How the lull in Gengeton has led to popularity of Amapiano

Gengeton is a Kenyan genre that evolved from Genge, the hiphop subgenre born out of California based Calif Records which had acts such as Nonini and JuaCali. The subgenre had died once its luminaries stopped producing music. Actually, at that point in time, Kenya’s entertainment scene was bereft of content, not talent. We still had the likes of Sauti Sol but due to the lack of Kenyan music, we turned to Naija for entertainment.

Meet Gengetone singer Mejja’s beautiful daughter 

Gen Z however, has come back to rediscover, reimagine and recreate Genge hence Gengeton was born. And my word they have been churning pout music in such a prolific rate that we finally had market saturation. Regardless of what you wanted to listen to, you would find it.

Ethic Entertainment
Gengeton group Ethic Entertainment

Gengeton was a complete hit in 2019 when it began to take off. But come 2020, with the quarantine period enforced by GoK, Gengetone artists such as Sailors, Boondocks Gang and Ochungulo family could no longer perform. Especially since the strictest form of the curfew was in place for the better part of the year -it is still in place in some form right now.

Exray apologizes to fans after flopped Gengetone festival in Machakos (Video)

Artists could no longer perform so there was no money being earned or circulated within entertainment. So why bother churning out as much musical content? Might as well focus on something else to help you pay your bills. As a result, in Kenya, we have witnessed the rise in popularity of Amapiano, a South African subgenre of Kwaito.

Boondocks Gang and Sailors Gang
Gengeton groups Boondocks Gang and Sailors Gang

As they say, dunia ni duara and things really do go full circle. We have witnessed the rise and fall of Genge (and other Kenyan genres) which was then replaced by Naija-pop. From there, we saw the rise of Gengeton which made it popular to declare your love for Kenyan music. Now, however, we are experiencing the rise in popularity of Amapiano.

The second wave of Gengetone is here and it’s unstoppable

The simple way to look at this turn of events is the fact that whenever we have a strong culture and the vehicle being music, Kenyans embrace and celebrate their own. But when it is absent, we have no option but to jump on whatever is hot from abroad.

Genge rapper Mejja transitioned to doing Gengeton

If we want Kenyans to embrace Kenyan culture, we have to feed their hunger for Kenyan content. And this is where the gauntlet is thrown to Gengeton artists. Clearly, there is a hunger for the sub-genre and our most talented artists need to fill that niche. Proof of the fact is how Kenyans have embraced Otile Brown and Sauti Sol and they are cornering their market by being consistent.

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Ssaru and Exray (Boondocks Gang)’s new track Tapo is bland and 2D video is way below par!

Ssaru, is un-arguably, the most visible female Gengetone artist on the arena right now. While the industry is generally kinder and gentler to female artists – who flaunting beauty and assets is a bonus – Ssaru has risen above that misconception with a relentless desire to make a talented musical footprint.

For a minute, look at Ssaru’s past releases: Dose, Dhudha,Weka and the track that broke her into the limelight with more than a million hits, Zungushiwa, featuring Shay Diva. She has weaned her fans with great works of art.

Ssaru has teamed up with Exray, from Boondock’s Gang in her latest stride into stardom. In his part, Exray is an integral section of the pie that’s Boondock’s Gang, and lyrical prowess is dominant. This pair blends beautifully, instant chemistry to produce an inevitable club banger. Exray also brings the likeable, thuggish-dude-next-door Boondocks Gang vibe that could be a plus to the track.

Ricobeatz, production is on point, beats and vocals well balanced.


The lyric content in Tapo. Hey, what gives? It’s understandable that it’s Gengetone – and it is what it is – but the lyrics are pretty bland, and shallow, to say the least. Well, initially, Gengetone did stir up some excitement with the bold never-seen-before profanity and it’s acceptable to a point, IF, it’s creatively done. With time, though, it’s getting bland.

Exray in a past performance with Boondocks Gang
Exray in a past performance with Boondocks Gang

Exray begins with one liners, with Ssaru delivering the signature base line ‘…Kuji Tapo….’ That’s just it.

The pair chose to release an animated video in 2D. Well, the one aspect that make Gengetone videos appealing is their colorful videos, often with choreographed dance moves. Who watches a 2D video to the end? Fans want to see their idols at it!

Am I too harsh? Watch the Tapo video below, and give your thought:


Bahati now teams up with Boondocks gang for “Taniua” gospel song

When the noise around gengetone music going to church then here comes another dubbed “Taniua” by Bahati featuring Boondocks gang.

EMB records CEO Bahati seems to have known how to capitalize on scandals. I mean it was just the other day that he was trending for getting Peter Blessing arrested.

Then I remember saying his drama was louder than his music.

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Well, it’s obvious he thrives on that. Here now he drops “Taniua”  loosely translates to “kill me”. This is a phrase that was made famous by Exray as a signature tune.

Bahati and Odi Wa Murang'a

However, the concept for this song is around a guy that is trying to reevaluate his life, torn between Christianity and the worldly fun.

For one I give credit for the team up despite knowing that this would spark a conversation among netizens. Furthermore, I believe Bahati knew this would be good for business.

Especially after the drama, he has had lately.

The lyrics are quite hard to understand for those that struggle with the Kenyan sheng. Yes, the idea was well put but too difficult for some people.

But anyway here it is. The lyrics have too much weight around kishada and hangovers.


On the other hand, I will give credit where it’s due, Boondocks gang delivered their lines just as expected. The beat to the song is also not badly off.

The delivery of the song would have been better with clearer lyrics because no matter what happens I believe God deserves His respect.

We can play around with everything but not the truth about the gospel.

For that in one sense if the song was merely for entertainment then I say good job, however, I will be lying if I say that many will sit down to listen to this for any conviction purpose. It’s all wrongly done but well-intended.

Your thoughts?

VDJ Jones partners with various gengetone artists for “Kwote kwote” and its totally worth your time

In what seems like an industry that is striving to stand on its own, Gengetone influencer Vdj Jones drops another ecstatic jam dubbed “Kwote Kwote”.

In his 1st release of 2020 he has featured some of the dopest artists from the gengetone Industry.

Wakali Wao which has got Kim Swat, Iano Rankin and Pitah Scarlet, 34Gvng which has got Vuva & B-razor, Maddox from the Boondocks Gang & Breeder LW.

Days after a disclaimer of rumours about the entertainer’s had death the song comes in timely as a means to just how busy he has been.

Kwote Kwote

Even as I celebrate the works done by Vdj Jones must admit the kids in the song did a good job.

Well, I know we will struggle a lot with the lyrics because of the deep slang they use.

However, we cannot dismiss the rapping vibe that Breeder LW starts of the song with.

First, he goes on to tell off all the haters in the affirmation that his music will be heard “Kwote Kwote”- to mean all over.

I mean they all are trying to say that gengetone is here to stay.

VDJ Jones

Musical prowess

Further, with the kind of help the “upcoming” artists are getting from Jones and a few of the legendary musicians like Jua kali, we better brace ourselves for even harder slang jams. Gengetone it is!

As the song goes on Wakali wao come with their powerful rap style still airing about their musical dominance.

As much as we’d love to hate them these chaps ain’t going nowhere. They know their game so well.

Further,34Gv’s input in the song cannot be ignored either.

The love and hate kind of lyrics give this song its juice as the teams say watachafua scene wakiwika kwote kwote.

As they finished up with appraisals for VDJ Jones kuchafua kwote kwote, you realize that the video was not overdone.

The pictures were clear and well blended for this song.

The audio was done by Mavo on the Beat and the video directed by Jijo Drumbeats for Black Market Records.

Watch and tell us what you think.

Alma talks of Misbehave with Boondocks Gang

Alma is not to be left out this year as he also ends 2019 in style with a new banger Misbehave. The gengetone artiste has not only wrapped it in style but in a bliss collaboration with Boondocks Gang. Although not the whole gang, he has featured Exray and Maddox.

From the many collaborations that the gang has been in 2019, Maddox and EXray have been the most sought artistes in the team.

Alma thoughts in Misbehave are super crazy and am sure you will like it. It is more of a hype song where everyone is dancing and having fun. First, the title Misbehave will draw your attention and in bid to understand it you’ll play the song.

Alma talks of Misbehave with Boondocks Gang

Misbehave is a let loose song and have fun

Taniua is a phrase that has been adopted in the Kenyan market. Misbehave is just a song that talks of the things done out of social teachings.

Alma and his gang talks of how people misbehave and how some avoid misbehaving since they are in the church choir. Honestly, if you do not feel the sarcasm then this was not meant for you.

Even as we break for Christmas, these people just think of sex as misbehaving and there is even a stanza in which they criticise some guy’s girl.

Alma talks of Misbehave with Boondocks Gang

What catches the eye in Alam’s and Boondocks Gang is how the song has been done and the video. It is a very lit song with all the simplicity.

The Misbehave lyrics are simple and something people talk about daily. Also, it is easy to relate to the song with today’s generation.

In addition, the collaboration between Alma, Exray, Maddox is just one unique one. All the groups came to the limelight early in the year and for sure they have commanded it all through.

In conclusion, Alma, Maddox and Exray did a great job in Misbehave. Last but not least, the song gets a rating of 6/10.

Video below.

Exclusive! Boondocks gang signed by renowned American music label!

Boondocks Gang who are taking over the Kenyan music industry with their new wave music continue to make money moves every now and then!

Boondocks Gang sign new deal with Black Market label

The group which has been entertaining both the young and old have apparently been signed under an American music label, Black Market which is based in sacramento California USA and owned by one, Cedric Singleton.

Boondocks Gang

This was revealed exclusively to Ghafla by a close source of the Boondocks gang. This comes as a major step for the group as they will now experience exposure and at the same time make more money for themselves!

Boondocks hit songs

So fat they have released hit songs such as ‘Rieng, Chuma Ilale ndani, madam and nirombosee among others.

Well, if you thought Boondocks Gang was done hitting fans with new music…let me assure you that they are just getting started!

Boondocks Gang and Shay Diva on a Party tune ‘Firifiri’

Party on ‘Firifiri’ by Shay Diva and Boondocks Gang. It is a love song. Introduced so innocently, ‘ndege ndege zimeshika nadhani me ni pilot’. Many will think its more of a flight song.

Boondocks counterpart continues with the jam, which brings out the picture.

Nyege nyege nina rungu utadhani me ni psycho,‘ which is said to illustrate a sexual arousal due to bhang.

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Party on 'Firifiri' by Shay Diva and Boondocks Gang

Shay Diva continues the next lead. She sings, ‘si wale wa kuletewa maua bila ndom si unajua utaniua tesa kitale mpaka maua nikikalia si utahema kifua.’

This brings out a picture defining two ladies those who romance means flowers to them. Happiness is a choice indeed, what one loves to do best.

What is the ‘Firifiri’ effect in this jam?

Firifiri brings out bhang’ as an easy drug that brings mad psychological fan. ‘karada kakinyonga meza maji ya limau kajaba kakinyonga gonga milango ya mbao .’ Kajaba is a kenyan slang which defines khat.

Shay diva narrates how she’d want to twerk to arouse one. She sings, ‘nataka uketi na isimame nidare mboko na ugurume nirombose iteme mate.’

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Boondocks Gang and Shay Diva decided to give a taste with their vulgar language. Firifiri is more of a club banger and I don’t expect it to be played on air.  Also, it narrates about the ‘supu ya ngwai‘ which is used as a Viagra, ‘sijui leo nipike mothokoi.’ It also sums it up by dismissing the dildos used too.

Party on 'Firifiri' by Shay Diva and Boondocks Gang

Firifiri is well done. Besides the lots of vulgar language with which majority of words have been done with the sheng’ slang, the lyrical flow was perfectly well done.

In addition, video of the song is also well done, the background set up is also perfect. The dance also brings out indeed a party moods.
In conclusion, Shay Diva and Boondocks Gang gets a rating of 5/10 in Firifiri.

Video below.

Boondocks Gang featured in Wakuu’s ‘Mangwa’

Boondocks Gang are back, this time on Mangwa. They have featured by Wakuu. It is a great collaboration when Ghetto anthem groups come together. The groups are very talented and for sure their fans are always ready for them.

Boondocks Gang has been rocking the airwaves with their tunes. Coming in for Mangwa gives the Wakuu team a lot of views and a great fan base. One thing you are going to notice is that people love Boondocks Gang.

In the jam Mangwa, it is nothing different from the kind of content these groups give. Mangwa is a sheng word which is mostly used to describe sex. When these people come on board it is either they are talking about women, drugs and sex.

Boondocks Gang featured in Wakuu's 'Mangwa'

What is the message?

To start with, lets get to understand what Mangwa is all about. The lyrics are very well outlined and very easy to grasp.

Vile amejibeba lazina ntaimanga. In this case the team is talking about a ladies behind. They are also talking about smoking bhang.

There is a dancehall aspect in this jam. Also E-xray has received lots of love from fans who feel that he has done something out of the ordinary. Also, there is a line where they say, napenda vile anaitinga na bado nitaimanga. Someone save this generation.

Boondocks Gang featured in Wakuu's 'Mangwa'

Relevance of Mangwa

To start with, it always good to focus also on the target audience. First you notice that the song’s audience is that below 24 years. The word Mangwa is not one that most people from the rural village relate with but it is to those in the ghetto areas.

Boondocks Gang featured in Wakuu's 'Mangwa'

Into production, the song is well produced. From the audio, you can already feel the song. The mixing is well done. Also, the video does not disappoint.

In conclusion, Bondoocks Gang and Wakuu get a rating of 6/10 in Mangwa.

Video below.

Mathogothanio is out, check out what KRG THE DON,Boondocks Gang and Dj Lyta are doing

Mathogothanio by KRG The Don , Boondocks Gang and Dj Lyta is the newest jam in town. The word Mathogothanio is a Kikuyu word which is simply used to imply disturbance. The way it gets to be a song is just funny. The Kenya Dancehall King teams up with the Gengetone group Boondocks Gang. The trio performs so well in this song.

Although the song feels like a kikuyu jam, it gets better as you listen to it. You all know how Boondocks Gang team does it. It is just nice. Guthigithigi mathogothanio guthigitha…. If you understand this, it somehow feels like a tongue twister. I am almost biting my tongue.

Mathogothanio by KRG THE DON,Boondocks Gang and Dj Lyta

When listening to this song it makes me feel like Boondocks Gang is the only group that will survive this journey.

Of late Dj Lyta has been collaborating so much. Could this be a way of selling himself ? Anyway find out. It is not a wonder that he easily fits in this kind of this. It is good to be a jack of all trades. He should also give us a single.

What is the relevance of ‘Mathogothanio’?

KRG The Don is known for his good work as well as the Boondocks Gand and Dj Lyta. Although they are good, it is sad that they can only target a small group of the country’s population. Why do I say so? This kind of music is only felt in Nairobi and the surroundings. Going upcountry people do not even recognize them.

It is then right to say that this jam is relevant to the young generation aged between 22 and below. This is the high school and campus generation.

Mathogothanio by KRG THE DON,Boondocks Gang and Dj Lyta

Introduction and Production in general

Mathogothanio is introduced by Jaymo Ule Msee on Homeboyz radio. First this is very creative of them. He talks of a lady who is messing up his head and goes ahead to ask Dj Demakufu to play Mathogothanio. This is dope.

Also, there is a great crew behind this jam who include; Sadafa as the producer, Deska Torres as the director and  Dj Vans, Dj Lyta & Fastcash music group as the executive producers.

In conclusion, we need to support their talent and encourage them to give inspiring music. Last but not least, Mathogothanio gets a rating of 6/10.

Below is a link to the video.

‘Wabebe’ now brings on board 10/10’s host Willis Raburu on board

 Wabebe is the new jam by Willis Raburu, Lofe and Boondocks Gang. Willis is a news anchor and entertainment host at Citizen TV. He is know more for his ratchet show 10/10.  Also he is fond of using the word Wabebe on the 10/10 show to hype the crowd. It is something that the show which is majorly for the the youth has adopted.

The show focuses more on upcoming artists. Lofe and the Boondocks Gang have been to the show with the wild Willis Raburu. It is so funny how a simple word like Wabebe is now a song. Is it this easy to come up with a song?

Relevance of the song ‘Wabebe’

To start with this song is very ratchet just like the show it is trying to promote. One is left wondering what Wabebe a Swahili word means in this context. Looking at the video it is about a very ratchet dance. Girls grinding their asses on young boys fronts.

'Wabebe' Willis Raburu X Lofe X Boondocks Gang

First there is this part where a dude is squatting and a lady is passing by and he looks her down there. Come on is this what we call music? This is very wrong, we need sane music. The fact that the song already has twerks that scene is inappropriate.

Also some lines delivered in Kikuyu where the guy says Kai ndi na ngoma, comora njora; If he has demons and goes ahead to say remove the sword. What is referred to as a sword is something that you wouldn’t want to imagine.

Wabebe has been produced by Akish Prod and dance video done by Lofe moneymall . In addition to the talent shown, it is always good to promote them but they need to give something worth ones efforts.

In conclusion Wabebe simply means carry them. I know you’ll term that meaning as a direct translation. Last but bot least the jam gets a rating of 5/10.

Below is a link to the video.

Boondocks Gang and Magix Enga new jam ‘Rewind It’

Boondocks Gang and Magix Enga have a new jam dubbed Rewind It. Boondocks Gang and the re known producer Magix Enga have done a great jam in this audio. The young talents have been in the limelight for sometime and they have been producing music like weekly.

Shockingly you will be surprised that this song is no exception from their previous work. Their topics revolve around women and drugs. We need to change this. The only thing that keeps people glued to this kids work is their prowess in sheng’. I can assure you that most people will  not even get to listen to this song.

Although they seem to have a given target audience, their energy does not go unnoticed. They have kept their fans entertained and this consistency keeps them at the forefront. It is a great thing and we have to listen to what they will sing.

Relevance of the song ‘Rewind It’

First the song is relevant to the young generation below the age of 23. Why do I say so? You will not find our mum or dads listening to this. Also when you get to the villages some of this people are not even known. They are only household names here in the city.

Rewind It first is a very good title. Rewind means taking back to the previous one. In this case whatever they are rewinding remains unknown only the video can tell. The collaboration between Magix Enga ought to have given us something better than this Rewind It jam.

Boondocks Gang and Magix Enga have a new jam 'Rewind It'

Also the kind of energy displayed in this audio is worth it. The way the group performs the jam is super good. There is good flow of words and lines. We cannot forget the beats. They are in sync and am sure you will even have dance before the video is out. In conclusion, Magix Enga is a good producer. The jam gets a rating of 6/10.

Below is a link to the audio.