Why I Think Bridget Achieng Got Work Done

Bridget Achieng is back on social media but at least this time she is not celebrating the kidnapping of Edgar Obare’s brother, she is showing off some of the work she got done on her body while she is in Turkey.

Weight loss: Socialite Bridget Achieng flaunts her slimmed down mummy figure in new photos

How do I know her weightloss is down to getting work done? Well, because in all honesty, no muscle works in isolation. So when you see someone lose weight, whether or not it was down to doing cardio by running or skipping rope, the muscles around her core efforts (leg muscles) will show some development.

Bridget Achieng addresses Edgar Obare’s ‘army’ after receiving serious insults in her DM

What I find hilarious about Bridget Achieng’s weightloss is the fact that she has previously championed the “body positivity” movement in her personal life yet the first opportunity she gets to change things, she jumps at it.

Bridget Achieng
Bridget Achieng

And this is why I often say women such as these lie to themselves and the more gullible members of their audience. They make their necessity a virtue yet will jump at the first chance to change things.

‘Friends Poisoned Me’ Bridget Achieng Celebrates Birthday With Nostalgic Message To Fake Friends

Bridget Achieng is happy with her new body and we are happy for her. In truth, it is very difficult to be happy in a fat body. And that is not just me saying that, science actually backs up that statement.

Bridget Achieng

With the socialite, we can imagine that the pressure to change her body came with the reaction people had to her nude videos and photos. Kenyans savaged her after they collectively decided what they saw was disgusting… That can crush even the most mentally tenacious person.

“The video was doctored, I look different in person” Bridget Achieng speaks after nude video leaked

What I can only pray for is that Bridget Achieng doesn’t lie to her fandom about how she managed to change her body. I hope she doesn’t use this opportunity to sell slimming teas and body shaping nonsense thingamabobs.

Bridget Achieng
Also, I hope she can begin to teach her audience about the wonders of being at a healthy weight -one of which, off the top of my head, would be not having to worry about the worst effects of the coov but that is a story for another day.
Bridget Achieng
But anyway, at the end of the day, we are happy for Bridget Achieng. We are happy she is finally happy with her body now that it is slimmer.

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Bridget Achieng and the Lagos connection revealed for what it really is

Bridget Achieng is the buzzword of the moment after she was exposed for being an alleged prostitute. Actually, I do not know why we are using the term allegedly when there is an entire interview we did she did with BBC Africa in which she admitted to being a commercial sex worker.

Now, apparently, one of her “political enemies” in the form of Black Cinderella leaked a video of Bridget Achieng in her private moments as she was as naked as the day she was born. I will not be discussing that. I do not agree with leaking such videos. But what is interesting for us to note is that there were also alleged complaints from some of her Nigerian clients and her pimp in Lagos.

Bridget Achieng

These complaints were hilarious as the pimp pointed out that her customers are very upset that what they ordered online was nothing like what was delivered. Bridget Achieng is known to have altered her image with all the bleaching creams she has used and they have obviously left their skin damage on her body but she also uses alot of makeup and filters so there’s that too.

Bridget Achieng explicit video surfaces online adding injury to her tainted reputation

With all the juicy stories tied to this matter, one thing that shouldn’t go over your head is that Lagos is the training ground for a lot of these socialites before they set off for Dubai. What do I mean you ask?

Bridget Achieng after doctoring her pictures

Think about it, how do these socialites who we know do not have a source of income afford to fly to Lagos and then stay at one of the most expensive regions in all of Africa such as Banana Island and Victoria Island?

Bridget Achieng Reveals Age When She Became A Millionaire, Claims She Doesn’t Have A Sugar Daddy

Why do people think that such a life is a bed of rposes for starters and secondly, why do people actually place trollops like Bridget Achieng on a pedestal? Why do we actually try to help glamourize the lives these girls go to lead in Lagos when they visit for “work”?

Bridget Achieng looks nothing in real life as she does here

Do not make any mistake about it, these prostitutes we call socialites are leading young idiotic girls astray. The type to see them through the filters of IG and think that those snapshots are what life is about. So you have little girls putting themselves in humiliating positions and taking on insane mental damage just to also seem like they are “Boss Babes”. You think not? Well, check out what a recent study reported:

Compared to other groups, prostitute in the present study reported severe and frequent rates of PTSD and other distress symptoms, such as tension, aggression, somatization, anger, depression, fatigue, and frustration.

Bridget Achieng has done her part to expose these Lagos trips socialites keep taking for what they are. Now what I wonder is whether you will look at your sister, your girlfriend or daughter the same when she takes an inexplicable trip to Banana Island. You should probably check out the video below to understand what those Dubai and Lagos trips are really about:

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‘My First Salary Was 3K And Now I’m On 6 Digits’ Socialite Bridget Achieng Flosses

Most celebrities have struggled to reach to the top and have undergone many hardships. They are epitomes of persistence and working smart without giving up. Following up closely on socialite Bridget Achieng’s earlier life, you’ll be motivated to believe there are better days ahead. She previously showed her fans her house where she used to sleep in Kibera slams. Her rent was amounting to just Khs 1200.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel For Bridget

Bridget Achieng: When I was Jobless I Used To Get Wealthier Men |  Kenyaonedailynews

By then, she worked as a house help and survived on the little cash she received. Years later, she became famous and rich. Bridget disclosed that she made her first million when she was just 19 years old! She’s was definitely one of the luckiest young people to have made such cash at that tender age. Additionally, she says that her success was purely self made and she wasn’t dating rich men to get to where she is. She now has some businesses under her name.

Bridget has also opened her own online school aimed at empowering women. She teaches them how to start their own businesses and make their own money. To give women hope, she disclosed that her first salary was just 3K, compared to her current one, where she receives  6 digit salary.

” My first salary was 3K, and now we on 6 digits by his grace.”

Looking at her now, you might think everything went well for her, but her struggles definitely put her where she is now.

Was Ringtone’s publicity stunt too extreme?

Ringtone was recently accused by Bridget Achieng of sexually abusing her. The allegations were given in the most churlish of ways, taking advantage of the fact that there would be no burden of proof demanded by her social media following nor the feminists who seek to further their agenda by destroying the reputation of men.

I’m Not Clout Chasing!- Bridget Achieng Narrates How Ringtone Took Advantage Of Her, Claims He Did The Same To 6 More Women

That was yet another introduction we have had in the recent past to cancel culture. You see, Ringtone was accused by Bridget Achieng for something that happened seven years prior. Regardless of what you think of the matter, the fact that she allowed seven years to go before making the allegation, the fact that she took to social media rather than report the matter to the police do not sit easy with me.


And as you can see, I wouldn’t have taken the allegations lightly. Because either they mean that we have had a criminal walking among us, parading himself as a minister of the Lord or he has been falsely accused to tarnish his name. Either way, my emotions would be boiling over were I in Ringtone’s shoes.

“Kojoa ulale” Ringtone hurl insults at Bridget Achieng for accusing him of rape

But the gospel singer is more calculating than I. Rather than start jumping through hoops to defend himself, he has gone the route of doubling down. He has decided to make the situation even more absurd than we could ever have imagined.

Ringtone has a serious case of IDGAF

The guy decided to stage-manage his own arrest and boy did it work! Ringtone had his team release photos of himself getting arrested and they went viral over the Easter weekend. As a result, he was the trending topic of conversation and you have to admit that he has won it over the drama.

Socialite Bridget Achieng Accuses Ringtone Of Raping Her (Video)

He seems to be a proponent of the adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity except no publicity and he milks it whenever the opportunity presents itself. So why would we have expected him to do otherwise in this instance?

Gospel singer Ringtone

Rather than fight the allegations directly, he is making light of them by owning the narrative surrounding his “Me Too” accusation and now when we discuss them, the first thing that comes to mind is his arrest -until he decides to drop some new music, hoping he can ride this controversy to the top of the charts.

Anatafuta Beef? Ringtone Hurls Insults At Bahati And Willy Paul, Calls Them Gay

Whatever the case may be, Ringtone is actually smart to take things to the extreme in regards to how he is dealing with these extreme allegations: from extreme allegations to extreme absurdity.

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The crucial lesson event organizers learnt from Naifest and Bridget Achieng

Bridget Achieng conceived and executed the Naifest concert this past month and while it was a timely event, it fell short of being a great event because of one main issue that I am sure a lot of event organisers saw but just incase they didn’t, I am here to point it out. That one major flaw was security.

Utaambia watu nini! Tanasha Donna hits back at Bridget Achieng with glorious clap back

You cannot afford to have a concert and skimp on the security offered. You see, a lot of the other glaring blunders that Bridget Achieng and her team made could have been easily ignored save for this one crucial Achilles heel.

Bridget Achieng
Kenyan socialite, Bridget Achieng

It was reported that right from the jump, at the gate as revellers were either making their way in or out of the venue, obs and robbers were doing their thing. And they really cleaned house. One has to wonder what the bouncers and security personnel were doing outside the venue and whether they were in on the crime. The fighting that was also reported to have been going on unchecked was said to have been more like a riot than anything as multiple individuals and parties engaged in fisticuffs.

Drama as Bridget Achieng drags Black Cinderella to court for allegedly ruining her online reputation (Photos)

What was the worst of it all is what took place within the Ngong Racecourse grounds. Apparently, within the concert “stands”, guys were being robbed, women were being harassed and all this was within eyesight of the bouncers. Now, one has to ask the question of whether Bridget Achieng and her people intend to have another concert because if they indeed do (which they have indicated), the issue of the last concert and the manner in which they failed to provide safety and security for their customers is going to haunt them forevermore.

Shanty laid to rest

Being an event organizer and a promoter usually comes with some unique headaches. You have to ensure that you visit your local shaman to beseech the weather not to rain in on your parade. You have to pay the police to provide security and grease the wheels of their machinery. You have to ensure that there are adequate ambulances available and first aid responders which is not a cheap undertaking. Then finally, you have to ensure security is provided by a company that has a great reputation and experience but also make sure your acts are on time and you can pay them. Needless to say, this is an expensive undertaking and a lot of Kenyan promoters choose to cut corners.

“My life is in danger!” Boy cries after allegedly receiving threats from Bridget Achieng over the #JusticeForShanty

They hire hooligans from the local gym to act as bouncers and do not bother to give them any courtesy training. They never have ambulances on standby and as for the police, they are usually there to demand bribes and harass the revellers more than to perform any other function.

Shanty laid to rest

It would be unfair to single out Bridget Achieng’s event but she is the one who got the equation so horribly wrong that it resulted in  the death of a young man by the name of Shanty. I just hope other event organizers are watching and taking notes.

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Tanasha Donna Vs Bridget Achieng and what we are seeing unfold

Tanasha Donna and Bridget Achieng have come to an impasse. Each is accusing the other of bad business practices and everything is unfolding right before our eyes on social media.

Utaambia watu nini! Tanasha Donna hits back at Bridget Achieng with glorious clap back

The crux of the beef is the fact that Tanasha Donna was meant to perform at naifest as one of the headlining acts but after a protracted back and forth, she pulled out of what turned out to be a destructive event that even saw a young Kenyan by the name of Shaddy killed by the events security (allegedly).

Tanasha Donna
Songbird Tanasha Donna

While that previous information has no bearing on the beef between Bridget Achieng and Tanasha Donna, what we do know from the larger than life and rotund socialite is that she claims she had contracted Tanasha for the concert. On her part, Diamond’s former beau asked to be linked up with West African musical acts for the opportunity to work with them which Ms. Achieng claims she did her best to set up.

“That’s even why Diamond Platnumz dumped you!” Bridget Achieng fires shots at Tanasha Donna who failed to perform at Naifest 2 (Video)

After a while, Ms Donna came back with a demand for her (former) manager, Jamal Gadafi, to be given the job of MCing the Naifest concert. Bridget Achieng considered the demand and was not too happy about it as they had already signed a contract with Tanasha’s team. She however acquiesced. That was when the third demand was made; money. And this was the last straw that nearly broke the camel’s proverbial back. She was livid. Ms Achieng was very unhappy about this request especially since it was made at the eleventh hour and felt to her like sabotage.

Tanasha Donna
Musician Tanasha Donna

After weighing the pros and cons of the new demand, she finally decided to acquiesce as she was the one in a precarious position. And so she agreed to pay Tanasha Donna for her performance but lo and behold when the day came for rehearsals and sound checks, Tanasha cooly informed her she wouldn’t be performing as she was in Kenya’s Coastal region.

“My life is in danger!” Boy cries after allegedly receiving threats from Bridget Achieng over the #JusticeForShanty

Bridget Achieng revealed all of this information when she was interviewed by Telehmani. The problem with all this is that it actually is in keeping in character for Tanasha Donna. She has been reported to be a rather lazy individual and her lack of new musical projects and shows seem to support this assumption people have of her. It is also in keeping with the complaints her own team have about her whenever they leave her employ. So the grumbles are being given credibility.

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna with Masauti team up for Liar jam

The major problem about all this is that neither parties leave the mudfest unstained and while Tanasha Donna attempted to walk the high road and not engage Bridget Achieng, the damage is done. On Bridget’s part, it looks like she is a piss poor manager, especially when dealing with talent as it was reported that not even the main headliner, Reekado banks was paid by her. So perhaps, there was a financial issue and she is simply using Tanasha Donna as a scapegoat.

Drama as Bridget Achieng drags Black Cinderella to court for allegedly ruining her online reputation (Photos)

Whatever the case may be, she will have a hard time filling her next few concerts as the ghosts of her failure linger on. And at the end of the day, the two ladies emerge from this slugfest even less loveable than they already were so both their brands have taken major body blows.

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Bridget Achieng should stop playing the blonde socialite trope

Bridget Achieng was one of the more ratchet of the Nairobi Diaries cast members. And that is saying a lot because the show got to the zenith of its popularity by having a cast of blonde and ratchet socialites.

Bridget Achieng speaks about her alleged club fight with small sister, Catherine Atieno

It never really made sense to me why she would insist on playing this trope because she seems smarter than we give her credit for being. Yes, you read that right, Bridget Achieng is actually much smarter than you think she is.

bridget achieng

Understandably, because of her upbringing and cultural exposure or lack thereof, there are some topics that she cannot relate to but Bridget Achieng actually is smart enough to lift herself from abject poverty to being a recognizable brand and personality.

I packed his belongings in a gunia and sent them in an Uber, to his workplace – Bridget Achieng on breakup

Bridget Achieng started off as a house help. that is how she began her later teenage/ early adulthood. She worked as a mboch in Kibera mind you so how’s that for context?

bridget achieng

And from there, she ended up owning and operating a stall which was actually doing well in the early and mid-tens (2010s) and we were first introduced to her when Pendo was accused of stealing from her and she dealt with Pendo savagely. After that beating, a few years passed on and we were once more introduced to Bridget Achieng on Nairobi Diaries.

¨I have kept aside all evidence for my son about his dad, when he grows up – Bridget Achieng confesses

And even looking through her social media account, you can see that she isn’t a dumb lass. She routinely hires out her services for promotional work on her page. Aside from that, she is constantly marketing the wares she imports and sells which is more than what a lot of her contemporaries use their pages for.

bridget achieng

And perhaps, it can also be argued that she is smart enough to have read the situation and realized that the only way she would have an extended run on the show Nairobi Diaries was for her to dumb it down and play the stereotypical buxom bimbo.

Alikiba denies dating former Nairobi Diaries actress, Bridget Achieng

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Bridget Achieng speaks about her alleged club fight with small sister, Catherine Atieno

Bridget Achieng and her younger sister Catherine Atieno are said to have been involved in a physical fight while raving at a certain popular club.

The news sparked by an unknown lady who had attended the night went on to reveal that these two sisters actually fought. However from the video shared by Edgar Obare, there was no physical fight seen;
but Bridget was seen or rather heard shouting about an unknown matter.

Later on we came to learn that the two had an argument following her sister’s over drinking ways; and since this was not a good look for Bridget, she decided to school her younger sister while they waited for their cab guy to arrive!

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One one post, Bridget confirmed about her sister’s reckless drinking in a post where she wrote;

Catherine Atieno

That’s my sister before alcohol checked in pombe si supu…we are one happy family. As for the gossipers continue… talk is cheap

One happy family

In another post, Bridget Achieng went on to challenge the ‘gossipers’ to provide a full video showing the fight; people are talking about.

She went on to bash those spreading the fake news asking whether people can no longer drink and board an uber in peace….

Bridget Achieng’s post

So I’ve been receiving screenshots that me and my siz are trending… that we fought… I want to see the full video of us fighting. So people cannot drink board and Uber in peace and go home, inside life bottom line is we are good and there was no fight.

This is however not the first time these two are said to have beef; and having lost their mother about a year ago has not made it any easier.

Bridget is said to be the brain of the family…but being the eldest has also proven to be quite hard especially when her  younger sister is following into her footsteps.

“My p*ssy has a price tag!” Bridget Achieng

Bridget Achieng is not one to shy off from telling fans what she feels or thinks especially when most of her fans seem so judgmental.

Thanks to a new video shared on her YouTube Chanel, Bridget Achieng for the very first time addresses a few things people keep making assumptions about when it comes to her lifestyle.

Bridget Achieng

Well, Bridget Achieng has made it clear that her privates are not to be free neither will she pretend she doesn’t like rich men in-order to make people happy.

“Many times people have misjudged me because I love my men with a little cash, is it my fault that I get men who have money. Everyone has their choice, my privates are washed with very expensive soap, it is clean and very expensive.”

Not a prostitute!

Miss Achieng goes on to add that she doesn’t sell her body like most people have been made to believe by ladies claiming that she is a prostitute.

This is however not the first time Bridget Achieng is being linked to working as an escort.

Anyway check out her vblog below.

Bridget Achieng is calling upon well-wishers to help her give mother a better send-off, here is how you can help

Socialite Bridget Achieng has asked Kenyans to help her give her mother an honorable send off. Her mother passed on March 8 and in an instagram live session with fans, a sad Achieng broke down saying that doctors could not identify what her mother was suffering from before she passed. Every medical test she underwent turned out negative – something that cannot be explained.


Bridget said that the family footed hospital bills for their mother and since she just from giving birth, she’s not in a position to help much financially.

She posted a screenshot on how well-wishers can help her family out in this trying times. Her Mother will be buried on March 23 at their ground is Siaya Alego and a fundraiser will be held on March 17 at Ayany Estate.

Bridget Achieng finally exposes West African deadbeat dad who asked her to abort 

Socialite Bridget Achieng has managed to survive a lot to get to the place where she’s currently is right now. The mother of one, who delivered a son, confessed that her baby daddy didn’t want anything to do with her after he got her pregnant.

Her baby daddy, a West African man, walked away immediately after the socialite informed him that she was carrying his baby. In fact, he wanted her to abort but she refused.

Father and son

For the first time since she fell for him, the socialite took to social media to share a photo of the man. In her Instagram status update Achieng shared a photo collage of her cute son and the baby daddy simply captioning it: “father and son.”

A few weeks ago, Achieng also opened up on why she named him after his deadbeat dad despite him no wanting to be a part of their lives.

Sekani is an Egyptian name meaning ‘joy’ and Sekani has brought me joy… I am giving my child a name with meaning first one means joy as I don’t want my child to be sad because most of my childhood I was sad because no one was listening to me because my mum was like ‘Bridget ameenda shule amekula ako sawa.’ I called him ‘Rich’ because I want him to be rich, I don’t want him to lack anything. I want everything that is in this world he can acquire it,” she explained in a video dedicated to her son.

“I have given him Opeyemii because that is his father’s native name. I know many people will ask why you gave him the baby daddy’s name, but you know what he is a boy and he will have to go to his roots someday. Like I said my baby will know everything I will teach him everything I will not coat anything,” she disclosed.


Bridget Achieng finally releases skin lightening products for other slay queens willing to bleach like her(photos)

Forget Carolite, there’s a new bleaching creme in town that Kenyans can use to lighten their skin thanks to socialite Bridget Achieng.

Tested and proven by Achieng herself, the socialite launched a line of bleaching creme called Magic lotion that will help ladies bleach at a budget. Achieng claims she used Ksh 3 million to bleach her skin. Vera Sidika said she used Ksh 50 Million but we think they both meant Ksh 50,000.

Anyway, Bridget promised that the creme will work in just 30 days and urged women to bleach because men appreciate lighter women more. Several celebs including Huddah Monroe, Kush Tracy, Nyasikuta among others have lightened their skins.

True beauty

In an Ebru interview a while back, the socialite confessed that she decided to lighten her skin so that she can truly feel beautiful.

“From when I was a kid I never felt beautiful because African parents never tell you that you are beautiful. I never felt loved as a kid, I will be honest. So I thought if I do it I would feel beautiful…I don’t regret anything and the attention it comes with it keeps me going,” she confessed.

She added:

 “I would advise any girl (to bleach). Men will tell you to stay like that then the next day you see them in a restaurant with a light skinned girl.”


Socialite Bridget Achieng: BBC lied and made me look like a prostitute 

Socialite Bridget Achieng has come out to share that BBC twisted her interview and made her look like she’s a prostitute.

BBC Africa recently did a documentary dubbed Sugar that focused on high end prostitution. According to Bridget, she worked on the documentary for two months but BBC chopped it up and only left where she confesses how the business of high-end prostitution can be tough.

“I was shocked I did a 2 months documentary only for them to cut my interviews and make me look like I am a prostitute. Currently I am pregnant and engaged,” she said in an interview with pulse live. 


She went on to add that the media took advantage of her. Now that she’s with someone, her image has been really tarnished.

“I hate the fact that media take advantage of artists and my interview being twisted and all,” she said.

After her outcry, BBC edited the video and apologized.

“Following some inaccurate coverage of Bridget in the Kenyan media, the BBC would like to make clear that, as we show in our film Bridget ran a jewellery business, contributes to Nairobi Diaries and leads a charitable foundation for children in Kibera.

Socialite Bridget Achieng is pregnant. Who is the father?

Nairobi actress Bridget Achieng has come a long way to the lady she’s currently is now. The controversial socialite, who celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago, took to social media to announce that she’s expecting her first baby.

“For this child I prayed; and the Lord has given me my petition that which I asked of him” (1st Samuel 1:27) . To my babies God mother Patra Okelo, thanks for making sure I don’t miss doctor’s appointment. To all my friends and family thanks for the support and prayers all through, God bless you.” she wrote on her Instagram page. 

She didn’t directly mention the father of the baby however, but in another post on IG, the socialite had hinted who the father might be.

Thank you

The man Bridget posted

Bridget has been dating a West African man for almost two years now. On her other post, while wishing him a happy birthday, the socialite hinted that he might be the father.

“Help me wish biggest Happiest birthday to the most stubborn annoying, arrogant human being I’ve ever met,” She said.

“When you know you know…,and to thank him for giving me a gift that can’t be bought with money??have a blast day dearest and my GOD give you all your heart desires…#azeez”

I’ve gone through a lot because of what I signed up for- Bridget Achieng

Socialite Bridget Achieng wanted it all, the money the fame and the looks but it seems she forget it comes at a huge price.

The socialite was recently on Instagram look back at all the drama that has surrounded her life and now that on July 15th she’ll turning be a year older, she wants the month to be drama-free.

We highly doubt that will happen.

Here’s what she had to say on IG:

“Its that time of the year once again, special month, the birthday month to a very strong madam right here, i’ve battled a lot some i won some i lost but the struggle goes on, this is africa where it goes by the slogan “survival for the fittest ” … i want to, first of all, thank my main my heavenly daddy for not giving up on me, when i fell once or twice, he is indeed merciful and i call him “a last minute god” because he answered most of my prayers when i was about giving up.

Bridget Achieng
Bridget Achieng

“It’s not easy being a public figure if i could reverse time i would want that girl next door life back ….people out here are malicious, you get women pretending to be friends just to dig you, people who want exactly what’s on your table to be on theirs, blackmail, they are ready to go any level to destroy you just cause your star is shining brighter on there faces and won’t stop at anything to ruin your image in one way or the other, this life, always in the media, is not a walk in the park…i’m just a girl next door nothing much about me, just want my family and everyone whose ever been a blessing in my life to prosper and never luck…i’ve gone through alot because of what i signed up for but god has been #grateful and been with me through it all…its my month pray with me , lets enjoy because a beautiful flower was born to reign and blossom