“To say I love you is not enough,” Chiki Kuruka’s open letter to renowned photographer who hooked her up with Bien

Finding a true friend, you can walk the journey of life with, down the valleys and up the mountains without anything in return but true friendship, is a rare opportunity.

And for the few that have walked through it successfully, their story lives to be told.

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As Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime Baraza gets back on his feet after his battle with COVID-19, Chiki Kuruka spared the moment to celebrate a dear friend.

One whose shoulder she used to cry on and laugh on, the man who introduced her to her husband, Emmanuel Jambo.

Chiki Kuruka with Emmanuel Jambo

The two go back in time, long enough to have been the link between Bien Aime and Chiki. A time she had flown from the UK into Kenya to attend a concert that blessed her with a husband.

Chikis open letter

“Dear Emmanuel Jambo, you are the force behind so much of what is my life. I have cried to you countless times, and laughed with you even more,” her open letter starts off.

A man who went beyond her expectations.

“You introduced me to my husband, you drove me for hours to find my dog, you found us our house.”

Celebrity couple, Bien and Chiki

It has been a blend of love, admiration, respect and excitement as she looks back and gets lost of words.

“You are to me, the definition of goodness in this world. And to say I love you doesn’t even come close to the admiration I have for your heart, the respect I have for your soul,” Chiki adored.

As she sweetly wishes her dear friend a happy new chapter in his life, to which he beautifully responds;

“Chiki Kuruka I don’t know about the awful dancing but I know that I love you my G ❤️????????.”

Chiki Kuruka
Chiki Kuruka

Bien’s battle with the virus has opened his eyes more, learning to cherish the little moments he gets to spend with those dear to his heart.

And together with Chiki travelled to Nanyuki, where they were spotted making good memories, while declaring hes return to duty.

“Had the most amazing weekend thanks to my amazing wife and friends. Ready to get back to work.”

Chiki Kuruka with Bien Aime

For Chiki;

“My favourite person +nature =happiness.”

Emmanuel Jambo is a South Sudanese photographer based in Kenya, who has worked as President Uhuru Kenyattas official photographer.

Respect the OG! Khaligraph Jones hits back at Eric Omondi’s ‘cheap’ threats

Eric Omondi has been spending some quality in the gym, trying to get his body in shape and after seeing the results, thought he is better built than rapper Khaligraph Jones.

The self-proclaimed President of Comedy decided to address the heavily-built rapper in an angry online rant that he thought would leave Khaligraph shaken.

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In a video doing the rounds, a clearly vexed, shirtless Eric Omondi surrounded by his team of bouncers and fellow comedian Terence Creative, screams;

“Khaligraph Jones! Kichwa kubwa! Nitakupiga! Khaligraph Jones nakuambia na hii si comedy bro, nitakupiga. Nonsense! Jiite OG tena.”

Eric Omondi flaunts his muscles

Khaligraph Jones responds

Wind got to Khaligraph soon enough who, seeming unshaken by the tantrums of the comedy star, instead wished him congratulations.

“Congratulations @ericomondi.”

Before mocking him, comparing him to the likes of Sauti Sols Bien Aime and Savara who have been trying their luck in the gym as well, but who he believes are still below his fitness level.

“Hao ndio size yako mnaeza Fungua Chama, Mkitaka Kushona Nitafuteni niwatrain,” Khaligraph unapologetically hit back.

Popular rapper Khaligraph Jones

Because whether Eric liked it or not, “The OG shall be respected”.

Khaligraphs post just hit home and where it hurt most after a hurting Bien Aime responded;

The conversation has since attracted mixed reactions from fans, some who could only sit back and watch the drama unfold.

Respect the OG! Khaligraph Jones savagely hits back at Sauti Sol’s Bien in ugly comeback

Khaligraph Jones and Sauti Sols Bien Aime Baraza have gone to battle after Bien made fun of the rapper’s muscles.

Bien was spotted hanging out in the gym to get that enviable body physique back in shape and the six-pack loading in what he terms;

“Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect Practice makes shit happen.

True to it, his hard work did not disappoint, if his workout update is anything to go by.

Bien Aime flexing his muscles

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Bien disses Khaligraphs 6-pack

Well, unfortunately, the boy band lead singer then decided to make fun of Khaligraph’s ‘loose’ body physique ahead of the just concluded BET Hiphop Awards nominations.

Renowned Kenyan rapper, Khaligraph Jones

Bien put up a poster of the award-winning rapper asking fans to vote for a brother, believing Khaligraph is the best talent Kenya can produce in that line, so far.

Only to soon after diss the rapper’s heavy tummy in place of a six-pack, while blowing his own trumpet captioning;

“Lakini ubaya utashinda BET kabla upate 6pack. Six-pack utaonea kwa page yangu.”

Bien Aime disses Khaligraph’s 6-pack

This did not sit well with the ego-filled rapper from Kayole, who lost the coveted BET award to British rapper, singer and songwriter, Stormzy.

Khaligraph Jones fires back

The proud father of two has now come out to diss Bien’s ‘thin’ legs while comparing them to his heavy-built arm muscles bragging;

KWENDAA, @bienaimesol Iyo Mkono inatoshana na mguu zako mbili #respecttheogs

Khaligraph Jones savagely fires back at Sauti Sol’s Bien

Well, Bien is yet to respond to the diss but this does not seem to be going away any time soon.

“I got kicked out from home,” Bien’s brother Melvin painfully admits facing great rejection and resentment from their father

Sauti Sol’s Bien-Aime Baraza’s eldest brother, Melvin has come out to reveal how his father rejected him at a very tender age.

The eldest of the three boys of the Baraza family took to his social media page to tell his story as a child, growing up without the foundation of a father’s love who was present but with no love towards him.

Melvin Alusa Baraza

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Sharing a sweet photo with one of his daughters lying on his back, Melvin attested that a father’s love is the foundation of his children. A love through which the young ones build on and are able to face storms the world throws at them.

Melvin with his daughter

The sad narrative

However, that was never the case of his childhood.

I grew up facing great rejection and resentment from my father. I was fearful, felt unworthy and for the better part of my childhood longed for his affirmation, painfully narrated Melvin.

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Unfortunately, the more he kept seeking affirmation from his father, the more it got worse.

…it only got worse to the point of being kicked out of the home I knew at the tender age of 17,” he continued.

Bien Aime’s eldest brother, Melvin

Looking back, it is not the tears or the pain he underwent that matters, but the lessons his childhood taught him that have seen him become a present and loving father to his 6 children. Because for him, breaking the curse of rejection is what matters most!

Today God has blessed me with 6 children whom I love with my life, an opportunity to break the curse of rejection and change the narrative.

Melvin Alusa Baraza with his children

His post caught the attention of many including his brother, Bien Aime who could only comment:

bienaimesol ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
The Baraza sons

Mixed reactions

Fans and followers, felt for him, painful memories of the past that might never fade away but he keeps a strong face for his young boys and girls.
waihenya A father should b the most important/best influence to his children. Lakini wasita babaaa?? ????‍????????‍????????????Hapo sawa
msosendo Sending you love and light!!! ????????????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
betty.wangeshi ❤❤❤❤❤Mello you have indeed broken that curse and you’re such an inspiration to many ????????????. To all those deadbeat dad’s it’s your loss not the child’s!!!!

Cute photo of Chiki Kuruka with her father-in-law, Bien’s dad sparks controversy

Chiki Kuruka has made it clear that being married into the Baraza family might have been one of the best decisions she ever made in her life.

The Nigerian-Swiss babe confirmed the claims in a recent photo shared online that had her beautifully cross arms with her father-in-law across each others shoulders, which was pretty adorable.

The Barazas and in-law, Chiki Kuruka

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Knowing the natural dad-daughter bond that lives to be told to date, it seems Mr Baraza had whole-heartedly taken in Chiki as his own daughter, which the light-skin babe wholesomely accepted.

“Sometimes you marry into a family that makes your smile grow wider,” captioned Chiki.

Chiki Kuruka shows off her young-looking mom

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From his end, Bien who had spared the weekend to visit his dad back at home admitted that he had not laughed that much in a while.

“Sunday with my loves. My dad is a comedian. Haven’t laughed like that in a while. Family over everything,” sweetly captioned Bien.

Lovebirds, Chiki Kuruka and Bien

Culture clash

However, fans with differing opinions about how close a daughter and her father-in-law should be, became the topic of discussion. According to one fan, @ednaliaka, the Luhya tradition would never allow a daughter and her dad-in law to come that close let alone touch.

In luhya tradition, father in law should never stand next to “leave alone touching” his daughter in law….luhya council of elders are calling you hapo nyuma ya tent. A sheep has to die for cleansing????????????????????

Being of Luhya descent, Bien who had been urged to call for a cleansing ceremony responded:

…nyinyi ni njaa inawasumbua. Mnataka tu kukula mbuzi na kulewa kwa bill yangu. 2020 ????????????????????

Bien Aime Baraza

Another fan who was from Lesotho commented:

This is such a heartwarming picture. In my culture Father in law and daughter in law aren’t allowed to even touch like that (a disturbing restriction if you ask me). So this has been utterly refreshing to see???????? that other African cultures don’t comform to that weird nuance. 

As some drooled over the adorable dad-daughter bond, cultures saw a section clash over what was right and what was not.

Grisly road accident that nearly claimed Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime Baraza’s life (Video)

Not many people know this but Bien Aime Baraza, who is one quarter of Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol, nearly gave up the ghost after being involved in a horrific road accident in 2007.

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The musician, who is largely seen as the face of the group, narrated his brush with death during last night’s episode of Churchill Show – which airs on NTV.

Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist, Bien Aime Baraza

Bien revealed that he was he was in the company of his sister, Bijoux, Wakamba Wawili and Wendy Kimani when a matatu hit him as he was crossing the road.

They had come from the studio and were heading to the stage to board a matatu when his sister alerted them about a matatu that was being driven carelessly.

When Bien turned around, the car was right in front of him and he was badly injured because it was too late for him to get out of the way.

Bien’s sister, Bijoux Baraza

“We were crossing the road at Tuskys Pioneer in town and heading to Railways when my sister warned us about an oncoming car. Before I knew it, he had really hit me,” he explained.

The driver then sped off after the accident and left him lying on the ground, without caring whether he had survived  or not.

“He hit me on my knees. I hit my face on the windshield. I just remember flying in the air. I woke up on the ground and found my sister trying to resuscitate me,” Bien added.

He was then taken to Nairobi Hospital where he discovered that he didn’t have 16 teeth when he looked at himself in the mirror. He also had glass, from the broken windshield, in his mouth.

Watch the video below.

Meet Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime’s little-known hot brother, Yuri (Photos)

Bien Aime Alusa Baraza is probably the most outspoken and free-spirited gentleman of Kenyan renowned boy band, Sauti Sol but apart from his love life, little is known about his blood family.

Choosing to keep his loved ones away from the public eye, and his loved ones following suite, Bien actually has two brothers, one you well acquainted with the public space but the other choosing to keep it private.

Lovebirds, Bien Aime and Chiki Kuruka

Melvin Alusa, the better known, stands as an accomplished film star and commercial model who is the elder of the two brothers. He has a young family of his own, two boys and one daughter. We’ll leave it at that.

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Bien Aime’s eldest brother, Melvin
The Baraza sons

Yuri Baraza is the other part of the ‘tripod’, yet to be formally introduced to us. Yuri is a seasoned digital marketer and social media strategist who also best defines himself as a Chelsea FC fanatic.

He is the second eldest, going by one of his online post, wishing his artist of a brother, Bien a happy 30th birthday at the time, addressing;

Happy 30th birthday not-so-little brother @bienaimesol! Welcome to 3rd floor.
May God light your path in everything you do.

Bien and elder brother, Yuri

That was good enough to confirm that he is the one at the middle. Check out more photos of a dear Yuri with various personalities below;

Yuri Baraza with Nairobi women rep, Esther Passaris

The Baraza sons
Melvin and Yuri with their dad

Sauti Sol´s Bien take on Raila´s health leaves bitter taste in the mouths of Kenyans (Screenshots)

Sauti Sol´s lead vocalist, Bien Aime touched a raw nerve yesterday after kicking off a discussion regards former Kenyan Prime Minister, Raila Odinga´s recent health condition that saw him get flown to Dubai for surgery.

To drive his point home, the artist shared a copy of the front page of Daily Nation´s newspaper that had the story of Raila to the left corner while the cover page highlighted ongoing police brutality that has left netizens either crippled or dead.

According to Bien, it was interesting how the high and mighty in Kenya get the privilege to get flown out for specialized treatment while the common mwananchi struggles to seek medical attention in our local hospitals and morgues.

Singer, Bien-Aime Alusa Baraza

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To this, the singer-songwriter labeled ´when classism meets police brutality´.

On the blue corner the rich man is in Dubai for surgery. On the red corner mwananchi will have to use local hospitals and morgues when Classism meets police brutality. Whose your money on?

Sauti Sol´s Bien IG post

Comment section

Well, Bien´s post ignited wild reactions among Kenyans. Some were in assent with the harsh reality while a section was irritated by the singer´s blunt comment.

Netizens called out Bien for being a hypocrite who blames politicians for failing to promote local capacity while the singer and his boy band group, Sauti Sol are busy seeking professional services for their music, outside the country.

For others, politicians are but private citizens who have been put in power by the very same common mwananchi who later comes in to blame the people they elected when the rule does not favor them.

A fan felt so disappointed over the fact that instead of hoping that a life will get saved, Bien was instead focused on the political agenda.

Sauti Sol has mastered the art of making good music

I don’t know about you but I knew that Sauti Sol’s latest song dubbed Insecure was going to be a hit even before they released it. No kidding.

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This is simply because they have gotten to a point in their music careers where everything they touch instantly turns into gold. Their songs get instant love from their fans and I don’t even think they struggle to market/push them

Sauti Sol

The group which comprises of; Bien Aime Barasa, Willis Chimano, Savara Mudigi and Polycarp Otieno has mastered the art of making good music.

Having been in the industry for 15 years or so, the have learnt the dos and don’t, studied market trends so they know when to release new music and improved the qualities of their videos and audios.

Sauti Sol

In addition to that, they also don’t make random songs. The Kenyan boy-band make songs that create conversations and are enjoyable at the same time.

I’m sure you have noticed that Sauti Sol is never in a hurry to release new music. This is because they know that they have a ready market and the demand for their music is high. So they take their time the end product is dope.

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They have a different approach to music and I hope that other artists can borrow a leaf from them if they also want to make music that will be played for many years to come. Timeless music.

One thing that makes me really happy is that Sauti Sol has taken talented artists likes; Nviiri, Bensoul and Kaskazini under their wings which means that we will still be treated to good music even after they hang up their boots.

Watch their latest track titled Insecure below.

Sauti Sol’s musical journey is proof that patience pays

I’m so happy for Sauti Sol. If you are keen, I am sure you’ve noticed that many good things are have been happening to them in the past few months and if you ask me, they deserve all of it and perhaps even more.

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From bagging two awards at the 6th edition of the Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) to signing an exclusive recording deal with Universal Music Africa (UMA) which is a division of Universal Music Group.

Sauti Sol

Earlier this week, the boy band made history yet again after they were featured in the official soundtrack of the first Netflix Original African series Queen Sono alongside South African singer Sho Madjozi.

As much as they are making great strides and all, the truth is that it wasn’t easy for them to be where they are today and that explains my elation since I am a huge fan of the group.

You see, Sauti Sol was formed in 2005 and they released their debut studio album dubbed Mwanzo in 2008 and that means that they have been in the game for more than 15 years!

Whichever way you look at it, 15 years is a damn long time and the fact that they are just starting to reap the fruits of their hard work is enough that patience pays.

Sauti Sol

The Kenyan music industry is a mess and I’m sure there are many instances when they felt like throwing in the towel but they didn’t. Instead, they kept pushing while assuring themselves that their efforts will pay off one day.

After what seemed like an endless wait for their big break, it’s finally happening. The way I see it, it’s only a matter of time before they bag a BET or a Grammy.

If there’s one lesson that musicians, especially the upcoming ones, can learn from Sauti Sol’s journey it’s that nothing is as important as passion.

Watch Sauti Sol’s latest single titled Suzanna below.

Sauti Sol makes grand comeback with fresh hit ‘Suzanna’ (Video)

It’s such a good time to be alive ladies and gentlemen. Why, you ask? Well, after a long musical hiatus award winning Kenyan band Sauti Sol is back and they bigger and better.

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A few hours ago, Sauti Sol dropped a new track dubbed Suzanna, off their forthcoming album Midnight Train, and it is without a doubt their best song yet. Trust me.

Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol

The underlying message in their new song is that people, especially our ladies, should accept themselves as they were created by God and not to undergo costly procedures because they are afraid that nobody will love them.

In layman’s language, don’t bleach your skin, get butt injections, wear Brazilian wigs because you are perfect the way you are and it all boils down to your habits and not the way you look.

The other subject that Sauti Sol has addressed in their new track is controversial phenomenon of sponsor and lasses who are their beneficiaries.

Sauti Sol

Other than the powerful message that Suzanna carries, it is also very infectious. Honestly speaking, I have lost count of the number of times I’ve listened to it since it was released because I just keep hitting the replay button.

The jam, which was released a week after band announced their exclusive recording agreement with Universal Music Music Africa (UMA), has been getting a lot of airplay since it came out and understandably so.

Suzanna is well-arranged. The wit in the lyrics is unmatched. If you have to know, my favourite line in this jam is the part that goes like, “And I see you in London, silicon on your bum bum shaking what your doctor gave you.”


The instrumentation on this track is impeccable. Polycarp Otieno did a good job on the guitar because it hits the soul as you listen.

The video concept is also sick. The 70s disco ball set up aligns well with the theme of the song because if people fell in love during that time, why should you change your body now to be loved?

This song is a whole vibe and I can’t wait to sample other songs from their forthcoming album because this is enough proof that it’s not business as usual since they have also matured musically.

Watch Suzanna below and tell us what you think. Enjoy

H_art The Band’s collabo with Sauti Sol titled ‘Issa Vibe’ is a big tune (Audio)

H_art The Band, a music group that became a household name after releasing Uliza Kiatu, has dropped a new song with Sauti Sol and it slaps really hard.

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The song titled Issa Vibe, which is from their recently released album dubbed Made In The Streets, is definitely one for the books. It really is.

H_art The Band
H_art The Band

If you are a fan of these two groups then I’m sure you’ve been looking forward to the day they will treat us with a collabo. Well, that day is finally here.

The word that aptly describes this song is magical. This song is really a vibe. I played it a couple of times and I’m still in love with it. What a time to be alive.

One of the many things that I love about this jam is the background vocals by Willis Austin Chimano. He aced it ladies and gentlemen. His unique voice spiced the song.

I also loved Mudigi Savara’s and Bien Baraza’s verses, especially the part where Bien gave a shout out to his Rongai people. Okay, I’m kidding.

Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol

Of course, H_art The Band also came through on this lit jam. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything less from them.

However, I must admit that of the trio, I think Mordecai totally killed it. There’s just something unique about his tenor that makes it awesome to listen to.

The beat for this jam is also a vibe. As I was listening to it, I could visualize people in a club busting moves as it plays in the background. Props to the producer.

I honestly can’t wait to listen to and review more songs from Hart The Band’s debut album because from the look of things, it’s totally out of this world. Enough said.

Listen to Issa Vibe below and tell us what you think.