Betty Kyallo splashes KSh 8M on posh ride barely days after quitting K24 (Photos)

Betty Kyallo is rolling like a Boss and unapologetically so. For many, getting fired or quitting a job especially during such harsh times is a sure path to financial crisis.

Well, for Betty, quitting her job spoke a different language. The 31-year old personality purchased a new German machine, that splashed into millions.

Not forgetting the lass is set to expand her salon business in a much bigger space and an almost-complete renovation for the Flair by Betty parlor, set to open in a few days.

Monday, 1st of June, Betty was busy making boss moves, leaving home for what she called ´a shoot´ only to come back with a white addition to her parking.

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A sleek, white, Toyota 4WD (4 Wheel Drive) with some leather padding on the inside. One that is believed to be a 2019 Porsche Cayenne SUV.

Checking up the figures for this ride, it goes for approximately $66,750, easily translating into KSh 7.13 million.

Betty Kyallo in Kamba land

Taking to the gram, the beauty flaunted her new ride captioning:

I am a Queen ???? I am ELEVATED.


Gotta move different if you want different! Another One is home! This time White❤️

Her white beast comes as an addition to her already existent sleek, black Mercedes Benz that she has been cruising for a while now.

Betty Kyallo´s sleek Mercedes Benz

Joho drama

Let me take you back in time – 2 years ago – when news making headlines were that Betty got embarrassingly dumped by Governor Joho who snatched back the high-end ride he bought for her.

Among what the Mombasa governor allegedly repossessed from her were: a fully furnished home in Nairobi´s Kilimani area, a BMW X6 and a Porsche Cayenne.

Betty Kyallo gifted KSh 10M Porsche Cayenne by alleged lover, Governor Joho

The later, was reportedly snatched from the media personality while driving along Mombasa road when Joho´s guards stopped her near Nyayo Stadium and asked her for the keys.

Leaving her high and dry and with such level of embarrassment for a public figure. It was bad!

Joho´s Porsche gift to Betty was claimed to be running upwards of KSh 10 million. Either way, Betty bought her own, with a daughter to fend for, bills to pay and a business to run.

TV sensation, Betty Kyallo

What better way to fire back at her critics than to match them thrice in a row?

That´s just not it. Betty had recently announced that her daughter, Ivanna would be joining the luxurious Montessori Learning center once schools reopen.

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Plus, Betty just moved into her new house, if you´ve noticed recent colors of her green-looking house interior online. That´s a different discussion all together.

TV queen, Betty Kyallo

All these moves and she is rolling like a boss. Many have asked what her source of wealth is but I have no answer. For now.



Betty Kyallo flaunts new ride
Betty Kyallo flaunts new ride

Betty Kyallo responds to getting fired from K24

After word started doing the rounds that K24 was closing shop, declaring all its employees redundant in roughly a month´s time, Betty Kyallo sought to respond to the same.

Betty has been working tirelessly to fend for her daughter, Ivanna running side hustles and try to curve her niche in the digital world…whatever it takes.

However, she came out to neither deny nor confirm the reports, instead dodging the question asked, while promoting her new venture.

Journalist and businesswoman, Betty Kyallo

On a random Monday evening, Betty was getting her nails neatly done as she prepped for what she termed ´a date´.

Also read: Betty Kyallo turns to business amidst looming K24 shutdown

Who she was going out with did not quite bother her fans, who instead questioned the TV girl about reports that she was getting laid off in a few.

terence_ochuo Is it true hizi rumours tunaskia abt K24?

To which she somehow responded:

@terence_ochuo hata Mimi naskia tu???????? anyway we have YouTube channel. We don’t stop???????????????? subscribe

Unreserved, her social media fam tried to find out more about the ´rumors´ while a section forewarned that popular vlogger, Edgar Obare would be out with the ´dirt´ pretty soon.

End goal

Anyway, Betty is a mother who has been doing it all for her little girl, Ivanna. Whether Monday, Friday or Sunday, Betty has been up, beating the morning dew if her Insta stories are anything to go by.

It all seemingly trickles down to one of her goals: to get Ivanna into a good school. Good might be an understatement right there but let´s just do with that for now.

Betty Kyallo with daughter, Ivanna

Turns out, that once the current situation returns to normalcy, Ivanna will be enrolling in one of Kenya´s prestigious schools – Montessori.

Betty spilt the beans after an Instagram user recently questioned:

Only one kid wth well paying job and ur becoming a motivational speaker ???? beautiful… Add one kid.

She then responded:

… ???????????????????? Aki anaenda Montessori…

K24 journalist, Betty Kyallo

Well, if Betty was honest about it, then come reopening of schools, the media personality will be coughing out at least KSh 350,000 as tuition fee only, for Ivanna.

This is excluding the fact that admission and caution fees take up at least KSh 110,000.

Montessori learning centre fee structure


This comes shortly after Betty divulged she would be relocating her beauty parlor from Kilimani to a bigger office space which only means more money.

Revealing the same through her YouTube channel, the businesswoman encouraged fellow business-people to not let their guard down, instead keep striving until you achieve your goal.

Just strategise. Get with it, do not stop things, especially business, because corona is here with us, just take caution.

Betty Kyallo

Well…there you have it!

¨Heri nizime tv niskize rumors¨ Kenyans react to Betty Kyallo´s show hosting Ringtone Apoko

K24´s ´The Weekend with Betty´ is set to host controversial artist, Ringtone Apoko and fans swear to boycott it and Betty Kyallo´s shows in the future.

Friday, 31st of May at 9 pm is the set date, up close with Ringtone Alex Apoko.

The show is known for hosting influential people on the Kenyan land that is a whole day´s event before it gets edited for the evening slot.

We have witnessed the likes of Senator Millicent Omanga, Prof Kivutha Kibwana, Babu Owino & Baba as well as Robert Burale.

However, this week´s show might be a complete turn off for fans who believe Betty is wasting her time hosting a ´drama queen´ wishing her ´Happy Mother´s day´.

Fans grill Ringtone Apoko who has not had such an impressive CV lately.


Fans slam the TV siren for hosting one of the most controversial gospel artistes in Kenya expressing:

Heri nizime tv niskize rumors

@d.u.d.ih hata Mimi aki
Huyo mama we ain’t watching…nitacheza kalongolongo pekeangu kwa nyumba
Na nikichoka nianze kuchemsha maharagwe one by one ????
Naeza ata kuanza kuendesha traveling bag kwa nyumba…betty kareke riu????????
Lakini surely kwani upclose with interesting people ilienda wapi???
Ama ulijitengenezea ????????????????
Hii sitawatch
Kumbe anaitwa Alex?! Someone show me the AG’s office. I need to change my name
@muthoni_mbate hii ni embarrassment tu ????????‍♂️
Kweli watu wa kuletwa upclose wameisha????????????
Huyu Ringtone alikua anaenda kila shule akicon watu pesa ya tshirts na story za uongo sasa ndiye tutakaa kuwatch?
Utatuletea huyo mama mshene….
Ulikosa mwingine ukaamua kutafuta mama mwingine…
Ata siwezi wast time yangu kungoja mama uyo…
@henrykirema254 si anifeature Mimi upclose???????????
@bettymuteikyallo .. please Kama unataka kuharibu show..
Acha wamama Kama apoko..
Kijana mjinga saana anataka kujifanya saana aende kwa wamama wenzake akuache wee ni cute lady
Hii itaitwa mother’s day
Huyu anakaa kusumbua kama prezzo????????
Naanza kutayarisha pop corns na kahawa,
Apoko my county man is full of drama, waiting to see if he ever gets serious… Na ruzungu
@_private_figure_ atueleze v8 ya zari ilienda Wapi. Pwahaaaaa