“Nimepata ya Kunyonga!” Female fan openly salivates over Betty Kyallo’s new bikini photo

Okay, okay Betty Kyallo is undeniably fabulous; and for some reason she happens to be one of the most adored news anchors we have come to see in Kenya.

Unlike the rest, this particular lady always seems to attract positive vibes which have contributed greatly to her career. She has not only won the hearts of men but women who admire her determination and hardwork!

Away from that, Betty also happens to be a fun person! Well, I am judging this from her drunk IG live sessions and of course the videos with her baby Ivanna.

So why is she still ‘single? you may ask…. Well, some once told me confident women always repel narcissistic men and I bet this is why the anchor is single!

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Suitor for Betty?

The media personality may be rumored to be involved with one Somali bae; however after unleashing photos of her bikini body fans have now started showing interest in Betty.

Among them is a fan Diana Daisy who went on to give an idea of how he will be using the new bikini photos of Betty Kyallo. She went on to comment;

Nimepata ya kunyonga asanteni sana

Female fan leaves tongues wagging after making thirsty comment on Betty Kyallo’s bikini photo

Well, it’s never a dull day in Nairobi and clearly the female species has now learnt a thing or two from sons of Adam as you can see in the above comment.

Not quite sure how serious the lass was, but she made it known that BK can gerrit! Anyway check out the bikini photos below.

Betty Kyallo’s bikini photo emerge online



Somali bae’s morning message to Betty Kyallo confirms love speculations

Betty Kyallo has proven her taste in the finer things in life, prefers it when she has her space to live on the fast lane and still be a yummy mummy to her baby Ivanna.

Born in a family of three daughters, the beauties decided to savor a sister vacay down in Malindi, like girls whose teenage years have just began.

Betty and Mercy Kyallo looking like hot messes in Malindi

But soon after landing, the three could not afford us any peace, flaunting their good times online, bringing the Internet to a standstill.

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However, what captured our eyes most was her rumored Somali lover’s morning message to her just as the sun shone.

Betty put up a photo of her and her two sisters parading acres of skin in tight short dresses and some booty shorts to which she captioned:

Today was a good day ✅

The Kyallo girls

Before Hon Alinur commented:


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To which Betty quickly affirmed:

…mos Definitely

Rumored lovers, Hon Alinur Mohamed and Betty Kyallo

This sent a message to fans, confirming that these two have something cooking and whatever it might be, must be big!

Impressed by their frankness, netizens lauded:

ricmukorah that lucky guy take care of her man…😍😍😍
mike_wanjohi_ke 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥
thesarahmwangi Na leo pia umetusumbua sana huku 😂😂😂😂
__sha.nell__ 💥💥😍😍😍
Well, that is proof enough that these two are not ashamed of their entanglement that many hope will bear good fruits for the pair. Happy holidays to them!

Why Betty Kyallo’s recent dress code might become a total turn off for her Somali bae (Photos)

Betty Kyallo proved a yummy mummy ever since her days at K24, stylishly rocking casual and office dresses like a Boss!

Never putting on the same dress twice in a row unless she is just too attached to it. Unfortunately, ever since she left K24, fans are worried she might be slipping off by the day.

Ms Betty Kyallo

This is if the new fashion she has embraced in town is anything to go by.

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It all started with what she loves defining as her sunny dress that left fans drooling after her thunder thick thighs.


Then came her Bossy look leaning against a G-wagon while donning a loose, laced red dress and fans were ay-okay with it. In fact, the German machine became the center of attention.


Right then, she introduced her alleged Somali bae, Hon Alinur Mohamed, tagging him her client at the beauty parlor and that only sparked rumors of a possible entanglement.

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But her dressing was a tick at the time. Very modest but sassy.


But now remember, she already hinted that a Somali man might be just the right cure for her heart. She went all in with henna art before rocking a Muslim Abaya that only crowned love speculations.


The controversy

She maintained the trend of Abaya on some days and short dresses on other days and fans were cool with it until she recently went overboard and fans could not keep calm.

Her stunning look that would mistake her for a teen paraded her natural curves, simple but elegant, many admitting the Somali babe had his compass right.


Soon after the mompreneur stepped out with a loose fitting yellow shirt dress that left fans confused on whose side exactly she was. For Muslim fans, she was a disgrace to her man, but for her secret admirers she just had it right.


What stirred controversy most was her pose that let the sun freely kiss her thick thighs and fans were not at all impressed.

Suggestively captioning:



Check out Kenyans reactions below:

Vilet Nduku
Beautiful dress to the wrong body.


Hassan Aden
Dumashi sometimes you need to hide you beauty for the goodness of our brothers #Alinur.


Dickson TY
Trying too much . . . Its not beauty anymore.


Mudi Baros
Madam hatukubali mali ya kijana wetu iangaliwe na kila mtu he is the only painkiller you have wacha macheso habana iko taka.


Ali Hakush
This is too much……can you be a role model.


Tytoo Akala
Ukimaliza kuongea kwa Simu,rudi umalizie kuvaa nguo.


Julius Mbumbu
Your legs are too long for that dress.


Sheikh Aden
Kyallo ni kama umezidi.


Betty Kyallo has been way happier after leaving K24

Maybe you have noticed, maybe you haven’t but media personality Betty Kyallo has been so happy lately it almost makes you think that K24 was really stressing her.

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There was a time when she was always drunk and the worst part is that she would go live on Instagram page and shame herself.

betty kyallo
Betty Kyallo

But those days are long gone. After leaving K24 things seem to be lining up for her and and she is no longer the sad girl we once knew.

She is literally kicking ass. She moved her salon  from FCB Mihrab in Kilimani to a posh three-storey building.

Betty also launched a YouTube channel dubbed Betty Kyallo Lately where she has been snippets of her life.

Anyone who has been following her endeavors can tell that she is happy and content with where she is at the moment.

She didn’t let her dismissal from K24 to weigh her down. Instead she dusted herself and transitioned into other things and there is o much that we can learn from that.

Betty Kyallo

Although she has expressed interest to be back on TV and we would love to see her on our screens again, I think she should keep doing what she is doing right now.

Media has a lot of uncertainties and it would be sad to see her going through what she went through again simply because she wants to pursue what she loves.

She is back to being the role model that many young girls look up to and I hope she can stay like this forever.


Beauty goes beast! Betty Kyallo’s horrifying makeup leaves her looking like clown (Photo)

Betty Kyallo has joined the list of celebrities to experience what ‘makeup fails’ looks like; and thanks to a photo shared by blogger Obare, we can all agree that BK’s make up artist failed her failed badly this past weekend.

Judging from the photo making rounds on social media, BK appears to have used a lighter shade of foundation on her face; hence looking like a birthday clown on the selfie she took with a fan.

Judging from the environment the photo was taken from we can confirm that clubbing on the has now become a thing in Nairobi; and the funny part is that most of the celebrities are on the forefront of the party life!

Betty Kyallo glammed

BK’s clown face

Despite her natural beauty and chocolate skin tone, miss Betty chose to go with a lighter foundation to achieve a more favorable skin tone; only for her selfie to come out looking like she had applied paint on her face.

This comes just a few months after she was trolled for yet another fashion fail thanks to her yellow dress that apparently left her looking like a caterpillar!

Betty Kyallo steps out looking like a clown

Akothee’s failed makeup

Back in 2019 Akothee shared Photos celebrating her win at AFRIMMA 2019 but a section of her fans could not overlook the fact that her makeup came out looking shady!

Most of her fans expressed concerns over her make-up artist, saying the person who did her face-beat was not qualified for the job. She however responded saying;

Akothee’s failed makeup

I did my own make up now come beat me ,but I am holding position east Africa queen 2019, if I waited for the professional make-up artists I would have missed my 6 minutes performance which one is more important, Because you all know how beautiful I am with or without make up My friend if you are pretty ,you are pretty, I had to do what I had to do. You all talking about make-up, no one is seeing my red Expensive red dress from #guess, stop diverting from the topic and congratulate me for 2019 Job well done ,witchcraft started like this even a donkey works hard and has never slept inside the homes he helped the owners built. Forget about buying a sandle ,a donkey is still loyal to his master.


Spotted! Betty Kyallo resurfaces with alleged Somali lover (Photos)

TV girl, Betty Kyallo has been spotted with her alleged Somali guy who was reportedly warming her bed soon as she split with Dennis Okari.

How fans arrived at a Somali guy was probably the curly hair and type of skin; piecing together an arm here, a leg there, some facial features here…you name it!

Well, recent photos of the two together at Flair by Betty has lit up the internet, leaving fans impressed that their love seemingly never dies down.

Betty Kyallo with alleged lover

What made it more cute was the unflinching support the rumored Somali bae is giving the lass and it never went unnoticed.

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Mompreneur, Betty Kyallo

This is none other than Kenya’s own businessman and aspiring politician, Hon. Alinur Mohamed who single-handedly dropped by Betty’s business to show support and probably say hi.

The politician soon after, shared:

Was delighted to spend the better part of today’s evening with BETTY KYALLO at her place. Was glad to interact with her. Betty is one of those ordinary women doing extra ordinary things in our society. Like many other women, she has had to beat many odds to reach this far. Such a pleasure!

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With a smitten Betty responding:

Thank you for coming by and getting Flaired Up😊

Wild reactions

Check out Kenyans’ reactions below:


“My next wedding will be at the AG’s office,” Betty Kyallo reveals after failed grand wedding with Dennis Okari

Betty Kyallo’s star-studded wedding to Dennis Okari in 2015 is one that left tongues wagging only to part ways 6 months later, with a daughter on board.

Okari since remarried in 2019, leaving behind the sassy TV girl single and searching. Well, Betty has disclosed that her upcoming wedding will have to be a two-people affair; just her and her man.

Ex-couple, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari

Up and close with Billy Miya, Betty clarified that she is not in the business of holding a grand wedding but when her marriage turns sour, everybody she invited is nowhere to be seen.

Especially now I don’t want a big wedding. Just me and him at the AG’s office, we have our rice at the next restaurant, got home and start life. Honeymoon is fine but this thing of feeding 5,000 people at your wedding, is crazy. When things go wrong in your marriage, you will look for this 5,000 people and they will be nowhere to be seen.

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Mompreneur, Betty Kyallo

For Betty, there was no sense in struggling with a failed marriage when you clearly can tell it shall never see the light of day.

You don’t need to put a brave face in public but behind closed doors, you two are not okay. I chose to be happy and I’m even happy for him (Okari).

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Her mistakes and lessons learnt

Before admitting:

The thing about marriage, at that time I was young, I didn’t want marriage as such and I didn’t see its meaning. But right now, I have grown as a woman, I understand myself and I now know what I want. I’m ready to mend my ways so that I also get my ring. But now I’m not in a hurry, whoever God will send my way is who I will settle with.

Ms Betty Kyallo

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Clarifying on her ideal man, the beauty revealed:

I want a chunky man and I feel like for a man who is divorced, we can understand each other better. People have been chasing me but right now I am not in the mood and I just want to love myself.


Daddy’s girl! Meet Betty Kyallo’s handsome father (Photo)

Betty Kyallo rarely talks about her dad, but this is because she did not grow up seeing much of him; since he separated with her mum when they were still very young!

However despite the long distance between Betty and her daddy, the two seem to have a close relationship that proves all is well in their camp.

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So far we have managed to see Betty’s mum and her aunties; but as usual her dad rarely makes it to the her page until just recently when the news anchor introduced her dad to her online family.

Through her Instagram page IG page, Ms Betty wrote;

Betty with his daddy

  Daddy’s girl! Meet Betty Kyallo’s handsome father (Photo)

Daddy’s girl

This is not being the first time Betty is sharing a photo of their dad, it also shows that the anchor has been putting in effort to mend her relationship with daddy!

The rest of the Kyallo family however seem to have distanced themselves from their dad as they never share any of his photos on social media.

Betty Kyallo with her father

Co parenting with Okari

After breaking up with ex husband Dennis Okari barely 6 months into their marriage; Betty Kyallo and Okari cut all ties forcing Betty to raise her daughter on her own.

However having grown up with her absent, the anchor did not want her daughter to go through the same; and for this reason she has been working on her issues with Okari.

Ivanna with her dad, Dennis Okari

So far the two have been working hand in hand to help raise baby Ivanna and from the look of things; the connection between Okari and his daughter remained the same till date!


Betty Kyallo comes clean on buying KSh 7.1 million Porsche as revenge after Hassan Joho repossessed his

Betty Kyallo has been linked to Governor Joho both in terms of dating and financial support to the extent she was allegedly gifted a Porsche Cayenne and BMW X6 to ease her movement.

However it turned sour after the two were no longer in talking terms and Joho was reported to have forcibly taken it back from her, near Nyayo stadium leaving her for the streets.

The beauty has never talked about this until recently when she shed light on the reports terming them as false.

Sassy TV girl, Betty Kyallo


Speaking to Radio Maisha’s Billy Miya, in light to her buying a horribly expensive brand new Porsche Cayenne as a comeback for what Joho did to her, Betty first clarified that the prize attached to it was not as such.

It’s not KSh 7.1M. Where will I get such kind of money?

Betty Kyallo flaunts new ride

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Secondly, clarifying that reports about her getting snatched Joho’s gift of a car were ill-circulated by a close friend of hers at the time out of jealousy and malice.

No. That was not true. I read a story I’m like “are they talking about me?” That never happened. That was just a creation by a former friend who wanted to tarnish my name because they saw I was progressing and I decided I won’t fight back.

TV personality, Betty Kyallo

Regards repairing her relationship with the Mombasa Governor, the businesswoman expressed:

We are in good terms.

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But distanced herself from claims that they miss each other and wish to get back together, responding:

Weh! Mi sijui hiyo story.


Betty Kyallo’s savage reply to claims she is back with Hassan Joho (Video)

Sassy Kenyan businesswoman and celebrity journalist, Betty Kyallo is having a time of her life after word reached her she has rekindled her love with former bae, Governor Hassan Joho.

Spotted on a plane, Joho was in the company of Suna East MP, Junet Mohamed as they took off to see former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga in Dubai following his recent surgery.

Junet Mohamed with Hassan Joho

Kenyans on Twitter were so accurate in piecing together one of Betty’s leather handbags and a similar bag that was spotted in the plane Hassan Joho and Hon. Junet were aboard.

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Where the photo was unearthed from, is story for another day but I must say Kenyans are good.

Betty Kyallo allegedly aboard a plane to Dubai with Hassan Joho

Betty responds

So, Betty got the newsflash and to her shock, she wondered how one minute she was in her salon at Kilimani and the next, she is purportedly on a flight to Dubai.

Awe-struck yet pretty excited by the news, the ravishing damsel adorably responded:

Hey…wassup people! I hear I’m in Dubai. Eh! You Guys! I’m not in Dubai. Actually I’m going to have some delicious nyama choma mahn…owkay? Yah! I love Kenya baby!

Further dismissing the claims by clarifying that she just re-launched her beauty parlor and was not about to start globetrotting the world for all sorts of fun activities.

Betty added she was not in the business of hoping from man to another like most Kenyans think of her.

You know…I have a business to run! I can’t be galavanting everywhere. Like you guys…I’m not in Dubai. So chill!


Check out her late lunch:


Meanwhile, here are some of Kenyans’ rib-cracking reactions:


Betty Kyallo nearly involved in grisly road accident (Video)

Bubbly media personality, Betty Kyallo almost got involved in a fatal accident while driving out for lunch with two passengers aboard.

The now well-established businesswoman was shooting her video following a one-week break from her daily hustle after officially relaunching her Flair by Betty salon.

In the company of her friend who doubles up as a Lawyer and entrepreneur, Evelyn, as well as her cameraman on the back seat, Betty was the one on the steering wheel.

TV personality, Betty Kyallo

The incident

After a few minutes-drive, Betty met head-on with a fast-speeding ambulance just as she was taking a right corner only for her to quickly jerk and suddenly break, throwing the three to the front.

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By God´s grace, mama Ivanna stepped on her breaks just on time to allow enough time for the ambulance to cross right before her Mercedes Benz.

Mother of one, Betty Mutei Kyallo

The beauty was left in shock, heart fast-beating and almost stopping the drive just to calm down. Pretty shaken, Betty expressed:

What!!! My heart is beating guys! That ambulance that just came from nowhere!

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That ambulance came head-on and it was coming from a corner. I couldn´t seen it and I was the one who had the right of way.

Betty Kyallo has shown Kenyans a different side of herself and they love it
Ms Betty

It would have ended really bad but we thank God the three were spared.


Betty Kyallo turning heads after romantic photos of her new mysterious lover emerge

TV girl, Betty Kyallo has proven you can be a single mom, be financially stable, build your empire and still get that man of your dreams.

The mompreneur worked tirelessly to get her posh salon back on its two feet and she stood against all odds to ensure that dream came to be.

So now, the beauty decided to reward her success by taking a break from all her daily hustles, putting a pause to her projects and just spending time reflecting, and with her loved ones by her side.

Betty Mutei Kyallo

She announced:

Fatigue has caught up with me. Im tired. Mentally, physically and Emotionally. I’m resting. Couldn’t shoot tonight’s episode of #BettyKyalloLately I’ll be back hopefully on Wednesday God willing. I love you. BK

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The Flair by Betty CEO gave up her job at K24 in what many termed a brave and bossy move and now, she has no one to answer to, because she is her own Boss!

Mompreneur, Betty Kyallo

She has officially taken time off but what caught the eyes of many was how she decided to spend her break.

Mystery lover

Photos of her cuddling and locked in arms with a guy allegedly her new mysterious bae, after things never worked out with her Somali man, is turning heads.

Ms Betty is seen savoring good, warm moments next to her beloved, eyes closed, smile so genuine, her face is full of life and honestly, this guy must have bewitched her with love.

Betty Kyallo with mystery lover

In another photo, just like she always did with her previously rumored Somali bae, she took a photo of herself wrapped in her man’s arms but only allowing us the privilege of his arms and silver ring and captioned:


Betty sure seems to be savoring the moment of her lifetime, away from the city noises and we can only wish her well.

She sure deserves it!


Perhaps Betty Kyallo’s youngest sister should follow in her footsteps and join the media industry

Betty Kyallo’s younger sister, Gloria Kyallo, has been getting a lot of attention lately and I’m beginning to think that she should pursue a career in media. I mean, why not?

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I know what you are thinking, that she is different from her sister and that she might have different interests and aspirations but if you think of it, this is not a terrible idea.

Gloria Kyallo

Her sister’s name is really big and this would help her if she was to join the media. To add to that, she also has the looks and a lovely personality – this is something that you can tell if you often watch Betty Kyallo’s YouTube channel.

Others might argue that she does not like the limelight like her sister but with time she might come to like it because let’s be honest, everybody loves attention.

A career in media would be a walk in the park for her not forgetting that she would also have an opportunity to learn and be mentored by one of the best people in the business and that is her sister.

Betty Kyallo (right) with sister, Gloria Kyallo (left)

I don’t know how this would play out but I am assuming that Betty is done with anchoring news after her exit from K24 because naturally, people will gravitate towards the younger Kyallo.

Anyway, I think it will still be interesting if each of them anchored news or hosted programs on different stations so that Kenyans can have a choice.

A few days ago, I watched an interview where Gloria said that she wants to become an animal production specialist or something of the sort and I thought to myself, how boring. No offense though.

Many people would die to be in her shoes and here she is acting uninterested about pursuing a career in media but maybe, she has her own reasons having seen what her sister has had to put up with. Who knows?


Betty Kyallo has shown Kenyans a different side of herself and they love it

Over the past few weeks, Kenyans have gotten to see a different side of media personality Betty Kyallo and many of them love it.

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Many people had thought that she is all fabulous and has things going easy for her but that’s far from the truth since she works her ass off.

Betty Kyallo

After being sent packing by K24, Betty launched a YouTube channel dubbed Betty Kyallo lately where she has been showing Kenyans what she does on a day-to-day basis and truth be told she is such a hard-worker.

You know, it’s easy to assume that people like Betty eat life with a big spoon and don’t have to get their hands dirty but that is not really the case.

This lass really pushes herself and if you ask me, she is a good example to young girls because she shows them that they don’t have to rely on men to put food on their tables.

Betty Kyallo

People like Betty are often judged harshly because most people assume that their on-screen personalities is the same as their private lives.

At some point before she left K24, Betty was drinking a lot and many people thought that her life was in shambles because they didn’t know that her job was on the line.

To be honest, many of us are happy to see that she has bounced back and the best part is that things seem to be going well for her at the moment.

She has not only moved her salon Flair By Betty to a better and bigger location, word on the street is that she might be coming back to our screens soon and as Ghafla, we are really happy for her. Go Betty!


Betty Kyallo reveals how being at KTN gave her pressure to look perfect (Video)

Celebrities have had a rough time, trying to be perfect, trying to look flawless before the cameras but what masses will never accept is that no one can be perfect.

The minute one gets on TV or becomes the center of interest before the public eyes, one not only has to match up and convince viewers that they are up-to it, but there is pressure to constantly dress the part regardless of where you are.

TV Queen, Betty Kyallo is no exception. For her, when she started at KTN roughly 8 years back, her lifestyle took a drastic turn, she had to dress up every time she walked out of her house.

Celebrated TV personality, Betty Kyallo

Why? Because there is a brand she needs to protect.

Spilling the beans during her YouTube show, the mother of one recalled her first days of training as she prepped to appear before our screens on KTN.

Wasee wa Ronga walikuwa wameningoja. It was so scary. Because you don´t want to make a mistake. Before I went on air, I had this boss who scared the t* out of me. He always said ´you know now you are not Betty anymore, you´re a KTN brand so don´t walk out there in slippers and pajamas. You always have to look good.

Kenyan TV siren, Betty Kyallo

The pressure mounted on her, having to either measure up for her job or call it quits and lead a subtle, free life with no reputation to maintain.

We all know she picked the job and this compelled her to always perfect her looks before leaving the house, to always step out decently and articulately dressed.

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Funny enough, whether it is that random Saturday she is going shopping or that chilly morning she is going for a jog, she has to have her make-up on. Why? Because fans don´t take anything less.

That´s why sometimes even leaving the house for me is a lot of work because I have to put in a lot of work on myself. At first it used to be hard for me but now I am used to it. Even when I´m out jogging, I want to always look good because it became part of me. I´ll step out of the house, go into the mall and then meet my fans and they want to take a selfie but if you don´t look good, KoT will bash you for not being beautiful in reality.

Ms Betty

Away from that, the media sensation recalled just how many times she would make mistakes while on air and it would haunt her.

Fans´ comments and criticisms would not let her have some goodnight sleep. Fortunate enough, she took it positively and worked on herself until she became the TV idol most young girls look up to, today.

The more you don´t want to make mistakes is when you actually make them. So I made mistakes until I learnt and became so good. I started training myself and became good and that´s when I went on air.

Betty Kyallo at KTN studios

Her inspiration

Speaking of her motivation and inspiration, Betty Kyallo admitted that she looks up to Beyoncé. An American music idol who will be remembered for her multiple Grammy Awards, but whose struggles many don´t know much about.

Mama Ivanna shared:

Everyone goes through those mistakes. Never worry about making mistakes. I was watching something from Beyoncé the other night and she was saying that she has 24 Grammy awards, having been rejected 46 times. So you think about her and how hard she works and how good she is at what she does. But she´s lost more times than she´s won. Do you know how powerful that is? That you can lose so many times but it doesn´t matter cause it´s okay, you have to lose so that you win.

Yummy mummy, Betty Kyallo

Through Beyoncé, Betty Kyallo appreciates her faults, her mistakes, her flaws and the fact that no matter how many times you fall, always get back up until you reach the finish line.

So even when I made mistakes on air, you get criticized, you´re trending, you´re bashed. I used to tell myself ¨I´m improving, I´m trying. So mwachane na mimi¨. The power of failure is amazing especially if you are able to adjust yourself and recover from failure.

Have a listen and enjoy:


Betty Kyallo runs to lawyers following her untimely resignation at K24

Many of us have found ourselves in tight spots after signing contracts or accepting terms and conditions of a product, service or an offer only to thereafter get served with court cases or legal suits taken against us by the other party.

I agree reading through all these terms of agreement does get pretty exhausting but you will learn to appreciate to go through the process the minute legal action is taken against you and you realize you were on the wrong all this while.

Let´s not delve so much into that for now.

We have seen media personalities getting sued by their former employers for leaving unannounced and many would ask; why do I have to inform them I am leaving yet I am offering them that service?

Well, there may be legal dimensions to that.

We don´t need to look far if the kinds of Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro is anything to go by – having exited NRG radio early this year, only to walk into KISS FM and get barred by the court from working at the station.

Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe

Betty´s exit from K24

So now, having actually signed off at the embattled K24 late in May, in what was considered an unexpected move, Betty Kyallo might be facing legal action from the Mediamax-owned TV station for ´firing´ herself.

To counter this, the TV girl sought to have legal advise from her lawyer just in case her former employer came knocking at her door for all manner of reasons.

Former K24 journalist, Betty Kyallo

Through her fast-growing YouTube channel, mama Ivanna revealed she would be meeting up her lawyer, Nash to clarify on a couple of issues regarding her terminated employment contract at K24.

The first meeting is going to be at my Lawyer´s place, I just need some advice on my employment contract because of the resignation. So yah, I´m super excited for the day. After that, I will be going to the new Flair to check up on that because we are done with the construction. So first things first, but the most important thing ni huyo lawyer.

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Flair by Betty CEO Betty Kyallo

Pretty bubbly and seeming unworried by what was going to transpire during or even after her meeting, Betty stated she was seeking legal advice just to be sure she did not step on the wrong lane during her exit at K24.

She went ahead to advise her fans that having lawyers, regardless of your connection with them is so important because many of us tend not to be hands-on on issues regarding the law, especially if you are not in that profession.

My lawyer is called Nash he´s gonna be joining me shortly. Alafu nishtakiane. You can have friends who are lawyers, just to be advising you on one or two things. It´s always good to have advise so that you know, sometimes when you critical decisions – whether it´s buying something, whether its going to court, whether it´s suing anybody if you need to. Whether it´s just getting advise about a contract, you know its so easy to do that.

Ms Betty Kyallo

Giving an example of her past, the celebrity journalist admitted she was not once, nor twice, slapped with a legal suit whether in her line of career or while doing business with others.

That way she learnt and doesn´t wish to see anyone she can advise, go through the same trying experience.

It´s so important. Just don´t go signing things especially for the young upcoming entrepreneurs, content creators, anything, anyone. It´s always so good to have advise and just have professional guidance so that you don´t make mistakes. You don´t sign a contract and after three years you´re like, ghai sikuwa nimeona hiyo part. It´s happened to me so many times but it doesn´t have to happen to you. So lawyers are really good.

Mother of one, Betty Kyallo

Her meeting was eventually concluded without divulging any details about it but we hope it went well and no one is at any risk.

Let´s sit tight for the details.


Daddy duties! Never before seen photo of Dennis Okari spending quality time with daughter, Ivanna

Dennis Okari has been earning some points thanks to his adorable daughter Ivanna; who also can’t seem to get enough of her papa! Well, at 4 years the news presenter has stepped in to help raise his daughter; after putting his issues with Betty Kyallo on the side.

As many already know, Dennis Okari was said to have ditched his daughter and neither was he supporting her financially. With the information out in public, Dennis Okari image changed for many as he was now seen as a deadbeat father.

What many don’t know is that their are two sides to a breakup story; and since we never got to hear Okari’s side, we might never understand what really went on.

Ex couple Dennis Okari and Betty Kyallo

Daddy’s girl

Just recently Betty Kyallo went on to reveal that her daughter, Ivanna is a daddy’s girl! This is after Ivanna had an on and off relationship with her father for almost 3 years.

However after Ivanna’s medical issue that saw her get admitted at the Nairobi hospital last year; Dennis Okari seems to have received the wake up call loud and clear.

The father of one has since been building relationship with his daughter and from the look of things; these now seem inseparable.

New photo

In a new photo shared on Ivanna’s page, we now understand that Dennis Okari has been spending some quality time with his baby girl at Betty’s place as seen on the photo.

Dennis Okari with daughter, Ivanna

Apparently he has not been visiting just for fun but also to help his daughter with her school work. Seeing them together has left many fans happy for the mature decision made by the two parents.

Although their marriage barely lasted for 6 months, 4 years down the line and the two ex lovers are now friends!


Betty Kyallo finally reveals intimate details of her Somali bae (Video)

Betty Kyallo said she is on a one-year break when it comes to dating. She has done too much chasing in relationships and it is time she made herself a priority first.

The media girl started with her relationship-turned marriage to NTV journalist, Dennis Okari which bore them a daughter, Ivanna before they eventually part ways as a couple.

Thereafter, she went for an alleged Somali bae who till date, we have zero details about his name, let alone his face or even how tall or short he might be.

TV girl, Betty Kyallo

Either way, we no longer have the privilege to meet this special person who stole Betty´s heart.

This is because she just confessed she is officially single but ready for marriage in a few.

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Speaking to fellow media firebrand, Jalang´o, he posed:

Talking about enjoying, who is enjoying… Who is your boyfriend? You are too beautiful to be single.

MC and radio presenter, Jalang´o

To which she openly responded:

No one is enjoying it. I´m so single right now and I love it.

According to the celebrated Kenyan journalist, she has been known to hop from one relationship to the next but she has said ´no´ to that.

I used to be that girl mwenye natoka hii naingia ingine yaani zinainterchange. So, right now I´ve actually decided ´you know what B, kwanza jipende´. So I have decided I want to give myself at least one year before I enter into something. Because I think I´m ready to settle down.

Mompreneur, Betty Kyallo

Somali babe

Regards what happened to her Somali babe who had turned the Internet wild with fans trying to patch together an arm here, a leg there and some curly hair but to no success.

Well, it turns out that yes he was there, but things didn´t go as planned so she had to say goodbye and they mutually agreed that it had hit a dead end.

Betty Kyallo with her former Somali bae

She asked society to stop the common stigmatization that relationships need to follow a certain sequence and that everything should be perfect. In reality, it is not always a smooth sail through.

It didn´t work out. The thing is, things don´t work out sometimes with people and its okay, its fine. I don´t know why we have so much stigma about relationships and how you should act and that you should last forever. Sometimes things work out, sometimes things hit a rock and its okay, mnaachana kwa uzuri.

Dennis Okari

The 31-year old mother of one further divulged that she does co-parent with Okari and it has never been this good for them.

Co-parents, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari

If anything, she feels really proud that they eventually matured, settled their differences and it is now working out, especially for Ivanna.

I realized it´s not always about us as adults. We are in good terms with him, his family, his wife and everything. But right now we are making sure Ivanna gets the love that she deserves. You know how dad-daughter relationships are. I feel good Ivanna has the attention she needs. Dennis is doing an amazing job and I feel so good. I thank God.



Betty Kyallo takes new stand on marriage after recent meeting with Dennis Okari (Video)

Co-parenting might never have been better between TV couple, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari like now.

Just the other day, Ivanna was going out on a date with her dad, one that Betty admitted was a special day for her daughter who got up early, picked her clothes and stuck around waiting for their meet up.

It seems like it did go well, with the dad and daughter having some light moments on camera, relishing the lost moments they were never able to share together.

Dennis Okari with younger Ivanna

Through her YouTube channel, Betty gushed over her daughter-baby daddy meet up asking:

Oh, you took pictures with your daddy? Aww…lemme see.

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Anyway, it was now time for the two parents to have a sit down and iron out a couple of issues, best known to them.

Early Sunday morning, Betty was already out, grinding and trying to put her life together especially regards her business.

Betty Kyallo

On our way to her soon-to-be ´Flair by Betty´ location, Betty quickly combed through her itinerary stating:

So guys, listen, today I have a busy day and I´m hoping to accomplish. Right now am heading to the new Flair by Betty where I am relocating to and find out the progress. After that I have to go to town, Kijabe street because I have to go look for the flooring of that salon. Then I go to Diamond Lighting to choose with my interior designer, the lighting of the new salon. After that I head to the Furniture place on Mombasa road.

Definitely what struck and impressed many was the fact that things seemed to be taking a good turn for Betty and Dennis Okari.

Then later I have a meeting with Ivanna´s dad. After which I meet my brand manager. As you can see ninarock, I have my heels in place and I´m gonna make this an amazing day.

Former couple, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari

Her day ran fairly well and quite into the late afternoon so chances are the two met up in the evening before she headed home to grab some good rest.


The former K24 news anchor went ahead to state that she looks forward to walking the isle.

Before admitting that from the look of things, she might have to call it off for a while because she needs to get her business up and running.

Betty Kyallo´s soon-to-be beauty parlor

Ivanna´s mom said she does not need to get confused by guys and relationships right now because she is focused on doing ´her´.

I´m gonna get my ring soon. Tutaolewa ama kama hatutaolewa tutakaa tu hivyo. Sisi tuko sawa. Mi btw kwanza vile saa hii niko busy, ata sioni [nikiolewa], not in the near future. Sitaki kuchanganyishwa na machali. Msinichanganyishe! Saa hii nataka tu kufocus. Kuchanganyishwa ni weekend peke yake, Saturday, Sunday. We can agree on the nitty gritties. However, Monday to Friday tunafocus. Tunachapa job.

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All in all, she wrapped up her segment by urging her fans to always give thanks regardless the situation one is in because Faith is important.

In everything, always remember to give thanks.

Ms Betty Mutei Kyallo

Her social media fam could not thank the parents enough for settling their differences and focusing on what´s most important – baby Ivanna.



Betty Kyallo splashes KSh 8M on posh ride barely days after quitting K24 (Photos)

Betty Kyallo is rolling like a Boss and unapologetically so. For many, getting fired or quitting a job especially during such harsh times is a sure path to financial crisis.

Well, for Betty, quitting her job spoke a different language. The 31-year old personality purchased a new German machine, that splashed into millions.

Not forgetting the lass is set to expand her salon business in a much bigger space and an almost-complete renovation for the Flair by Betty parlor, set to open in a few days.


Monday, 1st of June, Betty was busy making boss moves, leaving home for what she called ´a shoot´ only to come back with a white addition to her parking.

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A sleek, white, Toyota 4WD (4 Wheel Drive) with some leather padding on the inside. One that is believed to be a 2019 Porsche Cayenne SUV.

Checking up the figures for this ride, it goes for approximately $66,750, easily translating into KSh 7.13 million.

Betty Kyallo in Kamba land

Taking to the gram, the beauty flaunted her new ride captioning:

I am a Queen 👑 I am ELEVATED.


Gotta move different if you want different! Another One is home! This time White❤️

Her white beast comes as an addition to her already existent sleek, black Mercedes Benz that she has been cruising for a while now.

Betty Kyallo´s sleek Mercedes Benz

Joho drama

Let me take you back in time – 2 years ago – when news making headlines were that Betty got embarrassingly dumped by Governor Joho who snatched back the high-end ride he bought for her.

Among what the Mombasa governor allegedly repossessed from her were: a fully furnished home in Nairobi´s Kilimani area, a BMW X6 and a Porsche Cayenne.

Betty Kyallo gifted KSh 10M Porsche Cayenne by alleged lover, Governor Joho

The later, was reportedly snatched from the media personality while driving along Mombasa road when Joho´s guards stopped her near Nyayo Stadium and asked her for the keys.

Leaving her high and dry and with such level of embarrassment for a public figure. It was bad!

Joho´s Porsche gift to Betty was claimed to be running upwards of KSh 10 million. Either way, Betty bought her own, with a daughter to fend for, bills to pay and a business to run.

TV sensation, Betty Kyallo

What better way to fire back at her critics than to match them thrice in a row?

That´s just not it. Betty had recently announced that her daughter, Ivanna would be joining the luxurious Montessori Learning center once schools reopen.

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Plus, Betty just moved into her new house, if you´ve noticed recent colors of her green-looking house interior online. That´s a different discussion all together.

TV queen, Betty Kyallo

All these moves and she is rolling like a boss. Many have asked what her source of wealth is but I have no answer. For now.



Betty Kyallo flaunts new ride
Betty Kyallo flaunts new ride

Betty Kyallo quits from K24 TV (Video)

Celebrated media personality Betty Kyallo took fans by surprise on Saturday, May 30, after announcing that she was leaving K24 TV – which is owned by the Kenyatta family.

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The bubbly newscaster, who joined Mediamax in September 2018, thanked her fans for their support during her 2-year stint, adding that it was time to bid them farewell.

Betty Kyallo

“I really appreciate you all. It is now time for me to say goodbye here on K24 TV. Thank you so much for all the support, I appreciate you, God bless you and I love you,” Betty stated.

She had hinted her exit from K24 in an earlier Instagram post where she told her fans to asking watch for today as they are not certain about tomorrow.

“Hello from the other side, not sure about tomorrow so watch today,” she wrote.

Although the news of Betty’s exit took some by surprise, others saw it coming since Mediamax had announced that it would be laying off some employees as a result of the decline in revenue that has been caused by COVID-19.

Betty Kyallo

Other reports indicate that KTN, which is owned by the Standard Group, has bought some of the programs on K24 TV and this has led to majority of the staff at the latter station being declared redundant.

Anyway, we as Ghafla wish Betty Kyallo all the best in her future endeavors.


“Ivanna prefers her dad to me,” Betty Kyallo speaks co-parenting

Betty Kyallo´s YouTube channel has only been giving us more insight into the media personality´s personal and family life.

This time, she was open to discuss her celebrity crush and how co-parenting with Dennis Okari has been fairing.

The bubbly TV girl spent the day running errands with her youngest sister, Gloria Kyallo and her close friend, Karen.

Betty Kyallo (right) with sister, Gloria Kyallo (left)

Betty was taking us on a tour to the carpet center that is handling her beauty parlor´s renovation furniture sets, as she preps to relocate to a much bigger space.

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On their way to the place, Betty revealed just how much of a daddy´s girl Ivanna is, always opting to go out with Dennis Okari than with her.

Imagine Ivanna has actually refused to leave the house. She only does it with her dad. Mimi, okay she did once but I don´t know why she refuses to go with me. I even told her today morning, ´mummy, let´s go for a drive´… but imagine she refused.

Betty Kyallo´s daughter, Ivanna

Betty´s co-parenting with the celebrated NTV journalist, is proving to be pretty smooth and not much of a big deal after she revealed that today morning, Ivanna was set for a date with her dad, Okari.

My baby is becoming a sweet little girl 🎈🎈 She chooses what to wear. She likes dresses and track suits just like me❤️ . She chose what to wear today because she had a date with her dad.

Unfortunately, Ivanna is already all grown now and is no longer in the business of warm cuddles or sweet kisses from her mother and this makes Betty sad.

She doesn’t like cuddles anymore. I have to beg for kisses, she gives hugs easily and she doesn’t like oats anymore😆. I’m happy God Gave me a second chance with her.

Betty Kyallo with daughter, Ivanna

Celebrity crush

Away from that, Betty was previously spotted snuggling with an alleged Somali guy months after her breakup with Okari.

But for a while now, we are no longer seeing the arms, legs or even curled up hair of this guy taking over Betty´s heart.

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During their trip around Nairobi, the three girls were caught on camera drooling over random hunk guys on the streets.

TV girl, Betty Kyallo

Betty bluntly jerked:

That´s a handsome guy. Wah! have you seen him? Heh! he´s handsome my gosh! Kama kitu ni nzuri, sema. He has a kid, wrapped on his chest as he pulls the stroller and if he has a kid, he´s good. That´s a sure pass.

On a different occasion, Betty gushed over a passerby hinting that the guy would be a perfect match for her younger sister.

Eh! Cheki ule chali, Gloria, he´s your type.

With Gloria sweetly admitting:

Eeh…he´s short.

Gloria Kyallo

Betty revealed Gloria loves the short chubby type. In other words, the abujubuju type. Nice one!

It then came a time when everyone had their chance to name their celebrity crush, whether locally or global. A shy Betty confessed her liking has always been for renowned Kenyan ragga and dancehall artist, Redsan since way back.

Quite jittery and shy about her crush, the single mom fumbled a bit before admitting:

Aki please, if you have a wife or girlfriend, please don´t come for me. I´ve always had a crush on Redsan but please don´t make him watch me say this, please. There´s a way he just sits, that muscular, serious and swaggish pose and he´s like “what´s up B…?” That guy looking hot! Even though my dreams didn´t come true, that guy is my guy. Redsan unakuanga umeweza.

Kenyan dancehall artist, Redsan

Before brushing off:

Probably he is seeing someone and plus it´s not like crushes end up being your better-half anyway. Crushes don´t come to be.

For Gloria, turns out, she´s head over heals for Stivo Simple Boy. Not for anything else, but for his music, with the random lyrics that come with that sharp, wild, girly tone.

For Karen, NTV journalist Mark Masai floored them all, especially because of his voice.

Regards who is currently in her life, Betty Kyallo revealed:

You´ll be seeing him soon.




Smart choice? Why Betty Kyallo prefers getting married to a divorcee husband

Betty Kyallo is currently making headlines thanks to her new YouTube show that allows fans to know her in a more intimate way!

So far she has her first video up and fans can’t sit still as she opens up revealing unknown details about her love life; years after her separation with Dennis Okari who is the father of her daughter.

A while back Betty Kyallo shared her story explaining why her marriage to Okari never lasted a year. According to the K24 news presenter, her ex was caught up in his church; which claims she was not the right woman for him.

Betty says that even for her ruracio Dennis Okari showed up later on after hours of her family waiting on him to arrive.

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Moving on

With every pain, tear and anger Betty Kyallo managed to get herself in check and is now ready to settle down as a married woman. Speaking during  her 1st episode Betty revealed that she might be compatible with a divorcee since he would understand where she is coming from.

Betty opened up saying;

I am not sure if actually would want a divorced guy, a single man or a widower. I am always pulling on that direction of a divorced guy because; i think tunaelewana. Because I have been through it.

According to Betty, dating a divorced guy would help the relationship; this because they can both tell when something is going wrong. She went on to say;

I feel when you have someone divorced is almost like they know when things go wrong. And so they try and avoid them. But i know there are nice guys as well. But tutaona tukiendelea.


Betty Kyallo reveals main reason she regrets getting married

Betty Kyallo is undeniably a gorgeous lady who not only inspires young women on social media; but is also the main reason as to why her male fans cannot miss the 9 PM bulletin on K24!

For years now she has been making boss moves that have seen get ranked among the top paid journalists in Kenya; and if you disagree with this, then go argue with KoT!

While Tanzanians have Wema as their sweetheart; Kenya has Betty Kyallo who has lately been sharing too much personal information on IG live thanks to one too many glasses of wine.

After her viral drunk post, Betty has since been receiving massive love and support from fans on social media who believe that she needs a friend to talk to. According to most fans, Betty has bottled up most of her pain; but thanks to her new online family the mother of one can now release it in peace.

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K24’s Betty Kyallo


One of her Instagram fans recently went on to asked the news anchor to share one of her regrets in life and surprisingly Betty opted to talk about her ex marriage.

Well, turns out that the lass got married at 26 and at the time she had not lived her life to the fullest. By this, Betty meant that she had not experienced life well before choosing to settle down as a someones wife at that specific age .

I think it was getting married a bit young because I was 26. This is for me Betty. At 26 I don’t think I had really seen my full potential or like I hadn’t lived life; I hadn’t seen or explored life by myself and I think that’s it. There’s no issue with that, it happened but it’s not something that was a mistake as such. It was just something that you know if I was to re-do that part of my life, probably I would have waited a bit,”

She went on to clarify that it wasn’t a mistake but if given a another chance she would have done things differently.

It wasn’t a mistake but if I was to redo that part of my life probably I would have waited for maybe a few years from now. I should have chilled, nlikuwa na haraka! Now it’s easy to let in somebody.”


Betty Kyallo’s heartwarming gesture for healthcare workers at Mbagathi Hospital (Photos)

Mbagathi Hospital is among the top health centers that have been taking care of the COVID-19 patients.

BK treats health workers at Mbagathi hospital

For weeks now, doctors at the hospital have been out of their way to take care and help treat those affected as the number keeps on growing each day. So far Kenya has recorded about 465 persons infected by the virus.

The number of deaths is however low – another reason to upload doctors who have been risking themselves to help save lives night and day!

Betty Kyallo appreciates doctors at Mbagathi

K24’s News anchor Betty Kyallo this past weekend wowed Kenyans after she treated doctors from Mbagathi hospital with hot lunch; just to appreciate them for the hard work done.

The mother of one who is turning out to be Kenyans sweetheart (yes Betty is loved by many) shared a few photos taken during the lunch treat; and in the caption she wrote;

BK and her team

Yesterday my Friend Chef @btdtracy and I decided to do a little something for some of the health workers at Mbagathi. It was just a way to say thank you for the great work they are doing in this pandemic. I want to personally thank the Administration for allowing us to do this. It was worth the hard work.

Having seen how doctors helped save her daughter, Ivanna’s life last year; Betty Kyallo has since grown a soft spot from medical health worker.


In her detailed post, BK thanked all health worker for the work they have been doing; not forgetting the fact that most of them have families back at home and face high risks for getting infected by the virus. She wrote;

Thank you to all the doctors, nurses, clinicians, lab technicians plus all the support staff including cleaners, guards. Also a big thank you to the kitchen staff led by Solomon who together with his team led us so well till we were done. Big up @btdtracy for thinking of this amazing idea. We ended up being of service to more than 150 staff.


Is Betty Kyallo okay? She has not been herself lately

I don’t know about you but I think Betty Kyallo is going through something because of late she hasn’t been herself. It almost seems like she is really depressed.

I’m not a psychologist but I can tell that things are not okay with her and if you are keen, I’m sure you’ve noticed that she has been making a fool of herself publicly.

Betty Kyallo

She goes live on her IG page almost on a daily basis and on most occasions she’s too drunk to answer questions from her fans.

Some times she says more than she needs to like that time in March when complained about the pressure that comes with her job and told off anyone who thought she is their role model.

Granted, being a public figure is tough because you have to live up to societal standards but that does not mean that you have to show the whole world that it’s tough doing what she does because many people look up to her.

Betty Kyallo

A few hours ago, Betty uploaded a video on her IG TV where she attempted to explain the things that she does when she is drunk and even in that video you could notice that she is not okay with the fake laughs.

You could say that she’s worried like the rest of us because of coronavirus and the fact that the world is crumbling in front of our eyes that she was among the people who have had to take huge pay cuts as a result of the pandemic.

Maybe, just maybe, she parted ways with her Somali bae because we’ve not seen him around lately. Or is she getting stress from her baby daddy Dennis Okari? I don’t really know.

All I know is that Betty needs to take a break from social media because she’s damaging the reputation that she has worked so hard to build over the years. She also needs to see a shrink as soon as possible.