Bridget Achieng goes into hiding after Nigerian superstar Reekado Banks reveals why he cancelled Naifest

Bridget Achieng lied about Reekado Banks performing at the Naifest. Speaking recently during a live session socialite Bridget Achieng went revealed that the reason the Nigerian artists did not perform is because of curfew; however turns out that this was not even near the truth.

This was proven by one blogger, Sindamatiko who had an opportunity to interview Reekado Banks this pas weekend. Speaking for the first time about the Naifest; the Naija singer opened saying that payment was the main reason he did not perform.

According to Reekado his team had not received any payments from the organizers of the event; exposing Bridget Achieng for lying to the hundreds of Kenyans who bought tickets to attend the event. I mean, didn’t most pay to come see the Nigerian superstar perform after months of lockdown and no play?

Bridget Achieng goes private

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Bridget Achieng goes private

Being a socialite and a celeb Bridget Achieng has always left her social media accounts public until the Reekado Banks interview. Well, Bridget is now on private mode on Instagram and i am guessing she opted for this after fans started attacking.

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So far her accounts remain private but truth is; this makes it worse since fans already know the type of woman she is when it comes to money. Anyway let us wait and see what she says now that the truth is already out!

Photos: Bridget Achieng celebrates 30th birthday in style 

Socialite Bridget Achieng has just hit the thrid floor and she’s more than excited.

The mother of one was recently on social media to share photos of her birthday saying that getting to 30 years has been a thrilling experience.

“About last night, a dance with my king, my reason to always step up, celebrated my 30th birthday in style, living a life I could only dream of, out here with my lovely mature friends who I call family, call on to when I’m down and up ,my business associates, my relatives, my baby @sekani_rich_ ????❤,” she posted.


Achieng has been through a lot in her life. For her birthday, she celebrated 20 years of life and 10 years of experience.

“This birthday meant the world to me it’s not easy to hit 30, many mothers gave birth and they never got to celebrate there babies 30th birthday, to me this birthday was more of a thanksgiving party, wanted a baby before hitting 30 wether as a married or single mam,and God gave me my heart desires, at 30 I run multiple businesses, I have my son and friends who turned to family,I celebrated with them, they showered me with love and gifts, went out of there way to cooperate to make this party a success and pay tribute to my late daddy and mommy…..????????❤the first love of my life ….I take this opportunity to give a vote of thanks to my friends and family for the unending support.” she added.

Bridget Achieng is calling upon well-wishers to help her give mother a better send-off, here is how you can help

Socialite Bridget Achieng has asked Kenyans to help her give her mother an honorable send off. Her mother passed on March 8 and in an instagram live session with fans, a sad Achieng broke down saying that doctors could not identify what her mother was suffering from before she passed. Every medical test she underwent turned out negative – something that cannot be explained.


Bridget said that the family footed hospital bills for their mother and since she just from giving birth, she’s not in a position to help much financially.

She posted a screenshot on how well-wishers can help her family out in this trying times. Her Mother will be buried on March 23 at their ground is Siaya Alego and a fundraiser will be held on March 17 at Ayany Estate.

Bridget Achieng finally exposes West African deadbeat dad who asked her to abort 

Socialite Bridget Achieng has managed to survive a lot to get to the place where she’s currently is right now. The mother of one, who delivered a son, confessed that her baby daddy didn’t want anything to do with her after he got her pregnant.

Her baby daddy, a West African man, walked away immediately after the socialite informed him that she was carrying his baby. In fact, he wanted her to abort but she refused.

Father and son

For the first time since she fell for him, the socialite took to social media to share a photo of the man. In her Instagram status update Achieng shared a photo collage of her cute son and the baby daddy simply captioning it: “father and son.”

A few weeks ago, Achieng also opened up on why she named him after his deadbeat dad despite him no wanting to be a part of their lives.

Sekani is an Egyptian name meaning ‘joy’ and Sekani has brought me joy… I am giving my child a name with meaning first one means joy as I don’t want my child to be sad because most of my childhood I was sad because no one was listening to me because my mum was like ‘Bridget ameenda shule amekula ako sawa.’ I called him ‘Rich’ because I want him to be rich, I don’t want him to lack anything. I want everything that is in this world he can acquire it,” she explained in a video dedicated to her son.

“I have given him Opeyemii because that is his father’s native name. I know many people will ask why you gave him the baby daddy’s name, but you know what he is a boy and he will have to go to his roots someday. Like I said my baby will know everything I will teach him everything I will not coat anything,” she disclosed.


Bridget Achieng: My uncle who used to molest me when I was a kid

Socialite Bridget Achieng has come out to share some really personal details about her life when growing up as a young girl.

Achieng, while wishing her late dad who passed away when she was just 12 years old a happy Father’s Day, revealed that her uncle molested her as young.

Missing you

The controversial Nairobi Diaries actress also shared that her mum wasn’t around mostly and when she tried informing her, she didn’t bother much.

Here’s her emotional post:

“When I was 12 my father passed away and I was left with my uncle who used to molest me when i was a kid. When I cried for help,  no one could hear me because my mum used to come home late when she was very tired and she didn’t have time because of the younger kids


“Rest in peace daddy..wish heaven had visiting hours,….that’s the road to life..will meet you someday…I miss you papa,most of the things im going through now i wouldn’t go through them if you where alive, you always fought my battles for me,i miss you are gone but not where my hero before..and forever ..taught me how to be strong in a cold world… i miss you daddy #happyfathersday #ripdaddy #youaremissed #toalllatedads

Exposed: This is how much Bridget Achieng charges her clients for ‘a good time’

Ever wondered where these socialite get their money? Well thanks to Nairobi Diaries we have now learnt that most of these ladies depend on selling their ‘goodies’ in Oder to support their lavish lifestyles.

Bridget Achieng

One Bridget Achieng has been exposed by one online tabloid which leaked her conversation where she is seen asking her client to pay 50k for her to sleep with him.

Bridget Achieng

The two however seem to be in different pages as the clients goes on to say that he can only afford 10k which forces Bridget Achieng to bargain to 20k – something that has left many shocked since she had earlier confessed that she would not sleep with a man for money.

Bridget Achieng

The businesswoman has however not said anything about this leaving many wondering whether it’s true or if it’s a stunt because she wants to remain relevant.

Bridget Achieng