“It’s a trap” Betty Kyallo warned against reconciling with Nick Ndeda

Media personality Betty Kyallo might be beautiful but unfortunately just like most of her friends i.e Lilian Muli, Bambi etc theyre all unlucky when it comes down to love. Mmmh not the best feeling – but lucky for Betty Kyallo all the men that have dumped her always come back begging.

Betty Kyallo with boyfriend, Nick Ndeda at a friends wedding
Betty Kyallo with boyfriend, Nick Ndeda at a friends wedding

I am not sure whether they do it because they miss her as a person, her vibe/personality or for her skills both at work and in the sack. So far ive heard a couple of rumors where her exes comeback after a fall out – but she chooses not take them back. Remember the Ethiopian ex who even went on IG live to talk about BK and at some point he admitted she can be addictive.

Well looks like it’s the same case as Nick Ndeda who recently revealed he misses BK – a few weeks after running into her at a popular club in Kilimani. From what we understand is that BK was in the company of a fine young man….and now – Nick Ndeda misses her.

Betty Kyallo

Fans warn BK from dating Ndeda

Well with Ndeda’s confession – Betty Kyallo recently shared a new photo to which she captioned;

Alaaaaar! Mtoto Mkamba usicheze????????????.

And right there we have the answer to what has Nick Ndeda hooked on…..same same case as Amber Ray and Rapudo.

Anyway fans in the comment section however warned BK against Nick Ndeda saying it’s a trap especially since he knows he never broke her….which explains why she moved on so quick. One wrote;

Haha why do I feel like it’s a direct attack on that nigga who sounds like he has never moved on.

While others went on to add;