Bridget Achieng decries how single ladies who are wife material aren’t getting any men 

Socialite Bridget Achieng has several questions on why there are so many single women who don’t have partners.

On social media, Achieng, who was dumped by his West African lover just days after getting pregnant, wanted to know why single ladies don’t have a man even though they are capable of being a good wife.

“I feel like half the girls who are single are wife materials and no one their age knows how to handle such a great package,” she said. 


Anyway, socialites and love haven’t been really doing well. Most socialites end up being dumped by their men because of their controversial life and again, true wife materials have been taken and all those left should just wait for their turn. Everyone gets a chance.


Socialite Bridget Achieng reveals the gender of her baby

Socialite Bridget Achieng has been through a lot in life but she’s still soldering on.

Now with a baby on the way, the socialite has had to take a step back and focus on the title guy who will be popping in a few months.

She recently surprised her fans by announcing the gender of her baby on social media and.. drum rolls please…it’s a boy Kenyans.

“Aaaaaaas, no one said its gonna be easy, but its worth it,#nosurprises , before even the numerous scans my peeps told me Bridget, its surely gonna be a boy #proudmomtobe #itsaboy#pregnancy#mommytobe#fruitfulwomenng#readytobeamum#pregnantandperfect #kenyanaijababy.” she posted. 


The announcement comes weeks after the socialite confessed that her baby daddy dumped her just a month after learning she was pregnant. She also claimed that the man, who is from West Africa, wanted her to abort.

“It was trauma, depression and I thought I was going to lose my baby,” she said. 
“He left when I was two months pregnant but God has been faithful. Rejection is one thing I can never wish for my worst enemies. Most of the times the ones rejected are the ones God raises very high. Long nights, sickness….but all in all God is not a man to lie. I’m now taking one step at a time.”

Socialite Bridget Achieng: BBC lied and made me look like a prostitute 

Socialite Bridget Achieng has come out to share that BBC twisted her interview and made her look like she’s a prostitute.

BBC Africa recently did a documentary dubbed Sugar that focused on high end prostitution. According to Bridget, she worked on the documentary for two months but BBC chopped it up and only left where she confesses how the business of high-end prostitution can be tough.

“I was shocked I did a 2 months documentary only for them to cut my interviews and make me look like I am a prostitute. Currently I am pregnant and engaged,” she said in an interview with pulse live. 


She went on to add that the media took advantage of her. Now that she’s with someone, her image has been really tarnished.

“I hate the fact that media take advantage of artists and my interview being twisted and all,” she said.

After her outcry, BBC edited the video and apologized.

“Following some inaccurate coverage of Bridget in the Kenyan media, the BBC would like to make clear that, as we show in our film Bridget ran a jewellery business, contributes to Nairobi Diaries and leads a charitable foundation for children in Kibera.

Socialite Bridget Achieng is pregnant. Who is the father?

Nairobi actress Bridget Achieng has come a long way to the lady she’s currently is now. The controversial socialite, who celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago, took to social media to announce that she’s expecting her first baby.

“For this child I prayed; and the Lord has given me my petition that which I asked of him” (1st Samuel 1:27) . To my babies God mother Patra Okelo, thanks for making sure I don’t miss doctor’s appointment. To all my friends and family thanks for the support and prayers all through, God bless you.” she wrote on her Instagram page. 

She didn’t directly mention the father of the baby however, but in another post on IG, the socialite had hinted who the father might be.

Thank you

The man Bridget posted

Bridget has been dating a West African man for almost two years now. On her other post, while wishing him a happy birthday, the socialite hinted that he might be the father.

“Help me wish biggest Happiest birthday to the most stubborn annoying, arrogant human being I’ve ever met,” She said.

“When you know you know…,and to thank him for giving me a gift that can’t be bought with money??have a blast day dearest and my GOD give you all your heart desires…#azeez”

This is why Bridget Achieng celebrated her 28th birthday with Vera Sidika’s ex boyfriend

Bridget Achieng and Vera Sidika might not be on the same level but they are both socialites who have gained fame thanks to their curvy bodies and the fact that they both altered their skin tones!

So far we understand that the two ladies have never been friends since they have never met in person nor do they follow each other on social media. Therefore did Bridget Achieng break the girl code when she celebrated her 28th birthday with Queen Vee’s ex boyfriend who recently leaked her nudes all over social media?

Well, I guess not. After a photo of Bridget Achieng emerged hanging out with Yomi Johns the lass decided to explain herself whereby she revealed that he was not the only person in attendance for her 28th birthday that went down at KIZA lounge this past weekend.

According to the Nairobi Diaries cast, it is about time people minded their own businesses as she feels fed up with the rumors ruining her image on social media. But wait….if she only hanged out with Vera Sidika’s ex as a friend then why explain yourself on social media?? But that’s not for me to know!