Bobi Wine calls out World Bank over hypocrisy

Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine, is the head of the opposition in Uganda. He has criticized the World Bank for ignoring more human rights abuses.

Wine stated in a tweet that the World Bank should “know” that all human rights are equal and should not focus on issues with same-sex interracial partnerships.

The young lawmaker, who is also a musician, urged the World Bank to pay more attention to other human rights abuses like torture, incarceration without trial, mass murder, and electoral fraud.

“It’s disturbing how institutions like these prioritize only gay rights and ignores all the other gross human rights violations, including mass murder, torture, detention without charge, and undermining democracy by rigging elections. Dear @WorldBank, all human rights are human rights!”

The statement was made a day after the World Bank said it has stopped providing funds to Uganda as a result of President Yoweri Museveni’s decision to sign what are known as the “harsh” same-sex legislation.

The World Bank stated in a statement that Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act fundamentally went against the bank’s values and undermined attempts to be inclusive and non-discriminatory.

“Immediately after the law was enacted, the World Bank deployed a team to Uganda to review our portfolio in the context of the new legislation. That review determined additional measures are necessary to ensure projects are implemented in alignment with our environmental and social standards. We aim to protect sexual and gender minorities from discrimination and exclusion in the projects we finance. These measures are currently under discussion with the authorities.”

However, the 78-year-old Museveni stated in a handwritten statement that it was regrettable that the World Bank and other parties attempted to pressure Ugandans to accept a foreign culture by using financial means to make them give up their beliefs, culture, principles, and sovereignty.

“We are continuing to talk with the World Bank so that both they and we avoid this diversion if possible.”

Kenyan celebs are growing bold in their complaining about GoK

Kenyan celebs seem to be growing cojones by the day as they are now complaining more vocally about the government-mandated Covid 19 measures which have been so poorly instituted as they failed to take into account the lack of social welfare programs to help Kenyans affected by the loss of their sources of income.

Kenyan celebs only get political when their stomachs are threatened and that is not wrong

It is rather refreshing to see the likes of Jua Cali and King Kaka actually begin to join former Capital FM producer Joe W. Muchiri in protesting the results of the lockdown which have been more punitive than preventative that a lot of businesses have gone out of business.

Joe W. Muchiri
Joe Muchiri has been a vocal critic of the Uhuru Kenyatta led GoK

To make things worse, the GoK is currently set to increase the price of fuel which will have a negative effect on the cost of living as the resultant outcome of the historical hike in fuel prices will result in an increase in the price of food and other basic commodities. And  Kenyan celebs are at the forefront of complaining… But not all of them.

From Omosh to Alvan and David Major: Kenyan celebs cannot keep lying that we do not support them

As can be expected from Kenyans, they are embracing the fact that their celebrities are speaking to their realities. The recently announced fuel hike is something that would make them suffer and while they have been speaking up on the matter, it is nice to see celebs ditch the pretences and admit that they too are suffering.

king kaka
King Kaka recently complained about the intended fuel price increase

We have seen entertainment spots shut down and while ordinary Kenyans have lost their sources of income either because they had invested in the entertainment venues or because they worked at these venues as waiters, bartenders, chefs or bouncers and often we forget that a lot of Kenyan celebs depended on these venues too like celebrity DJs and entertainers who would perform at these venues.

Learning from female celebs: Don’t date her if she’s heavily active on social media

But we have to evolve beyond just complaining and actually ask what next. Where will the suffering Kenyans are enduring lead us to? Will we now see Kenyan celebs lead the charge for change like we have seen in Uganda with Bobi Wine?

Bobi Wine
Bobi Wine is a celeb who took an interest in what is happening around him

And if we get there, what happens to celebrities like Sauti Sol who are huge but have opted to be silent about the underlying political influence that is behind our economic suffering? Only time will tell.

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