“I won’t accept anyone to bring me down” Bridget Achieng

Bridget Achieng has devoted herself to narrating her journey through life; as she opens up about the struggles she had and has been facing for the longest time.

In detailed posts shared online, Bridget Achieng makes it known that above everything she has faced online; nothing compares to having fellow women attack her from left right and center. There are those who judge her for her lifestyle forgetting that life as a single mum – for any woman out here is tough. She wrote;

Bridget Achieng

Long post alert: ohh Lord went through comments and saw how people where bashing me especially women i feel like i have too much to say. Anybody who has followed my journey , it’s been a rough one . It’s been a depressing one. Not many people would understand what it is being a single mom , facing rejection, judgment etc. Nobody knows as a single mom you are full of regrets, bad days where you almost feel you hate your own child ???????????? days when you wish you had somebody, just anybody who would take your son just for a day for you to breath , days when it’s hard to wake up, hard to even shower , hard to even remove make up before bed , hard to even enjoy your beautiful home and clothes.

Weight gain

Apart from the usual struggles she talked in the above statement; Bridget Achieng also happened to discuss her sudden weight gain she says has been caused by hormonal imbalance in her body.

Former socialite Bridget Achieng

She went on to add;

Nobody knows the struggle of dealing with weight gain after a child birth especially when you taking drugs that make you add weight because of hormonal imbalance and the fight to put up a brave face.


About a year ago the former actress who lost her mum due to an unknown illness; went on to speak about this for the first time as she opened up saying;

I have faced it all from my only left hope my mom, only parent left with dying only when my baby is a month old , out of surgery, and i have mouths to feed. But i keep fighting, i keep going, i feel the pain, i own the process , i fight on , i don’t seek approval from people who don’t know my journey. I keep the smile and cry whenever i have to , i drink silly when i want to , i smoke sheesha at home with my son there, it’s still ok. I get judged with women who dont have there shit together, they can barely be heard, use my name and lies to get fame soo sad, lying up n down, if they dont talk about me they wont be heard or be relevant . sometimes i feel lost.

And in conclusion Bridget Achieng made it known that despite the challenges life has been throwing her way every now and then – means her blessing is around the corner;

Sometimes i get misunderstood, sometimes i doubt myself because it’s part of the process . But in the end it will all be worth it. In the end i know they will gather to listen to my success story . GOD ABOVE ALL, ALL IN ALL WE MOVE ???????????????? i’m coming for all they say i couldnt have watch this step , i wont accept anyone to bring me down , from far i come and its far im going .. #cheerstothepaid #godovereverything #thechosen#wedontstop#wedontgiveup