Activist Boniface Mwangi Calls on President Ruto and Deputy Gachagua to Declare Wealth and Tax Returns

Activist Boniface Mwangi has called on President William Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua to declare their wealth and tax returns publicly.

Mwangi made the remarks after President Ruto and Mr. Gachagua shared photos of themselves filing their tax returns at the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) headquarters in Nairobi.

During his visit to the taxman, President Ruto stated that KRA should facilitate the smooth and efficient payment of taxes by deploying a simple, transparent and convenient system for all Kenyans, backed by the best technology available.

On his part, Mr. Gachagua noted that the Head of State had led by example and urged all Kenyans to follow suit by filing their Tax Returns on time as required by law.

In response to their visit, Mwangi tweeted, “You @rigathi and @WilliamsRuto should make your wealth declaration and tax returns public if you mean business. Anything short of that is just public relations. All the leaders of the free world where you borrow money make their wealth public. Leadership entails true transparency.”

Mwangi’s call comes amid growing public scrutiny of the wealth and financial dealings of Kenya’s political leaders. In recent years, there have been a number of high-profile corruption scandals involving Kenyan politicians, and many Kenyans are demanding greater transparency from their leaders.

By calling on President Ruto and Mr. Gachagua to declare their wealth and tax returns, Mwangi is hoping to shine a light on the financial dealings of Kenya’s political elite and hold them accountable to the public.

It remains to be seen whether President Ruto and Mr. Gachagua will heed Mwangi’s call. However, if they do, it would be a significant step towards greater transparency and accountability in Kenyan politics.

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Boniface Mwangi accuses governor Mutua of threatening to kill Lilian Ng’ang’a

Activist Boniface Mwangi is not afraid to play dirty with Governor Alfred Mutua. In fact, when you look at it, seems like Mwangi lures the Machakos Governor into online fights; (which he often falls for) giving him a proper platform and audience to expose shocking details about the governor that many know nothing about.

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Anyway 4 weeks after activist Boniface Mwangi failed to show up for his court hearing following the defamation case filed against him by Alfred Mutua; the two are back to making headlines and it doesn’t look pretty!

This is after Mutua’s lawyers Harrison Kinyanjui revealed he was going ahead with the contempt of court case against activist Boniface Mwangi; who continues to disobey the court which prohibited him from publishing (in the print, electronic or online media) defamatory material concerning Governor Mutua.

In a screenshot shared by Boniface Mwangi, the mail read;

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We have no option but to proceed with the scheduled contempt of court proceedings.

Boniface Mwangi shares screenshot from Alfred Mutua’s lawyers

Boniface hits back

What we didn’t expect, is the defense mechanism used by Boniface Mwangi against Mutua. Once again, Mwangi saw an opportunity to expose more dirt on the Governor and truth is – his post has left fans talking.

Well Boniface alleges that the governor threatened to kill ex, Lillian Ng’ang’a in a Tweet he wrote;

@DrAlfredMutua‬ is not magnanimous, no one threatens to kill their ex-partner, fraudulently transfers her company shares, steals a car and then bombs our home is magnanimous! All the evidence supporting this is with the police. ‪@DCI_Kenya‬ are protecting Mutua and his accomplices!

Although he did not share details of the threat, all we can see is that Boniface Mwangi is pulling out the big guns with just 157 days to the general elections.

‘I Support Divorce And Separation Any Day’- Activist Boniface Mwangi

Kenyan activist Boniface Mwangi has taken to his Instagram to express his sentiments on divorce. The popular photo-journalist recently defended Lillian Nga’ng’as relationship with Juliani after the duo got attacked by fans.

Juliani was on the receiving end for being alleged to have stolen a governor’s wife (Lillian Ng’ang’a). However, Lillian made it clear that she chose Juliani and she’s happy.

Activist Boniface Mwangi Reveals the Sender of Threatening Messages to  Juliani - Bright Kenya News
Juliani and Ng’ang’a-Google

Lillian’s separation with Mutua was however an amicable one-at least that’s what they told us.

According to Boniface, there’s no problem with separation; (divorce) especially when the partner is toxic. He wrote on his Instagram;

Boniface Mwangi-Instagram

”I support divorce and separation any day, everyday. If someone doesn’t feel safe in their marital home, they should leave. If s/he is violent once, they will do it again. If “god” hates divorce, he can marry that abusive partner but the abused/mistreated spouse should leave. The vows of “till death do us apart” have made many people stay in abusive marriages. A couple friend of ours made a vow to do life together until they can’t do it anymore.

Don’t let society pressure you to stay in unhappy relationship. Leave. Prioritize your happiness not vows. Even if you don’t fall in love again, you will be alive and safe. Don’t be a statistic of abusive marriages. Kids brought up in abusive marriages grow up with wounds.

So even staying for the children doesn’t help them. Athlete Tirop would be alive today if society hadn’t forced her to reconcile with her abusive and jealous husband. If you have ever left a relationship because of an abusive partner, it could be emotional or physical, please share in the comments and give someone the courage to walk away.”


How John Allan Namu narrowly saved Boniface Mwangi’s life during wild street protest

Political activist Boniface Mwangi lives to tell the story of how veteran investigative journalist, John Allan Namu saved his life in a clash between the men in blue and street protesters.

It has been 10 years since the fateful event happened but the political activist looks back and thanks a fellow journalist and friend, Mr Allan Namu for being a person he could rely on at his weakest.

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Boniface tells his story

2010, the politician got entangled in a wild street protest he was filming, where he turned victim after a stray stone hit his head from the back.

Binoface Mwangi turns victim while covering a street protest

He was covering a protest outside Jamia Mosque, on January 15, where Muslim youth were protesting the arrest of Sheikh al Faisal who had been convicted in the UK.

So City Market traders started pelting stones at protesting youth before a man in the crowd got shot and as he was being carried to safety, Boniface moved in to frame the shot.

Only for a flying stone to suddenly hit his head from the back, sending him to the ground and he just could not move.

Allan Namu and Boniface Mwangi at a street protest

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Everyone fled, except for John Allan Namu who moved in and pulled him to safety. He was rushed to hospital and the blood clots in his head dealt with.

Allan Namu rescues Boniface Mwangi at a street protest

Boniface survived to photograph Allan Namu’s wedding and later clinched the CNN African Photojournalist of the Year Award for his work.

John Allan Namu and Boniface Mwangi with their wives

A story the activist lives to tell, more than a decade later because someone, saved his life.

Boniface Mwangi’s Oscar-nominated ‘Softie’ film to premiere in Kenya

Boniface Mwangis Kenyan film Softie is set to premiere in the country tomorrow, in various cinemas at scheduled times.

A film nominated under the best documentary feature in the 2021 Oscar Awards, shortlisted among 40 other documentaries.

Friday, October 16, Softie officially premieres on the Kenyan motherland.

Boniface Mwangi’s ‘Softie’ film to premiere in Kenya

A film shot in Kenya, for a better part of the 2017 elections, written and directed by Sam Soko and produced by Toni Kamau.

The film Softie

The local production attempts to take viewers through the renown political activists life. Right from his street protests, to his activism and also his campaign journey in his bid to join the local political space.

Apart from his journey, his family features as key characters in the play. The one support system that had his back through it all, while advocating for equality and condemned injustices in the country.

Boniface Mwangi’s adorable family

Softiepremieres in Kenya

Anga Diamond Plaza will be screening the film from Friday, October 16, until Thursday, October 22.

Prestige Cinema screens it on October 17 and Motion Cinemas in Donholm screens it on October 20. October 16 to October 22, the film moves to Rupas in Eldoret.

Oscar-nominated ‘Softie’ film premieres

In January 2020, the Kenyan film premiered at Sundance Film Festival where it won a special jury prize for editing. Thereafter, scooping the ‘Best Documentary’ award at the Durban International Film Festival 2020.

Qualifying the Kenyan film for consideration for the Oscar documentary shortlist for the 93rd Academy Awards ceremony.

Boniface Mwangi and film director Sam Soko at the Sundance Film Festival 2020

In the event that ‘Softie’ scoops the Oscars award, then Boniface Mwangi will become the second Kenyan to ever bag the coveted International award after a dear Lupita Nyong’o.

Have a look at the trailer:

Boniface Mwangi slaughters goat at accident scene after escaping unhurt (photos)

Human rights activist Boniface Mwangi is one happy and lucky man after his family escape unhurt following an accident a long the Namanga-Amboseli road at Lorubuko on Sunday.

Mwangi was traveling with his wife and three children when their car skidded on loose gravel before losing control and flipping over. The family was injured at all thanks to their seat belts.

“We had passed some men grazing, slowed down, said Hello & then drove on, a few minutes later they heard kids screaming. They rushed to the scene and found us shaken but okay.

“When all that very scary experience stopped, all five of us were still belted and in our seats, upside down. Safety belts are lifesavers. Belt up,” wrote Mwangi.


Mwangi thanked Amboseli Serena Lodge for swiftly responding and sending a vehicle to rescue them and also slaughtered a goat at the scene to thank the Maasai morans who rushed to their rescue.

“Slaughtered a thank you goat for Sakita, Ngaiyai & co who came to our rescue. They found us outside the car and stared in disbelief, and then said Enkai (God) saved you. Told us we go, Maasais are good people and the car will be safe, lions and elephants don’t eat or steal cars.” he said.

AAR Insurance responds after Boniface Mwangi claimed they conned him

Health insurance company – AAR – has denied it conned popular activist Boniface Mwangi in regards to his surgery on 22nd March.

Last week, Mwangi took to social media to accuse the company of reaping him off after they agreed to cover the costs of the surgery to remove a cyst on his left breast but failed to.

The night before the surgery, on 21st March, I received a phone call from a Ms. Sheila Mbogo, informing me that they were not going to pay for my surgery, as they considered the cyst to be a pre-existing condition, for which the waiting period is two years. TWO YEARS! She further stated that l was a new client. Why? Well, last year my cover lapsed for 3 months, and at the point of renewal, the insurance claims I was considered to be a new member,” Mwangi wrote in part.

Not covered

AAR however, released a statement saying that the cover he took didn’t include his surgery. They also allege that the waiting period for a pre-existing condition is one year and not two as claimed by Boniface Mwangi.

Here’s what the company said in a letter:

Here’s Mwangi’s full statement:

In November 2016, l gave a speech on how the Kenyan middle class is only a phone call away from poverty. If you or your loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness, and you don’t have a lot of money, you’ll end up being bankrupted. At the time, I hadn’t yet discovered another truth; that a health insurance cover isn’t a guarantee that your insurer will pay for your treatment when you need them to do so.

On October 19, 2017, an overzealous police officer shot me with a teargas canister, at close range. I was treated at Kenyatta Hospital and discharged, but later on developed a large swelling on my left breast, where the canister hit me. After the swelling healed, l was left with a big cyst, often referred to as a man boob. So one side of my chest was more swollen than the other. It didn’t bother me at first, but after a lot of prompting from my wife and friends, l decided to have it checked and, subsequently, made a decision to have it surgically removed this year.

I made an appointment with a doctor, at a hospital and the surgery was set for 22nd March 2019. My insurer agreed to cover the costs. My family and I have been faithful members of AAR since 2010.

The night before the surgery, on 21st March, I received a phone call from a Ms. Sheila Mbogo, informing me that they were not going to pay for my surgery, as they considered the cyst to be a pre-existing condition, for which the waiting period is two years. TWO YEARS! She further stated that l was a new client. Why? Well, last year my cover lapsed for 3 months, and at the point of renewal, the insurance claims I was considered to be a new member.

My conversation with Sheila concluded with an agreement that l needed to get the rejection from the medical insurer in writing and, once it was done, she would give me a call. Unfortunately she never called back and I thought it must have been a misunderstanding that had then been resolved. After all, the hospital had already been given clearance by the insurer for my surgery. I went for the surgery on 22nd March and, thankfully, the cyst was successfully removed.

In the afternoon, while still recuperating from the effects of the anesthesia, the hospital administrator walked in with a letter that had been delivered by AAR, stating that they would not settle my bill.

Still groggy, I tried to call my insurance agent to clarify. The person to whom we paid our premiums, Sam Ng’ethe, Business Manager AAR, wasn’t picking my wife’s calls. I then called the AAR switchboard and spoke to a lady called Josephine from the AAR Care team. l explained my issue and she promised to call back. Hours went by without a phone call and l resorted to tweeting about it. After a lot of back and forth calls, I finally spoke to a Ms. Carolyne Nekesa.

She spoke to her team and, three hours later, got back to me saying she had consulted with her bosses and, my faithfulness to AAR insurance notwithstanding, told me l was considered to be a new client since l had delayed to renew my cover last year. She flatly refused to address the lies that Sheila, Josephine and the team had told me before.

Lies that Sheila had called my wife to say they would not cover my surgery. (What exactly was the lie?) The company was emphatic that, according to their terms and conditions, l was a new client; terms that Sam did not disclose when we renewed our health insurance last year. The hospital was kind enough to release me without payment, to avoid accumulation of additional hospital bills and we agreed to settle in time. Thank God everything went well with the surgery and the hospital.

Health insurance companies in Kenya take our personal health for granted, especially when people with valid medical covers are denied healthcare. There are health insurance companies who are still collecting premiums, but you cannot use their cover in any of the private hospitals because these insurers simply don’t honor their obligations.

The reason health insurance companies can do that and get away with it, is because we have very weak protection laws. We are used to being taken advantage of.

I was lied to by not one or two AAR employees, but three of them. They are confident nothing will happen to them, perhaps because they were speaking under the authority of their bosses; after all, they are not in the ethics business. Conducting health insurance business for the sole aim of making profits is purely evil.

Doctors take the Hippocratic oath; a promise that they will do everything possible to help their patients and to have high professional standards in their work. What binds the medical insurance companies to do the right thing? Nothing. Zero. Profit is their “silent” oath. They do not train doctors or support medical schools. They have people specifically hired to write contracts that are hard for ordinary folks like you and me to understand, so that they can try to evade paying when you make a claim.

The Kenyan government trains doctors who also work in private practice, while on publichospital’s payroll. l wish the public hospitals would have an electronic sign-in and sign-out system for doctors working in their hospitals, and a big display board indicating doctors on duty and what time they are supposed to be there. I believe that it would help to know which health insurance companies and private hospitals are working with doctors who should be rotating in public wards.

Everyday people are fundraising to pay a medical bill for someone, but if National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) was well run – with no fake patients being taken to India for fake medical treatment and private hospitals conspiring with NHIF to steal from us – that is all the medical cover Kenyans would need.

We can’t satisfy the greed of private health insurance firms and we must demand that the health ministry provides quality, affordable healthcare for all, otherwise these health insurances continue to thrive at our expense and the majority of Kenyans cannot afford life-saving healthcare.

The right to health is a basic human right, guaranteed by the Constitution of Kenya. Article 43 (1) (a) provides that every person has the right to the highest attainable standard of health, which includes the right to healthcare services, including reproductive healthcare. Let’s demand that right.

I am sharing my story and l hope anyone who has suffered in the hands of Health Insurance companies can also share their stories as well. What’s your medical story? It’s time to name and shame them. Use the hashtag #HealthInsuranceFraudsters

Boniface Mwangi asks for prayers before heading to surgery

Activities Boniface Mwangi is about to undergo surgery and has asked Kenyans to pray for him.

Mwangi took to social media to announce he will be going under the knife in a few days and the surgeon is a friend he met 12 years ago, who is now a biker.

He also stated that he decided to undergo the surgery in Kenyan instead of abroad because his friend will be doing it. Mwangi didn’t explain exactly why he needs a surgery.

“I am due for surgery. My surgeon is a fellow biker whom I met 12 years ago, while he was a medical student. I chose him because he understands that a biker can be here today and gone tomorrow,” he posted. 

First surgery


The surgery will be Mwangi’s second after undergoing another in 2015. He went under the knife to remove sinuses which made him snore so loud that his wife couldn’t sleep.

“I used to snore. I snored so badly that my wife would go and sleep in the kids’ bedroom.” Boniface wrote in part.

The wife pushed him to see a doctor when she could no longer digest the disturbance from her hubby’s throat. Boniface finally gave into his wife’s pressure and checked in a hospital to rectify his snoring condition.

He successfully underwent a 4 hour surgery and he has been recuperating in the hospital for the last 12 days.

“My mother’s Tanzanian lover kidnapped my brother and disappeared” Boniface Mwangi launch bid to find his lost brother after close to four decades

Boniface Mwangi has traveled to Tanzania and he is hoping that he will finally find his lost brother who was kidnapped when he was only a baby.

The Rights Activist talked about his lost brother in his book ‘UnBounded’. His brother was kidnapped by his father – a Tanzanian man who impregnated his mother.

“In the late 1970s, my mum was engaged in cross-border trading, travelling often between Kenya and Tanzania. She got into a relationship with a Tanzanian and they had a son in 1979. My mum refused to get married to the man and then one day the man kidnapped his son and disappeared,” Boniface tweeted.

Possible reunion

Bonifice took to Twitter to post the only photo of his lost brother that is in his possession. He says that his lost brother was named Bernard Warue.

Boniface Mwangi's lost brother
Boniface Mwangi’s lost brother

“This is the only surviving photo of my brother, Bernard Warue. He was named after my mum’s only brother. My mother never discussed him and like all family secrets, we learnt of him and his disappearance through family gossip,” Boniface tweeted.

Boniface is currently in Dar es Salaam to give a speech at Cozy Cafè, he hopes that somehow his lost brother would show up at the cafe and finally get to meet him.

“Today l am speaking at Cozy Cafè Tz in Dar es Salaam at 7pm. Maybe my brother will be in the audience 🙂 #BMUnBounded,” tweeted Boniface.









“Quran and the Bible are foreign books” Boniface Mwangi reins in religious zealots castigating Ben Kitili and Amina Mude

KTN anchor Ben Kitili married his baby mama Amina Mude in one of a kind wedding ceremony that was held on Friday November 16th.

Ben and Amina’s wedding was unique because of their different faiths, the KTN anchor is a Christian while his wife is a Muslim.

Some Muslims took to social media to condemned their union on grounds that Islam forbids a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man.

Ben Kitili and his wife Amina Mude
Ben Kitili and his wife Amina Mude

Let your love conquer bigotry

Ben Kitili responded to the criticisms from section of Muslims condemning his marriage. But his response isn’t enough to ward off religious zealots.

Rights Activist Boniface Mwangi has weighed in on the contentious interfaith marriage debate that has pitted Muslims against liberals and Christians.

Boniface says Africans of Christian and Muslim faiths are a lost lot. The controversial activists insists that Christianity and Islam shouldn’t divide Africans since both Quran and the Bible are foreign books.

“Love unlike religion is blind and sometimes foolish. Quran and the Bible are foreign books,that came and found our ancestors practicing intermarriages.Let no book stop you from loving the human being you love.Muslim, Christian, Animist, Atheist etc? Let your love conquer bigotry,” Boniface Mwangi tweeted.


Boniface Mwangi lands continental job after being banned from attending president Uhuru’s function

Boniface Mwangi was recently thrown out of a function attended by president Uhuru Kenyatta. He was briefly arrested at NYS pass out parade in Gilgil on Friday November 16th.

He clashed with authorities after he started documenting how police were confiscating food, drinks and throwing everything on the floor at the pass out parade.

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Continental job

Boniface’s activism has now landed him a new job, the fiery activist has been appointed the new Ambassador of Africans Rising.

He broke news about his new appointment in a tweet, Boniface also announced that his first assignment will be in Gambia before later travelling to Tanzania, Nigeria and Ghana next month.

“I am excited to start my role as @AfricansRising’s Ambassador. Heading to Gambia for my first assignment as Africans Rising Ambassador. I will be in Tanzania in early December. Nigeria and Ghana, see you mid Dec. I promise to continue shining a light on suffering and injustice,” Boniface tweeted.




Boniface Mwangi reveals why he was banned from attending president Uhuru’s function in Gilgil

President Uhuru Kenyatta presided over the National Youth Service (NYS) pass out parade in Gilgil on Friday November 16th.

Boniface Mwangi was among Kenyans who were in Gilgil for the NYS pass out parade. The right activist was shocked by how police handle relatives who turned up for the function.

He clashed with authorities after he started taking photos showing how police were confiscating food, drinks and throwing everything on the floor.


Boniface was eventually arrested by the police, he was taken to police station where his photos were deleted before he was set free and banned from attending the NYS function.

“Travelled to Gilgil to attend a relative’s National Youth Service pass out parade. I took pics of the chaos and dirt all over. I was arrested. Produced my press card (I renew my membership every year.) They made some calls, deleted my pics and said l have been banned from attending the event. The chaos, the dirt, police confiscating food, drinks and throwing everything on the floor. No dust bins, no order, and very aggressive language by law enforcers, barking at people. Kenya Police, NYS cadets have sticks to push and hit people. #SemaUkweli,” wrote Boniface Mwangi.





Boniface Mwangi fires at Jeff Koinange for hosting South Sudanese tycoon Lawrence Lual

Jeff Koinange hosted flamboyant South Sudan tycoon Lawrence Lual Malong Yor Jnr on his show on Citizen TV which aired last Sunday.

Malong bragged about wearing designer shoes worth $10,000 (Kes 1,000,000) and a Rolex watch worth $100,000 (Kes 10,000,000) during the interview.

The 30-year-old tycoon also told Jeff that he was currently staying at the Presidential Suite of a top Nairobi hotel where he is paying $2,500 (Kes 250,000) per night.

Source of wealth

Malong is among other well connected South Sudanese who have been accused of plundering their country’s natural resources which include oil and timber.

In his latest documentary -The Profiteers, John Allan Namu shows how South Sudanese elite benefit from corruption proceeds and stash their loot in Kenya and Uganda.

“I got my wealth from my Lord Jesus Christ. My Lord Jesus Christ blessed me; I fly on private jets… I live in Presidential suites… I am blessed,” said the 30-year old,” said Malong when Jeff asked him about his source of immense wealth.

Rights Activist Boniface Mwangi has however castigated Jeff for hosting the billionaire thief instead of South Sudanese activists who decry the loot of public resources.



“Bro am not desperate” Mohammed Ali fires back at Boniface Mwangi after face to face meeting

Boniface Mwangi and Mohammed Ali had a  meeting over the past weekend at the request of the Nyali MP. The two spent over five hours just talking.

“I got a call from Nyali MP @mohajichopevu requesting we meet. We spent over five hours talking,” said Boniface Mwangi.

The Rights Activist went on to post details of what he discussed with Moha. Basically the Nyali MP was seeking Boniface’s help to clean his image.

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Mohammed Ali and Boniface Mwangi
Mohammed Ali and Boniface Mwangi

Trust is like virginity

Boniface criticized Moha after their meeting, he said that the Nyali MP was only running back to Kenyans after benefiting from the proceeds of corruption.

“Trust is like virginity; you lose it once, and Moha lost our trust after he started hanging out and praising William Samoei Ruto, a man perceived by Kenyans to be the most corrupt politician in office today. So, Ruto’s son is coming back to us, to the side of Kenyans, the people who defied political parties and supported and voted for him as an independent. l hope, this time, he stays. #TeamCourage #SemaUkweli,” wrote Boniface Mwangi.

Mohammed Ali quickly responded to Boniface in a post on social media, he said that he didn’t need his validation.

“My Bro @bonifacemwangi Im not desperate for your validation. Home is Kenya. Asante! #DuniaGunia,” wrote Moha.


“I only take home Kes 75,000 a month” 5 shocking things Mohammed Ali told Boniface Mwangi as he tries to win back the love of Kenyans

Mohammed Ali was the most promising MP when he joined the August House. But somehow he also became greedy and started doing the very things he condemned MPs for doing while he was still a journalist.

Moha was among lawmakers who traveled to Russia to watch the 2018 World Cup at the expense of Kenyan taxpayers. He also sought political dalliance with DP William Ruto and even started carrying the infamous brown envelope.

The Nyali MP has since become one of the most hated lawmakers in Kenya after he disappointed millions of Kenyans who thought he would be their savior in parliament.

Boniface Mwangi reveals that he received a call from Moha requesting a meet. The Rights Activist met the Nyali MP and he posted what they discussed during their meeting:

Mohammed Ali and Boniface Mwangi
Mohammed Ali and Boniface Mwangi

Trip to Russia

On his trip to the FIFA World Cup in Russia, he said he went because the Speaker gave him a letter to do so and he only watched two games, but other MPs were there for a month. I found that excuse very lame, but he added that he spent a good part of his time meeting Kenyans living there and, in the process, learned about their suffering and the fact that our Embassy in Russia is run by Russians. He claims he did a report about the same and l look forward to that report being made public.

Corruption in parliament

He told me about the stories of bribery in Parliament and how parliamentary journalists must be bribed to write certain stories. Almost every single MP is corrupt and he said he finds himself totally isolated.

Association with DP Ruto

What about his closeness and association with the Deputy President, William Samoei Ruto? He said that came about because he wanted development for the people of Nyali. I inquired whether he had received any bribe or money from the Deputy President, or from any other person? He replied, “No”.


He claimed that he takes home Sh75,000, after paying his mortgage and monthly living expenses, which includes the lawyer representing him on his just concluded election petition.

So what does Moha want?

Legal and public support to expose the rot. This documentary he will be releasing in the coming days, he said, will be the beginning of many more to come. He said that without public support, the corrupt will eat him alive. I promised him my support if the documentary is legit and called a few organizations who can provide legal support. We shall also watch the documentary this coming week and if it’s legit, as he claimed, provide the legal support to ensure that it airs.





Boniface Mwangi slams Ezekiel Mutua on Twitter after ‘socks’ condom advert criticisms

Activities Boniface Mwangi had some really sharp words for KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua after he took to social media to criticize the “socks” condom advert airing on most TV stations.

According to Mutua, the advert doesn’t meet the standard requirements of the board and should be stopped from airing during watershed period.

“Following complaints and concerns raised by a cross-section of Kenyans regarding the “socks” condom advert airing in most Tv stations during prime time, the Board today launched investigations on the matter and has established that the advert was not submitted for examination and classification in line with the requirements of the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222.” said the CEO.

It’s the second time he’s come out to complain about the advert that has also left many parents uncomfortable. He promised Kenya that the advert will be pulled down since it’s obscene.

“The airing of the advert is therefore in contravention of the law and the producers, distributors and broadcasters will be held liable for the breach. The Board has given instructions to its lawyers to proceed and prosecute the concerned institutions for the breach,” read his statement.

Blame money


“These condom adverts do not promote safe sex or protection. They sensualises the product. It’s more of business than safety campaign.

KFCB supports sex education and the campaign for safe sex, but condom adverts, just like all other adverts must be submitted to the Board for examination and classification in line with the law. Condoms must not give misleading information or target the wrong audiences.”

Mwangi was not loving his take and fired back with some really piercing words.


“Spread your buttocks on two economy class seats” Boniface Mwangi tells off bootyful senator who complains economy seat too small for her

Nominated senator Millicent Omanga sparked uproar after she sought preferential treatment when flying on grounds that her buttocks are too big they can’t fit on economy class seat.

The sufficiently endowed senator wrote to Parliamentary Service Commission  (PSC) seeking permission to fly business class at the expense of Kenyan taxpayers.

She argues that seats for local flights are too small for her humongous derriere. The matter was however discussed at the PSC meeting on July 14 and rejected.

Nominated senator Millicent Omanga
Nominated senator Millicent Omanga

Spread your booty

A furious Boniface Mwangi doesn’t understand why Millicent Omanga wants taxpayers to pay for her business class seat when she easily spread her buttocks on two economy class seats and save poor Kenyans.

“Nominated (a seat given for free) senator Millicent Omanga, complains economy seat too small for her. Business class is mostly legroom but her arrogance is too much. Also, she can use her own money-Sh1.2 million salary, two economy class seats and spread her entitlement there,” Boniface Mwangi tweeted.

“I deserve a mental break” Boniface Mwangi reveals what he will be doing as he takes a break from activism

Boniface Mwangi won’t be taking to the streets to protest any time soon. The firebrand activist is instead focusing his energy on other projects.

Mwangi recently celebrated after he paid off all campaign-related debts. He incurred huge debts while campaigning in Starehe in the run-up to August 8th 2017 general election.

Also read: Broke and heavily indebted for a year! Boniface Mwangi celebrates paying off campaign related debts 

New project

Boniface Mwangi
Boniface Mwangi

Speaking during an interview with Word Is, Boniface revealed that he was focusing his energy on writing, public lecture and liaison with other activists in other countries.

“I am working on three projects; one being about Kenyan heroes that I want to take to public universities as well as work with other activists in other countries to change people. Activism is not an event but a way of life and so seeing that we have over 50 million Kenyans, I think I deserve a mental break. But I’m still an activist everyday because I write and post what I feel I want to. I was in Mombasa and it’s only that I have less time but I wanted to write about my experience in Mombasa so I will continue writing about what I think is going on in this country,” said Boniface Mwangi.


Broke and heavily indebted for a year! Boniface Mwangi celebrates paying off campaign related debts 

Boniface Mwangi recently opened up about how much he spent campaigning in Starehe constituency in the run-up to August 8th 2017 general election.

Speaking during an interview with SDE, Boniface disclosed that he spent close to 18 million shillings, he said his opponents spent much more campaigning.

“I spent about Sh18 million in cash and in kind. My competitors spent five times more. Instead of manifestos, they had lots of ‘moneyfestos.’ Voters didn’t even bother asking, ‘Where is all this money coming from?’ That’s the problem with our politics,” said Boniface Mwangi.

Broke and heavily indebted

In a post on social media, Boniface revealed that he ran out of money and was even forced to sell his wife’s car to raise money for his campaigns.

“You run out of money midway and no one is picking your calls, so you start selling personal things to raise more money (I sold my wife’s car). You start smelling victory, but you have nothing left to sell and you go to a shylock and borrow some money (I did that too). Lose or win, the campaign ends with most candidates in debt. If you win (for those who bribed voters), you get to Parliament and your first order of business is to pay your debts. Then you realise your constituents expect you to pay maternity and school fees,” wrote Boniface in part.

Relief at last

Boniface has finally managed to clear his debts, the controversial rights activists could hide his joy after he paid off campaign related debts.

“As of today, 13th August 2018, l have officially paid all my campaign related debts ?. I feel so goooood! Am debt free. To everyone who walked me on this journey, l have got mad, mad love for you. Thank you,” Boniface tweeted.

Boniface Mwangi: I spent about 18 million campaigning in Starehe and got broke like crazy afterwards

The race for Starehe parliamentary seat was contested by Jaguar (Jubilee), Steve Mbogo (ODM) and Boniface Mwangi (Ukweli Party).

Jaguar emerged as the winner even though Steve Mbogo moved to court to challenge the win. The candidates spent million of shillings in their campaigns.

Boniface Mwangi opened up about how much he spent during an interview with SDE. He revealed that he spent close to 18 million in his campaigns.

“I spent about Sh18 million in cash and in kind. My competitors spent five times more. Instead of manifestos, they had lots of ‘moneyfestos.’ Voters didn’t even bother asking, “Where is all this money coming from?” That’s the problem with our politics,” said Boniface Mwangi.

In a recent post on social media, Boniface revealed that he ran out of money and was even forced to sell his wife’s car to raise money for his campaigns.

“You run out of money midway and no one is picking your calls, so you start selling personal things to raise more money (I sold my wife’s car). You start smelling victory, but you have nothing left to sell and you go to a shylock and borrow some money (I did that too). Lose or win, the campaign ends with most candidates in debt. If you win (for those who bribed voters), you get to Parliament and your first order of business is to pay your debts. Then you realise your constituents expect you to pay maternity and school fees,” wrote Boniface in part.

Kenyans not ready for change

Boniface says Kenyans are not yet ready for clean politics, apparently he could tell he would lose the elections because voters wanted him to align with Raila or Uhuru to get their votes.

“Kenyans aren’t ready for clean politics. Most voters wanted me to align with either Uhuru or Raila for them to elect me. I refused to play tribal politics. I campaigned on issues, printed a manifesto for my vision for Starehe and they still ignored me. When you’re used to being treated like trash, you have a problem when someone who shows you respect,” Boniface told SDE.

Voice of the people in Parliament

Boniface believes that he would have been the opposition leader if he had been elected Starehe MP. He says that he would have pushed for the removal of hefty privileges.

“I believe I would be the official leader of the opposition and the voice of the people in Parliament. I would have made public all the dirty secrets and dirty deals in Parliament. The bribes they get to approve nominees and attend rallies would have been revealed.

I would have pushed for the removal of the so-called ‘privileges’ – bodyguards, medical cover and sitting allowances, etc – when MPs already have a salary. I would have turned people’s perception of what an MP is upside down and reminded them that an MP is a servant, not chief or… a thief!”



“Your security people hit me in the balls, I had to see urologist” Boniface Mwangi lists things he would tell retired president Kibaki if they meet

Boniface Mwangi will never forget Madaraka Day June 1st 2009, the Rights Activist faced off with presidential guard at Nyayo Stadium and he lives to tell the tale.

Boniface stole all attention when he stood up to heckle president Mwai Kibaki as he was delivering Madaraka Day speech at Nyayo stadium.

Boniface Mwangi heckling president Mwai Kibaki at Nyayo Stadium
Boniface Mwangi heckling president Mwai Kibaki at Nyayo Stadium

Boniface was roughed up by the president’s security detail, he was manhandled and carried out of the stadium in the full glare of cameras.

Kibaki's security personnel wrestle Boniface Mwangi
Kibaki’s security personnel wrestle Boniface Mwangi

3 things to tell Kibaki

In an interview with SDE, Boniface listed three things that he would tell Kibaki in case they meet. The incident in 2009 at Nyayo Stadium was in Boniface’s list.

“Wow! Thank you for free primary education. That was a game a changer. But I will also tell him that he failed to fight corruption; that his regime did not secure a single conviction in high profile corruption case. Ooh, and the day I heckled him, his security people hit me in the balls and I had to see a urologist several times,” said Boniface Mwangi.





Boniface Mwangi comes out to advise Miguna Miguna after he loses Twitter war to Edwin Sifuna

Miguna Miguna and ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna were embroiled in a fierce tweef following Raila Odinga’s interview with Citizen TV’s Hussein Mohammed.

Raila said he didn’t want to talk about Miguna Miguna when Hussein asked him about the self-declared NRM general. Baba said Miguna savagely insulted him when he tried to help him.

Sifuna came out defend Raila saying he tried his best to help Miguna but the NRM general frustrated everyone who tried to help him. Miguna fired back and the tweef gained momentum, Sifuna however beat Miguna into submission.


You’ve a way of making everyone your enemy

Boniface Mwangi came out to advise Miguna Miguna after the tweef with Sifuna. The Rights Activists calls on Miguna to take a break on social media to reflect on his life.

“Comrade @MigunaMiguna you have a way of making everyone your enemy by abusing them, sometimes even when you’re right, silence can be the best response. You can’t win alone. Take a break from social media and reflect. Aluta Continua!” Boniface Mwangi tweeted.

But Miguna Miguna just couldn’t keep quiet;

“You were my favorite bro” Babu Owino disowns Steve Mbogo, reveals he supported Boniface Mwangi for Starehe seat

The race for Starehe parliamentary seat was contested by Jaguar (Jubilee), Steve Mbogo (ODM) and Boniface Mwangi (Ukweli Party).

Jaguar emerged as the winner even though Steve Mbogo moved to court to challenge the win. Babu Owino was rooting for Steve Mbogo because they are friends and they were also in the same party.

Now it turns out Babu was secretly supporting Boniface Mwangi. The Embakasi East MP confessed to supporting Boniface after he talked about his ordeal vying for Starehe seat.

“You run out of money midway and no one is picking your calls, so you start selling personal things to raise more money (I sold my wife’s car). You start smelling victory, but you have nothing left to sell and you go to a shylock and borrow some money (I did that too). Lose or win, the campaign ends with most candidates in debt. If you win (for those who bribed voters), you get to Parliament and your first order of business is to pay your debts. Then you realise your constituents expect you to pay maternity and school fees,” wrote Boniface in part.

You were my favorite

Babu Owino says he understands Boniface’s ordeal because he also went through the same experience when he first vied for Westlands parliamentary seat and lost.

The Embakasi East MP also confessed that he supported Boniface Mwangi during the race for Starehe constituency seat.

“You were my favorite bro.It happened to me in 2013 when I vied for Westlands Mp and auctioneers were very fast to take all my earthly belongings.God will see you through.One day I believe you will be there coz you have what it takes,” Babu Owino commented on Boniface’s post.

Boniface Mwangi: I was offered free sex and drugs during campaigns 

Activist Boniface Mwangi recently took to social media to share how being a politician in Kenya is a hard task that leaves you worn out to the bones.

According to Boniface who ran for the Starehe seat and lost badly, politicians in Kenya pay a heavy price to get elected and the price includes your family who you neglect in pursuit of the votes.

In a long post he said:

I am taking a break from the Nairobian column. I haven’t rested for years, and I feel fatigued from the toil of the 2017 election where I ran for MP. I feel the need to step back, reboot, and play with my children.

And I can’t think of a better way to say bye than sharing my brief experience as a candidate for Member of Parliament. It takes a lot of courage to run for office. The moment you announce that you’re vying, a strange confidence, a feeling of self-belief surges through your body. Friends who used to call you by your childhood name start calling you Mhesh. Security guards start saluting you. Political brokers and conmen start sending you lists of voters, claiming they can influence them for you. You develop an air of self-importance because that’s how voters treat you.

Every day, you wake up early and spend the day begging for votes, while your evenings are spent calling on people and attending dinners begging for campaign cash. Voters rush excitedly when they hear you’re in the area, smile and say how much they love you. But the moment they realise you will not part with money, the fake smiles disappear, and they start insulting you and shouting your rivals’ names.

In many cases, political candidates start their ambitions to serve with good intentions, but the voters treat you like a cash cow and, if you’re broke, a communicable disease. Even when you have no intention to bribe voters, like myself, campaigns cost money — staff, campaign merchandise, transport, compliance fees, etc.

You run out of money midway and no one is picking your calls, so you start selling personal things to raise more money
(I sold my wife’s car). You start smelling victory, but you have nothing left to sell and you go to a shylock and borrow some money (I did that too). Lose or win, the campaign ends with most candidates in debt. If you win (for those who bribed voters), you get to Parliament and your first order of business is to pay your debts. Then you realise your constituents expect you to pay maternity and school fees, contribute to funerals, church fundraisers, even weddings. So, the voters don’t expect you to deliver services, they just want handouts. That’s why politicians become arrogant; the majority can say, “my money elected me”, because it’s true – they bought and transported voters.

When the recent proposal to increase MPs’ salaries was floated, I called a couple of young, first time, MPs I know and invited them to hold a press conference to disown the proposal. They emphatically told me, “No way, we are broke, we need the money.” On a personal level, politicians in Kenya pay a heavy price in Kenya to get elected. You neglect your family and alcohol, drugs and women become your constant solace (I was offered cocaine, bhang and free sex during my campaign). You become what voters think of you. In the end, you lose yourself and become like the people you were fighting to change.

The greediness and heartlessness of some of the politicians we have can be explained by the heavy personal price they have paid to get elected. Every time you ask a politician for some money or donation, you’re encouraging them to steal our taxes to meet your needs. Good leadership isn’t about handouts. Public office for those who really want to serve can drive you crazy because our politics is so bitter, so corrupt.

A Kenyan politician is like a priest. All the problems are dumped on you. Depression is real. That is why if you run for office, have a fall back option. For me, photography and giving talks comes naturally and has helped me recover.

This piece is dedicated to everyone who supported my campaign, to the Nairobian who gave me a column to earn some money, and to friends and family who have walked with me to recover my sanity. Adios!

Boniface Mwangi: Jomo Kenyatta and Mama Ngina Kenyatta are thieves, if Uhuru is not a thief prove it

Boniface Mwangi has come out all guns blazing to dare president Uhuru Kenyatta to prove he is not a thief or benefits from corrupt practices.

The daring Rights Activist claims the president is shielding corrupt individuals from his side of the coalition from being persecuted.

“A time comes when the truth must be told. Is the President of the Republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta , part of the gang of thieves stealing from us? Before you start throwing stones at me, hear me out. All Kenyans agree that the Deputy President William Samoei Ruto is a known land grabber and thief extraordinaire. His name is synonymous with looting. Now, if you look at all corruption scandals over the past five years, you notice that in any theft that involved people from Uhuru’s side of the coalition, the thieves walked scot free – NYS 1, Afya House Scandal, etc,” wrote Boniface Mwangi in part.

It’s all stolen

Boniface further claims all the wealth the Kenyatta’s have made is all stolen. He states that Jomo Kenyatta and Mama Ngina Kenyatta didn’t work hard for their money.

“We all know his father Jomo Kenyatta was a thief, a man who left jail with nothing, but managed to grab over 500,000 acres. The Kenyatta family was involved in elephant poaching and the ivory trade. Uhuru and his mother, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, have been on the list of Africa’s richest dollar billionaires. None of them worked hard for any of that money. It’s all stolen,” wrote Boniface in part.

No fear, death is for us all

In a separate post, Boniface states that he is not afraid to name and shame corrupt individuals regardless of the consequences. He stress that everybody will eventually die some day.

“People take life too seriously! We shall all die. The thief, the jobless, the president, the activist and the saint, our eventually end is death. Stop fearing death and live your life. Fear is fake! Fear is imagined! Fear is of the devil! Speak Courage Fluently! #TeamCOURAGE for life,” wrote Boniface.



Boniface Mwangi to Mohammed Ali: We’ve been friends for over 10 years but am extremely disappointed by your behavior as an MP

People really change when they get to parliament, Mohammed Ali has shocked Kenyans by his behavior since he was elected to the August House as Nyali MP.

Moha was the beacon of hope for millions of poor Kenyans whose only wish is for MPs to be accountable for public funds and stop being greedy.

The former KTN investigative journalists vowed to fight for poor Kenyans from within parliament. But now it’s obvious Moha has joined the greedy MPs, he is one of them.


Moha was among Kenyan legislators who traveled to Russia to watch the World Cup on taxpayers money. Can you imagine how hot the exposé would have been if he was still a journalist?

Moha’s friend Boniface Mwangi called him out over his behavior as an MP. The rights activist reminded Moha that he is the people’s last hope in parliament.

Mohammed Ali and Boniface Mwangi
Mohammed Ali and Boniface Mwangi

“As someone who has known @mohajichopevu as a friend, comrade for over 10 years am extremely disappointed by his behaviour as an MP. He has four more years to go and l pray that he doesn’t forget why he was elected by the people of Nyali. He was our last hope in parliament,” wrote Boniface Mwangi.