Caroline Mutoko Retires From Radio Africa Group

Radio Africa Group hosted a farewell party on Tuesday to honor three esteemed senior staff members who are retiring. The event was a special occasion to express gratitude for their invaluable contributions to the company.

Among those being celebrated were the Group Marketing Manager Caroline Mutoko, the Program Controller Peter Sinclair, and the Group Chief Finance Officer Robert Kibutiri. Mutoko, who is also an influencer and content creator, shot to fame as the long-time host of popular shows on Radio Africa-owned Kiss FM, including the morning show alongside comedian Walter “Nyambane” Mong’are. She worked for the company for more than 20 years and was part of numerous remarkable projects that saw its success.

The party was attended by current and former employees of Radio Africa Group, as well as friends and family of the retirees. Speeches were given by Mutoko, Sinclair, and Kibutiri, as well as by the company’s CEO, Patrick Quarcoo. Quarcoo praised the retirees for their dedication and hard work, and said that they would be missed by the company.

The event was a warm and emotional occasion, as people shared memories and stories about the retirees. It was a fitting way to honor three individuals who have made significant contributions to Radio Africa Group.

Caroline Mutoko’s departure from Radio Africa Group

Caroline Mutoko’s retirement from Radio Africa Group was met with mixed reactions. Some people were sad to see her go, while others felt that it was time for her to move on. Mutoko herself said that she was leaving the company to pursue other opportunities.

Mutoko’s departure from Radio Africa Group marks the end of an era. She was one of the most popular and influential radio personalities in Kenya, and her shows were a staple of the Kenyan airwaves for many years. She will be missed by her fans, but her legacy will continue to live on.

Caroline Mutoko: I made more money once I left radio

Caroline Mutoko for a long time was the brand synonymous with Kiss 100. Her’s was the voice of the morning show and we would all start our day with it before going on to our individual grinds.

Oga Obinna reveals he had a crush on Kiss 100 boss, Caroline Mutoko

This was also a big deal for women who finally got proper representation in media as they not only had someone to look up to and aspire to become but in a way they had a mentor. And that is because she eventually directed her content towards uplifting women.

Caroline Mutoko eventually got to a point in her career where she felt she needed to get off radio and pursue other interests. That’s all her go into digital marketing and by her own admission,”it has treated me well”.

Mammito Narrates How Caroline Mutoko Supported Her In Time Of Need

In an interview with the Daily Nation she recently said,
“I always knew that there was a world beyond the mic, and I guess this is it. I am a great storyteller, and I am using that to make a living. I’m glad that I make a lot more money than I did when I was on the radio.

Caroline M

“It’s been nine years since I left radio. I left because I felt it was time, and I’ve never looked back. I know many wondered why I quit. Some encouraged me to hold on. That I had a great show on radio. But, a good dancer knows when to leave the stage. So far, the transition has been good and rewarding. I have taken time to reflect and put things into perspective. I like that I am still doing well without having to wake up at 4am.”

Jalang’o to Caroline Mutoko: “I love you to death”

Some of the brands Caroline Mutoko has worked with include Tecno, Safaricom, Dubai Tourism, L’Oreal, and Netflix.

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Oga Obinna reveals he had a crush on Kiss 100 boss, Caroline Mutoko

Roho ikipenda imependa! And it would seem Oga Obinna found out the hard way that the heart wants what the heart wants and for a long time while a young boy, he longed for Caroline Mutoko.

He revealed this while having a conversation with his co-host, Sheila Kwamboka. He also added Sheila Mwanyigah to his list of celebrities he used to have a crush on.

Now that he is older and the pair share a building (Oga Obinna and Caroline Mutoko that is), one has to wonder why he still hasn’t shot his shot. Or perhaps he is one of the few professional Kenyan entertainers?

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Jalang’o to Caroline Mutoko: “I love you to death”

Radio King cum comedian Jalang’o has come from far. For those who remember well, he started off like most comedians; but the only difference is that Jalang’o put in extra hours and efforts to get where he is today.

According to the comedian, he owes his success to one media personality, Caroline Mutoko who helped him get his first A hustle. Although Jalango doesn’t mention which hustle it is; all we know is that he got to host the breakfast morning show with Caroline Mutoko back in 2009 to 2013.

Tbt: Caroline Mutoko with Jalang’o after getting arrested

Landing this job was however not so easy – especially with the standards set by one, Nyambane who had just quit. For this reason Caroline Mutoko was to torn between Larry who had a degree and Jalang’o who had none. But in the long run, Jalang’o managed to scoop the gig.

Appreciation post

Just to show his appreciation, the Kiss FM presenter earlier today shared a new of him and Caroline Mutoko; which he captioned;

Jalango and Caroline Mutoko link up in 2021

Got my A hustle game from the best…@caroline.mutoko Thank you for believing in me from day 1! Love you to death!!

Since learning some important money making skills from Caroline Mutoko; Jalango is currently ranked among the richest media personalities we have in the country – and his flashy cars can confirm this.

Anyway, while comedians continue to complain about payments; the likes of Jalang’o, Otoyo, MC Jessy and others chose to explore the free platform given to them by Churchill.

Caroline Mutoko Set To Explore The Ghetto For The First Time

Media personality Caroline Mutoko has announced about her plans to visit the ghetto areas for the first time ever. The media proprietor says that she will visit three areas in the next four weeks of the month. These areas include Mwolem, Kariobangi and Eastleigh.

She took to social media to announce about her plans of showing love in the new month. On her video, she said,

”In this new month, I am going to be taking me and trying to put myself in different spaces, spaces that you normally would not expect me to be in. So, for example, in the next four to five weeks, I will definitely be in Mwolem, Kariobangi, Eastleigh.

And I’m not going to try and be somebody else in that space because I’m hoping that if I do my job right, it will also help you see those spaces in a whole new way…”

Caroline Mutoko bio: age, daughter, spouse, house, car and many more

The 48 year old is a well-known media proprietor. She is also an entrepreneur in the beauty world and a pioneer in many areas. Her breakthrough started when she secured a job at Kiss 100 FM, a stationed owned by Radio Africa. Many people would remember her morning show at the station that she hosted with Walter Mong’ are, aka Nyambane. The show’s popularity increased, and her career skyrocketed.

Mutoko’s success story is an inspiration to all genders. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in the next four weeks.

Caroline Mutoko reacts to Naomi Campbell’s appointment as Magical Kenya’s International Ambassador

Popular Kenyan media personality Caroline Mutoko is the latest public figure to weigh in on Naomi Campbell’s recent appointment as Magical Kenya’s International Ambassador.

Also read: Kenyans should not be too quick to dismiss Naomi Campbell

In a 9-minute video that was posted on her YouTube account, the former Kiss FM presenter bashed Kenyans who are opposed to the appointment, adding that they were giving their opinions on what they don’t understand.

Naomi Campbell

“This is about the sort of ignorance and bile that we display when we don’t think through the sort of stuff that we say,” she stated.

She reminded her viewers about a time back when South Africa appointed Sauti Sol as brand ambassadors yet no one took issue with it.

Mutoko went on to add that there was nothing wrong with Naomi Campbell’s recent appointment and that those who were opposed to the move were just ignorant.

Naomi Campbell

“I have never met her but she is a friend of Kenya. In 2008 right after we came out of our madness, she was among the first international celebrities who visited Kenya. Naomi comes to Kenya annually and she does not hide unlike most people. From the moment she lands, she tweets,” Mutoko revealed.

Mutoko lauded Magical Kenya while expressing hope that they can find more premium personalities who can showcase the beauty of our country.

Watch the video below.


Adorable! Caroline Mutoko celebrates daughter’s 10th birthday with adorable never seen before baby photo

Caroline Mutoko is said to have adopted daughter Theodora Nduku when she was only 8 months old.

What’s even more surprising is that these two look everything like each other and till date; some still find it hard to believe that the former radio queen adopted this beautiful girl.

Anyway despite having brought her home at 8 months, we can assure you that a journey of 10 years has not been a walk in the park. Caroline Mutoko has definitely faced the music all mums face from sleepless nights, sick nights and above all not missing any milestone in her child’s life.


The former radio personality confirmed this in her caption where she wrote;

Blink, and she’s 10years old

Mum of two

With Nduku turning 10 years, her mummy on the other hand is still changing diapers as she recently added a son to their family.

A while back Caroline Mutoko through her YouTube channel went on to reveal that she has an almost 2 year old son; who I am sure is her heart.

Caroline Mutoko with her grown daughter, Nduku

With Nduku all grown up, I bet Caroline Mutoko gets enough time to parent the young one; and judging from how strict she is, her kids might just have to walk in her footsteps someday.

Anyway as of now all we have are photos of Theodora Nduku but as for her little brother’s; we might have to wait a bit longer. Check out the never seen before photo below.

Tbt: Caroline Mutoko with daughter, Theodore Nduku

9 Kenyan celebrities who have embraced single motherhood with a big spoon

A number of female personalities in the Kenyan public space, have taken up the role of parenting by themselves for a better part of their lives, some their biological children, others adopted.

Well-known public figures who either got divorced, gave up on marriage life or just had what many would term ‘deadbeat’ baby daddies. That is my list.

Regardless of the spaces they work in, their professions, their choice of industry or even their age. Let’s dive right in.

1. DJ Pierra

The curvy disc jockey realized she was expectant in 2016, soon after partying ways with the father to her daughter who had already started dating someone else. As her daughter recently turned 4, Pierra Makena clarified that she doesn’t regret becoming a single mother.

DJ Pierra Makena with daughter Ricca

2. Anne Kiguta

The celebrated K24 journalist is a mother of twins whom she bore with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s nephew, Jomo Gecaga, before he moved on with sassy TV girl, Lola Hannigan in 2017, who recently welcomed their first child together. As we speak, Ms Kiguta is all about bringing up her 3 boys.

Anne Kiguta with baby daddy, Jomo Gecaga

3. Brenda Wairimu

The adorable light-skinned actress bore a child with popular artist, Juliani before partying ways and getting linked to actor Ephy Saint. Named Amor Njeri, recently turned 5 years of age but Juliani has since moved on.

Brenda Wairimu with her daughter

4. Tanasha Donna

A lot has been said around this barely 25-year old singer and single mother who recently exposed Tanzanian baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz for neglecting their son but either way, she clarified she was not going to force him to support their son.

Tanasha with baby Naseeb Junior

5. Caroline Mutoko

The seasoned Kenyan media personality has a 3-year old son and opted to adopt a daughter, Theodora Nduku in 2011 when she was 8 months old, who is as good a complete replica of her, now all grown and beautiful. Caroline has taken up the journey of single motherhood, and judging from her age, she might keep on with the trend.

Caroline Mutoko and daughter
Caroline Mutoko and daughter, Nduku

6. Victoria Rubadiri

A 34-year old Vicky bore her daughter at the tender age of 19 while studying abroad, with a man she parted ways with but through the support of her parents, guides and cares for her now teenage daughter.

TV Queen, Victoria Rubadiri (right) and her father with her daughter (left)

7. Akothee

Madam Boss is proudly a mother to three daughters and two fairly young sons and as she clocks 43, the beauty has been all the way financially independent after going through rough relationships with men.

Akothee with her family in France

8. Avril Nyambura

The sweetly-voiced songbird is rumored to have borne her son with veteran producer, J Blessing and so far, she is all in when it comes to taking care of her growing adorable 2-year old baby boy.

Avril Nyambura with her baby boy

9. Nana Gecaga

Nana, best known as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s niece, is proudly a mother to three grown boys whom she bore while still unmarried, admitting she will comfortably take care of her boys, during her recent interview with MC Jessy. Nana currently stands as the CEO of KICC.

The Gecaga boys

Caroline Mutoko on the receiving end of trolls after hitting wrongly at Papa Shirandula’s death

Caroline Mutoko is having it rough with Kenyans online after her unprecedented ugly rant yesterday, pinning the bulging Covid-19 statistics of men in the country, on their ignorance and unquenched ego.

According to the revered media personality, men had deemed themselves too high ranking to even observe high levels of hygiene and maintain healthy diet plans during this trying times.

Ms Caroline Mutoko

She believed that majority of household heads – the men – are falling victim of Covid-19 because they are too proud to observe any measures put in place by the Ministry of Health and Government in Kenya.

Also read: Caroline Mutoko’s public lecture to men after Papa Shirandula’s death that has rattled Kenyans (Video)

Carol hinted at Papa Shirandula’s death as a case in point, having left behind a wife, Beatrice Ebbie Andega and three children who are still trying to come to terms with the actor’s untimely death.

Papa Shirandula and Caroline Mutoko

Wild reactions

Your guess is as good as mine, this did not sit well with Kenyans who hit back at her, believing she has the audacity to give such sentiments because she is unmarried.

Others felt her adopted daughter was at risk of growing in an unhealthy environment if these are the kind of opinions Ms Mutoko holds.

A section was however quick to laud her for telling men what they did not want to be told, in plain black and white.

Caroline Mutoko’s public lecture to men after Papa Shirandula’s death that has rattled Kenyans (Video)

Caroline Mutoko has come out to attack men for pretending to be too immune to Coronavirus, following Papa Shirandula’s controversial demise.

The no-nonsense media personality lashed out at Kenyan men for an ego too high to even afford to take fruits, wash hands or just take frequent baths to protect themselves and their families from the adverse effects of Covid-19.

Carol came out to forewarn men that this level of ignorance and pride is what is going to take them to their grave if they don’t watch out!

The very idea that a virus could come after you, all the man that you are is impossible, until the virus does come to you. Number two “Oh Lord, you hate water!” Someone has to beg you to wash your hands and this is pre-Covid. “Ow, shower? Oh that’s news!”

Revered media personality, Caroline Mutoko

She termed this “mental and habitual predisposition to shy away from hygiene” that will have lasting negative effects on men eventually.

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The Ignorance

Going further to condemn men for their terrible lifestyle choices of either drinking alcohol or eating nyama choma day in, day out.

Established TV personality, Caroline Mutoko

While the Ministry of Health has consistently advised on the consumption of fruits and maintaining a healthy diet during these times.

Nobody can make you eat anything, that does not look like a cow or a goat. “Mi sikulangi matunda. Hiyo ni ya watoto na wanawake”. And yet, the Vitamin C you need, can be put on a plate. We have tried to put effervescent taps for you to drink and you´re like, “mi sikunywangi hizo vitu, ikiwa si ka-Glen fulani”.

Also read: “The day Corona kills you, we’ll say it’s malaria!” Angered Vera Sidika takes a swipe at ignorant Kenyans taking Covid-19 as a scam

Ms Caroline Mutoko

Taking note of the common stereotype men have adopted about going to see a doctor:

You, see a doctor? You’re like “apana, nitakunya kasomething. Chang’aa huuwa hii kitu”. Because you can’t even be told, you’re like “Apana, mi siendagi hospitali, I could die there!”

Hinting at Papa Shirandula’s death that has struck the Kenyan space with a bang, Carol wrapped up:

What happened to papa? It’s a mental and behavioral thing.

Her rant comes just a day after Vera Sidika slammed ignorant Kenyans for taking Covid-19 as a scam.

All grown up! Check out the shocking resemblance between Caroline Mutoko and daughter (Photos)

Media personality Caroline Mutoko and her daughter Nduku have left fans on social media dazzled by their striking resemblance as seen on the new photos making rounds online.

Judging by the fact that Caroline Mutoko adopted; one would easily think that they both share not just the looks but a DNA that has left   Nduku looking like a younger version of her mum.

At 9 years, Nduku continues to prove that she is her mother’s daughter and the latest video shared online confirmed this too. The two were seen having a short conversation but what fans wanted more is the trick used to make them look so much alike.

Caroline Mutoko with her grown daughter, Nduku

Caroline Mutoko as a mum

Having adopted Nduku at 8 months, Caroline Mutoko says her life has since changed; this is because God gave her the perfect gift that has brought nothing but joy in her life.

However, just like any ordinary mum Caroline Mutoko avoids sharing any personal information that may put her child in danger. The media personality only gets to show off her daughter once in a while, but we can’t blame her for this!

Ms Nduku

Baby boy

About a year ago, Caroline Mutoko announced the arrival of her second born son; however the baby boy’s photos are yet to surface on social media.

Time and time again Caroline continues to show that she is a protective mum who is ready to dedicate her time to her family.

This comes after successful years in the media industry; and for some reason she continues to  inspire young women looking to venture in the media industry.

Not just her confidence but her intelligence seem to have been passed down to her baby girl; and this for sure shows that Nduku might just be the next big thing after her mummy!

Caroline Mutoko opens up about her son for the time

Renowned media personality Caroline Mutoko is a mother of two! Yes, she recently revealed that she has a baby boy who is 1 year five months.


Caroline Mutoko

Speaking with speech therapist Lorna Muthamia Ochido in an interview don through her YouTube channel; Ms Mutoko goes on to reveal that she has a 17 months old (1 year five months) baby boy whose first words sister’s name ‘Kuku’ since he can’t pronounce Nduku.

Caroline Mutoko

My housekeeper used to say that the first words my son would say are Nduku and I used to laugh at her. Sure enough when the boy uttered his first words, he said nduku as ‘kuku.’

Private life

For those who have been keeping close tabs on Caroline Mutoko understand that she is one media personality who prefers to keep her personal life private.

Caroline Mutoko rarely shares matters regarding her family and I bet this is why it has taken her quite a while to reveal that she has a son. Speaking through her YouTube channel Ms Mutoko once opened up saying;

For some people, it’s a non-negotiable (sharing their personal life on social media), I am one of those people. It is not up for discussion and for me if you ask anyone who works in media like Caroline Mandi of True Love she will tell you that I am very clear, my home is off-limits. My home is not available and my circle of friends have the sort of lives and jobs that can’t afford nonsense and actually sometimes we both need plausible deniability to each other. So I don’t share that. I feel that sharing that leaves me very little in terms of places I could retreat to a cocoon or cave of love and understanding and just us-ness that has nothing to do with the rest of you. So yes some people will say no and I am one of them. And even when I have said yes before, I have watched the monster that can be social media and I have to choose very carefully what can be put out there, how much and in what manner.


Caroline Mutoko to give Huddah a run for her money after launching new lipstick line

Former radio presenter Caroline Mutoko has joined the fashion business and will be going against socialites Huddah Monroe and Amber Ray.

The 46-year-old has launched a new lipstick line dubbed ‘I AM’ which she teamed up with Pauline Cosmetics to create this product.

“It’s for the fierce boss lady who never stopped being a girl, it’s for the lady who still wants to bring style and glamour to the boardroom, it’s for the woman who is still ‘becoming’ and for that super woman who is doing it all but still cares for how she looks,” Caroline said.


‘IAM’, which is a limited-edition lipstick, comes in four beautifully designed, packaged and color selection and retails at Sh1,800.

Other Kenyans who have lipstick lines include Amber Ray, Huddah Monroe and several other vloggers.

Caroline Mutoko slams fan who called her mean and unkind: You’re hurt and I’ll pray for you

Media personality Caroline Mutuko has shut down a Twitter user who claimed that she’s was mean to him a while back.

A user by the name Murage Gichuki called out the media personality accusing her for being unkind after a short whats app exchange they had while he was looking for some help.

Gichuki’s attack came after she sent out a post encouraging people to be kind in the wake of the Riverside attack when one Murage Gichuki called her out for being mean.

“Today, be patient in traffic, smile at people, nod your silent support and whisper a prayer for those who’re injured and families of those we’ve lost. We’re all hurting. Even the heavens above are grey. Be kind today. Hold me up. I’ll do the same for you,” wrote Mutoko.

Just hurt

Gichuki, however, wasn’t having it. He sent a reply saying Mutuko was the opposite of what he was saying.

“F*ck this Caroline Mutoko sh*t of being kind. My bullsh*t meter went on overload! People are mean af then project their shitting daisies sh*tfluence here. I’m mad as hell when I remember how she dragged me on the phone for minutes and I kept asking her to be KIND. She hang up on me after an earful of BS.” Read a number of his Tweets.

In response, Caroline said:

“I pray you find peace Murage. I have read your thread with sadness & pity. As for anyone giving this wounded man a hard time – Don’t. Back off. I say again – Be Kind. Murage is hurt & his wounds are self-inflicted. Ragz – Be well. Be blessed.”

She also went on to share an exchange they had on Whatsapp where the man sought her help in finding contacts in Uganda, Hong Kong and Australia.

“Contacts? For?” read Caroline’s reply and Gachuki replied with “I’m looking for people who are crazy dreamers like me and open-minded?”

“Okay, that makes no sense to me…What exactly do you need? Let me know I’ll get back to you at 4 Pm after my strategy session. Have a great day.” Caroline replied.

Caroline Mutoko believes women should blame themselves first regarding Mugo Wairimu’s case

Former radio presenter Caroline Mutoko has shared how quack doctor Mugo Wairimu manages to lure women into his trap.

The man was yet again exposed for being a quack doctor and rapping his clients. According to Mutoko, women should start by blaming themselves for this because they keep referring the doctor to their friends.

“A lot of us would take an OB-GYN (obstetrics and gynaecology) on referral just as we do on hair, nails and purchases. Women work on referrals. We don’t believe in our decisions. We don’t investigate, we don’t trust ourselves,” she stated.


She also went on to add that women were being exploited by the doctor because they have been conditioned to stay silent no matter what happens to them.

“Even if I go there and I don’t like it, I don’t want to say; “I didn’t like your guy” since I don’t want to offend my friend. Questioning is frowned upon, having an alternative opinion is frowned on, we should start having a voice.” she said. 

Mutoko added that women are their own worst enemies because they are shunned by fellow women when they try to open up.

Watch her speak below:

Caroline Mutoko spoils herself with a bottle of Kes 20,000 champagne to celebrate Uhuru’s inauguration

Caroline Mutoko celebrated president Uhuru Kenyatta’s inauguration the best way she knows. She bought an expensive bottle of Champagne for her celebration.

Caroline openly endorsed Uhuru Kenyatta for a second term in office. The former radio queen together with Julie Gichuru were the emcees at exclusive fundraising dinner for the president and his deputy.

Uhuru Kenyatta with Julie Gichuru and Caroline Mutoko during his fundraising dinner at Safari Park Hotel on June 9th.

Dom Perignon Champagne

Caroline bought the exclusive Dom Perignon Champagne. The expensive French champagne is a brand of vintage champagne produced by the Champagne house Moët & Chandon.

A special edition Dom Perignon Brut Champagne 75ml bottle is listed at £1,475 or Kes 204,163 on WineSearcher. Caroline however bought a Dom Perignon Vintage 2000 which costs  $201 or Kes 20,000.

Apparently Caroline was saving her Dom Perignon Champagne for Uhuru’s inauguration. She only opened it on Tuesday when Uhuru went to Kasarani stadium for the swearing-in ceremony.

“Opening the Vintage today!! #HappyInaugurationDay God Bless Kenya ??????” Caroline captioned a photo of her expensive champagne.



Harambee Stars most successful coach reveals why the team is forever grateful for what Caroline Mutoko did in 2004

Caroline Mutoko has been praised by former Harambee Stars coach for what she did for the Kenya national football team way back in 2004.

Harambee Stars always has friction with the government when to the issue of money. Successful governments at one point claimed there was no money to finance the team’s activities more so when Stars is traveling abroad for international duties.

Dennis Oliech once bailed out Stars when the government claimed it had no money. Oliech offered to pay return air tickets and accommodation for Harambee Stars in 2009.

Caroline Mutoko’s help

Harambee Stars’ most successful coach Jacob Ghost Mulee praised Caroline Mutoko for what she did for the national football team way back in 2014.

For starter, Jacob Ghost Mulee led Stars when they qualified for the 2004 Africa Cup of Nations showpiece in Tunisia.

Jacob Ghost Mulee and Caroline Mutoko

Mulee says Caroline vouched for Stars when the government claimed it didn’t have money to take the team to Tunisia.

“Caroline Mutoko She vouched for Harambee stars when we qualified for Afcon 2004 .The government claimed they didnt have money to take the team to Tunisia. Thanks to you and other media for prompting the government release the funds.Power of media,” wrote Jacob Mulee.


Cute: Caroline Mutoko goofing around with her adorable grown daughter 

When you hear the name Caroline Mutoko, then you know it’s serious. This media personality has been termed among the most strict women ever witnessed in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

With all that toughness Caroline Mutoko has a soft side we rarely get to see. However, whenever she is around her baby girl Nduku her loving motherly side comes out in the open.

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Just recently she shared an adorable photo spending time with her baby girl. From her caption, seems that the two had to goof around just finished doing Nduku’s homework.

Nduku with her mother, Caroline Mutoko

Caroline Mutoko’s daughter

As revealed earlier Nduku is now a grown and is already in school. She recently graduated from pre school as revealed by her mother on Instagram. Anyway many claim that she looks like Caroline Mutoko’s photocopy despite being adopted. Looking at their photos I may agree that the two share some striking resemblance especially their smile.

“I fooled all of you” Caroline Mutoko’s blonde moment reviewing Samsung was a big setup

Caroline Mutoko was trolled by techies a few days ago for making an absurd claim. It turns out that the former radio queen needed that negative publicity.

Caroline did a review of the new Samsung Note 8 on her YouTube channel. Her review became the talk of the nation when she said that the phone had 24 megapixel camera just because it has two cameras each with 12MP.

Caroline intentionally made the blunder

The former radio queen now claims she intentionally made the outrageous claim. She explains that the main objective was to get the whole nation talking about the phone she reviewed.

“When i was given a chance to review a product that easily could be anything, i decided lets do something differently. Let’s do something a little out of character for me. But also that would get you thinking, tweeting, talking, sharing. And that’s what happened with the Note 8.

“You didn’t take the bait on the fact that i had too many Samsung Notes phones. You didn’t take the bait that apparently i was willing to give up a really good Samsung phone the Edge 7. But the bait that you picked on immediately was pure mathematics. 12 plus 12, i mean really? 12 times 2 is 24 you could have done it. But you decided not to. And that in itself was enough to create impressions and a conversation about a gadget. That on any given day it could just be another phone,” Caroline said.

Joe Muchiri, Cyprian Nyakundi join techies in trolling Caroline Mutoko as she makes a stupid mistake

Caroline Mutoko shocked tech savvy Kenyans with an outrageous claim that left many people utterly disturbed, to say they were surprised is an understatement.

Mobile review should be done by techies, otherwise any other person might end up explaining features that don’t even exist, just like Caroline Mutoko.

The former radio queen did a review of the new Samsung Note 8 on her YouTube channel and she made one fatal mistake that left Kenyans in stitches.

For starters Note 8 has a 12 megapixel dual camera, so Caroline told her audience that the phone had 24 megapixel camera just because it has two cameras, of course 12 times 2 is 24.

A 12 megapixel dual camera is a new technology many phone manufacturers have adopted, the second camera is meant to add depth, sharpness, detail, better zoom and a wider angle but does not mean you have a 24 megapixel camera just because you are using a 12 megapixel dual camera.

Twitter bigwig Cyprian Nyakundi and Capital FM’s Joe Muchiri were among the celebrities who were quick to troll Caroline Mutoko after she made the blunder even when the phone itself is advertised as a 12 megapixel camera.

“Old camel and frustrated feminist Caroline Mutoko should stick to what she does best: mainstreaming prostitution & leave tech to techies,” Cyprian Nyakundi tweeted.

“Boy child ame choma picha this week. Sasa ni turn ya Slay Queen kuchoma ????? kwani Mutoko has no friends ??‍♂️??‍♂️ kidogo aseme if ur pregnant with triplets unazaa in 27 months ??‍♂️??‍♂️??” Joe Muchiri wrote on Instagram.

Award winning Tech blog Techweez also trolled Caroline Mutoko in a video uploaded on their Twitter handle. Watch the clip below:


“She thrived in obscenity and vulgarity” Ezekiel Mutua gives Caroline Mutoko a dressing down

Caroline Mutoko and Ezekiel Mutua’s beef is only gaining momentum. The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO has since decided to go all out against the former radio queen.

Caroline and Ezekiel first clashed last week when she stated that corruption and poor policies on the part of KFCB was the reason why a short film based on the life of a Kenyan community organizer – Kennedy Odede was being film in South Africa instead of Kenya.

Even though Caroline apologized and pulled down the video that made Mutua catch a major one, the former radio queen once again rubbed the KFCB boss the wrong way in a video uploaded on YouTube on Monday October 2nd.

Caroline challenged Mutua to make sure he lands the movie or movies that will make Kenyans proud like what ‘Out of Africa’ did over 20 years ago.

Ezekiel replied to Caroline’s video by claiming that she makes money through sideshows. The KFCB boss stated that Caroline is best remembered for setting the wrong agenda for obscenity and vulgarity on the airwaves during her tenure at Kiss 100.

Below is Ezekiel’s post:

Our standards as Kenyans are so low that Caroline Mutoko and Mutahi Ngunyi are actually celebrated opinion shapers. Yet, theirs is pathetic, debilitating armchair journalism that adds zero value to the national development agenda. For now let me deal with Caroline and her weekly rantings about the film industry in Kenya. Please get some basics right madam: KFCB is the regulator of the film industry. KFC markets Kenya as a preferred filming destination. Chris Foot, of whom you speak with such adoration, is actually the one to respond to your questions about movies being taken away from Kenya. I will respond to the rest of the inaccuracies later, but it hurts to see a journalist of Mutoko’s calibre openly mislead the public. Well, there is a silver lining though: Ezekiel Mutua and KFCB have brought the film discourse to the fore. So much so that the failure of other institutions is blamed on us. We have stood our ground about the need to clean the airwaves and bring sanity back on our screens. People like Mutoko can’t be part of this crusade and they are out to sabotage it, through sideshows, because that’s how they made their money – by corrupting moral values of our society through obscene sex talk radio shows during the watershed period. There is so much I can say about Mutoko’s tenure at Kiss 100 and how she set the wrong agenda for obscenity and vulgarity on our airwaves, but the less said the better. Suffice it to say that the worst threat to media freedom is not Government; it’s unprofessional journalists who play god with their platforms to malign their subjects. Mutoko’s clips fall short of the basic tenets of journalism – accuracy, objectivity and fairness!

“The day they come for you it will come from somebody next to you” Caroline Mutoko warns Babu Owino about how they will ‘finish’ him

Caroline Mutoko fears for Babu Owino’s life. The former radio queen said she her hearts started beating fast when she heard about what he said about Uhuru Kenyatta and his mother.

Caroline explained that wives, children, mothers and generally family, were off limits in politics. She stated that Babu Owino toed the line when he insulted Uhuru Kenyatta and his mother.

The former Kiss FM presenter assured Babu that ‘they’ were going to come for him in a matter of years, she affirmed that the people who will ‘fix’ the Embakasi East MP were very close to him.

“You don’t need to look over your shoulder thinking Jubilee is gonna fix you, it’s not gonna happen. You will be fixed with somebody in your own party. Because it doesn’t matter who you are and in what political party you are in, dude there is a line you don’t cross. The day they come for you, it’s not tomorrow, it’s not even next year, it’s not a year after this. You won’t see it coming but it will come from somebody next to you. Let me tell you something i learnt from my mother a long time ago, mwizi ni mtu anakujua. Ule mtu atakufix ni mwenzako,” Caroline Mutoko said in part.

Watch the video below:



Ezekiel Mutua forces Caroline Mutoko to eat the humble pie

Caroline Mutoko was compelled to eat her words by the no nonsense Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua.

The former radio queen took a swipe at KFCB on a video uploaded on her YouTube channel claiming that corruption and poor policies on the part of the film regulatory body was the reason why a short film based on the life of a Kenyan community organizer – Kennedy Odede was being film in South Africa instead of Kenya.

Ezekiel Mutua was quick to respond to Caroline Mutoko’s allegations with a comprehensive statement absolving KFCB from any blame. Read Mutua’s response below:

I have had time to listen to the commentary by Caroline Mutoko, alleging that a film based on the life of Kenyan community organiser and entrepreneur Kennedy Odede will be filmed in South Africa and not Kenya.

In the video, Mutoko claims the alleged choice of South Africa over Kenya is because filming in Kenya is prohibitive. She further attributes this development to corruption in Government , suggesting that Government officials ask for kickbacks so as to render services.

This is an insult to the diligent and hard working public servants. It’s a demeaning generalisation and a deliberate misrepresentation of facts by someone who should know better.

To suggest that every Government officer is corrupt is offensive and an insult to the public service. Mutoko should therefore withdraw the statement and apologise for making claims that she cannot corroborate with evidence. Not every government official is corrupt; just like not every journalist is corrupt. The insinuation is, therefore, both malicious and unfair.

But Having duly listened to the commentary, let me set the record straight on substantive issues raised as follows:

1. There is no evidence that the film will be shot in South Africa and not Kenya. Ms Mutoko’s sentiments are based on rumours and information that could be incorrect.

2. The producers have not approached KFCB for a filming licence and denied an opportunity to film in the country.

3. Several other international films have been shot on location in Kenya, and the country is considered among countries with the best filming locations in the world. If the filmmakers opt for South Africa, it is not because of prohibitive filming costs in Kenya but unique preferences considered by the producers that have nothing to do with costs.

4. The KFCB filming licence issued to local filmmakers is the same issued to international filmmakers.

5. While the claim that the film will be shot in South Africa is yet to be verified, the choice of South Africa (if true) can only be attributed to an individual producer preference of the location, influenced by the nature of his script and the way he wants it to come out. It has nothing to do with the false suggestion that the regulatory environment in Kenya is prohibitive.

6. Granted, South Africa has better film policies and technology. But one of the key challenges we have in Kenya is multiple licences issued by County Governments. Film licensing is a national function and the sole mandate of the Kenya Film Classification Board in line with the Film and Stage Plays Act, CAP 222 of the laws of Kenya.

Yet, some of the County Governments are chasing away film makers by charging illegal fees. We hope to address this matter comprehensively and conclusively through the review of Cap 222 but also the ongoing discussions with the Council of Governors.


Caroline Mutoko was forced to eat the humble pie following Ezekiel Mutua’s explanation, she issued her apology on twitter.


“Raila is playing with you, resign if you can’t tame him” Caroline Mutoko tells Uhuru Kenyatta

Caroline Mutoko has instructed President Kenyatta to deal with Raila Odinga once and for all or resign altogether and save Kenyans the drama and the pain.

Speaking in a video on her YouTube channel, Caroline said Raila was enjoy every minute of Uhuru’s agony and had been doing it since 2007.

The former radio queen told Uhuru to get his act together and ensure IEBC to their job the right way on October 17th or do the honorable thing and let Raila become president.

“And you know a lot of things might not be in Raila’s corner. But if it came to checking off the boxes do you have an amazing ground team, ground team not those clowns who hang around you and whisper in your ear….yes you do. Do you have a deputy who is very clear that he is in this to win…yes you do. Do you have an amazing groundswell of young people who get going…yes you do. So why can’t you do your part cause everybody else in your team is trying the very best to do their part to make sure that this happens. Because here is the truth once again Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga is many things. He’s not stupid, not by any stretch of the imagination, so he’s playing you. And he’s gonna play you for as long as you let him play with you. So if you are not gonna decide to inspect what you expect and decide this is the decision i want when we finally do this re-election; and you will manage this process backwards from the Supreme Court to IEBC to make sure they get their job right, to what your people are already doing at the ground, then somebody said this a couple of months ago and i wanna say it too…why don’t you just resign and give this thing over to Raila Odinga. Because we got to get moving and the truth is Raila is playing, he is. And he’s enjoying being the monkey on your back that you haven’t been able to put down since 2007. He’s enjoying the ride on your back. You’ve got to get him off and you’ve got to do it decisively. If this doesn’t really matter to you, then spare us the drama and the pain let him have it,” Caroline Mutoko said.

Watch the video below:

Caroline Mutoko proves how much she adores her daughter after sharing this post that has left fans admiring her motherly love

She may not be married but she understands the importance of a family. So far we all know that Caroline Mutoko has a lovely daughter by the name of Nduku who she prefers to keep off her social media pages due to her young age and also for privacy reasons.

Though once in a while she shares new photos of her little girl just to let her fans know that they are doing alright.

After revealing that her baby girl had graduated (probably from kindergarten to elementary school) the former radio queen has not shared more photos of her angel on her gram again.

Caroline Mutoko

But just recently the lady uploaded a new photo showing off her working desk back at home and what caught my attention is the design used to create her mouse pad for her laptop.

Well, yes just like any mother in her position – Caroline Mutoko actually had her daughter’s picture printed on the mouse pad which has left most of her followers ‘awwing’ as it is a move that proves how much she loves and often thinks of her baby.

Checkout the post and comments below:

You don’t need an inspirational quote my frien’. You need coffee. Good Kenyan Coffee ???

A post shared by Caroline Mutoko (@caroline.mutoko) on Sep 12, 2017 at 11:58pm PDT

Caroline Mutoko says the one thing about Raila that no diehard Uhuru supporter will dare say

Caroline Mutoko was bold enough to talk about the one thing about Raila that would make Uhuru diehards label her a traitor.

The former radio queen alongside Julie Gichuru were the emcees at an exclusive fundraising dinner for the president and his deputy at Safari Park Hotel on June 9th 2017.

Julie Gichuru, Uhuru Kenyatta and Caroline Mutoko at the fundraising dinner at Safari Park Hotel

Even though Caroline is pro Uhuru, she acknowledged that Raila Odinga’s struggles have contributed to the strengthening of Kenya’s democracy.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, Caroline said that Raila had firewalled Kenya’s democracy and governance system through his continued struggles.

“I would like to challenge mainstream media to take time and look for a court clerk and find out how may cases around electoral process did Nasa or Raila himself take to court in the last five, maybe seven years.

“If you remember Raila Odinga for nothing in your entire life, and if you admit nothing else to yourself because you are one of those diehard Uhuru supporters, please accept this; everything Raila has done has fixed the loopholes in our electoral process, it has firewalled our democracy. I think it is so important that this is said,” Caroline Mutoko stated.