Betty Kyallo has handled her “scandal” well

Betty Kyallo has been in the news recently after it was alleged that a s**tape featuring her had been leaked. But one thing we here have to admit is how well she has handled that scandal.

Betty Kyallo Responds To Her Alleged Leaked $ex Tape On Social Media (Photo)

Where is many other celebrities especially female ones would have come out trying to dispute the innocent arguing that they are the victims of some malicious machinations, Betty has taken it the chain and laughed it off.

This was a brilliant move because it has led people to believe that it is not her. Indeed whether or not you’re seeing the video for yourself and ascertained that it wasn’t in fact Betty Kyallo, once you saw her reaction you knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that she was not threatened because it isn’t her.

Betty Kyallo response to fan questioning her parenting skills will teach you to mind your business

This is something Kenyan celebrities need to learn from. It’s brilliant teachable moment because it shows them how to deal with scandals. Head of panicking and running around like a headless chicken, you can become and composed as you shrug of the nonsense.

Betty Kyallo

I am reminded of the recent scandal of a similar nature involving Georgina Njenga. End of the time when I have videos were leaked she seemed to react in a panic fashion. Understandable that is because those videos were in need of her but in such a situation she could have just laughed it off and everyone would have kept it pushing.

Betty Kyallo Should Accept Singlehood And Focus On Business

Not everything deserves are response and not everything deserves your energy. Betty’s laughing about it and asking whether she needs to release a new song the second season of her reality TV show or perhaps a new product. This has even had haters signing with her because she has Shrugged everything off in jest.

Betty Kyallo

Humoir is the best possible shield anyone can employ in such situations. Betty Kyallo is aware that such rumours could lead her to lose a lot and she would be excused for panicking. However, that is not a proactive way to deal with such situations. She’s handling it like a real g and that is something we are proud to see.

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Its friends like Lilian Muli who keep Betty Kyallo single

Lilian Muli is the type of friend who will keep Betty Kyallo single for a very long time. Why am I making this assertion? Because the truth is that single women keep women single. And they achieve this by validating rubbish behaviour and feeding their egoes.

‘Can never be me’ Lilian Muli reveals real reason she will never drag an ex to court over child support

You see, Betty Kyallo is clearly a terrible partner. We know this because all her relationships have ended in disaster. She was even married at one point in her life and that ended prematurely in a rather spectacular way.

Lilian Muli

Her ex-husband, Denis Okari has largely remained tight lipped as to what happened but the people around him have sometimes spoken on the situation in his defence and while she alleges emotional abuse and neglect, the fact that we all saw her relationship with an outgoing Mombasa Governor and then we did the mathematics to figure out when they started dating did away with her narrative.

Betty Kyallo admits learning a lesson after fling with Nick Ndeda

Add to this the simple logical conclusion that it was Betty Kyallo who is the issue with all her relationships as she is not just the greater common denominator in all her relationships but also the fact that her ex-husband has moved on and is now happily married are damning pieces of evidence for anyone capable of deductive reasoning.

Betty Kyallo

And now we get to find out that her friend is Lilian Muli, someone who give her relationship advice… I mean, this is the peanut gallery training the kids that get on the shortbus. A clear case of the blind leading the blind.

Betty Kyallo still can’t explain how marriage changed her relationship with Dennis Okari in just 6 months – after 4 years of dating

Like Betty, she too is a divorcee who was accused of being unfaithful to her husband. Like Ms Kyallo, she too has had a string of very public relationships that always ended disastrously. Siow what can she possibly teach her younger friend?

Betty Kyallo speaks up

I have a friend who always tells me never to take advice from anyone I am not truly envious of. I have to want what you have in your life for me to even consider approaching you for advice. And Lilian is a disaster as far as relationships are concerned.

Here’s why Gloria Kyallo and Ken Warui’s relationship won’t last

And this is something that I find equally interesting and jarring. We have Betty Kyallo who clearly isn’t done trying to find love turning to her friend who has a rather crappy track record in that field. So we know neither holds the other accountable for their decisions and mistakes.

Lilian Muli flaunts Bikini

Betty Kyallo needs someone who will teach her how to make herself more suitable for a relationship. Instead, she hangs out with someone who tells her she is perfect as she is and the man who wants her will accept her as is. That is trash advice. And it will only result in her being ran through by a plethora of men, further reducing her already low relationship value.

Lilian Muli and the bitter feminist spinster debate

But anyway, they take good photos when they go out for mimosas and brunch so let them keep cheering each other as they continue to circle the social drain and piss away their most valuable years. I am sure in the next 5 years we will be treated to a collaboration of both Betty Kyallo and Lilian Muli shaming Kenyan men who are too smart to tolerate being in a relationship with them.

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Why every horrible gossip about Betty Kyallo is believed

Betty Kyallo has had to come out to clarify the fact that some quotes being attributed to her online are a crock of faeces. The quote in question had her explaining that she would never date a broke man and it went on to advise young women to disdain broke men in favour of older, more established (read rich) men.

‘Cars Don’t Impress Me’ – Betty Kyallo Refutes Dating Only Rich Men (Screenshots)

But why is it that every little negative gossip about her is instantly swallowed up by the general public? I mean, she is not responsible for what idiots attribute to her nor is she responsible for the fact that other idiots swallow the lies but what she is responsible for is her brand and the way people view it. Why? Because “Caesar’s wife must be above reproach”.

Why is it so easy to believe that Betty Kyallo only dates rich men? Is it perhaps because she doesn’t have a poor man in her long list of lovers, past and present? Would you believe the same rumours if you heard them about say… Lulu Hassan? I wouldn’t and I doubt you would either. Why is that?

Betty Kyallo finally addresses ‘sponsor’ rumors

Is it simply because Betty Kyallo is easy to hate or is it down to the fact that her brand isn’t exactly something that is taken seriously or in high regard? Actually think about it. Why do people find it so easy to believe anything? I doubt its down to the fact that the lies were so well crafted. I would argue it’s because when you think of her, you believe she is capable of some of the BS attributed to her. At the back of your mind and in the recesses of your heart you know what I am saying is true.

It probably stems from the manner in which she conducted herself at the time her marriage to Denis Okari was coming to an end. We were treated to an entire scandal as more and more lurid information came out including the allegation that she had an affair with a Mombasa politician who was known as Sultan. And this was all while she was still with her husband. Then the rumours came out about how she disrespected him when they were split and had even moved into the Mombasa politician’s apartment.

Brian Kyallo’s statement about Betty Kyallo is very telling

Then after all that, Kenyans don’t seem to have forgiven her for allegedly keeping their daughter away from him and this played out publicly once more and we got to watch it unfold when their daughter was admitted to hospital and had to be put onto life support. These things add up and they only work to make Betty Kyallo look like a terrible woman.

So ofcourse, people would not wish her well. and schadenfreude settles in. That in effect dilutes our better judgement so when we see a story about her, we are more inclined to believe it. Can she fix her reputation? Perhaps but I doubt she is ever going to do the work so we are just going to have to keep repeating what we saw play out until it gets old and we move on.

Or… Hear me out… Or she could just get into politics.


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Brian Kyallo’s statement about Betty Kyallo is very telling

Brian Kyallo was absent from the launch of his sister’s reality TV show that will focus on their family but especially the sisters. Questions were inevitable about where he was and why he chose not to attend. However, what most people missed was the fact that his absence was a message in and of itself.

Mercy Kyallo explains relationship with her big sister, says dealing with Betty Kyallo is ‘a job’

You see, when you think of her reality show, a parallel must be drawn to Kim Kardashian’s show, Keeping Up Wit The Kardashians because it is designed in the same mold. And when you think of the show plus it’s audience, you realize that everything about it, from the aesthetics to the content is geared towards women. Men find existing on such a platform unbelievably difficult.

Betty Kyallo

Brian Kyallo knew that having his life under scrutiny is not something he would want nor would it help his cause (whatever it may be) in any way whatsoever. He was essentially going to be a clown for hire who would have to dance to the tune of the show’s star, his sister, Betty Kyallo. And make no mistake about it, the other two sisters are merely in a supporting role. No one is tuning in to see what Gloria was upto.

“She needs to apologize” Betty Kyallo blames younger sister for Nick Ndeda poor actions on New Year’s Eve

This would mean he would have to at some point, demean himself for the sake of “drama and entertainment”. His statement about the entire spectacle was a succint explanation of where his head is at. He will not be bowing to the queen.

Perhaps there is a lot that went on behind the scenes but one thing I was informed of by a very close friend of mine and mentor is that this was a departure from who he was a few years ago when Betty Kyallo’s marriage to Denis Okari fell apart. He was rather vociferous in his defence of her. He wanted the entire world to know that the Kyallo clan was united behind her. What changed?

The Kyallo sisters finally giving fans access to their private lives

There could have been a falling out or he could simply have matured and realised that blind support, just like blind faith is a fool’s game. Life is not black and white or binary. There are a lot of nuances that exist and blindly supporting someone doesn’t make you an ally, it makes you a sycophant. And that is the type of title only a brain dead monkey would boast of having.

Betty Kyallo vacationing after her breakup with Nick Ndeda

Will he appear on the show? Perhaps but what would it benefit him to be involved and featured on a show that will essentially be about creating fodder for gossip? Does he want his life under such an increased level of scrutiny? Or perhaps he has come to the realisation that the real power, the real money is often shy of the limelight? Perhaps he would prefer to keep holding his cards close to his chest?

Or, and this is me donning my conspiracy hat, perhaps the Kyallo family doesn’t have much use for the men of it’s lineage. Perhaps like their father, he has been sidelined and he is tired of playing in his mother and sisters’ shadows? Wouldn’t that make for a juicy twist to everything? Or perhaps it is all because he has chosen to preserve his sanity and not have to deal with cameras in his face 24/7.

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Why Betty Kyallo is desperate for a baby

Betty Kyallo is having a tough time because she is now desperate to have children and has realized time is running out. Yikes! And it is fascinating to see her realize that she does indeed have a biological clock.

Single Betty Kyallo confirms she’s ‘desperate’ for another baby as daughter turns 8 years

You see, she is one woman who happened to have the opportunity to settle down with men who the rest of the country was envious of. She had the chance to be with men whom we can all agree were either high value or high networth at the very least.

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo was married -unsuccessfully- to Denis Okari and the two were blessed with a daughter, Ivanna. The reason the marriage ended (if you ask Betty Kyallo) was because they were both toxic to each other. But I don’t remember Denis being exposed as having been involved in an affair with a high ranking governor who had even gifted him their car.

Betty Kyallo reveals 4 qualities she looks for in a life partner

And this lack of accountability continues to plague Betty Kyallo because we have seen her run down a list of men who she has dated but none of them has deemed her worthy of wifing up. Let that sink in. She has been in and out of relationships and having relations with men but none of them was willing to take the risk of making an honest woman of her andestablishing a family.

Betty Kyallo vacationing after alleged breakup from Nick Ndeda

And now that she has entered her 30s, she is beginning to realize that her clock is running out. She wants a family and that is not happening in the conventional and healthy way. So now she is pining for half of that: a baby. She has begun her “God just give me a baby” prayers.

Betty Kyallo’s birthday promise to herself as she turns 33

And I cannot blame nor fault her for waking up to the realization. She is after all, a human being and we are animals at the end of the day; wired to reproduce, eat, sleep, defecate and then die. So Betty Kyallo is not strange for pining over babies. It also probably doesn’t help that her ex husband who she had tossed aside after finding a better option, is happily married and with a complete family unit of his own. Tough!

Betty Kyallo massive gain weight

But what options are left for her? Well, she could always attempt IVF. But what people aren’t told about the process is that it has a high failure rate. Or she could simply find a man whose baby she wants to carry, mate and then move on.

Betty Kyallo explaining her failed relationships is hilarious

Not the most desireable of options.but it is what it is. And she is running out of time. She is facing the reality of a geriatric pregnancy. And with the way we have been living in the post-modern world, her diet is probably shite and I have seen that she works out but given the obvious lack of gains, we can conclude she does Instagram workouts so there are no benefits to her exercising… So let us move the age of geriatric pregnancy from 35 to about 32… Yeesh!

Betty Kyallo star-struck

If I were to advise her, I would tell her to go and seek therapy. And not from some harpy feminist therapist but an actual counsellor. She has a lot of things to unpack and a lot of habits to unlearn. She should also actually start working out. Perhaps she should seek out Ronoh’s trainer. And if she has time after doing all that work, then she should seek a serious relationship. Then and only then should she think of getting a child.

I Don’t Choose The People I Fall In Love With- Betty Kyallo On Her Failed Relationships(Video)

But knowing how Betty Kyallo functions (or better still, judging from her past decisions), she is instead going to continue “dating” men who simply want to be known for having slept with a celebrity and then they’ll move on. And she will eventually power on and decide to be a single mother for a second, different father and we will have her raise yet another child with the buggage and trauma she still bears.

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Single Betty Kyallo confirms she’s ‘desperate’ for another baby as daughter turns 8 years

Betty Kyallo is slowly sliding into that desparate phase most ladies tend to feel when they hit 30 years. As far as we know is that she is single with one child – but hopes to find love soon which will result to another baby.

Just the other day, the lass opened sharing the kind of qualities she looks for in a man; and to our surprise turns out that Betty Kyallo isn’t demanding as many think.

Baby Ivanna at 1

All she wants is a God fearing man, hard worker and one who has a clean heart like she does. Good qualities, easily accessible but problem is – no one real these days. Talk about Character development.

Time for another baby?

Well despite being single (allegedly) Betty Kyallo is still hopeful that she will have another baby in the near future, but with who?

Just recently the former news anchor shared photos of baby Ivanna as a toddler to which she captioned;

Baby Ivanna

Oh my Ivanna! Such a cutie from when she was young. Now that I miss this stage what to do????????????????????

Clearly, this is a woman in need of another child but problem is that she hasn’t met the one yet.

For a minute, fans thought Nick Ndeda would someone end up being baby daddy number 2, but looks like he dodged Betty Kyallo since they weren’t on the same page.

Anyway, with all that beauty and brains – maybe Betty Kyallo remains single simply because she’s the picky one? But why settle when she knows her worth, right?

Betty Kyallo explaining her failed relationships is hilarious

Betty Kyallo recently granted an interview to PlugTV as she launched her new business venture and we must say that some of the things she comes up with are really hilarious. The particular segment of interest was when she was explaining away her failed relationships.

Betty Kyallo reveals secret behind successful coparenting relationship with ex, Dennis Okari

The fact that she completely ran away from any responsibility for the demise of all her short-lived dalliances, flings and even her marriage was hilarious to witness. The level of mental gymnastics that went on to absolve herself of any responsibility was Olympic level!

Betty Kyallo vacationing after her breakup with Nick Ndeda

The question was posed led her to claim that she cannot choose who to fall in love with. She is single and not searching but if it happens, it happens. But the truth of the matter is that when you look at all her different relationships, the only common denominator in her storied love tales is her. Betty Kyallo is the only common denominator.

I Don’t Choose The People I Fall In Love With- Betty Kyallo On Her Failed Relationships(Video)

The men have included powerful governors, famous news anchors and lawyers. They are rumoured to have included a businessman and a former actor who is currently happily married in the UK (United Kingdom) yet her story is that of what appears to be a very unwanted singlehood. Her ex-husband too is happily married so why not she?

Betty Kyallo

I would start off at the ost obvious point: she has done literally zero introspection. Betty Kyallo has not looked into herself to try and figure out for starters, why she attracts the men she does. Secondly, why these men do not see her as a serious option for a long-term relationship.

Andrew Kibe Accuses Betty Kyallo Of Having Multiple Partners, Says It’s The Reason For Her Break-Ups

Then there is the fact that she doesn’t seem to have taken the time nor put in the effort required to heal from her previous encounters or sought the help of counsellors. But at the end of the day, that is not something a lot of Kenyans or even Africans do. Most guys simply just move from one heartbreak to the next relationship and then wrestle with their demons while wasting the next partner’s time.

Another reason why most men aren’t looking to settle down with the former news anchor is the fact that she is a single mother. While that is a painful statement to make for most ladies to hear, it is the truth. No man with options is looking to saddle himself up with another man’s seed to raise. And the calibre of men Betty Kyallo goes for isn’t your run of the mill men, These are often men who are at the top of their game and are receiving a lot of female attention as a result.

‘There’s Value In Endings Because It Means Something New Is Beginning’- Betty Kyallo’s Ex-Boyfriend Nick Ndeda

While I am not going to tell her to lower her expectations or look for men lower than what she has distinguished to be her taste, then we have to instead her to focus on making herself the best version of herself and I do not mean with regards to business. She needs to make herself the type of woman any man would consider a catch despite her continued interaction with her ex-husband who is a high-value man, despite her past being littered by so many men and the fact that she has a child, she needs to heal herself and then find out what she does that is pleasnt enough to make a man want to wife her up and not just get to enjoy his turn on the ride.

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The Betty Kyallo blueprint to making money

Betty Kyallo announced her most recent business venture which aims to ensure you and your best friend look as elegant as you possibly can without putting too much of a strain on your pockets. But this is not about all that jazz, its about the idea behind the business venture and how you too can execute it as a side hustle and make some coin.

Wahu making millions from your luscious locks

You see, the former TV star is known for her sense of style and fashionable outfits so its safe to say that this is a bit of a passion project for her.  Whenever she steps out, her hair is often coiffed just right and her makeup done to hide the crows feet but also her dresses and outfits are often impeccable.

Betty Kyallo seems to have realised a long time ago that one must always dress as they want to be addressed and this is down to the fact that despite your pastor’s best protestations, we as a species are visual creatures. We evolved to judge a book by its metaphorical cover because sometimes our lives and safety depended on it.

Khaligraph’s secret source of multi-millions

That is why when you want to step out for a fun night, you get dolled up. When you’re going for a job interview, you get dressed in the appropriate attire and when you want to make an impression of any sort, you put on your fanciest jewellery and get dressed to the nines.

But how can you turn such a passion (if you share a passion similar Betty Kyallo’s) into a business? Well, it is not that hard when you actually set your mind to it. You see, what you first need to do is identify the source of your clothes. And there are two ways you can do that; either source for them from China or go the Gikomba route.

Mulamwah’s Millions

And the Gikomba route is nothing short of brilliant because of the amounts of gems you are assured to find. However, it is very time consuming. You have to identify and create a relationship with wholesale dealers who bring in the clothes in bales. From there, you next have to sort out the clothes while keeping a keen eye on quality. And when all this is done, you then have to start preparing the clothes so they don’t look too rumpled and creased. Then, depending on your clientele, you might want to do some dry cleaning to remove the smell of moth balls from the clothes.

And if you choose to go the China route, then there are one of two ways to actually get it done, you can either fly to China to select the clothes on the ground -which, lets face it, not everyone can afford to actually do OR you could order for your clothes online and take advantage of drop shipping.

How Crazy Kennar is banking on celebrity status

I would say it is an educated guess that this is the very route Betty Kyallo took (because if she had gone to china, we would have seen her plaster the pictures of her oriental adventures all over social media. Also, she is a very busy woman running multiple ventures so the click of a button seems like the more appealing option for her.

Once all this is done, then the only thing that remains now would be the payment and that is where Co-op Bank would come in as the perfect partner for you!

How Ecommerce Solutions Work for Businesses Without Websites

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Kamba curse? Why Betty Kyallo and Lilian Muli’s relationships always fail

Right off the bat, allow me to admit that the title was tongue-in-cheek. In discussing Betty Kyallo and Lillian Muli’s failed relationships, there will be nothing about a Kamba curse. This is first and foremost because ethnicity has no bearing on an individual’s personality and secondly because I am not a superstitious lout who puts any thought towards curses and other nonsense.

Nick Ndeda on why dating Betty Kyallo is too much pressure

That said, the two media personalities have a lot in common including their ethnicity. But what really binds them together is the fact that they are both modern women. As a result of this fact, they have both been married and failed at that. They are both now single mothers and both have had a string of ill-fated relationships that have not just ended in heartbreak but often times public scandal to boot.

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo had announced that she was dating a city lawyer by the name of Nick Ndeda and the internets went wild. Every single, over 30, career driven woman was elated at the news. It meant that there was hope yet for her. The same thing happened when the Nairobian, Standard Group’s tabloid ran stories about Lillian Muli dating Jared Nevaton, a shadowy businessman. These two women were held up as examples of there being love at the end of the tunnel.

Nasty Break-Up? Nick Ndeda Unfollows Betty Kyallo As She Deletes Their Photos On Instagram

The two ladies are clearly capable of finding love or it’s cheap imitation. So if they can attract men, why can’t they seem to keep any of these men? Well, there is no single answer to that question but rather a series of interesting answers. Let’s get right into the whys and the wherefores.

#1. Both Betty Kyallo and Lillian Muli are boss babes

Forget what your favourite vapid feminist influencer tells you, no man wants to date let alone marry a boss babe. Why? Because for some reason, this makes women insufferable. No man wants to have to deal with a woman who believes herself to be in competition with him. Sure, we want a woman who has the business savvy to run their enterprises or to pursue their career but the minute I have to start competing with you in the house then I want out. Men want women who will give them peace.

The only benefit Nick Ndeda gets from dating Betty Kyallo

Proverbs 27:15
A constant dripping on a day of steady rain
And a contentious woman are alike;

#2. They are famous so men want to be associated with them

When they were younger, men saw them as trophies. The cherry ontop of their successful careers or businesses. Now that they are older, men still consider a romp with them as somewhat of an achievement. They figure that sleeping with such famous celebrities is worth more than your average bedpost notch. And as a result, their DMs will forever more be flooded by thirsty men looking for that cheap thrill till their sixties.

Lillian Muli Complaining About Dating Rich Men Is Nonsense

#3. They conflate sexual desire with relationship desire

Back to the second point; just because a man desires you sexually doesn’t mean he desires a relationship wit you. This is sadly a lesson very few women in Nairobi seem to fully grasp. Simply because you have many men in your DMs doesn’t mean any one of them would jump at the opportunity to wife you up. And getting the two conflated is the reason why Betty Kyallo and Lillian Muli have had such unfulfilling and shortlived relationships. I guarantee you that they already rue not cherishing their first marriages enough. I mean, sure, a lot of men want to take them on exotic destination vacations but that is only for as long as they excite their hormones. Once that novelty is worn out, its back to the streets for the two bitter media darlings.

Former couple, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari

#4. Buggage

Do you think that having been in loving relationships and failing at them doesn’t make a person jaded? And don’t you think jaded individuals carry that attitude like a chip on their shoulder into the next relationship? The two divorces between the pair is buggage enough. No man wants to be compared to their woman’s past lovers. And no man wants to have to deal with famous men in his woman’s list of lovers.
And seeing how they both aired out their former partners and the fathers of their children, which man would be willing to risk such publicly played out drama? No man worth his salt, that’s who.

Lillian Muli needs to stop giving dating advice and focus on herself

#5. They are single mothers

I mean, show me a single man worth his salt who would choose to take on another man’s children. Any man who knows he has options with women would not. And that is even when they have children of their own because life is simply not fair. No man wants to play part time dad to Denis Okari’s now Jared Nevaton’s child. So both Betty Kyallo and Lillian Muli find themselves hamstrung by this fact.

I am sure there are plenty of reasons more but these are the ones that jumped me at a cursory glance. Feel free to add more or debate with yourself on whether or not I am wrong.

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The audacity: Betty Kyallo’s show teaches you about how to get and keep a man

I was gobsmacked to learn that Betty Kyallo has a new show meant to teach women how to win and keep their men. Let that sink in and try not to laugh. No, the show is not a comedy and it is not satirical. it is an unironic shitpost taken to the very next level.

Nasty Break-Up? Nick Ndeda Unfollows Betty Kyallo As She Deletes Their Photos On Instagram

Seriously though, some TV executives and producers sat down and brainstormed about a new show that they felt would not only be entertaining but one that would also be a value addition to their audience’s lives and settled on giving her a show about the one aspect of her life that is a failure? make it make sense.

To start off, this new Betty Kyallo show is a terrible idea because it is merely an attempt at recycling talent rather than actually trying to find and establish fresh new talent, a mistake Kenyan and indeed, clearly, African legacy media companies make. That is why the young generation of YouTubers have come through and complete;ly blown past the older media personaities who boast a larger audience.

Betty Kyallo called out for jumping from one man to another, she responds

As I had mentioned previously, I am unclear as to whether this show is meant to be a comedy or an extension of a shitpostYaani we have all seen Betty Kyallo struggle with being a wife. She failed at that when she allegedly stepped out on her man for a certain Coastal Sultan. Then there have been the other abortive relationships that have either been short-lived (one night stands that played out too long?) or were just a blend of personalities that had nothing to offer each other (certainly because one was even married at the onset of the relationship).

Her most recent relationship is one that is beginning to look like it is going to put Betty Kyallo to shame because after everyone mocked it, the haters are once more vindicated as it looks like her and Nick Ndeda are no longer an item. Who would have thunk it?

Betty Kyallo’s weightloss journey: Women need to stop lying to each other

Let us use the analogy of the fisherman. If I want to learn about fishing, for starters, I wouldn’t be asking the fish now would I? I say this because men gatekeep relationships just as women gatekeep sex. I cannot ask a woman how to get chosen because every man’s criteria is different and they determine who they get into relationships with. Simply put, whether or not a woman wants a relationship with a man, she cannot force him into one any more than a man can force himself on a woman. And clearly, Betty Kyallo has failed at the entire relationship thing.

Betty Kyallo with boyfriend, Nick Ndeda

Let us use a second analogy. I will not ask the guard dog at the house that keeps being raided and robbed how to be a good guard dog. What am I supposed to learn from its failures at being a guard dog? I do not need a negative role model. The best part about this analogy is the understanding that dogs play different roles. Some dogs aren’t meant to be guard dogs, they are meant to be pampered companions for people who have no need for a guard dog. Equally, our dear host with the most has shown us that she is not wife material but she too can play a role… Catch my drift?

Actor Lenana Kariba Confirms He Once Dated Betty Kyallo (Screenshot)

And there is nothing wrong with that except when we take it into the context of her show on DSTV about how to be a wife, mother and guide to finding the wy to a man’s heart. Like the pieces on a chess set, everyone needs to play their position and know their role. If you are a jump off, it is more authentic and pleasant for you to teach me how to be a jump off instead of trying to tell me how to be something else. But who am I to even dream of stopping Betty Kyallo from getting her bag? She has found executives and TV producers gullible enough to not realise just how ironic this endeavour is and they have backed her up with their wallets. She would have to be a fool not to take them for all their worth.

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Sophia Wanuna: All the queen’s men

So according to reports being disseminated by Edgar Obare thanks to his network of sleuths, Sophia Wanuna is busy living her best life and bouncing from one man’s lap to the next.

Concentrate on doing photoshops for government! Itumbi warned by Kenyans after ‘sexy’ comment on Sophia Wanuna

And this has scandalised a nation that is for some inexplicable reason convinced that TV and news girls are bastions of morals and virtue. That somehow, reading news in front of a camera that then beams those images into households makes them saints.

I mean, I would think that after Betty Kyallo, the whole scandal around Sophia Wanuna would be a non-starter. After all, we already know they are birds of the same feather. But no, there are still some gullible men outchea who think TV girls are the very essence of prim and proper, even kosher girls.

Be very careful with that man! Kenyans warn news anchor Wanuna after Atwoli confessed his admiration for her 

I think to understand a TV girls mindset, you have to really understand their professional lives. In university, they are the pretty girls who chose a career that would make them the centre of attention. And right from uni, they got all the attention they could but campus life is not really living. The professor and their classmates were all salivating and pursuing them.

Some of them decide to take the easy route and lay with their professors for quick grades (I am in no way shape or form saying this was the Sophia Wanuna route so be patient as I build up my case) and they are rewarded for that bold decision. After all, audaces fortuna iuvat.

Bien Accuses Eric Omondi Of Stealing His Valuables At Carnivore Concert

From there, they go out for their first internship at some of these legacy media houses. And for those of you who do not know, my mentor assures me that the newsroom is filled with lecherous old men in power who are now cashing in their chips after a lifetime of being ignored by pretty girls. These are the men who promise the interns jobs if they sleep with them. Sonetimes it pays off and that is why some girls get a job right from internship when they have the charisma of an avocado and the intelligence of a used daiper.

But through it all, the girls in question are learning to leverage their only “talent” as it were; their beauty and body. They are exposed to the transactional side of malefemale relations early on and if they choose this as their route, they quickly grow jaded about the concept of sex. That is why most of the girls who take this route (of being TV girls) end up bouncing from one guy to the next a la Sophia Wanuna and Betty Kyallo.

Willy Paul Apologizes To Eric Omondi After His Diss Track- ‘Tuache Beef Za Ujinga’

Meanwhile, the less attractive female media personalities like Carol Radull have to work hard and cultivate their wit and charisma. They actually have to gain skills that they then leverage. But I digress here. By the way, did anyone else note just how much more feminine she has become after she got to the wrong side of 40? And just how much more attractive she looks now? There is a lesson in there somewhere but that is not today’s topic.

For a lady like Sophia Wanuna, she has more than likely given up on the idea of her ever getting married. As a result, she has resigned herself to being with multiple different guys in short lived “relationships”. That was certainly the case with Sasha Mutai and I am doubtless with Eric Omondi. The Standard Media head honcho she was seen with is probably a married man so… You get where I am going with this.

And I for one support her decision to live her best life. Why you ask? Because she is going to be a living testimony of why that is not the best use of one’s youth. Little girls who look up to her will learn soon enough that this is a ruinous route.

She is also right to juggle all these men (allegedly) because she is teaching men not to be simps. That in and of itself is a valuable service. So to her I say, mazel tov!

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Betty Kyallo’s weightloss journey: Women need to stop lying to each other

Betty Kyallo found love and is miraculously on the weightloss bandwagon. No, I am not riffing on her, if anything, I am glad she has decided to take care of herself because in all honesty, the former TV girl was ballooning.

Betty Kyallo gives update on her weight loss journey

What I am, however, going to do is to call her out for originally being part of the “beautiful at every size” brigade before she finally got a man and realized that while that dogma sounds good on paper, kwa ground, vitu ni different.


Betty Kyallo TV comeback

You see, when she finally found a man who actually looks good and isn’t just a fat bank account, she realized that she has to stay competitive to be able to compete with the other women who are throwing themselves at him. So Betty Kyallo knew she needed to put some work in.

Betty Kyallo Speaks On How She Feels About Being Featured On Edgar Obare’s Exposés

In the meantime and inbetween time, there are still alot of plus size Kenyan activists like Neomi Ng’ang’a who will lie to you and tell you, “Sis, he will love your body at every size” or the classic, “Real men love women at every size”… That is why when he cheated on you he did so with an obese queen? Yaass!

Betty Kyallo massive gain weight

And Betty Kyallo needs to actually start standing by her actions instead of selling the shpill that she was happy being obese. The truth is, alot of problems are created from the fact that enlightened sisters refuse to share the based truth to their peers. Perhaps it is because they do not want to increase competition for their chosen pool of men.

Actor Lenana Kariba Confirms He Once Dated Betty Kyallo (Screenshot)

Whatever the case may be, I am glad to see Betty Kyallo stick it out until she has begun to see some small measure of success come her way -she is actually shedding some of her visceral body fat.

Betty Kyallo bikini photo

But ofcourse, other than the cheering din of true supporters (like me) who are happy to see her improve herself, there are still those who are lampooning her for selling out. The old crab in a bucket crowd that are upset that she has committed herself to the discipline a healthy lifestyle entails.

As a result of hitting the gym, Betty Kyallo seems more energetic, she seems livelier and best of all, she has started glowing once again. She needs to swallow the frog and let her sisters know this is the best way to live life. She also needs to let them know that the resultant body changes do more for her confidence as she sees how her man looks at her. She is not torturing him, if anything, he appreciates the changes he is witnessing.

And that is something that has to be said; one of the greatest rewards she has reaped from her fitness journey has been being able to actually know your man is lusting after yoou. Knowing that you are the object of his genuine desire… Or we could instead decide to lie that this isn’t what women want. Cos let’s face it, she used to be very attractive in her younger days, then she lost it and really let herself go. Now, she’s finally bringing sexy back.

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Betty Kyallo is right about her worst enemy

Betty Kyallo recently opened up about her worst enemy and I have to say that she was 100% right about everything she spoke about.

‘Most Times Women Are Fuelers Of Hate Against Other Women’- Betty Kyallo

This all started with a comment on one of her posts which was made by a fan who was wondering why alot of women on social media reserve their worst attacks for female celebrities like her and Akothee.

And she responded by saying that this was true. Simply put, she too has had experiences that made her realize that women are their own worst enemies.

The only benefit Nick Ndeda gets from dating Betty Kyallo

So what does this mean? Exactly that: women do not like seeing other women prosper. And it is a perfectly logical outcome to expect.

Betty Kyallo

Why? Because people envy those that mirror them and their situations. That is why women envy women -competition anxiety makes it such that we want to compete intragender.

Couple Goals! Never seen before photos of Betty Kyallo and hunk boyfriend, Nick Ndeda together

Betty Kyallo has known the experiences of being attacked by her female fans for alot of her decisions and whether good or bad, there are always haters.

Betty Kyallo

Betty is a human being with positive and negative aspects of her being. This is what makes her exciting to follow. She has some wins but scandals too.

Why your sister is excited about Betty Kyallo’s relationship

However, alot of her followers aren’t her fans. They are haters who have a strong sense of schadenfreude. People want to see Betty Kyallo fall.

Betty Kyallo

To a huge degree, she makes it easy for them to satisfy this emotion. She is always fumbling her love life after making it our business so why wouldn’t negative energy vampires congregate around her?

Betty Kyallo keeping her dating life private is smart

But what is interesting is that most of these types of people are female -when on a female celebrity’s page.

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo really does need to shut up about certain aspects of her life. She needs to learn to keep her men private. Because this is the one area in which she has failed miserably and as a result, she is always going to be lampooned.

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The only benefit Nick Ndeda gets from dating Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo has found a new man who is more than willing to celebrate her and declare his love for her ion Nick Ndeda and while we re happy for her, there are some issues that keep popping up.

Meet hot wife to Betty Kyallo’s new boyfriend, Nick Ndeda (Photos)

For starters, Nick Ndeda is reportedly still married or should we be talking about separated from his wife -who is hot- which makes us realise Ms Kyallo has a type -and they all have a wedding band.

Betty Kyallo

Then there is the fact that a video has surfaced on the interwebs that features her enjoying the company of a man who is rumoured to be a notorious playboy.

Couple Goals! Never seen before photos of Betty Kyallo and hunk boyfriend, Nick Ndeda together

And this raised the question in my mind as to how exactly Betty Kyallo’s new man benefits from owning and claiming a woman who has as checkered a past as hers.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo massive gain weight

Why would a man who by all impressions is a successful city lawyer decide to date a woman as old as Betty Kyallo (she is in her 30s) and one who has as littered a past as hers is.

You Are Loving & Responsible- Betty Kyallo Pens Adorable Birthday Message To Her New Bae Nick Ndeda

And the only reason that comes to my mind for a man to date her is for her elevated status. If Nick Ndeda wants to elevate his popularity for his lay practice, then he has succeeded at that.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo flaunting curves while on holiday in Uganda

Betty Kyallo is a very popular celebrity fixture in Kenya and everyone is digging up as much information as they can get about her new man. That is the only real benefit he can get.

Aww! Betty Kyallo And Her New Bae Nick Ndeda Wend Their Way On A Sleek Getaway To Celebrate Birthday (Video)

It gets even better if he is looking to vie for political office. Why? Because Kenyan voters do not engage their brains while at the ballot box and we merely vote for whomever pops up in our minds.

Betty Kyallo

That is a great reason for Nick Ndeda to date Betty Kyallo. Because at the end of the day, no one takes their relationship seriously. And there are great reason why this is the situation they face:

Betty Kyallo Exuberant After Being Ranked Number 8 Among The Most Influential Women In Africa

For starters, Betty Kyallo seems to be a proponent of free love. Literally one month ago while she was in Uganda, a video has surfaced showing the world she was there with a man who probably sponsored for the holiday. And no man is happy to date a woman constantly linked to other men -unless he doesn’t respect himself.

Add to this the fact that if he ever wants to start a family with her a geriatric pregnancy looms and you can understand why I am of the opinion the cons outweigh the cons.

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Why your sister is excited about Betty Kyallo’s relationship

Betty Kyallo is in a new relationship and she is looking happier after also losing some significant amount of weight. This ofcourse could raise the debate of what came first, the chicken or the egg.

Meet stunning man that has left Betty Kyallo acting like a teenager high-on-love (Photos)

But whatever the case may be, she is happy and seems loved up with her new man, a city lawyer by the name Nick Ndeda.

Betty Kyallo, Nick Ndeda
And every lady over the age of 35 is over the moon about the fact that Betty Kyallo seems to have found love. I was having a conversation with some friends and we dissected the reason why this is the case.

‘Tafuta mtu wako’ Betty Kyallo tells nosy neighbor who exposed her secret hookups with Nick Ndeda

Well, to be entirely clear, the sum total of the reasons why your sister is happy about her finding love is the fact that she is living vicariously through her favourite celeb.

Betty Kyallo
What I mean is that this entire situation is an anomaly. Usually, women over the age of 30 struggle to find love especially when they are single mothers or divorcees.

Betty Kyallo keeping her dating life private is smart

It only becomes that much worse when the lady is over 35. But the collective thinking informing your sisters’ excitement over this relationship is “If it can happen for Betty Kyallo, then it can happen for me”.

However, your sister is not willing to go for therapy to unlearn the habits she learnt dealing with the men she had in the past, she hasn’t dealt with the trauma and she is not willing to hit the gym to be the best possible version of her physical self.

Betty Kyallo proudly shows off cellulite and stretch marks in video as she parades her curves in bikini

Add to this the fact that Ms Kyallo has said she would want to get additional children but she is staring at the very real biological clock knocking some sense into her whims with the reality of a geriatric pregnancy waiting in the shadows to make their entrance. And your sister wants to hope that she too can overcome such a daunting obstacle to her happily ever after and actually having a family with the very unlikely man she will eventually land.

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Betty Kyallo keeping her dating life private is smart

Betty Kyallo seems to have finally gotten the memo about not sharing certain aspects of her private life. And the main thing she needs to keep private is her dating life and she and all of us will be happier for her decision to do so.

‘I Love And Cherish You’ Betty Kyallo’s Message As She Celebrates Daughter’s 7th Birthday

You see, alot of her woes stem from the fact that she is always over-sharing information that wpould be best kept private. And we can contrast her life to that of her former husband to get a better understanding of what I am trying to say.

betty kyallo

What do I mean about all this? Well, you see, no one really knows what is going on in Betty Kyallo’s life until she shares it with us. When she starts seeing a man, she takes on the pressure of havibng to make it work.

Betty Kyallo proudly shows off cellulite and stretch marks in video as she parades her curves in bikini

And beyond the relationship working, she actually makes it have to work in a fairy tale way and this is too much stress for not only her but for the guys she is involved with too. And then as we have seen time and again, the relationship fails.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo flaunting her thunder thighs

Now Betty Kyallo has to endure people -myself included- dissecting the remains of her dead relationship which piles on to the pain she is dealing with. What we end up seeing is that she suffering the emotional toll the end of a relationship takes on us then she has to deal with her fans and followers telling her why she failed or where she failed.

Betty Kyallo Hints At Giving Daughter A Baby Brother As She Celebrates Birthday Month

Now that she has woken up to the reality of things, Betty Kyallo has decided to keep quiet about who she is dating. What do I mean? Well, when we look at her ex-husband’s love life, he dated and married in private. He is living his best married life in private.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo in the studios

Betty Kyallo’s ex-husband, Denis Okari did not have to deal with opinions from his fans and followers about who he was dating, whether the internet in-laws were approved of his choice.

Betty Kyallo is right to post whatever she damn well pleases on her IG

And that allowed him to focus on his relationship. Meanwhile, we have only seen train-wreck failure after failure when it comes to Betty Kyallo’s relationship. And each one has had her get spit roasted by her fans and haters alike because of each failure’s message about who she is as a woman.

And the same really does need to be said about her daughter whom I can already deduce from the many times Betty Kyallo has had her on the internet, is neuroatypical or neurodivergent if you will. And that is not something a stranger like me should be able to tell about anyone’s child but it goes to show you that Betty Kyallo is too available online. She needs to learn to keep some things private and hidden from the world.

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Betty Kyallo is right to post whatever she damn well pleases on her IG

Betty Kyallo has been dragged and mocked for sharing a series of photos that were either unflattering or more recently, a video is herself dancing -horribly. All of this is funny because it would seem netizens have forgotten that the only people who can moderate her content aside from her is Instagram.

Ogopa Nairobi! Here’s Why Betty Kyallo Prefers Hiding Her Man’s Face On Social Media

I mean, sure, the sharing of unflattering photos was more than likely a gaffe because she usually ensures that her photos are heavily photoshopped but all we can do is laugh at them, learn some lessons and then keep things moving.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo has had to shut down her haters nonsense

The fact that Betty Kyallo was having fun dancing horribly is funny. But who are we to tell her what she should or shouldn’t post on her IG account? All we are is onlookers and I am glad she knows this fact well enough to double down.

Baby rabies: Betty Kyallo is aware she is running out of time

After receiving static for the dance video, she shared another video in which she let it be known that she is free to post whatever the hell she wants to on her page. And this gives control to you and every other hater too as you can simply ignore the posts you do not enjoy or you know, simply unfollow her.

Betty Kyallo
The sassy Betty Kyallo should not be trolled unnecessarily

We need to understand that while she is a celebrity, Betty Kyallo is not a slave to our whims and we should not even be attempting to police what she does on her own accounts. We are not paying her so why would she?

Betty Kyallo vs Tyrese: The lesson here is the internet never forgets

And this instance has only served to remind her and me that alot of the people who follow you on social media are merely haters trying to catch a glimpse of your life so they have something to hate about.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo failed bikini photo

And Betty Kyallo has indeed done alot to warrant the whispers and mutterings that her name often attracts but not today. Not in this instance. And if we are going to be dolling out barbs, we need to issue bouquets in equal measure and not simply pick petty fights to settle scores. That would make us nothing more than bitter feminists. I jest.

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Ogopa Nairobi! Here’s Why Betty Kyallo Prefers Hiding Her Man’s Face On Social Media

Most celebrity couples tend to show each other off on social media. Seeing the couples split and move on in no time is not something new to us. Betty Kyallo’s failed marriage seemed to have opened up her eyes on relationships. The 32 year old media personality rarely reveals the man who is warming up her bed. She mostly shows just a watch, or shoes; she doesn’t reveal too much detail.

Betty was rumored to have been dating former Somali Ambassador to Kenya Alinur Mohammed. However, the ‘Somalian bae’ said he is a happy family man and that Betty is just a friend.

Betty Kyallo and Alinur fuel rumours with photos of their evening out  together – Nairobi News

Why Betty Prefers Hiding Her Man

Betty reveals that the last time she showed her man on social media, things didn’t go well. Ladies inboxed her man to confuse him. For now, Betty says she won’t show the man he’s currently with. She has also advised women to do the same. Additionally, Betty says she’s not planning to be married soon.

In an interview on Radio Jambo, she said,

‘Siwaonyeshi juu ile siku niliwaonyesha ya mwisho, wacha madem waende kwa DM ya budesko. Ati mi ni mrembo kumshinda Betty. Madem wa Kenya by the way wachunge. Wakijua wako ni nani wanaenda kwa DM yake wanasema, ah, niangalie…. Unaachwa.

Usiwaonyeshe mtu wako. Onyesha mkono, onyesha saa, kanywele kidogo, mguu, socks… mwisho. Waonyeshe vile akona kiatu kubwa.”

The media personality also says that she’s still thinking about venturing into politics. She’ll definitely make a good leader.

Baby rabies: Betty Kyallo is aware she is running out of time

Betty Kyallo seems to have caught an aggressive case of baby rabies and her ovaries are bursting as they attempt to actualize their role and reason for existence: procreate. That is why she recently took to her social media account to declare this was the year she is going to put alot of emphasis into giving her daughter, Ivanka, a sibling.

Betty Kyallo Hints At Getting Another Baby This Year As She Celebrates 32nd Birthday

You see, this is actually an evolved response to our need as animals to continue not only our lineage but humanity itself. That is why sex isn’t just an emotion but a need and one of the strongest motivators for humanity.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo failed bikini photo

And in truth, Betty Kyallo’s urge for another child isn’t a bug but a feature of humanity’s operating system that was set in place to help us survive from back when our ancestors were fighting of predators and learning how to walk on their hind legs.

Betty Kyallo vs Tyrese: The lesson here is the internet never forgets

And this is only made an even more pressing issue when you realize that Betty Kyallo, like alot of women, actually do have a biological clock because they have a limited number of years within which having healthy children is assured. I am not even talking about the fact that ovaries are numbered and will eventually run out. No, I am instead speaking to what doctors used to call geriatric pregnancies.

Betty Kyallo
Media personality Betty Kyallo

You see, Betty Kyallo is now thirty-two years old. This means that she has just three years until a pregnancy would not only be risky for the baby but her aswell. And that is not counting in the entire array of mental and developmental issues that can factor in. You see, this is the Bible where God has blessed Sarah to have children long after is normally humanly possible.

Alinur files: Why Betty Kyallo’s love life is intriguing

By definition, that geriatric pregnancy I said Betty Kyallo would face is a pregnancy that occurs when a person is 35 years or older is known as an advanced maternal age pregnancy. In the medical world, it’s also sometimes known as a “geriatric pregnancy.”

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo’s daughter is also pressuring her to get another baby

And don’t get it twisted, modern medicine has made enough advances to be able to help pull through this miracle but it is still risky. The baby could end up with low birth weight, down syndrome, autism, there are higher risks of miscarriages, increased risk of preeclampsia, increased risks of complicated child birth and more often than not you will have to undergo a caesarean section.
But depending on how you look at things, the silver lining in all this is the fact that older mothers are more likely to have multiple babies -twins, triplets, you get the point.

“Hiyo kitambi hapana” Betty Kyallo advised to hit the gym after bikini photoshop blunder (Photo)

So Betty Kyallo’s hindbrain is probably beginning to sound alarms that for some reason, modern polite society likes to act like it’s not the place of a strong woman to admit to. Nesting is a natural inclination that science has shown women have. Tell your barking girlfriend who is letting you know she doesn’t have the instinct to shut up because she is a very small outlier who doesn’t matter in the greater scheme of things. And science does not care for your fee-fees.

And she would be well advised to get on with it because even the option of invitro-fertilization has a woefully small success rate.

”I want a baby sister” Ivanna to Betty Kyallo

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Betty Kyallo vs Tyrese: The lesson here is the internet never forgets

Betty Kyallo and Tyrese have had the most unlikely of tiffs. And from the look of things, she is the victim of something we have grown to make fun of; the fact that for better or worse, the internet never forgets.

Strength Of A Woman! Betty Kyallo Slams American Actor Tyrese For Sharing False Info About Her (Screenshot)

You see, Betty Kyallo was at one point in the past married to Denis Okari. Their wedding was the stuff of legends with everything sponsored to ensure it was top notch. Their romance had previously caught the attention of the nation so naturally, their wedding too would captivate more than a few individuals.

Betty Kyallo
The post Tyrese put up about Betty Kyallo

So naturally, when her marriage imploded our attention was called to what was unfolding. Things were made ever more tantalising when rumours of infidelity on her part were made public.

Alinur files: Why Betty Kyallo’s love life is intriguing

Betty Kyallo did not make things any easier as she would feed the gossip and the blogs with her incessant harpy posts about her marriage. She would insinuate she was moving on but all the while belly-ache and complain about her lot.

Betty Kyallo, Tyrese

Then she went on to give interviews about her side of things. Betty Kyallo finally made it easier for herself to become the target of trolls by seemingly confirming the rumours many only had hitherto dared to whisper.

She’s Back! Betty Kyallo Unveils Next TV Station She’s Joining

So now, we have just been treated to how the world truly is a global village. Tyrese Gibson, the American singer turned Fast and furious star decided to share a post that had caught his eye and lo-and-behold, it was a post about Betty Kyallo that had been created by trolls.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo needs to learn to be silent

And trust that she has learned nothing at all. She was back to her internets and was spewing her side of things against Tyrese. Understandably, she was big mad that he had shared something that was false. A meme about how Denis Okari had left her for her bridesmaid.

“Hiyo kitambi hapana” Betty Kyallo advised to hit the gym after bikini photoshop blunder (Photo)

But that wasn’t the smartest thing she could have done. She should have simply ignored it all and quietly asked Tyrese Gibson to pull down the meme. Instead, she has reminded us all about her abortive marriage. And therein lies the moral of the story: The internet never forgets and the internet is unbeaten.

Denis Okari
Former couple, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari

And perhaps, next time, we need to recognize the sort of things that need to be kept private and we would be best advised to actually respect that privacy.

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Alinur files: Why Betty Kyallo’s love life is intriguing

Betty Kyallo is currently the talk of the town and it is in keeping in line with what we know her more for than her career; her relationships and love life. You see, who is dating her is something alot of netizens seem to care about.

I Never Had An Affair With Betty Kyallo, I’m A Happy Family Man- Honorable Alinur

It all started when she married Denis Okari and then subsequently is alleged to have begun having an affair with a certain Coastal governor who even gave her his Porsche Cayenne only for her to be dispossessed of the vehicle while she was driving along Mombasa Road.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo has dated quite afew men

Betty Kyallo has enjoyed a whirlwind romance and then was dumped when it came to a crushing end as usually happens in hurricane romances. We loved to watch it all, flames, accusations and catty, shitty behaviour.

“Hiyo kitambi hapana” Betty Kyallo advised to hit the gym after bikini photoshop blunder (Photo)

We enjoyed watching her marriage to Denis Okari crash and burn once word went around that he was leaving. Schadenfreude may be but it also felt cathartic -like karma had finally come around. What made this feel even more real is the fact that Betty Kyallo was the only one running around, giving interviews and talking about her marriage while her former husband had silently moved on and remarried, starting a new family.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo responded to wedding speculations after a gorgeous video of her singing to her better half emerges

And then we were treated to rumours of who Betty Kyallo was dating and each rumour would ultimately die down with new rumours of a split. Then we were treated to “Somali bae” until she later revealed that that had come to an end. Until Someone linked Alinur, an aspiring politician to her. Then he did an interview with Japani Massawe of Radio Jambo, months after the initial link and denied having any romantic relationship with her.

”I want a baby sister” Ivanna to Betty Kyallo

But why is her rollercoaster romance life so interesting to some people? Well, it is because alot of female divorcees and single mothers live vicariously through Betty Kyallo. They want to believe that there is still a great love out there, somewhere, waiting for them.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo’s love life is a lifeline to bloggers

So when they are met with news that Ms Betty Kyallo is rumoured to be in a new relationship, their hunger for love is stoked. And when that relationship fails, then it is further confirmation of their strongly held belief that “men are trash”.

Betty Kyallo hits the gym after sudden massive weight gain

Ofcourse, there are also the men who harbour ambitions of dating her but these are largely delusions as they relegate themselves to posting heart and flame emojis on her comment section.

Betty Kyallo
Mompreneur, Betty Kyallo’s ex-husband has already established a happy family of his own

The vast majority of people interested in who she’s is dating are Kenyan women who aren’t themselves in happy relationships. Women who either due to their bad choice of men or because of their incompatibility and inability to pair-bond are single mothers look to her and wish upon a star for her lack without realizing she has something they do not have: status.

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Gloria Kyallo is blaming the wrong person for Betty becoming fat

Betty Kyallo’s sister has come through with a tall tale to tell us about just how it was her sister, betty, became as fat as she currently is. According to the Kyallo family, Betty was eager to compete with her former beau and would attempt to eat as much as the guy. He is bigger than her, him being a man, but still, Betty decide to match the guy spoonful-for-spoonful, mouthful-for-mouthful and now she is the same weight as him only that men and women carry weight differently.

At this point I think I should bring a commercial break right along because I need to get my seven chuckles in.

Gloria Kyallo reveals how Betty gained the unwanted weight overnight (Video)

It was a not so pleasant surprise to see Betty Kyallo’s support system refuse to hold her accountable for her decisions and instead make excuses for her that robbed her of an opportunity for ownership over her actions and decisions.

Betty Kyallo
Mompreneur, Betty Kyallo

Indeed, it is a strange world we live in where love these days is quantified by how well our friends hide the truth for us.

Why Betty Kyallo’s interview with Churchill was so special to her

You see, whenever Betty Kyallo comes up with a brilliant entrepreneurial idea, we all clap for her and her close friends and family sing from the rooftops about how great she is but when she makes decisions that aren’t beneficial to her well being, they mollify her like a special little child rather than let her face her folly.

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo is selling wolf tickets. They don’t exist. Guys, at this point, we have to look at science to understand weight gain. It comes from eating more calories than we burn. Simply put, Betty Kyallo decided not to move her legs fast enough for her to burn off the food she was consuming and that was a decision she alone made out of feeling comfortable with her station in life and the place her relationship was at.

“I wanted to be a Catholic nun but Ivanna might become the one,” Betty Kyallo reveals

Her boyfriend has as much to do with that decision as I do with the insemination of koala bears in Aninri. And for a woman who is as high powered as she, allowing herself to be surrounded by yes-women; people who would rather sell you a convenient lie than tell you the inconvenient yet utilitarian truth, Betty Kyallo is setting herself up for failure.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo looking sexxy in casual look

Then again, what do I know, I am simply a mechanic who enjoys every vice under the sun except insulting his own intelligence.

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Betty Kyallo finally swallows the truth we already knew: her past relationships haunt her

Betty Kyallo was recently sharing some T.M.I (too much information) about herself on a video she shared on her YouTube account and what she said had me scratching my head as to whether she was trolling or was truly that ignorant: She only just realized her past relationships haunt her.

“I love myself thick!” Betty Kyallo fiercely claps back at bikini trolls (Video)

Ms Kyallo is known for two things, being a media personality and her shortlived, often tumultuous relationships that reportedly ended due to her actions. She has been on a tangent this past year constantly talking off of the fact that she wants someone to wife her up and make an honest woman of her. However, most people online realize that she is always going to be dogged by her relationship past.

betty kyallo
Renowned journalist, Betty Kyallo

The truth of the matter is that marriage is probably one of the most important decisions a man will ever undertake because it can either result in him having the peace of mind and support he needs to focus on conquering the world or deny him even sleep and possibly end up with him losing up to half his property.

“I’m ready to date but my past keeps haunting me,” Betty Kyallo opens up (Video)

So when any man thinks of dating and marrying Betty Kyallo, he must take into account her past and try to see whether she has a history of collaborating with a man to build a future and the truth is, her past is pretty barren of such evidence.

betty kyallo
Betty Kyallo expresses interest in politics

We should probably start at Denis Okari’s doorstep. Here, we see that Denis Okari was forced to have an opulent wedding that he clearly couldn’t have afforded whether on his own or as a couple but also, the marriage that followed it was short-lived. Add to this the fact that betty Kyallo went ahead to air him out in public for absolutely no reason as he was and has continued to remain mum on the matter.
And after all of this, we were also treated to betty Kyallo’s sister disrespecting him further as she took to social media to lambast the father of her niece while she was in the ICU.

Boy-child amechoka! City pastor’s warning towards women using layers of makeup to lure men into marriages

Trust me when I say, the situation above is so toxic, it has more red flags than a Chinese communist parade. Not even the Mad Hatter would look longingly at getting himself tethered to such a circus.

betty kyallo
TV personality, Betty Kyallo

Then there was the rumoured dalliance with a certain Governor who is very active on social media. That alone lets in the spectre of doubt and it looms over any relationship a man could hope for with Betty Kyallo because whether real or not, those rumours point at a love for lavish living. And while there is nothing wrong with liking the nicer things in life, there is a problem when rumours suggest the possibility of monkey branching to the next governor with a passing fancy.

Betty Kyallo secures KSh35M home in Kenya’s high-end residential estate (Video)

And whether or not Betty Kyallo is a nice human being isn’t the matter of the day, who knows, she might be and I personally think she is a nice human being but as far as relationships go, her past relationships are enough to give any man pause for thought.


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Why Kenyans are mocking Betty Kyallo’s makeup blunder

Betty Kyallo had a heavy weekend this past one and she clearly attempted to put in the effort to look good but unfortunately, that backfired and she ended up looking more at home at a comic-con convention playing the joker.

Beauty goes beast! Betty Kyallo’s horrifying makeup leaves her looking like clown (Photo)

A fan of hers asked for a photo together and Betty Kyallo obliged only for her to be paraded all across the internet for people on IG to point at and laugh. Which is actually a messed up facet of social media.

betty kyallo
Mompreneur, Betty Kyallo

So why was a simple (is this considered a wardrobe malfunction or a makeup malfunction?) era such a source of delight to so many people online? It is actually pretty simple really, and it can be summed up in one word of German origin: Schadenfreude.

Why Betty Kyallo is talking alot about marriage

Schadenfreude is defined as the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another.
Schadenfreude is a complex emotion, where rather than feeling sympathy toward someone’s misfortune, schadenfreude evokes joyful feelings that take pleasure from watching someone fail.

betty kyallo

So people see Betty Kyallo and the see a glamorous woman. They see a celebrity, a businesswoman and the woman who was enough to turn the head of a sitting governor and make him want to risk it all -not quite but you get my point.

Revealed! Key figure behind Betty Kyallo’s KSh 4 million salon renovation

So when Kenyans see something as silly as makeup gone awry then it makes them feel like they have gotten one over on betty kyallo. They see that and feel better about their situations and so they mock her.

betty kyallo
Mompreneur, Betty Kyallo

Kenyans are forgetting that in this life, we are all fighting our own struggles and battles and in the grand scheme of things, makeup really isn’t that big a deal.

But hey, who am I to make you have to think deeper and wider? Enjoy your seven chuckles then go back to what you need to focus on to make ends meet. Afterall, I am not here to steal your joy regardless of how silly I think it to be.


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Why Betty Kyallo is talking alot about marriage

Betty Kyallo has begun to talk alot about marriage and that is a peculiar departure from the type of conversations she was sharing last year at just around the same time.

Spotted! Betty Kyallo resurfaces with alleged Somali lover (Photos)

It is a rather interesting thing to witness as we see the same lady who for a while after her recent divorce from Dennis Okari, she would bash marriage and the concept of it but of late, she seems enthralled by the very concept. It is a cute thing to witness as we see her ramble and rant about her marriage-craving.

betty kyallo

To the uninitiated, this is a very simple change of heart but to the educated mind, this is a very telling dance with her realization stage of life. You see, Betty Kyallo has simply run up against the realization that she is indeed growing older and she might not have a second chance at a happily ever after.

Revealed! Key figure behind Betty Kyallo’s KSh 4 million salon renovation

The former media personality is busy dropping gems about just how much she dreams of her next wedding and marriage and the fact that she has been working hard to try and drop the habits that have caused her to have issues with her previous, failed relationships.

betty kyallo

You see, Betty Kyallo was the type of woman for whom the world was an oyster. She was a beautiful young woman with plenty of high-value suitors. It was not just Dennis Okari who was trying his luck. Granted, he was the successful one of the bunch but there is a reason why her marriage didn’t work out and you can bet that a guy was one of the reasons.

Revealed! Key figure behind Betty Kyallo’s KSh 4 million salon renovation

Then there was the fact that as a result of being in high demand, Betty Kyallo was not going to be eager to work things out. Abundance does that sort of thing to you. But now, as she comes to terms with the fact that she is getting high up there in age and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of serious high-value guys around waiting for her, she has to get her stuff in order if only so as to give her a competitive advantage.

betty kyallo
TV personality, Betty Kyallo

Even the desire for a great big opulent wedding is no longer in her heart. Funny thing about that is that as your options get whittled down, you begin to take pleasure in the simple things life throws your way. Instead of having a huge impersonate wedding, why not have something more intimate? Because at the end of it, the narcissistic high of forcing your partner into debt ins’t really worth it.


I jest. I am just happy she is also in a happy place in her life.


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Betty Kyallo jumped into the “answering tough questions” bandwagon to say nothing

Betty Kyallo recently sat down with a former colleague from the Standard Group, Radio Maisha’s Billy Miya and they had a rather “interesting” conversation that was meant to see her answer tough questions about her t6hat Kenyans have been asking.

Betty Kyallo comes clean on buying KSh 7.1 million Porsche as revenge after Hassan Joho repossessed his

What was supposed to be a rather interesting time for her viewers has turned out to be yet another clickbait bullshit moment from the former Denis Okari wife who is currently struggling to find and maintain love.

betty kyallo
Sisters, Mercy and Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo “opened up” about her past with different situations being addressed only for us to be left with no real answers that we already did not have. A case in point would be the fact that she was driving Joho’s car, a Porsche Cayenne that was confirmation of the relationship they had.

Betty Kyallo’s response to latest scandal is the best ever!

No. That was not true. I read a story I’m like “are they talking about me?” That never happened. That was just a creation by a former friend who wanted to tarnish my name because they saw I was progressing and I decided I won’t fight back.

Seriously, what is this mathogothanio?

betty kyallo

We can see her mouth open up but nothing substantive comes out with regards to the more pointed questions. we already knew who owned the car and do not really care how it was repossessed but since we are on that topic, do not just refute the claims and then keep it moving. This tactic is one perfected by Kenyan politicians and oh… I see why she perfected it too…

And honestly, if we are going to have a tell-all interview, invite people to share the questions they want to be answered and then answer them. Do not tease the fact that you’re going to and then sit down and tell us what we already knew and deduced.

Betty Kyallo nearly involved in grisly road accident (Video)

What we would like to know is whether or not she ever did meet Joho’s wife and how that interaction went. What would she tell her daughter, Ivanna, if she asks about her entanglement with joho and whether it cost her parents their marriage? As you can see, I am upset I will never get back my thirty-four wasted minutes.

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