Kenya is over a billion, there is so much me and her is like a small fraction, even if ten people set business next to me, I will still be cool, there is enough to go around, I don’t know why people see it as, it has to be a fight or we have to have beef, there is so much, that we can even cover, I say welcome to the business join me in the journey of beauty, and discovering” she said.

Betty Kyalo


“We have the best intention we are going into something and we want it to work. The thing is we plan but you never anticipate what is to come and happen along the way. You saw us together we were happy, but shit does happen and when it does, you gonna be really coz I don’t want to hide behind tables and chairs, am really, it’s not working so it’s not working and whatever the consequences that gonna be there after you have to face them, it didn’t work out I decided to move on, we decided to part ways and she decided to start her own business.”

“Timmy Tdat anaweza mbaya!” Confesses Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo is not shy to admit that she loves Timmy Tdat’s projects. At least this is what we got from her tweet where she went on to say ‘Timmy Tdat anaweza mbaya.’

The KTN’s news anchor left many talking and at the same time Timmy Tdat gloating after he came across her tweet. However we understand that the lady did this to appreciate her love for Kenyan music besides being a big fan of Hiphop.

Also read: Betty Kyallo adopts new stage name as she’s set to drop new song with Khaligraph Jones

It’s not the first time Betty Kyallo is being seen praising a Kenyan artist. So far we have seen her hang out with the likes of Khaligraph Jones and other rappers.

Timmy Tdat’s career

Timmy Tdat
Timmy Tdat

The artist understands how to deliver to his fans. However apart from his music, Timmy Tdat has been involved in a few scandals; and the latest being he allegedly stole a song from two coast based artists.