Betty Kyallo proudly shows off cellulite and stretch marks in video as she parades her curves in bikini

Betty Kyallo recently gave fans an up close and personal tour of her curves on social media leaving her male fans and females thirsty with wild thoughts .

The mother of one shared a video on Instagram as she posed in a red swimsuit; guiding the camera around her thighs – as she show off cellulite and stretch marks.

Well, although Betty has a long way before she gets back her old petite body; it’s no secret that she loves and has already embraced her current figure which she is not afraid to parade online.

Showing off the tiger strips, BK captioned the post;

My stripes are gorg

On and off fitness

For years BK has been hitting the gym to recover from her sudden weight gain; but problem is that she often quits in less than a month making her weight loss journey hard.

Anyway, from her current videos it appears that she is finally ready to embark on the weight loss journey; and the results are already showing. Checkout the photos below.