Spotted! Betty Kyallo resurfaces with alleged Somali lover (Photos)

TV girl, Betty Kyallo has been spotted with her alleged Somali guy who was reportedly warming her bed soon as she split with Dennis Okari.

How fans arrived at a Somali guy was probably the curly hair and type of skin; piecing together an arm here, a leg there, some facial features here…you name it!

Well, recent photos of the two together at Flair by Betty has lit up the internet, leaving fans impressed that their love seemingly never dies down.

Betty Kyallo with alleged lover

What made it more cute was the unflinching support the rumored Somali bae is giving the lass and it never went unnoticed.

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Mompreneur, Betty Kyallo

This is none other than Kenya’s own businessman and aspiring politician, Hon. Alinur Mohamed who single-handedly dropped by Betty’s business to show support and probably say hi.

The politician soon after, shared:

Was delighted to spend the better part of today’s evening with BETTY KYALLO at her place. Was glad to interact with her. Betty is one of those ordinary women doing extra ordinary things in our society. Like many other women, she has had to beat many odds to reach this far. Such a pleasure!

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With a smitten Betty responding:

Thank you for coming by and getting Flaired Up????

Wild reactions

Check out Kenyans’ reactions below:

Betty Kyallo finally reveals intimate details of her Somali bae (Video)

Betty Kyallo said she is on a one-year break when it comes to dating. She has done too much chasing in relationships and it is time she made herself a priority first.

The media girl started with her relationship-turned marriage to NTV journalist, Dennis Okari which bore them a daughter, Ivanna before they eventually part ways as a couple.

Thereafter, she went for an alleged Somali bae who till date, we have zero details about his name, let alone his face or even how tall or short he might be.

TV girl, Betty Kyallo

Either way, we no longer have the privilege to meet this special person who stole Betty´s heart.

This is because she just confessed she is officially single but ready for marriage in a few.

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Speaking to fellow media firebrand, Jalang´o, he posed:

Talking about enjoying, who is enjoying… Who is your boyfriend? You are too beautiful to be single.

MC and radio presenter, Jalang´o

To which she openly responded:

No one is enjoying it. I´m so single right now and I love it.

According to the celebrated Kenyan journalist, she has been known to hop from one relationship to the next but she has said ´no´ to that.

I used to be that girl mwenye natoka hii naingia ingine yaani zinainterchange. So, right now I´ve actually decided ´you know what B, kwanza jipende´. So I have decided I want to give myself at least one year before I enter into something. Because I think I´m ready to settle down.

Mompreneur, Betty Kyallo

Somali babe

Regards what happened to her Somali babe who had turned the Internet wild with fans trying to patch together an arm here, a leg there and some curly hair but to no success.

Well, it turns out that yes he was there, but things didn´t go as planned so she had to say goodbye and they mutually agreed that it had hit a dead end.

Betty Kyallo with her former Somali bae

She asked society to stop the common stigmatization that relationships need to follow a certain sequence and that everything should be perfect. In reality, it is not always a smooth sail through.

It didn´t work out. The thing is, things don´t work out sometimes with people and its okay, its fine. I don´t know why we have so much stigma about relationships and how you should act and that you should last forever. Sometimes things work out, sometimes things hit a rock and its okay, mnaachana kwa uzuri.

Dennis Okari

The 31-year old mother of one further divulged that she does co-parent with Okari and it has never been this good for them.

Co-parents, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari

If anything, she feels really proud that they eventually matured, settled their differences and it is now working out, especially for Ivanna.

I realized it´s not always about us as adults. We are in good terms with him, his family, his wife and everything. But right now we are making sure Ivanna gets the love that she deserves. You know how dad-daughter relationships are. I feel good Ivanna has the attention she needs. Dennis is doing an amazing job and I feel so good. I thank God.


¨Sina hiyo time bro!¨ Betty Kyallo harshly fires back at trolls

Kenyan TV sensation, Betty Kyallo is going to face the wrath of Kenyans for as long as no evidence proves otherwise.

The mother of 1 has been the punching bag of trolls after her ex-nanny´s recent confession that tore apart her brand and good name.

Lack of food at her home has become the target among Kenyans who believe that is really shameful especially for a personality like her, who doesn´t earn miserable coins.

Betty Kyallo faces the wrath of Kenyans over irresponsible´ motherhood

Some calling her out for residing in Lavington, only to starve those living under her roof. Others poking her over her Somali bae who is allegedly a family man.

Sharing a photo, eating out alongside her sister, Mercy and her mystery man, Betty captioned:

Deals oversized like baes’ coat.
Thanks @mercykyallo for the dope pic! ????????

Betty Kyallo eating out with her Bae and sister, Mercy

Unfortunately, Kenyans were not interested in the caption, instead calling her out for being an irresponsible mother and a home wrecker.

Betty however, collected herself together, composed her replies and shot them right back at trolls.

A section decided to back her up and counter the trolls.

Below are screenshots of her comebacks: