Bien and Okello Max set to perform at UEFA Champions League Final Viewing Party

The UEFA Champions League Final Viewing Party will take place on 1st June at Uhuru Gardens, featuring a lineup of top artists and performers.

The UEFA Champions League season will culminate at London’s prestigious Wembley Stadium on Saturday, 1 June. This marks the 69th season of Europe’s elite club competition and the 32nd since it was renamed the UEFA Champions League.

Heineken is hosting a viewing party for dedicated UEFA fans in Kenya. The event will showcase a stellar lineup of Kenyan artists, MCs, and DJs.

MCs for the event include Azeezah, also known as Media Messiah, a TV show host and media personality known for her distinctive deep voice. Kerry Martin, a radio show host and digital creator, and MC Mlami Mwitu, a Kenyan content creator, will also be hosting.

Several DJs will be in attendance, including Will Dj, a well-known radio DJ; Dj Kronikx, an entertainer DJ; Dj Dii (Khadija Musa), one of Kenya’s top female DJs and a media personality; DJ Tone; DJ Kalisouth, a DJ, artist, producer, and entertainer; Dylan-S, a Nairobi-based producer and DJ; and Suraj, a producer and DJ who blends contemporary electronic music with traditional musical and cultural elements.

Headlining the event will be Bien Baraza, a celebrated vocalist and songwriter from Kenya, known for his work with the globally renowned boy band Sauti Sol. Okello Max, famed for his mastery of the Dholuo flavor in his music, will also be performing at the event for hardcore fans.

Holiday Joy Dashed: Kenyan Celebs Dodge Disaster in Festive Road Mishaps

The joyful buzz of Christmas in Kenya was pierced by screeching tires and shattered glass as several celebrities narrowly escaped serious injury in holiday road accidents.

  • Bien’s Porsche Cayenne became a mangled wreck in December’s final hours, leaving the musician shaken but grateful for life. A chilling image on his social media showed the once-sleek car crumpled in a junkyard, eerily accompanied by R. Kelly’s “You Saved Me.” Questions remain unanswered about the incident’s details, shrouding the experience in a fog of mystery.

  • Comedian Mulamwah’s laughter turned to screams as his car pirouetted multiple times near Nakuru. Avoiding a sudden stop by another vehicle, his ride rolled like a dice thrown by fate. Miraculously, he and his friend walked away with nothing worse than scratches, praising a “God of many chances” and the helpful local community.

  • Christmas Day celebrations for The Bahatis took a sharp turn when their Mercedes met an unknown assailant on the road. Shards of glass and dents became unwanted gifts, forcing the family to reroute their journey with shaken nerves. Diana, the family matriarch, grappled with a cocktail of emotions, her voice carrying the echo of an interrupted holiday cheer.

  • YouTube star Eve Mungai and her boyfriend, Director Trevor, felt the jolt of a Christmas night detour as their car swerved off the road and into a ditch. Videos captured the jarring moment, leaving a trace of emotional wreckage as deep as the tire tracks in the dirt. “There are some apologies an explanation just can’t fix,” Eve cryptically posted, hinting at the lasting impact of the incident.

While none of these stars suffered major physical harm, their brushes with holiday carnage served as a stark reminder of life’s unpredictability. These festive fender benders cast a bittersweet shadow over the joyous season, leaving a poignant message: cherish every moment, for the road ahead holds both glitter and gravel.

Sauti Sol’s Bien Baraza Narrowly Escapes Death In Car Accident (Photo)

Sauti Sol lead singer Bien Aimé Baraza cheated death after being involved in a car accident while driving his Porsche Cayenne. The singer took to social media to express his gratitude to God for making it out alive, despite the severity of the crash.

“Thank God I made it out alive,” Bien wrote, sharing a photo of his damaged car. The photo showed that the front bumper of the Porsche Cayenne had been torn off, the headlights were smashed, and the bonnet was twisted.

Photos: Bien involved in horrible road accident

In a subsequent post, Bien thanked his fans for their concern and assured them that he was perfectly fine, without a scratch on him.

“Thank you all for the love. I’m doing super fine. Not even a scratch,” Bien wrote.

Bien is a known car enthusiast and often drives his Porsche Cayenne to attend local shows in Nairobi. The multimillion-shilling car is one of his prized possessions.

It is unclear how the accident happened, but Bien’s lucky escape is a reminder of the importance of road safety.

Bien Defends Njugush After Jua Cali’s Comments

Bien of Sauti Sol has defended Njugush after Jua Cali questioned his comedic talent. Jua Cali had said that he did not find Njugush funny, despite the fact that he has sold out shows in the UK.

Bien responded to Jua Cali’s comments on Twitter, saying that he has “nothing but respect” for Njugush and his wife. He also said that “legacy over everything.”

Jua Cali’s comments sparked a debate on social media, with some people agreeing with him and others disagreeing. Some people said that Njugush is not funny, while others said that he is a talented comedian who is still growing.

Jua Cali has since apologized for his comments, saying that he is a fan of stand-up comedy and that he did not mean to offend Njugush. He also said that he believes that Njugush has the potential to be one of the greats in stand-up comedy.

The controversy has brought attention to the art of stand-up comedy in Kenya. It has also shown that there is a difference of opinion about Njugush’s comedic talent. Only time will tell whether Njugush will become one of the greats in stand-up comedy.

Bien speaks up about Colonel Mustafa fundraiser

Bien has waded into the conversation around Colonel Mustafa’s fall from grace and into dire financial Straits after videos of him working at a mjengo as a construction worker surfaced on the internet.

Chiki Kuruka wasnt wrong in defending her husband Bien

According to Bien all this can be avoided if an individual simply cultivates valuable networks and he has a very good point. Reason I’m saying this is that as an artist there are multiple different avenues for generating income.

Bien on why he doesn’t wear his wedding ring

Even long after your relevance has declined, long after your fanbase has stopped checking for your latest music, you can still make money if you transition well but to do so you will have to have made valuable relationships with people still relevant within the industry.

Signs are pointing to Bien going solo sooner or later

An example of this would be going on a tour for your older fanbase. They might be few and old but they have the financial muscle to buy your tickets even at exaggerated prices and a case in point would be Kenyans are paying 8,000 shillings to watch Boys 2 Men.

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime speaks after testing positive for Coronavirus

Another way for artists to transition would be for him to get a gig on television on some magazine show. Even for him to get on a podcast. But what he would have needed are valuable networks.

Therapy: Bien speaks on how Sauti Sol has survived 20 years together

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Signs are pointing to Bien going solo sooner or later

Since the pandemic started, Sauti Sol have been doing solo projects, launching songs, videos and albums individually, while still presenting a united front. They have been doing all the songs under the Sauti Sol YouTube channel, and in traditional media, they present a united front, going to support each other in interviews and concerts.

But how long can this united front last? The genie is already out of the bottle: Bien is the “Beyonce” of the group. The most famous one who holds it all together. It bears out in the numbers. Most of Bien’s latest solo songs and collabos have all hit multiple millions of views, while Chimano’s latest songs don’t get past 100k views and Polycarp and Savara also only get several thousand views each.


It is clear from songs like “Mbwe mbwe,” “Niko sawa” and “Inauma” that Bien is the one who really gets what Kenyans want. He’s probably the one who steers the direction of Sauti Sol to the modern acoustic vibes which everyone loves, inspired by rhumba pioneers such as Daudi Kabaka and Rhumba Japani.

Much as he’ll probably blast me for writing this piece, the writing is on the wall. Bien must see by now that he is the one holding up the entire structure of Sauti Sol, and the evidence points to it. He is now doing solo shows across the world as Bien alone:



And now, three weeks ago, he finally opened his own personal Bien channel on YouTube, where he uploaded the video for his latest mega collabo with Arya Starr – “My Baby.”




Also from a money perspective, the math just makes sense. As a band of 4 with an extensive backoffice staff, Sauti Sol has had to charge a whopping 1.5million per show MINIMUM just to stay afloat. Of course very few clients were able to afford this. If Bien goes solo, he’ll be able to charge much less than that while still maintaining the same income as when he was sharing the money with 4 others. This is usually what causes bands to split up all across the world: money.

Bien explains why most men cheat

Ladies! Bein is talking and for once – he has revealed one reason why most men cheat on their spouses and from what he says – mmmh he might just have a point.

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime speaks after testing positive for Coronavirus

Okay I know there will never be a good reason for cheating but truth is, it happens – matter of fact it could be happening right now and  problem is – you can’t stop a man or woman from cheating. Its a personal decision…one that is well planned, calculated and executed at the right time.

For this reason – Bien who is a married man (now that he is done exploring) recently spoke to SPM buzz revealing that most men cheat women….women don’t want to give them space. According to the singer – you’ll find most women always nagging with phone calls uko wapi or just sending funny funny messages to their spouses when out kaa basi na huyo anakufurahisha – hence forcing them to look for less stressful options.

Bien with wifey, Chiki


Stop nagging your men

Well at his age, I want to believe the Sauti Sol singer knows what he is talking about – I mean he has had his fair share of women by now right?

Speaking during the interview, Bien said;

 Madame imagine ukipea chali yako tu freedom akue who he wants imagine hatacheat


Machali hucheat cause kwa keja umewekewa boundaries mingi na umefanyishwa ma PE mingi za kuambiwa uko wapi…umekula.useful.

And with such insecurities one ends up driving their man away yet…all a man wants in a woman is freedom…freedom to live as an adult and not getting mothered around by a spouse.

Beef? Bien’s reaction to Jalang’os robbery is sure to raise eyebrows

I am starting to wonder whether Jalango and Sauti Sol’s member,Bien have beef. Well just a few weeks ago, Bien was asked to pay Ksh 5 million by one of Jalang’o’s workers (Morrison) who had accused theSauti Sol member of turning his old photo to a meme.

Morrison’s reasons for demanding Ksh 5 million from Bien is because – using the photo and circulating it on social media not only brought back old but ugly memories from his past. So for compensation – Morrison and his advisers asked for Ksh 5million.

Eli and Morrison steal from Jalang’o

Barely a month after this – Jalango now says he wants Morrison Litiema and another worker, Eli Umundu behind bars for stealing from him. That was quick right?

So turns out that these two allegedly made away with unknown amount of money; but since Jalango is offering 100k to whoever with information on the two – means they indeed did him dirty.

Bien with the sarcasm

With the story spreading like wild fire on social media, Bien also came across it and I’m guessing he has every reason to feel that Karma may have done him justice.

I mean, how else could he explain this? Just the other day – Morrison was threatening to sue him for a meme; and judging from his confidence… there must have a been a big force supporting and boosting him to sue Bien….then surprisingly the universe decides to turn tables…? Mmmh.

Anyway – commenting on Jalango getting robbed, Bien wrote;


Bald man with few words? Or is it just mockery?

Netizens on the other hand reacted to the comment saying;


Sauti Sol’s Bien reveals why fans will never get to see his wedding photos

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime has come out to reveal why he held a private wedding. Being one of the most loved and celebrated Kenyan artist; definitely many would have loved to witness his union, but unfortunately this was a private affair.

Mr and Mrs Baraza

This comes a few months after the singer walked down the aisle with his long term girlfriend, Chiki Kuruka. According to reports this was  a low key wedding that saw family and friends attend. Speaking to Massawe Jappani just recently, Bien for the first disclosed unknown information about his wedding.

Unlike what many know, Bien held a private AG wedding since he did not want something extra; luckily for him, his bride Chiki was also on board with this idea – making it easier for the singer.

He went on to mention the main reason for keeping his wedding photos private saying;

Hizo picha sijaziweka wazi kwa sababu, Harusi yangu first of all haikuwa harusi ya Kawaida. Nilienda kwa AG, na after kwenda kwa AG; nilifanya tu lunch ndogo nikainvite tu marafiki zangu wa karibu tukala lunch. Hiyo vibe ambayo ilikuwa hapo ile siku, ilikuwa the happiest day of my life, sijapata kufeel hiyo kitu siku nyingine, pahali pengine popote.

No suits, No wedding gown

About his outfit of the day, Bien revealed that he wore no suit; something that would leave fans questioning him, if he decided to upload the photos. He went on to add;

Na nikipiga picha niwekee mtandaoni, mtu ambaye anaangalia hiyo picha haelewi circumstances; haelewi contexts ya kwa nini watu wamevaa vile wamevaa. Haelewi mbona hii harusi haina Bibi harusi mwenye amevaa nguo sijui inakaa aje. Haelewi mbona Bien hajavaa suti.

He went on to add that he does not wish to have a bitter exchange with some of his shallow minded  social media friends saying;

 “Sitaki kupatia watu wajinga nafasi ya kupeana maoni yao kuhusu Harusi yangu. Kwa hivyo nikajiwekea hiyo siku; ndo nisijiharibie hiyo siku na comments za watu. Staki ufala, mimi vitu zangu ni vitu zangu na nilienjoy sana hiyo siku. Nikiweka huku njee watu waanze kuweka comments zao; mimi hukuwa mtu ambaye na-catch feelings Haraka sana. Nitajipata natukanana na watu huko. Watu wako na vitu mingi kwa vichwa zao vile mimi nafaa kuishi maisha Yangu, but hii ni yangu na mimi ndo nitadictate. Wasahau hiyo mamabo hakuna picha wataona”

Well, there you have it!

“We met outside a club” Sauti Sol’s Bien reveals how he met his fiancé

Bien Aime and his fiancé Chiki Kuruka are now expected to walk down the aisle in the near future following the romantic proposal the Sauti Sol singer staged.

Apparently Bien is said to have hired a whole cinema hall where he proposed to his long term girlfriend. Having planned this for long, Bien only invited close friends and family to come witness this special moment.

How they met

Just a day after he proposed, Bien for the first time shared a few details on how they met.

According to his post the two met at a club new museum hill some few years ago. He wrote saying;


“One day I met a girl outside a club on museum hill. She was hanging out with @emmanueljambo and I thought to myself “wow she’s hot as hell.” About a month later we bumped into each other again at a party and had a conversation. I was mind blown. I had never met a better combination of beauty and brains. She has a heart of gold. My niggah, my ride or die, my shoulder to cry. Thank you for loving my imperfect self perfectly. I love you to Rongai and back,”

Wedding bells! Sauti Sol’s Bien finally proposes to his long term girlfriend

After dating for so long, Bien finally popped the big question to his girlfriend Chiki Kuruka last evening.

The news was released online by their close friends who shared a photo of Bien on one knee proposing.

Although more details about the proposal are yet to be released; the photo making rounds online proves that Chiki Kuruka was undeniably surprised and excited at the same time.

On and Off relationship

Just like most relationships; a while back, Bien and Chiki Kuruka were said to be having some relationship issues that almost saw them separate.

However, we now can now assume that these were just the normal problems every relationship usually faces.

Anyway, as for now we wait for the wedding dates to be released online; but hopefully their wedding will not be held in secret like what Sauti Sol’s fancyfingers did.

“He is my pornstar” Chiki opens up about early days in her relationship with Sauti sol’s Bien 

Sauti Sol’s Bien-Aime Baraza is dating dance and fitness expert Chiki Onwukwe. The two lovebirds have been in a relationship for the past three years.

Recently there have been rumors that Bien and Chiki had gone their separate ways. The rumors surfaced because the two were not being seen out together like they used to.

Chiki has dismissed the breakup rumors with her posts on social media. The dance choreographer opened up about early days in her relationship with Bien to demonstrate they were still madly in love.

Absolute ride or die

Chiki shared an old photo of Bien and her and narrated the story of their love in the caption. She revealed the ‘silly’ things they used to do with Bien in their early days in their relationship.

“@bienaimesol just sent me this major TBT, this was about 3 years ago. Our lives were so different, we went through a junk food addiction phase due to 24hour nakumatt, pancake mix and new(ish) love ???, that moment just after initial insecurities and before the ‘ok life must continue’ phase lol. Relationships are wonderful it’s so funny to look back at old moments, old feelings, old concerns and celebrate growth. Today I celebrate my number one homie, my absolute ride or die, my inspiration, my porn star ?? we have come so far, here’s to many more! And maybe another dog ??????‍♀️??‍♀️” wrote Chiki.



Sauti Sol’s Bien defends Koffi Olomide’s Kes 23 million performance fee in Kakamega

Koffi Olomide’s performance fee and the July 2016 incident sparked a hot debate ever since Kenyans learnt that he was returning to the country.

For starters, Koffi was deported aboard Kenya Airways flight KQ554 to Kinshasa at 11:30am in July 2016 after he assaulted one of his female dancers at JKIA.

The Congolese musician however returned to Kenya two years after the incident. Devolution Conference in Kakamega is what brought Koffi back.

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Performance fee
Koffi Olomide

Koffi sparked uproar when unconfirmed reports indicated that Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya was paying him Kes 23 million to perform.

Sauti Sol’s Bien however defended  Koffi Olomide’s 23 million performance fee. He argues that the Lingala maestro is a cross generation musician who deserves the 23 million price tag.

“Good for Koffi this man has 20 albums. Koffi has done everything we have never done including entertaining three generations. Koffi deserves that kind of money,” says Bien.




Bien: Ezekiel Mutua is not the target audience, sisi hatumuogopi

Moral police Ezekiel Mutua has vowed to ban Sauti Sol’s new song. The group however has no regret about dropping a lewd music video.

Kenya Film Classification Board CEO termed ‘Melanin’ as an absolutely pornography video. Mutua expressed his deep disappointment with Sauti Sol for dropping the offensive song.

He’s not the target audience

Sauti Sol knew they would clash with Ezekiel Mutua even before they dropped ‘Melanin’. The quartet confirmed this while speaking on Hot 96 a day before they released their controversial song.

Jalango asked the group if they thought their video would be played on TV. He told them that the photos they were posting on social media were not Ezekiel Mutua friendly.

“The photos that you people have been posting are not Ezekiel Mutua friendly. So you think it (‘Melanin’) might not be played in our local TVs?” Jalango asked.

Bien-Aimé Baraza replied and told Jalas not to be scared. He says Ezekiel Mutua is not their target audience and assured him ‘Melanin’ would piss him off.

“Even the video is not Ezekiel Mutua friendly. I mean he’s not the target audience. We are pushing the boundary, we are entertaining. We are entertainers that’s what we do you know. Wee (Jalango) usiogope. Unatujua sisi Sauti Sol ni watu wa vitu kali sisi,” said Bien.

Watch the complete interview in the video below:


‘Serves you right!’ Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime tells Kenyans after Tekno failed to deliver during his concert

Call him whatever you want but Bien Aime is among the celebrities who never filter their words when it comes down to telling people off. He has never been apologetic and his recent statement posted on his social media pages proves that he will never bow down.

The member of Sauti Sol band joined in to share his opinion moments after Kenyans decided to complain about the Tekno concert that went down this past weekend 9th September at the Ngong racecourse.


From the pictures making rounds online it is clear to see that the event attracted a huge crowd which ended up complaining since the Nigerian artist did not deliver as they expected.

To mock them in return, Bien went on to tell Kenyans that they deserved it since they do not show support for their artists. He wrote saying;

“Kenyans have once again taken to social media to rant about Tekno. Camp Mulla makes a comeback and instead of that being the main attraction it’s Tekno!!!’ You really deserve what happened to you last night”

This is however not the first time he is telling off Kenyans but all in all I bet Kenyans have learnt the hard way on the importance of supporting their own.


Bien finally responds to Snoop Dogg’s plaudits

Legendary American rapper Snoop Dogg surprised many people when he went into raptures about about Sauti Sol’s song ‘Kuliko Jana’.

Last May Snoop Dogg was touched by Sauti Sol’s hit song and decided to share a clip of the quartet singing ‘Kuliko Jana’ alongside Redfourth Chorus.

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Snoop Dogg

Bien finally responded to Snoop Dogg’s plaudits during an interview on with Mzazi Willy Tuva on Citizen Radio’s Mambo Mseto on Monday.

Bien revealed that he was surprised when Snoop Dogg shared the video because they (Sauti) were concentrating on a new project only to learn their hit song had smitten the American rapper.

Sauti Sol with Mzazi Willy Tuva at Citizen Radio studio

“Ni baraka sana tu halafu inaonyesha wakati mwingine kama msanii unakuwa haufikiri juu ya song, ni kama hiyo song ilishapita unataka usonge mbele na vitu vingine lakini Mungu anakubariki kwa ile kazi umekuwa ukiifanya, hivyo kazi inaendelea kujiendeleza. So mazee tunasema asante pia kwa mashabiki wetu kwa kutuweka hizo level mpaka Snoop anatupata,” Bien said.



“Your ignorance is so loud it’s deafening idiots” Bien blasts two ladies for making gay comments on Chimano

Chimano has long been rumored to be gay; recent photo of the Sauti Sol member made two ladies to make homosexual comment about him which didn’t go down well with Bien.

Two homophobes launched scathing attack on Sauti Sol’s Chimano and Bien was quick to defend him with zeal. The quartet faced similar homophobic attack in December 2015 when they rocked mosquito net-like outfit.

This time round it wasn’t a crazy costume that made homophobes pull out their guns, Chimano’s painted nails was what made two ladies harass the poor chap.

Bien shared a photo which was taken during baby shower for Annabel Onyango. The fashion personality is married to Sauti Sol’s manager Marek Fuchs.

In the photo, Bien had bent over as Annabel Onyango fondled his behinds, while Chimano showed off his hands in celeb-ish style.

The photo drew interesting comments but two homophobes got on Bien’s nerves and he lost his cool. Comments by a certain hawa_the_firstlady and ambukadorice totally pissed off Bien.

ambukadorice : Hahahahaha this is so funny n so gay

hawa_the_firstlady: @ambukadorice esp the nail polish on the guys hands

ambukadorice: @hawa_the_firstlady … I know … Wanakaa ma gay SMH

Bien: @hawa_the_firstlady @ambukadorice you’re ignorance is so loud it’s deafening. Go write your stupid comments on Ezekiel Mutua’s page where other idiots like you dwell. You still can’t be writing such comments on the 21st century. What a waste of an education

“Bien persuaded me to date him” Sauti Sol’s publicist Anyiko Owoko opens up about her bearded mzungu sweetheart (Photos)

Anyiko Owoko is heads over heels in love with her bearded boyfriend, she revealed that her friends cajoled her to go out with the mzungu dude.

Anyiko celebrated one year of love with her sweetheart Tomas Maule. The former Grapevine host who is now Sauti Sol’s communication manager, met her Czech sweetheart through her work with the singing quartet.

Anyiko Owoko with her boyfriend Tomas Maule

Sauti Sol’s manager Marek Fuchs also hails from Czech Republic, that that explains how the group’s communication manager ended up dating Tomas Maule.

Tomas Maule

Anyiko revealed that friends sweet-talked her into hooking up with Tomas, she said Bien in particular waxed lyrical about her boyfriend.

“My baby and I are celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary this May ? I am so excited like a child so I keep changing our anniversary date as a kid would postpone to wear new shoes just so to keep them clean and marvel at how they shine ?We don’t really know the exact date because we just kind of hit it off from Day 1. But that was actually after 100 days of friends cajoling us to be together. Lol ? Bien said, “You’ve got no idea how brilliant he is and how deep he can be.” True I didn’t ?Amidst crazy crazy work schedules, travel and past demons, we ended up together, and I ended up w/ the man of my dreams.,” Anyiko wrote in part.

Sauti Sol’s communication manager is so deep in love in such a way that Kanu secretary general Nick Salat would say ako ndaaaani ndaaaaaani saaaaana.

“Can’t even start to explain the feeling … Love is Graceful. Love is Gracious. Love is Giving. Love is Understanding. Love is Selfless. Love is Trust. Love is Patience. Love is Kind. Love is Empowering. Love is Respect. Love is Caring. Love is Sharing. It’s Fun. It’s Laughter. It’s Cuddling. It’s Breakups to Makeups. It’s also WWF because I’ve won a few times ? Maybe once … ?Just wanted to thank the Lord for the gift, and thank everyone who saw us fit for each other even before we ever had a real conversation. End of story. ?✨??❤️?” Anyiko described how she feels about her boyfriend.