Carrol Sonnie distances herself from Madini Classic after wife accuses her of wrecking marriage

Carrol Sonnie is not about to let people ruin her image just because they want to create hype for an upcoming music video. No!

The mother of one revealed this recently through a post where she addressed rumors claiming she wrecked Madini Classic’s marriage; and I’m thinking this is after Madini’s wife fueled the rumors by reaching out to popular gossip tabloid looking to ‘expose me Sonnie – whole all along she knew it was a music video.

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However having been branded a cheat and an an ungrateful woman by her ex Mulamwah, Sonnie felt Madini Classic and girlfriend dragging her into yet another scandal would ruin her completely. Which is true, and to control this, Carrol Sonnie through her gram wrote;

Don’t be fooled, it’s a music video. It’s really sad how some individuals are taking advantage of all this and trying to tarnish my brand. I’ve been quite but this doesn’t mean I’m stupid.

Back off – Sonnie to artiste and girlfriend

Well since the rumors were sparked by both Madini Classic and his wife/girlfriend; Carrol Sonie decided to address the couple saying;

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Hata Kama Ni Kiki this has gotten too far. Wacha heshima idumu na tupige kazi bila makasiriko!!!! To my fans, poleni for the misunderstanding that was brought by the other parties. This is purely work♥️????????. Don’t be played‼️