Risen From The Dead? Black Cinderella Spotted In Uganda After Faking Her Own Death

News of Maureen Imbayi’s, known as “Black Cinderella,” passing spread on social media on April 24th through a statement posted on her own accounts. However, the circumstances surrounding the announcement have raised questions among fans.

The statement, attributed to Imbayi’s family, did not disclose the cause of death. This, coupled with Imbayi’s past actions, has led some netizens to doubt the news’ veracity.

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Previously, Imbayi had been known to fabricate events, including a reported instance of faking her daughter’s death.

Further fueling the confusion are unconfirmed reports suggesting Imbayi has been seen in Uganda with her daughter.

As of now, the cause of death and the validity of the online announcement remain unclear. The single mother of one gained popularity through acting in Nairobi Diaries. Even though she remained low-key for a while, she couldn’t eschew remaining relevant. She has been having a couple of controversies, including the time she accused Obinna for mis-using her, and faking her daughter’s death, among others. The struggle to remain relevant is real to Black Cinderella. Reason for faking her own death is unclear.

Black Cinderella’s family has confirmed her demise

The family of Maureen Imbayi, also known as ‘Black Cinderella’ and a former cast member of Nairobi Diaries, has confirmed her passing.

In a statement released on social media on April 24, the family expressed gratitude to her fans and well-wishers for their support during this challenging time.

According to the statement, Maureen Imbayi passed away in the late hours of Monday, April 22, 2024.


Socialite Black Cinderella mourning daughter

“We want to sincerely thank you for having stood firmly with The Black Cinderella during this challenging time, and it is with deepest regrets we wish to inform the public of her demise that occurred in the late hours of Monday 22 April 2024,” reads the statement.

The family revealed that she was rushed unconscious to the hospital, where medical professionals made every effort to resuscitate her, but unfortunately, their attempts were unsuccessful.

“Our beloved daughter was rushed unconscious to the hospital, and every effort was made to resuscitate her by a medical team but unfortunately was unsuccessful,” reads the statement.

In the wake of Maureen’s untimely death, the family has requested privacy as they navigate this difficult period.


Nairobi Diaries Actress Black Cinderella’s Death Puzzles Netizens And Here’s Why

“The family, in accordance with hospital policy, will carry out the necessary procedures to determine the cause of death, and we ask that the privacy of The Black Cinderella’s Family be respected during this difficult time. We hope in the weeks to come, we will find an appropriate way to celebrate the life that THE BLACK CINDERELLA had with us, together with the significant contribution she has made to society,” reads the statement.

The writer attempted to contact the provided contact information in the statement, but unfortunately, there was no response at the time of publication.

The news has been received skeptically by many of her followers, who question the authenticity of her passing.

Some recall a previous incident where Black Cinderella allegedly faked her daughter’s death, leading to doubts about the credibility of this news.

Whether these suspicions hold any truth remains to be seen, as only time will reveal the reality of the situation.

If the socialite has indeed passed away as the family statement says, then these words on her Instagram account serve as her last message to the world.

In her message, she emphasized the importance of kindness towards others and lamented feeling misunderstood despite her efforts to make a positive impact.

She expressed a desire for peace and urged those facing struggles to seek solace, concluding with a reminder to always be compassionate.

Nairobi Diaries Actress Black Cinderella’s Death Puzzles Netizens And Here’s Why

Maureen Imbayi, known to fans as “Black Cinderella” from the reality show Nairobi Diaries, has died. Her family confirmed the news on social media on April 24th.

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The statement expressed gratitude for the support of fans and well-wishers, and announced Maureen’s passing on the evening of April 22nd.

“Our beloved daughter was rushed unconscious to the hospital,” the statement reads. “Every effort was made to resuscitate her by a medical team, but unfortunately was unsuccessful.”

The family requested privacy during this difficult time, while hospital procedures determine the cause of death. They plan to hold a celebration of Maureen’s life and contributions in the coming weeks.

“The family with hospital policy will carry out the necessary procedures to determine the cause of death and we ask that the privacy of The Black Cinderella’s Family be respected during this difficult time we hope in the weeks to come we will find an appropriate way to celebrate the life that THE BLACK CINDERELLA had with us, together with the significant contribution she has made to the society,” the statement read.

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VIDEO: Escort surfaces narrating her dramatic escape from John Matara

A video has surfaced that purportedly depicts a dramatic situation between the fortuitous escape an escort (commercial sex worker) had when she encountered murder suspect, John Matara.

NTV which has been carrying out investigations into the world of prostitution and the link John Matara had to it interviewed a lady who narrated her friend and next-door neighbours hook up with the infamous man courtesy of a dating up.

The man who is at the heart of the murder investigations of the late Starlet Wahu who was murdered in January 2024 and is currently in police custody awaiting the conclusion of the investigations is said to be a marked man in the world of prostitutes as they shared details about him hoping to keep each other safe.

At the time of the incident involving this particular prostitute in the Mirema Drive area of Nairobi was diffused and resolved by the boda boda riders who rushed to the apartment he was accosting the woman in and he was found in possession of a knife, rope and duct tape.

Socialite Black Cinderella mourning daughter

Black Cinderella became famous when she was constantly attacking her fellow socialite, Bridget Achieng when she exposed her for allegedly human trafficking and the two began fighting online to the point she even released a video of Achieng in a state of undress discussing her Johns.

Actress Black Cinderella Exposes Nairobi Diaries Producers For Hooking Up Actors With Politicians

It would seem tragedy has visited Black Cinderella as she went to social media to tell her fans not to speak to her about the tragedy surrounding her daughter. And she was also shocked that a video she had shared with the child’s father, her male best friend and her boss was leaked.

Black Cinderella seems to be grieving and in the midst of it, she attacked her God for allowing this pain to visit her. She claimed He had betrayed her. And while we wish her nothing but peace and acceptance, she also needs to learn to keep quiet about things she doesn’t want her fans discussing.

QUICK UPDATE: She was lying in her insinuations, the child is not dead but in the intensive care unit. And she is playing the victim claiming people are spreading false narratives -that she herself fed.

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“This baboon has called for war” Black Cinderella challenges Bridget Achieng for a physical fight

Word making rounds on social media is that Bridget Achieng and former friend; Black Cinderella are back to calling each other on social media. According to reports, Black Cinderella recently received a threatening text from Bridget Achieng – saying she would shoot her.

Well, where two ladies are exchanging bitter words expect empty threats and I bet this is what has been happening between these two ladies. Of course fans appreciate the fact that Black Cinderella has been on the forefront; fighting for the late Shanty to get justice but with the unnecessary drama is definitely unnecessary.

Bridget Achieng speaks after teenage boy allegedly lost his life at her Nai Fest event

However with how the two ladies have been handling this situation shows that they had been beefing on the low; and are now using the Naifest situation to tear each other apart. According to Black Cinderella, the Naifest organizer has been sending her threats and when you thought things wouldn’t get any worse the two start drama online.

Black Cinderella challenges Bridget Achieng

Responding to the alleged threat, Black Cinderella went on to reveal that she is a military child; who learnt many skills through her dad. She went on to post saying;

Where is the victory after killing someone’s child. Another yet died. All you do is sit infront of camera and threaten me? Since you have decided to kill people…. I am not defendless.. THIS BABOON HAS CALLED FOR A WAR. because SHE HIRES BOUNCERS TO KILL PEOPLE. I WILL DIE WITH YOU EVEN IF YOU BRING WHO. I AM FIGHTING YOU… YOU CANT KILL ME.. WE ARE GOING DRAW

Well, if this is two continue to with such stunts on social media; who will even think of taking them serious?

Drama as Bridget Achieng drags Black Cinderella to court for allegedly ruining her online reputation (Photos)

Bridget Achieng and former friend/ colleague Black Cinderella continue to exchange bitter words via their private Instagram accounts; and now that the death of young Munga has become a blame game – we now leave everything for the court to decide!

Apparently Black Cinderella has been spreading rumors claiming Bridget Achieng should be held responsible for the death of the young man. This is because the bouncers said to have beaten him to death had been given strict instructions by Bridget Achieng.

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Although it wouldn’t be realistic to blame the organizers of the event; the two ladies seem to have escalated their low key beef using the boys death – and now the drama begins.

Bridget lawyers serve Black Cinderella

As seen on Edgar Obare’s stories, it appears that Bridget Achieng is now ready to face Black Cinderella in court. This is after her lawyers went on to serve the coastal based socialite via WhatsApp.

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In the screenshot making rounds on social media; Bridget Achieng’s lawyer explains that his client’s reputation had been ruined by false rumors; and accusations she has been spreading through bloggers and her accounts.

Having seen this, the Black Cinderella did not seem to hold her cool as she went on attack the alleged lawyer for serving her through her WhatsApp.

However turns out that with the pandemic hitting Kenya from all directions; getting served via WhatsApp has now become a thing.
In response to the lawyers message; Black Cinderella wrote;

Former Actress accuses Nairobi Diaries CEO of killing husband (Video)

Actress Black Cinderella has left tongues wagging on social media following her expose on producer Janet Mwaluda; who she claims not only stole from her cast but brought hatred in Nairobi Diaries.

Among the things Janet Mwaluda has been accused of causing unnecessary fights, gossip, sleeping with young men among other things. This comes after Black Cinderella made peace with Chacha and Mwarnicky who had been beefing with her since they joined the Reality show.

Well, the good part is that the ladies learnt from their mistakes; and since their beef had been sparked for the sake of the show – then it was only right to correct past mistakes. Speaking about Mwaluda’s actions, Chacha went on to say;

Nairobi Diaries cast

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 I am very hurt by your actions Janet. I hate you so much! Why are you misusing innocent children? You bring them to your show, drive them crazy, make them look like cheap wh*res, simply because you want money and for your show to fly high. We can’t even pay rent

Black Cinderella talks about Mwaluda’s late fiance

Judging from how angry the Black Cinderella sounds in the video; she goes on to add that Mwaluda actually had a hand in her late husband’s death.

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The socialite went on to abuse the lass telling her to f$#k herself adding that she was aware that she Janet Mwaluda killed her husband. Black Princess said;

f$#k and f$#k your lawyers najua unalala na wao. Najua uliua bwana yako tuseme ukweli

Well, that sounds kind of risky to accuse someone without any evidence; but since these two seem to have had a good relationship before the fall out – chances are that Black Cinderella may know something we don’t!

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