‘I got trapped under a Matatu and it was still moving. The left part of my face got scrapped off’ – Betty Kyalo shares how she cheated death

K24 news anchor Betty Kyalo cheated death after a matatu ran over her while town at the age of 17 years.

Through her Insta-Stories, Kyallo shared the sad details of  the accident that happened near Railway Bus station and almost killed her.

“So I wanna tell you a story so yesterday, I met with somebody who asked why I have a scar on my neck. So basically what happened when I was in Form three back in 2005, I think I was 17 years old. So I was walking in tao and crossing the road and this Matatu comes and hits me, hapo Railways, I go got trapped under the Matatu and it’s still moving.

“The left part of my face got scrapped off by the road, so I was while from the shoulder to the face. So my skin is gone , at 17 year old my dream of becoming a news anchor also gone, because I knew they will not allow you on Air with no skin” said Betty in the post.

Huge scar

Betty went on to add that she was hospitalized for two months after the accident.

“I stayed in hospital for about 2 month’s coz I had to go through seven surgeries. I was too broken. And apart from the face, I lost four ribs, my jaw got broken, my lungs collapsed, I was in a real bad state. So two months later I walked out of Hospital but my skin was still peeled off, for about like four months I was scared on walking on the streets because everybody could look at me and feel sorry for me. So I will go to tao with a Kitambaa covering my face. But with time I gained confidence, so one time while at school showering I discovered a dark thing on my face and I realized my skin was growing back” she said. 


“So slowly by slowly my skin started to grew back and after a year, the skin was back . The scar on my neck was too deep and that’s why I still have it. For a very long time even after I went on I used to wear high collared shirts to cover my scar coz I was insecure about them. Until one time I was like am gonna , you know what , I almost lost my life , what am I hiding. Coz this is jewelry,.

“I wear my scar as a jewelry I never hide my scars and I love it because it reminds me of where I came from. And that’s the story behind my scars. Just to encourage someone, wear that scar and let it inspire someone else, learn from it don’t let it break you”  said Betty Kyallo.

Betty Kyalo taken back to hospital hours after surgery 

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo was taken back to hospital on Sunday just hours after she underwent a tonsillectomy after suffering from inflammations and infections for quite a while.

Her sister Mercy Kyalo took to Instagram to alert her fans in a video. Betty was forced back to hospital hours after the surgery because of too much pain.


Betty in hospital

Betty has been in and out of hospital lately because of different reasons. On Saturday however after the surgery, she shared that she was feeling much better.

“Out here looking like a cupcake?? feeling much better, getting some sun☀” she said on her post.


Betty Kyalo: This is why I hate watching myself on TV 

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo spends almost half of her life in front of a camera. However, as much as she might be shooting a lot of videos, she doesn’t watch them later unless it’s completely necessary.

“I don’t like watching myself because I’m always critical. ‘Betty that angle you were sitting wasn’t nice, you should have sat better.’ At times, I watch myself to see the areas I can improve on.” She told the Star newspaper.

“I also don’t like to hear my voice on TV or on radio, not because it’s bad but because I find it weird,” She added.

Same dress code

On her first day on TV, Kyalo was tensed mainly because of a scar she has on the neck.

“I was sweating and also conscious of the big scar on the neck. If my bosses see my scar, maybe they will say I’m not good for TV. I was like, oh my goodness, let me hide it. The first time I went on air, I wore a high-collar shirt to hide the scar. I did that for such a long time but slowly by slowly, I started feeling comfortable in my skin.”

Kaittany: I used Ksh 40 million to build Posh Palace, Betty Kyalo didn’t contribute a shilling 

Susan Kaittany is not stopping any time soon, not until the world understands her enemy, Betty Kyalo, had almost zero impact in building Posh Palace other than just hyping it.

Kaittany spoke with The Star newspaper recently opening up again on their ugly break up which led to the temporary closure of Posh Palace and Kyalo opening her own spa, Flair By Betty.

Kaittany has now revealed that though they were 50-50 partners with Kyalo, she didn’t contribute a dime into the business. Kaittany on the other hand, invested a clean Ksh 40 million.

“I met Betty Kyallo when she was planning on getting married. It was a celebrity wedding. Thereafter we sponsored the wedding, we sponsored the honeymoon to Dubai and Mauritius and after that, we became friends. And of course having done the influencer marketing with her for our events and travel company, I really wanted them to be happy. I knew that if Kenyans saw them happy then definitely it would reflect very well on our company,” she said. 

“And that is exactly what happened. So I thought the same kind of marketing would work for Posh Palace. And that is why I brought her on board. Along the way, it did not work out, unfortunately.”

Betty had to go home

Kaittany then went on to add that she had to fire Kyalo since she was becoming a liability for the business.

“I gave her that opportunity but of course, the thing about influencers is they are not used to having to give capital for anything. Or pay for anything. When you sink sh40 million into a business, really, it cannot amount to influencer marketing. Then in that case, i can afford to pay an influencer marketer sh200,000 per month for that service, if you compare it to the value of the business. So, that is why in the long run it just could not work,” She went on. 

“The cracks started showing when it became more about her than the business. Yet, I was the one doing all the hard work, putting in the capital. Over the long run the cracks would definitely show. When they did show, i said, i have to be practical, we may have had a friendship but it is business. We have to be real; we cannot hide it or pretend. That would have gone only so far.”


Susan, however, is not bitter. She wishes her enemy all the best.

“Everyone has their hair done, from your mother down to the nanny. So there is enough for everybody. We need to employ our marketing strategies across the board. Also, possibly, people will walk into your store, not because of somebody, but because of the services you offer,” Susan explained.

She continued:

“In the long run you realise that people don’t even know who this influencer is. It is true, because the kind of clientele i attract don’t even know [her]. I did not know who she was when my husband was introducing me to her. I don’t watch tv. And who i am is my target audience. You could be popular in Kenya but you are not relevant to my target audience unless i am selling airtime or milk to the masses. Right?”


“He was like, I am out!” Betty Kyallo narrates how she was dumped

Even pretty women like Betty Kyallo have been dumped and probably felt desperate or rather annoyed that one guy can leave you feeling like your whole world has come down crashing without even a ‘Notice.’

The renown news anchor recently opened up about her high school boyfriend that dumped her a few months after she was involved in an accident that left her face scarred.

Speaking during an interview with KU TV, Kyallo opened up about the accident that happened to her back in 2003 when still in High School and went on to talk about her high school sweetheart that left her hanging. She said,

“It happened in 2003 I was in form 3. You can imagine you are 17 years and you loose half of your face. It was really devastating….I was in hospital for about 2 and a half months, I went through 7 surgeries because my ribs and jaw were broken.”

She went on to talk about the reason why her boyfriend dumped her back in high school and why she never took it the wrong way.

” I remember the guy I was dating that time in high school… he dumped me…he left,..I mean it’s life…I don’t blame him..imagine your pretty chic all of a sudden she is not pretty… Half of her face is a scar.”

So far she is still rolling solo and does not seem interested in settling down now that her marriage with Dennis Okari is done.