Bridget Achieng forced to deactivate son’s social media pages after her nudes leak

Former socialite Bridget Achieng has finally decided to take her 2 year old son off social media; following the naked video that surfaced on social media.

According to the lady, this is the best decision she has had to make since her son was born; and seeing how cruel the online life can be – she now has no choice but to protect her baby, Sekani Rich.

Bridget Achieng leaked video

The lady revealed this in a detailed post where she wrote;

Good morning guys I have been thru a lot and it made me think hard about a lot of things, like one day my son gets bullied the same way I have been. I will not be able to forgive myself, that’s why I will protect him at any cost. I don’t want him to limelight and maybe he is destined for something else.

Quits social media

Since she already has a couple of not so good photos and videos on social media; we can bet that this is one of the best decisions she had to make for her child’s sake.

Bridget Achieng naked shoot

However, not quite sure how quitting social media will help solve the problems she has already caused for her future offsprings; but truth is – she is now learning the hard way. On the same post, Bridget Achieng went on to say;

When he is old enough to decide for himself If he wants to be in social media, I’ll allow him to do so. Until then he is not going to have an IG account.


This post comes just a few hours after Bridget Achieng’s naked video went viral; and since the internet never forgets – what happens then?

Photos of Bridget Achieng taking a bath with son spark mixed reactions online

There is no doubt that Bridget Achieng loves her 2 year old son, Sekani Rich.

Just like any other mother, she has been fighting  hard to give her baby a good life; and judging from the photos shared on the boy’s page – we can confirm that Sekani indeed lives a rich life.

Mama Sekani bathing with son

So far the young man has a good relationship with both his parents as his dad finally decided to step in with child support. His mum on the other hand cannot stop spoiling her son with everything and anything she can afford.

Bathtub photos

To prove how much she loves her son, Bridget Achieng recently took some photos taking a bath (or rather posing) in the bathtub; which she later shared on her birthday.

As seen on the photos, both appear to be wearing nothing; something that left one of her fans asking her not to pull such stunts with a son who is getting older by the day.

Bridget Achieng with baby Sekani

The fan wrote;

I hope you are not naked na mtoto kwa bathtub…yikes

A comment that left many in the comment section talking. There are those who bashed the ‘busy bodied fan’ while others called out Bridget for sharing such photos.

Responding to the fan, Bridget on the other hand wrote;

I thought my baby my rules..Kenyan streets are full of mad women hanging loose.

Well like she said, her baby…her rules. But hey, the 21st Century mums are clearly raising their kids the freestyle way.

¨I have kept aside all evidence for my son about his dad, when he grows up – Bridget Achieng confesses

Kenyan mompreneur, Bridget Achieng´ has apparently kept aside all the evidence about her negligent baby daddy for their son, when he grows up.

The actress is a single mom to a son, whose father denied him, once she turned 3 months pregnant.

Up and close on Citizen TV, the socialite spoke of how her then-boyfriend wanted her to terminate the pregnancy but she declined.

I was pregnant and he was OK with it (at first) but three months later, he asked me to abort. I refused.

The pain the rejection caused her and the wounds left behind, could only be solved by speaking about it.

That is why I decided to speak about it so I could try to heal.

Bridget single-handedly raises her son despite the man and his family coming back to her life.

Sekani is very tight with his grandfather and they even video call but I am very petty.

Bridget Achieng´s all-grown son, Sekani

She further divulged:

I have kept for Sekani all the evidence of how his dad neglected him, it will be upon him to decided what to take in.

Bridget Achieng´ with her son

Closing off, the well-endowed beauty said:

I want the best for my son as he is my best friend.

¨It breaks me to know that I can never be my son´s father¨ Bridget Achieng confesses

It has never been and will never be rosy when you raise your child or children as a single parent.

You can have all the wealth, all the fame…everything! but without a second parent, the kid does not grow up the same way.

Nairobi Diaries actress, Bridget Achieng opened up on motherhood away from the gram and it is hectic, if anything.

During her interview with Radio Jambo´s Massawe Japanni, the mother to a handsome prince opened up:

We can sit here and lie. Sometimes my friends visit and my son wants to go with them. I can never be his father. And that is why at some point I break down.

The mompreneur however opened doors welcoming her baby daddy back, if not for anything, just for their son´s upbringing.

If his father decided to come back and take care of the kids I will appreciate.

Speaking of her baby daddy, Sekani´s father, they parted ways because her mental health was at stake and it still affects her perception of ´love´ till date.

He (her baby daddy) messed me mentally and even when a man tells me he loves me nowadays I do not believe it. Only time will tell.

Bridget Achieng and her alleged ´dead-beat´ Nigerian baby daddy

However, the bond remains and the blood still flows so her baby daddy remains the father to her child, despite the distance.

Hatujaachana because he will always be the father to my son. He left social media because he was badly trolled for how he treated me. Our paths were just different.


Regarding her ability to sire children, it took Bridget a good 5 years of trying to get pregnant, to an extent it got her worried.

But who is mightier than God because she eventually sired a child and blessed her mum with a grandchild.

By 29 I had no kids so I started asking myself ´29 is here, I have no baby and my mum also wants a grand kid, what do I do?´Before I learnt I was pregnant, I started feeling funny, I took three pregnancy tests and they all turned out positive. I then decided to go to a hospital and got the confirmation that I was one month pregnant. I looked for a baby for five years. I tried getting one with my first boyfriend but it didn´t work.