Money Can’t Buy Love-Why KRG’s Wife Left Him For A Broke Guy

KRG is currently taking care of his kids all alone after partying ways with his ex-wife Linah. Well, at least he’s able to cosset them and bond further with them after Linah’s move.

But why did Linah have to consider moving out of the marriage? Well, according to KRG, Linah was rolling around with ‘Chokoraas’- something which he couldn’t tolerate, considering he’s a bigwig with wealth. This was the main reason for KRG to leave her.

The artist further narrated that his ex-wife’s mindset was no longer in the same wavelength with his. He claimed that she liked associating with low-lifes and friends who add no value in her life.

“She loved moving around with low-life and people who added no value to her life. People I can only liken to chokoras,” he added.

Their nasty split culminated to a series of online tiffs between them.

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Money Or Love

For a minute, KRG thought Linah was indeed in love with him. But it all seems like after years of feasting on KRG’s money, Linah came back to her senses and chose love rather than money. You can have all the money in the world, but it’ll be a mountain to climb when it comes to finding GENUINE love. Don’t get me wrong, money can buy you a hot chick. Of course you can’t miss one or two slay queens who will pretend to be in love yet they’re there for the love of cash. But getting a genuine one will definitely be hard.

This is just the case with KRG and Linah. I bet she’s currently enjoying getting someone who she loves genuinely. KRG is still struggling to get a replacement. From all this, we can discern that money can’t buy love.




KRG the Don finds himself new wife barely 6 months after divorce

Word making rounds on social media is that KRG the Don…call him Bughaa is no longer a single man nor is he searching for love since he already bagged himself a new wife after his divorce with Linah who is the mother of his two known sons.

From what we heard is that Linah Kiruthi decided to walk away from her marriage following unresolved issues between her and Bughaa….and just like she bacame a single mum of two and her friendship with the guy also went out of window as soon as she exited the relationship.

Anyway having divorced for less than 6 months, Bughaa is said to have remarried….new informtaion from his PA who went on to claim that:

Najua mambo ambayo public haijui, Mzee ana bibi ameoa ako na bibi nyumbani, Sitasema anaitwa nani kwa sasa, because of her own security.


Well having his PA ‘dish out’ such personal information only means two things….either its a clout chasing stunt or Bughaa might have to change the people around him since they cant seem to keep his personal information on the low…..but again cant say hatuoni handwritting ya Bughaa mahali.

Anyway, if indeed he is married, then it must be the petite lady he stepped out with a while back just after his breakup with Linah…..and again – chances are that the lady had been in the picture all along right? I mean who marries someone you’ve dated less than 2 months?