Tired of dating celebrities! Betty Kaylo promises never to date another celeb

TV news anchor Betty Kyalo has dated several well-known people. This has not been a good experience for the mother of one.

She has now vowed never to fall for a public figure because it comes with a huge price. Speaking with Jalang’o, Kyalo, who has just turned 30, she confessed that dating a celeb comes with a huge set of drama and she’s not ready to entertain all that.

“I’m happy financially, and the other thing is I said I don’t want to date anyone who is in the public limelight, again,” she said.

Bad encounters

We all know how her relationship with Dennis Okari turned out a few years ago. And when she later moved on to Joho, things switched to worse. So maybe she has a reason for saying all that.

Betty Kyalo after “Nitakupiga Miti” video: I can’t date Khaligraph Jones 

Last week, K24’s Betty Kyalo, with the help of Khaligraph Jones, angered Kenyans after starring in one of his dirty freestyles dubbed “Nitakupiga miti”.

The song, which is about how Khaligraph can impress Betty Kyalo with his bedroom skills, angered Kenyans who argued that it was too dirty and gross for social media.

All kinds of accusations then started pouring in some even speculating the two might be sharing a bed already. Apparently, they can never. Kyalo, on social media responded to the claims saying that she can never date OG because the two are much a like.

‘Are you two allowed to date? We are waiting.” a fan asked Betty after the clip that went viral.

”Naaaaaah, we too gangsta.” she replied.

Kenyans protested against the video forcing them to delete it on their social media pages. The damage had already been done but Kyalo seemed not to mind much.

On social media later on, she shared a post hinting that she’s not afraid to make mistakes.

”So imperfect but so real. Comfortable in my skin and I would still choose being me over and over again. I’m sorry if you want me to be anything else; you try it. ☺️☺️☺️ I’m good, I’m Nice weekend.” she wrote.

Betty Kyalo on getting a new man: I have met so many nice guys but I am being intentionally patient

Four years after her ugly break up with ex-husband Dennis Okari, news anchor Betty Kyalo is yet to find a man to settle down with but don’t get it confused, it’s a choice she has made.

The K24 TV presenter recently opened up in an interview with Parents Magazine about her relationship status saying that she’s taking her time before she settles down again majorly because of her ugly break ups with Dennis Okari and Governor Joho.

“I have met so many nice guys but I’m still hesitant because of my past experiences. Even when I meet someone new who seems nice, I am always walking on eggshells.That said, I know nice guys exist, I am being intentionally patient just to get someone who I feel is ideal for me,” she confessed to Parents Magazine.

Not about money and cars

She added that she’s no longer interested in a man who has big cars and money but just looking for a man who is more all-rounded.

“It goes beyond the big cars or money and comes to the little things like being kind to the waiter or to children, I love love so I would want someone who truly loves me back and sends me flowers to the office or buys me cake, for me it’s the simplest things that make me pay attention,” she confessed.

Betty Kyalo reveals the man who helped her build Flair by Betty

K24 news anchor, yes K24, Betty Kyalo impressed many after launching her salon Flair by Betty early this year after her relationship with Susan Kaittany went to the dogs.

The two had started Posh Palace but were forced to part ways after they became enemies.

Betty recently took to social media to thank Allan Mjomba, the man she contracted to beautify her salon.

According to Betty, Mjomba did the salon’s look on the walls, the floor, plumbing and also the ceiling.

“Appreciating my talented contractor and surface artist @fundi_mjomba he’s the guy who made @flairbybetty the beautiful salon it is. From the bespoke Textured walls, to the flooring, plumbing, Italian textured ceiling. He’s good,” said the news anchor.


The news anchor also reportedly poached her former staff at Posh Palace, including stylists and beauticians.

Flair By Betty is housed inside the Sh1.3 billion architectural marvel -FCB Mihrab – which is designed like a mihrab that symbolizes an entry towards purity and goodness, adds a lot to its appeal and an awesome customer experience.

Here is Betty and Mjomba.

After my surgery I don’t take things for granted – Sheila Mwanyigha 

Sheila Mwanyigha has been away from the local media for a minute now but has been focusing on pushing her brand online.

The veteran journalist was recently on social media to thank God after a successful surgery almost two years ago. She struggled with back pain and eventually decided to have surgery done on her back.

Since then, she has never taken anything for granted.

Sheila Mwanyigha

“It took 2 years to get over surgery on my back and there’s so much I don’t take for granted anymore. Like dancing with my heels on?????? What about you? What do you never take for granted?” she said. 

Next Phase! Betty Kyalo to ditch media and join politics in a few years

News anchor Betty Kyalo has caught many off guard after recently announcing that she’s thinking of joining Kenya’s newest cash crop — Politics.

In an interview with with Sasa, Kyalo shared that she’s watching how other young politicians such as Babu Owino and Jaguar fare before she fully makes her mind. But it’s something she has been really thinking of lately.

“It is something that has crossed my mind a number of times and the thing is we have quite a number of young leaders now who are in Parliament,” she said. 

Taking notes


She went on to add that she’s interested in offering leadership to the youth but is closely watching to see how Babu Owino, Jaguar and Caleb Hamisi will maneuver before she can step in and maybe give women better leadership.

“I just want to see whether they will deliver on the promises they made to young people. I am really looking at the young politicians, the likes of Babu Owino, Jaguar and Caleb Hamisi and I hope that they can deliver to some extent. If they can, then I will know there is hope for other people like me who would want to represent young people or Kenyan women in another platform. It’s not alien to me but I’m waiting to see.” 

No hurry, nachukua vitu pole pole! What Betty Kyalo wants before getting married again 

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo is taking her time in choosing her next man after her first relationship was a disaster that still gets talks about many years later.

After her ugly break up with Dennis Okari, the news anchor will not date anytime soon. In fact, she shared that she has met several people who impressed her but she’s not yet in that mind set.


I want to package myself as a businesswoman, a mum and a potential partner in life. So that when I decide to get married again or start dating somebody, I’m bringing something to the table,” said Betty in an interview with the Star.

Very Single


And because of that packaging, I’m taking some time off. I have met quite a number of amazing people out there, but nachukua vitu pole pole. I take every day at a time, there’s no hurry. Niko tu sawa. Very single.

No, it’s not Bonoko’s Kibanda food! Betty Kyalo finally reveals what left her hospitalized

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo was recently in hospital leaving fans with questions regarding her health. Previously, many had believed that the popular news anchor was hospitalized after eating cheap food from a Kibanda in Ngara after she was taking for a lunch date by Ghetto Radio presenter Bonoko.

Bonoko’s food was fine

Kyalo has come out to explain why she was hospitalized and put on drips, saying that fatigue and tonsils were the main reason. She also received some injections that she rather not talk about.

Betty after being released



“Hey my people… i’m great… feeling much better. Fatigue and some bad tonsils got me down today but i’m now better chilling at home. Pia kudungwa shindano some places si mchezo.? A big thank you to AAR Karen staff who took care of me like a baby. Nawapenda my people,” posted Kyalo after being released from the hospital.