“Ni stress ama ni kitu ingine?” Carrol Sonnie questioned after sudden weight loss (Photos)

Content creator Carrol Sonnie has unveiled her latest photos and a video shared on her Instagram hoping to push a new project she’s been working on for the past few weeks.

From what we’ve seen is that the project aims at inspiring, nurturing and training single mums. Well, after months of being one – looks like Ms Sonnie is now willing to use her experience to inspire women who’ve been in the same position as hers.

Carrol Sonnie

Well – judging from the comments, most of the people felt the new mum should probably spend more time in therapy to work on herself, especially after seeing how bad her relationship with Mulamwah ended. Maybe because a broken person can’t fix another until they themselves are mentally healthy.

Weight loss raising eyebrows

Apart from this, there are those who couldn’t help but notice how petite Carrol Sonnie has since become after giving birth.

Well it’s not like she had a big body to begin with but during her pregnancy and the first few months after birth – we all saw how healthy she looked with a little flesh here and there.

However 7 months down the line and Carrol Sonnie is back to looking like abit too skinny, something that has worried her fans. There are those who openly asked about the weight loss, while others concluded this was a result of the stress she’s been through so far.

Anyway we also can’t forget that this could be her natural body…no? Check out the photos below.


Daddy’s photocopy! Carrol Sonnie shares new photos of 7 month old daughter to mark her 1st Mother’s Day

It’s been a minute since we heard about the Mulamwah’s and their ugly breakup. However I must admit that despite having enough content from their drama – watching how toxic they were for each other hurt. Like literally.

Well, things seem to have cooled off especially with after last exposè Mulamwah did on his baby leaving many shocked. Apart from exposing for her dirt on social media – Mulamwah made a mistake of denying his own child – and yes we know he regrets doing that.

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However what’s done is done. But again, with Mulamwah denying his kid, there are a few fans who seem to have believed him and continue to insist that Keilah might not be Mulamwah’s daughter.

Daddy’s Photocopy

Well not that we have results from a paternity test – but thanks to new photos shared by Carrol Sonnie Ghafla can confirm baby Keilah is her father’s daughter.

With the help of 7 month Keilah’s photos – fans get to see the uncanny resemblance between the toddler and her daddy. From the lips, chubby cheeks, eyes, nose and ‘NO EARS’ say it all.

Anyway marking her first Mother’s Day – Carrol unveiled the new photos to which she captioned:

Motherhood is such a beautiful thing????. Im so grateful to God for this far.Happy mothers day to all mums❤️ You are all doing an amazing job❤️. I love you

Carrol Sonnie with daughter, Keilah
Before and After baby Keilah
Baby Keilah looking like a mini Mulamwah

Mulamwah proves he still misses ex, Carrol Sonnie despite having dumped her (Photos)

You wouldn’t understand Mulamwah if you haven’t been in his shoes before. Not that I have, but you can tell when a man is broken judging from his actions.

So far we have seen Mulamwah humiliate his ex Carrol Sonnie who doubles up as his baby mama now that they’re no longer together.

Well, it stared off with harmless stunts where Mulamwah would tease fans with photos of his new girlfriend; but the whole time Sonnie maintained her silence to avoid drama.

Looking at it from Kibe’s third eye concept – I’m thinking Mulamwah’s aim was to see whether Sonnie would catch feelings; but instead – she kept acting unbothered the whole time….again not what Mulamwah hoped hence his troubled stunts.

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Sonnie’s silence triggers Mulamwah’s anger

With no response on the many stunts and exposes he has done on her, Mulamwah must have felt really frustrated. He must have also asked him severally….Did she really love me? Was she in it for the fame? Where could I have gone wrong? Why can’t she apologize for the past mistakes? Again, did she really love me?

But truth is Sonnie must have been done with him a long time ago – to even care whether he left her or not. Probably this explains why Mulamwah alleges she tried aborting Keilah.

Well, from what I know is women don’t have babies with men they don’t genuinely love; or can’t benefit financially from. It’s a hustle for some.

Anyway – in Mulamwah’s case I bet he regrets leaving that early. He should have had a plan. Not his I am a legend. I impregnated Sonnie and left <sh!tty small boy theory> damn Mulamwah you were there throughout the whole pregnancy. You ‘daddied up’ the moment she got positive results from the pregnancy test.

Clearly not what self proclaimed legends do. These ones ghost from the word go. You hit them with I’m pregnant text and from that day they evolve to ghosts. Ask around, utaambiwa.

Wishful thinking?

However, we can agree that Mulamwah hurried the breakup process….forgetting he was the one drowning in her love.

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Boychild definitely messed up by going too far – when all he wanted was to scare her into acting right. You don’t think so?

Then why else would he be so okay with sharing the photos below…when Sonnie herself hasn’t even shared one?


Did Carrol Sonnie terminate her first pregnancy with Mulamwah?

I could have sworn that Mulamwah was never going to share more details about his baby mama; simply because it isn’t putting food on the table nor is it buying milk for his baby girl.

However barely 48 hours after telling SAUTI TV,

I don’t have any regrets for saying whatever I said. Nilikaa tu chini nikajiita meeting nikaona Hii kuvurutana haitusaidii haitutengenezei pesa, haiundii caro inaundia hawa wasee wenye wanablog, wanaandika mastory

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And Mulamwah is back at it and this time around he spoke to SPM buzz news outlet owned by Butita revealing how he remains grateful for the use of social media. According to the comedian, this same platform is the reason his daughter lives today….and if I’m not wrong, this is a hint on the alleged attempt to terminate pregnancy.

Speaking about people who continue to bash him for exposing his personal life on social media, Mulamwah said;

Mulamwah with daughter, Keilah

As much as people don’t like the social media use and what happened, it’s that same social media that saved Keilah. Because I posted the fact that she was pregnant when Sonie was how many months…for those who can remember…Around 4 months

Mulamwah on saving daughter’s life

Judging from how he further explained his reasons for wanting the public to know about Carrol’s pregnancy; also proves there is something Mulamwah hasn’t outed yet.

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Have you ever asked yourself why? Artiste mgani anaweza post ball na 4 months. Do you know why? Join the dots…That internet is the one that saved her, cause I knew that when everyone knew, there was nowhere it was going.

If you remember well, back in 2020 Mulamwah revealed Carrol Muthoni had lost their three-month-old unborn baby, following stress caused by online trolls. With such a heart wrenching loss, the comedian then shared a video where he was seen burning up his trademark shirt; while announcing that he was quitting comedy following constant trolls on social media.

His the girlfriend Carrol Sonnie spoke about her miscarriage saying;

I remember when I told Mulamwah about the news, and he was just depressed. He couldn’t even control himself. The same happened to me; I broke down every time. Every time I saw a baby, I would cry, it was that bad

But with the new accusations from Mulamwah we can’t help but wonder whether the comedian wrongly blamed netizens for the miscarriage; or was he experiencing character development at first hand but didn’t know?