She’s Back! Betty Kyallo Unveils Next TV Station She’s Joining

Media personality Betty Kyalo has perfected her skills in news anchoring. Over the past few years, she has made a name for herself in the media industry. The mother of one made herself a brand during her KTN days, where she was previously working before moving to K24. On a general scale, at her recent peak, Betty rivaled big guns in TV like Jeff Koinange, Hussein Mohammed and Yvonne Okwara.

It seems like the 31 year old is set to return to her home; and she seems happy about it. She couldn’t hide her joy. On her gram, she has posted,

Betty Kyalo-IG

”She’s back! Told You It Wasn’t For Long????
I Am So BLESSED. GRATEFUL TO GOD. March 7th????”

Celebrities such as Flaqo and Terence creative congratulated her for the move,

”Welcome home ????”

”The excitement on my face ryt now????????i look stupid????????”

Betty’s move to K24 saw her gather up quite a good following, but seems like it wasn’t good enough.

Apart from being a news anchor, Betty Kyalo is a business woman, owning various businesses. She is setting the pace for her fellow counter-parts. She is yet to get married after her divorce. But one thing is for sure, she has made it!

Betty Kyalo: Okari didn’t marry my bridesmaid. I don’t know that woman

News anchor Betty Kyalo has refuted claims that her ex-husband Dennis Okari’s new catch is one of her close friends.

Betty got married to Okari in October 2, 2015. The two however broke up just six months after their wedding.

Okari now has another wife Naomi Joy and Kenyans were quick to claim that the flower girl in his first wedding turned out to be his wife in the second wedding.

Kyalo, speaking to Jalang’o, completely denied this saying that she doesn’t know the lady who Kenyans claim is her friend.

“No no no I don’t know her (Naomi Joy) kabisa. The lady who was my best-maid back in the day was Rosy Ohon the gospel artiste, this is not the same girl,” said Betty Kyallo.


Okari married his sweetheart Naomi Joy in a low key wedding held on 15th January 2019 but Kenyans had to find away to drag her into the drama. Betty also confessed that she wasn’t jealous Okari has moved on.

Betty Kyalo forgives con man Wilkins Fadhil after he used her name to con Kenyans thousands: We all make mistakes. No one is perfect 

Wilkins Fadhili, a man that was exposed for being a con man and using popular entertainers’ names to swindle thousands from Kenyans, is banking on sympathy in an effort to clear his name and avoid looming law suits.

Fadhili, who was blasted online for his con games that have seen him pretend to be a renowned brand strategist, messaged K24 Betty Kyalo begging her for forgiveness after his act.

“Hello Betty I would like to say I’m really sorry for using your name. i totally understand that its absolutely wrong, i was very stupid, inconsiderate and very ignorant, I’m really sorry and hope you find a place in your heart to forgive me. I’m making amends and working on being a better person in society and to be a blessing to each and every person. I’m sorry,” he texted Betty. 

Second chance

Betty posted the message on social media saying he has forgiven the young man.

“Forgiven Wilkins. We all make mistakes, no one is perfect. We can only aspire to be better and then do better. I wish you well. God bless,” she said. 

Other names he used in his con games haven’t really fallen for his apologies. Larry Madowo said he’s pressing charges while Ruth Ambogo said there’s a law firm already willing to represent all those names were used.

What Betty Kyalo had to say after fans pressured her to speak about Jackie Maribe’s drama  

Citizen TV employee Jackie Maribe has been swimming in a lot of drama ever since she, and boyfriend Joseph Irungu, were accused of murdering Monica Kimani.

The on-going court case is being followed closely by the whole country as citizens await the ruling which will be done next year.

Fellow news anchor Betty Kyalo was asked by a fan to speak about the case recently while on an Instagram live video and she totally refused. The fan wanted to know her take but Betty said she can’t address the case.

“What can you say about Jacque Maribe?” the fan asked. 

“Oh goodness! I cannot get into that topic right now.” she replied. 

Soft news

Instead, Betty addressed softer issues such as why she doesn’t love avocados and hates cooking eggs because of their smell.

“I don’t like the smell of the eggs she said. “Funny enough I don’t like avocado either. Unless I’m eating the avocado with sugar.”

‘She comes in a mini skirt, cleavage top and some #MysteriousVIP nonsense’ Betty Kyalo awaited comeback fails to impress Kenyans  

It has been months since Betty Kyalo ditched KTN TV for K24.

Though the news anchor left the station long ago, this weekend was her first day to work and officially launched her new show The Weekend with Betty. The anchor left the KTN for K24 after getting a fatter paycheck which put an eight-year work period with KTN to an end.


Betty pulled a stunt during her K24 debut that ended up annoying many fans rather than impressing them.

Before they officially unveiled her, K24 ran a hashtag (#MysteriousVIP) whose identity they said they would reveal later on Friday night. The glamours event had many confused thinking it was a true VIP only for many to find out it’s their new employee.

Fans showed disgust as soon as they learned the hype was all meant to launch Betty Kyalo.

Here’s what they said:

Journalism in Kenya is on a whole new trash level. A woman reports to her new station, comes in a mini skirt, cleavage top and some #MysteriousVIP nonsense and everybody is all up in arms about it!!! You cannot find this crap on CNN, BBC or AL Jazeera.

#WeekendWithBetty so who was this #MysteriousVIP. This country is big joke


[Was @K24Tv‘s #MysteriousVIP @BettyMKyallo? They didn’t show anyone coming out of the limo…] #RR #Kenya #Media


So #MysteriousVIP saw @BettyMKyallo usnknowingly do this worst mistake?

No hurry, nachukua vitu pole pole! What Betty Kyalo wants before getting married again 

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo is taking her time in choosing her next man after her first relationship was a disaster that still gets talks about many years later.

After her ugly break up with Dennis Okari, the news anchor will not date anytime soon. In fact, she shared that she has met several people who impressed her but she’s not yet in that mind set.


I want to package myself as a businesswoman, a mum and a potential partner in life. So that when I decide to get married again or start dating somebody, I’m bringing something to the table,” said Betty in an interview with the Star.

Very Single


And because of that packaging, I’m taking some time off. I have met quite a number of amazing people out there, but nachukua vitu pole pole. I take every day at a time, there’s no hurry. Niko tu sawa. Very single.

No, it’s not Bonoko’s Kibanda food! Betty Kyalo finally reveals what left her hospitalized

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo was recently in hospital leaving fans with questions regarding her health. Previously, many had believed that the popular news anchor was hospitalized after eating cheap food from a Kibanda in Ngara after she was taking for a lunch date by Ghetto Radio presenter Bonoko.

Bonoko’s food was fine

Kyalo has come out to explain why she was hospitalized and put on drips, saying that fatigue and tonsils were the main reason. She also received some injections that she rather not talk about.

Betty after being released



“Hey my people… i’m great… feeling much better. Fatigue and some bad tonsils got me down today but i’m now better chilling at home. Pia kudungwa shindano some places si mchezo.? A big thank you to AAR Karen staff who took care of me like a baby. Nawapenda my people,” posted Kyalo after being released from the hospital.

Did Bonoko’s kibanda food mess Betty Kyalo? She has now been hospitalized

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo has been hospitalized but we are not sure why.

Taking to Instagram, the news anchor shared the that she was taken to hospital, sharing a photo on drip.

 “And just like that I’m in hospital.” she captioned the photo.

We told you

The photo comes just days after Kenyans warned her not to eat food from a kibanda after Radio host Bonoko took her for launch in a popular kibanda in Ngara.



Betty Kyalo burns with anger after pervert fan asked for unexpected ‘favour’ on social media

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo is one cute single mother. And her cuteness brings a lot of drama that in most cases pisses her off.

The news anchor was recently forced to angrily shoo off a fan after posting an offensive comment on her Instagram page.

Show me what your mama gave you

While shooting a live video on Instagram, a fan identified as Sukhdeep, annoyed the news anchor after posting, “Show me your boobs.”

Kyalo fired back saying:

I will not show you boobs that is very wrong. Get out of my page, Sukhdeep1257. As you can see the weirdos have now checked in. Why? Why would I show you boobs? I am not…anyway whatever its fine”

Betty Kyalo’s stalker pens emotional message after getting blocked: I want to keep you and never let you go

A guy, who has been obsessed with news anchor Betty Kyalo for a long time now, seems to forget he’s just another contender in a long list of men who are having sleepless nights trying to figure out how they can become the next Okari.

Naphas Masia — his social media name — became ‘too aggressive’ on social media while trying to flirt with the sassy news anchor prompting her to block him on all platforms.  She also spoke to her enemy– Susan Kaittany, a thing that pissed the news anchor. That’s what all stalkers get anyway.

Betty Kyalo with flowers from a stranger who sent them to his office

But it seems Masai has not lost hope and is optimistic one day, Kyalo and him will be one.

“She blocked me on social media because of some issues. You do know that Betty is no longer pals with Susan Kaittany? Well, I was pals with both of them, and when she found out that I had gone to meet Susan, she got angry and blocked me,” said Masai who spoke to HotSecrets. 

“Betty and I talk. I meet her at various events. We do know each other. We talk all the time. I even have her number. We chat all the time on WhatsApp. I just want you to tell her I love her.”

Penned a short letter

After being blocked, Masai, who is a Kenyatta University law student, took to social media to show that she still loves the anchor and hopefully they’ll start taking again.

“Dear Betty Kyallo, I will always be there for you, fight for you and try to make sure you smile. You know that I love you with all my heart, I want to keep you and never let you go. My love for you is like corruption in Kenya, it will never end.”



Betty Kyalo bigs up her ‘Njugu guy’ and social media falls in love

With no time to grab a meal and stuck in traffic, KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo wouldn’t mind some bitings. She was really hungry and a hawker came to her rescue.

The popular news anchor surprised social media after sharing a post thanking a street vendor who sold her peanuts while she was stuck in the annoying Mombasa Road traffic jam.

Promoting a real hustler

Kyalo asked users to support Olivera Kassim who sells some delicious Njugus around the Nyayo roundabout.

Kyalo and Olivera Kassim

“So I’m In traffic hungry because I haven’t had time to have a meal, then Olivera Kassim says hi and offers some delicious peanuts. Thanks man? nice meeting you. Guys when you’re around Nyayo House support a brother. Buy from him some,” Kyalo posted.

The posted immediately marveled her fans with many happy that she’s willing to promote real hustlers who are out there doing their best to make a living in this tough economy.

Here is what her fans said:

joymaureen43 When we put a smile on someone’s face, God is happier. @bettymuteikyalloGod bless you ma’

katskatyleYou are just too real n cool… ???

jeffreyongayaBetty you are so amazing

jonathanlumbasio25That’s great

kithikiimumoWow very nice

myklicky@bettymuteikyallo Ni mhumble yaani, she extended her hand to say hi, forgot to request for a selfie though.


leonard_rewaPrince and the Queen


johnieteargasThat’s cool #betty

sophieruttohThat’s my super Betty Kyalo I love you to the moon. You are that one celeb that doesn’t lenga her fans

cgiokoHeard recently that there is a difference between a Human Being and Being Human! Today our Betty was human which is so more

mr_wamalwa_I like his things,,, so sweet

kevinmasharia46ni poa kuwa kind to each other

e_mbesaHe deserves a ticket to imax #blackpanther .unaona vile amesmile mwanya iko nje yote

ptahwainainaAwesome i love this not many celeb will have time for that, you are always cool be blessed all thru…

esita_mmThat’s nice of you

owinojosphatWow nice I wish I could be the guy so that I can have that opportunity to take selfie with you

aajayalvaKind of you

kinberg_kalebyeayea little by little

miguna_.migunaI will be back in Kenya

yaz.me00I like that

deconqure_deroniodego,,,,,,,,, from kayaba i know him …….ni jirani yangu

opande_jnrMessi is still better than Cristiano..




This is the beautiful message Betty Kyallo wrote to celebrate her daughter’s 3rd Birthday

Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari’s daughter turned 3 years yesterday and to mark this day, she wrote a moving message wishing her baby girl more years to come and a healthy life.

However, unlike most of her birthday parties…this time around Betty Kyallo will be throwing a big bash at a children’s home as she wants to give back to the society by celebrating her daughter’s birthday together with other children.

Through her Instagram page the KTN news anchor wrote to say,


Happy birthday my angel. You are my slice of heaven, my little hurricane. I love you so much my baby…happy 3rd birthday you are destined for greatness because God loves you and your mama will always work hard for you.


“Your words can’t break me” Betty Kyallo fires back at haters!

The online society has no chills when it comes to trolling someone. They don’t care whether you are popular or not and most celebrities can testify to this.

Betty Kyallo, one of the most celebrated and talented female news anchors has found herself in a situation that has left her showing off her ruthless side.

Well, the beef was sparked after KTN’s official Facebook page shared a poster requesting fans to vote for Betty Kyallo as media personality of the year for the SOMA awards that will be going down very soon. The comments left by fans or rather haters have however left the news anchor showing us her ‘don’t care side.’

For the very first time Betty Kyallo decided to respond to the online trolls talking about how ‘their words would not break her’ in a post that was shared about an hour ago.

She wrote saying,

“Hit the gym” Betty Kyalo trolled on social media for her sudden weight gain, this is how she responded

Betty Kyalo is now living a stress free life and for this reason we cannot blame her for adding weight… I mean she is comfortable, right?

Anyway, seems that a few of her fans are not happy with this as she is apparently losing her old petite figure. This comes after one of her followers went ham on the KTN news anchor by asking her to hit the gym because she was adding some unwanted weight.

He wrote to say,

“Hit the Jim ,, or else u gonna loose the tag princess I accorded to u,”

 According to him, she was now fit to be called a princess…okay wait what?

Also read: Confirmed: Betty Kyallo’s Kes 13 million Porsche Cayenne is registered under Hassan Joho’s name (Evidence)

Betty Kyalo on the other hand hit back with a chilled out response that clearly showed that she was unbothered by his comment and what he really thought of her. She wrote to say,

“I’m cool with me  I”

Well, we all agree that she might have thrown a couple of pounds here and there…but this was after she welcomed her daughter Ivana. She however looks beautiful and happier, that’s if you haven’t noticed. From what we have heard Betty Kyalo’s lifestyle has completely changed after she met her new man. But that is a story for another day.

Checkout the photo she posted before being called ‘fat’.

Betty trolled for being 'fat'
Betty trolled for being ‘fat’