Carol Radull Joins NTV, Days After Quitting Radio Africa.

Media personality and sports guru Carol Radull has landed a new job at NTV, just days after calling it quits at Radio Africa; after working with them for over 21 years.

Radull took to her social media to announce her new job at NTV, where she’ll be dealing with what she loves-sports.

”Issa vibe! Tune in this and every Saturday from 3-6pm. 96.3 @nationfm_kenya

With “Great” @roykaruhize and @kienigithinji

Monday Nights on @ntvkenya



She will be hosting a new show dubbed ‘The Game Plan’ alongside Roy Karuhie and Kieni Githinji.

Media Personality Carol Radull

The new show will be airing on NTV every Monday (10PM) and every Saturday on Nation FM (3-6pm).

Radull is among the few women who have shown interest in sports; especially football. She announced her exit from Radio Africa on August 1, 2021; giving a brief history of her working period and who she has worked with over the years. She also thanked those who helped her go a notch higher in her career.

”31st July 2021 marks the end of a 21 year relationship. I joined the Radio Africa Group on the 8th of Aug 2000; as a news reporter and was soon promoted to be the head of News at Kiss 100…”

‘The Game Plan’ is definitely going to be one of the best sport shows.


Carol Radull Exits Radio Africa After 21 Years

Renowned media personality and sports guru Carol Radull has announced her exit from Radio Africa Group after working with them for 21 years.

Radull started off her career in the year 2000 as  news reporter. She was shortly promoted to be head of news at Kiss 100.

Carol Radull Quits Radio Africa Group In Night Announcement - Viral Tea  Kenya
Carol Radull-Google

Radull has worked with renowned radio presenters, such as Maina Kageni, Gidi Gidi, Fred Arocho and Bramwell Mwololo.

Radull is among the few women who are making it big in matters regarding sports.

In a long statement posted by her on Instagram, Radull appreciated the journey given to her by Radio Africa.

”31st July 2021 marks the end of a 21 year relationship. I joined the Radio Africa Group on the 8th of Aug 2000; as a news reporter and was soon promoted to be the head of News at Kiss 100.

“2008 I launched Radio Jambo and was the station’s first Programme Controller…In 2012 I launched the RAL Digital department (including @mpashogram an exciting project back then but it wasn’t exactly my cuppa tea…2016 and Bamba Sport was born. This was an exciting project and I got to hire amazing talent like @IdaWaringa and @MukamiWambora (both of who had never been on TV and both of who have become sports broadcasting Superstars! I love you two) @mohamedabu91 such a sports journalist extraordinaire…”

Radull proceeded to explain why she parted ways with Radio Africa; adding that she’ll be back soon.

”While I respect all the opportunities I got at Radio Africa; most of them management opportunities; I never believed I was designed to push papers and write reports… I haven’t been on radio for a year and a half for reasons I choose not to share.
But in two weeks times I will be back on your airwaves; with the “Great Roy” and Kieni; to continue to push the sport agenda”

Conjestina Achieng is proof that Kenya doesn’t care about its heroes

Kenya is a country that cares about everything except the people who fly its flag high and former boxing champion Conjestina Achieng is sheer proof.

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This debate was re-ignited a few days ago after media personality Carol Radull and her sister Flora paid Conjestina a visit and donated some essentials to her family.

Carol Radull and Conjestina Achieng

Photos from the meeting elicited mixed reactions on social media with many faulting the government for neglecting her despite putting Kenya’s name on the world map.

Admittedly, there have been numerous attempts to help Conjestina and help her get back on her feet but I still feel that it’s not enough.

Coming to her aid been turned into a publicity stunt since by political leaders who want to be seen to be doing something only to later abandon her at a rehabilitation centre and not fulfill their promises.

Take for instance Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko who promised her a job in 2018 only to later claim that it was not his prerogative to dish out county jobs. It makes you wonder why he even made the promise.

Conjestina Achieng

In her post, Carol revealed that Conje, as she is popularly known, had lost a lot of weight and was angry that the government had abandoned her in her time of need.

It’s time for authorities and well-wishers to step in and help her when they still can. Interestingly, many people will just sit pretty and wait for her to die and splash millions on her funeral.

She’s not alone. There are so many Kenyans who have done the country proud but live in squalor and the only reminder of what they used to mean to the country are the medals and trophies that they won.

Carol Radull’s beautiful response after fan publicly asks for her hand in marriage

They say he who finds a good wife, finds a good thing and this is why one Timo Sem could not hold back after falling pretty hard for sports journalist, Carol Radull!

Well, this past weekend a new post of Tito proposing to the lovely Carol Radull emerged on social media leaving many in laughter following Tito’s message before his proposal.

The guy goes on to pour out his heart to the lovely Carol Radull not forgetting come out clean about his financial status – hoping that she would accept his contribution however small it is!

Tito went on to write saying;

Tito and Carol Radull

Miss Radull responds

Having parted ways with her ex husband a few years ago, Carol Radull is rumored to be involved with one of the fella’s she currently  works with.

Carol Radull with rumored boyfriend, Bramm

For this reason, the lady decided to turn down Tito but in the best possible way! Unlike most female celebrities who would rant about being proposed to by one of the fans; Carol Radull chose to respond saying;

Carol Radull
Radull responds

Carol Radull rekindles memories of her late father and brother as visits cancer ward on her birthday (Photos)

Classic FM presenter Carol Radull turned a year older two days ago and she decided to spend her birthday at children’s cancer ward in Kenyatta National Hospital.

“After celebrating so many birthdays it reaches a time when giving and sharing is so much more rewarding than receiving and eating alone. Due to health restrictions you can’t carry much to children’s cancer Ward 1E but KNH did allow us to take fruits. It was such a joy playing, chatting and eating with the kids. Sorry I can’t share their photos but I will treasure this visit until the next one… and it was great to see our Chemo chairs still operational,” wrote Carol Radull.

Carol Radull at children's cancer ward in Kenyatta National Hospital.
Carol Radull at children’s cancer ward in Kenyatta National Hospital.
Affected by cancer

Carol Radull has been championing cancer awareness and has been showing support to those affected by the chronic disease. The Classic FM presenter knows all too well the pain of losing loved ones to cancer.

Radull’s younger brother died of cancer in 1987 while her dad also died from the same condition 26 years later in May 2013.

“My small brother George died of Cancer on 15th May 1987. My brother Robert died in November 1998. My Dad passed away also from cancer on May 19th 2013,” wrote Carol Radull in a past post on social media.

The radio queen later on went to Kiza to celebrate her birthday after the visit at Kenyatta Hospital.


The pain of losing a brother and father to cancer! Carol Radull almost in tears as she narrates her story

Radio presenter Carol Radull knows all to well the pain of losing loved ones to cancer. The Classic FM presenter opened up about how she lost her father and brother to the chronic disease.

Radull shared an old family photo and reminisced about how the family was happy back then when all of its members were still alive.

A young Carol Radull (second left) stands close to her father in the old family photo
A young Carol Radull (second left) stands close to her father in the old family photo

“Allow me to tell you a story about this photo. There was a time when if you wanted a cool family photo you had to go to a photo studio in town; the most popular being Ramogi’s near Kenya Cinema or in Kisumu. This was one of those days when my parents cleaned us up and we drove from Bondo to Kisumu to take a rare studio photo. And for Mr and Mrs Radull, the photo was well thought out and had to be perfect. Now unlike today when you can see the photo that’s been taken and if you don’t like it then you take another; no-one would be able to see the photo until it had been printed.  So imagine the surprise and annoyance on my parents’ faces when the photo came out and I had rolled down my socks because frankly I hated pulling my socks up (they tickled me) and I hated shoes – period – and had unbuckled my shoes because I felt I had worn them for too long. I was 7 and outside of school I would be permanently barefoot,” wrote Radull in part.

Lost brothers and father

Radull reveals her younger brother died of cancer in 1987 while her dad also died from the same condition 26 years later. The Classic FM presenter also lost her older brother in 1998.

“My brother Robert was also in trouble because he put his hands in his pockets. He had to look cool.
Years later though when we were sitting at home in our living room where the photo hung; my Dad suddenly said “I love this photo just the way it is. It shows Robert’s rebellious character and Carol’s independance. If Carol isn’t comfortable; she speaks up; sometimes with her actions. In this case; she clearly hated socks and shoes.” Mum agreed and we all laughed about it. It was a relief though knowing that I hadn’t ruined our last studio family photo.
My small brother George died of Cancer on 15th May 1987. My brother Robert died in November 1998. My Dad passed away also from cancer on May 19th 2013. Today in Bondo we hold family prayers for them. It’s been difficult for the Radull Ladies without the strength of our brothers and father around. My Mum and my sis @floradull are my rock! That’s how I manage,” wrote Radull.

Carol Radull with her sister Florence Radull and mother Patricia Radull
Carol Radull with her sister Florence Radull and mother Patricia Radull

“I really miss my brothers and especially my Dad. Dad had a way of making me believe that everything would be alright; especially when I felt I had made a mistake in life and rolled down my socks. I was far from being a perfect daughter or sister but he made all his children feel perfect. I miss his unconditional love,” Carol Radull wrote.


“I had 4000 by the time I lost my job” Carol Radull narrates how she squandered 6 figure salary in binge drinking

Classic FM presenter Carol Radull started earning good money while she was still a very young lady. And she wasted it all on drinking sprees.

Radull opened up her love for the drink during an interview with the Nairobian. She reveals that her six figure salary at BBC supported her knack for binge drinking.

“I started earning good money when I was very young. Despite earning a six-figure salary, I was not saving. I would walk into a bar with almost 20 friends and shout ‘peweni!’ My account was always at zero every end of the month,” reveals Radull.

Meagre saving

Radull further reveals that she was only saving a tiny fraction of her six figure salary. She says she had only Kes 4000 in her bank account by the time BBC fired her.

“I had a savings account which had Sh4,000 by the time I lost my job. I was a spendthrift. If you ask me what I did with the money, I wouldn’t know because I did not save.”

Carol Radull
Survived on good will

Friends and family paid Radull’s bills when she was laid off. She says her sister paid her rent for six month before a film director who offered her job in Rwanda also paid her 6 month rent.

“My sister paid my rent for six months. Luckily, Nick Hughes (Vivid Features director) called me for a job in Rwanda where he was shooting a story about the Rwandan Genocide. Nick paid my rent for another six months. I later got a job at Citizen TV for a short time. It was shut down by the government as soon as I started getting comfortable. I was jobless after three months. I felt like I was running out of luck.”




Luhyas will be the end of us! Collins Injera’s super heavy breakfast leaves the internet in stitches 

There is a perception that a single rugby player can eat a whole goat like it’s no big deal. Collins Injera has further given credence to this theory.

Everybody knows Luhyas love their food more than anything. For Luhya rugby players, no word is big enough to describe their appetite.

Collins Injera is not ashamed of his appetite at all, he is a foodie. Kenya’s all time leading try scorer is fond of posting photos of food he eats on social media.

Ugali chapati for breakfast

Collins Injera left Kenyans laughing out loud when he shared a photo of his breakfast. The Mwamba RFC player eats ugali, chapati, veges and chicken for breakfast.

Classic FM presenter Carol Radull was among netizens who teased Collins Injera when he shared a photo of his heavy breakfast.

“Now you know what it takes to do a #ClassicDummy ??? @cinjera Luhyas will be the end of us ??? #Kenya7s #Dubai7s #Shujaa #Rugby7s #RecoveryIsKey #BreakfastOfChampions,” Carol Radull commented on the post Collins Injera posted.


“She looks like your sister yawa” Carol Radull’s mother stuns netizens with her young look (Photos)

Carol Radull is 46 years old and interestingly her mother looks likes she’s five years older than her. The Classic FM presenter shared her mother’s latest photo on social media.

Carol’s mother Patricia Radull turned a year older over the past weekend. The staunch Arsenal supporter took to social media to celebrate her mom.

“To the most precious person in my life; my rock my everything; I would like to wish you a happy and blessed birthday Ma. I love you always and forever. ❤❤❤ Please join me in wishing Mum a happy birthday… P.S. She isn’t on ig but she is on facebook but I will show her all the comments ?,” Carol Radull captioned a photo she posed with her mother.

Carol Radull with her mother

She looks like your sister

Netizens were taken aback by the photo which Radull shared. Many people said Radull’s mother looked so young to be her mother.

See some of the reactions below after Radull shared the photo:

bri_korir: Hbd to your mum.she looks so young

nyoro_julius: Happybirthday to her,she looks like your sister yawa

joanmalavan: So youthful…what is the secret? Happy birthday Mama Carol …

p_kipkorir: Happiest Birthday mommy, live long , enjoy life, celebrate more.

kenmunenen: Happy Birthday Radull’s mom. Cheers for giving us the all awesome radio sports queen!

jumaj2007: Happy birthday mama Caro may you live long to blow a thousand candles

happy_crystals: Happy birthday to the special and ever young looking mama. May God grant you 100 more years. By the way your daughter is the loudest in the office!!!! Smh ??

“Why can’t everyone just leave Oliech alone!” Carol Radul defends footballer

Carol Radul is annoyed with the stories that have been making rounds on social media as everyone (social media users and tabloids) has been trolling the footballer over a photo taken during the Koroga Festibval that went down this past weekend.

From the stories making rounds on social media many believe that Dennis Oliech is now broke hence his new look that shocked many.

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But those who know the footballer on a personal level believe that he is doing fine and the photo being used to take the photo was of low quality. Carol Radull who is among these friends defending Oliech recently shared a post through her gram asking people to leave the fella alone. She wrote,

Carol Radull with Dennis Oliech
Carol Radull with Dennis Oliech

Why can’t everyone just leave @oliechdennis alone! Here we are at a recent youth tournament in Kibera. He is fine and he is giving back. #Legend#KenyanHero #FootballKE #LoveFootball#FootballIsBae #JazaStadi

Well from her post you can tell that many still view the footballer as a legend who took the Kenyan football team a different level and for this reason people should learn to look at the positive side and not focus on something that would lower his self esteem as he is also human.