Mulamwah proves he still misses ex, Carrol Sonnie despite having dumped her (Photos)

You wouldn’t understand Mulamwah if you haven’t been in his shoes before. Not that I have, but you can tell when a man is broken judging from his actions.

So far we have seen Mulamwah humiliate his ex Carrol Sonnie who doubles up as his baby mama now that they’re no longer together.

Well, it stared off with harmless stunts where Mulamwah would tease fans with photos of his new girlfriend; but the whole time Sonnie maintained her silence to avoid drama.

Looking at it from Kibe’s third eye concept – I’m thinking Mulamwah’s aim was to see whether Sonnie would catch feelings; but instead – she kept acting unbothered the whole time….again not what Mulamwah hoped hence his troubled stunts.

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Sonnie’s silence triggers Mulamwah’s anger

With no response on the many stunts and exposes he has done on her, Mulamwah must have felt really frustrated. He must have also asked him severally….Did she really love me? Was she in it for the fame? Where could I have gone wrong? Why can’t she apologize for the past mistakes? Again, did she really love me?

But truth is Sonnie must have been done with him a long time ago – to even care whether he left her or not. Probably this explains why Mulamwah alleges she tried aborting Keilah.

Well, from what I know is women don’t have babies with men they don’t genuinely love; or can’t benefit financially from. It’s a hustle for some.

Anyway – in Mulamwah’s case I bet he regrets leaving that early. He should have had a plan. Not his I am a legend. I impregnated Sonnie and left <sh!tty small boy theory> damn Mulamwah you were there throughout the whole pregnancy. You ‘daddied up’ the moment she got positive results from the pregnancy test.

Clearly not what self proclaimed legends do. These ones ghost from the word go. You hit them with I’m pregnant text and from that day they evolve to ghosts. Ask around, utaambiwa.

Wishful thinking?

However, we can agree that Mulamwah hurried the breakup process….forgetting he was the one drowning in her love.

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Boychild definitely messed up by going too far – when all he wanted was to scare her into acting right. You don’t think so?

Then why else would he be so okay with sharing the photos below…when Sonnie herself hasn’t even shared one?


Mulamwah’s girlfriend surprises fans with new dance video hours after giving birth

I want to believe all the horror stories from the maternity ward are true; because most ladies will always talk about the pain that comes with and after labor – but not Carrol Sonie.

Well unlike most new mums who would still be nursing the pain of pushing out a baby; Carrol Sonie looks like she had a smooth delivery that has her bouncing back like nothing happened.

Latest dad in town, Mulamwah

Just hours after giving birth, Carrol Sonie got into a celebratory mood that left her dancing with baby daddy; and from how she coordinates her leg work makes me wonder – is she made of steel? I mean, all that pain and still strong enough to burst a move?

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Keeping up with the Mulamwah’s

With big deals coming in and their motorbike business growing each and everyday; the Mulamwah’s now have another handful responsibility especially with the new baby home.

Mulamwah’s girlfriend and baby Keilah

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The couple announced news of their latest family member who arrived on Monday, 20th September. From the videos shared by the two we have reason to believe that Sonie had a normal delivery hence the quick discharge.

Anyway with the kind of energy she has proven to have; I guess nursing baby and the late nights won’t wear her out. Wrong? Congratulations to the couple!


Mulamwah pours out his heart to girlfriend and unborn child in beautiful letter

Comedian Mulamwah woke up cutting onions this morning! And yes, we can’t help shed a tear after reading his beautiful message dedicated to girlfriend; Carol Sonnie, who is pregnant with their second child; about a year after they lost the first pregnancy.

In the beautiful touchy shared on his Insta page, the comedian appreciated his long term girlfriend by saying;

Carrol Sonie

No words can explain the amount of love i have for you two.The feeling cant be explained either. It has been a long journey to this point and i thank God for the blessing; may he see us through to the end.

On the same post, Mulamwah described his woman as a queen who has changed his life; and despite the ups and downs – he remains grateful that she chose him over any other perfect man. He went on to add;

Mulamwah with Carol Sonie

To my queen , its always a pleasure with you by my side. Thanks for carrying this gift despite the bumpy ride weve been through , and also for being the strong woman yo’ve always been. Keep soaring high in your career as well. I wish you nothing else but the best . Nomatter what may we always put the intrests of our egg first . I wish you a safe delivery . love yall ????????????. @carrol_sonie

To the unborn baby

Just like any first time dad, Mulamwah couldn’t hold back from expressing his excitement; now that he is about to become a father for the first time.

Although his child will not be able to read until they hit 7 to 8 years; the comedian dedicated the message below to baby saying;


To my unborn, i dont even know what to call you yet ???? , i cant wait to see and hold you, welcome to the third planet, its the best place and the worst in equal measures. Always follow your heart , go for what it yearns for. Failure is always a step to success , nothing good happens on the first try , I wish you a long life full of blessings . We will talk more once you here ???? cant wait for the fun we’ll have together.

Mulamwah’s girlfriend whines her waist while 7 months pregnant leaving many surprised (video)

Carol Sonnie is currently 7 months pregnant; and unlike most women at this stage – the young mum-to-be appears quite energetic.

Wondering how we know this?

Well, husband Mulamwah recently unveiled a new dance video showing how flexible his pregnant wife is; and judging from how Ms Sonnie moves – one would not say she is heavy with child.

Mulamwah with Carol Sonie

The young mum is seen whining her heavy waist – as she moves in sync with Mulamwah but unlike their other dance videos; this time around the clip was only about 10 seconds – which is understandable.

Mulamwah’s pregnant girlfriend

Pregnancy glow

Apart from her dance moves, it appears that this pregnancy is bringing out Sonie’s beauty as she continues to glow through out her journey.

Yes, unlike most pregnancies that transform women for the worst Mulamwah’s lady keeps hotter; making it hard for the guy to even leave her side.

Well, the long journey is about to come to an end as Sonnie has a few more weeks to go; before baby arrives and then – the reality about parenthood will dawn in their home!

Anyway watch the young pregnant lady shake what her mama gave her; before she takes this dance moves to the maternity ward.

Mulamwah and ex girlfriend getting back together? He speaks

Comedian Mulamwah is not just book smart but street smart. At 27 years the young man has several businesses running but many know about his successful motorbike hustle.

With such determination and zeal to work hard – Mulamwah has not only challenged his age mates; but his elders too who now look up to him.

Exes; Mulamwah and Sonnie

Unlike other comedians who have found themselves drowning in debts, stress and depression; the young man was smart enough to invest in the little he had made from Churchill – and now look at how far he has come.

Comedian Mulamwah

However, despite all this success – comedian Mulamwah only has one issue. He might be girlfriendless. Well, his first love Carrol Sonnie is said to have walked out on the fella; but Mulamwah kept hanging on as he hoped to get her back.

Finally moving on?

After months of trying to figure things out – it now seems that the fella has finally opted to take charge of his life.

Thanks to a question and answer session shared on his IG – fans now believe that Mulamwah is ready to move on from his ex. This is after a fan went on to ask whether he talks to his ex, saying;

Mulamwah with Sonnie

Do you still talk to Carol_Sonia

To which Mulamwah shared a screenshot showing how many hours he used to spend on with Carol on phone. 2 hours is not something to play with which confirms that indeed Mulamwah was in love; but everything that has a beginning also has an end.

Responding to the fan asking about Carol, Mulamwah said;

We used to talk a lot, but priorities changed.