Khaligraph Jones baby mama finally unveils mzungu boyfriend’s face (Photo)

Cashy Karimi has finally moved on from Khaligraph Jones who dumped her while pregnant about 4 years ago. The former couple who had just taken over the entertainment industry with their Micasa sucasa hit left many surprised following their ugly split.

Of course since then, all we have seen is drama concerning child support; and the fact that Khaligraph denies Xolani as a son – makes the beef even more uglier.

Anyway with Khali neglecting his son; Cashy Karimi’s new mzungu boyfriend seems to have stepped up his game and is now playing the role of a dad in the young man’s life.

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Xolani hanging out with mummy (Cashy’s) boyfriend

Well, I believe this is what Cashy has been trying to put out with her latest posts; where her mzungu bae is seen enjoying the company of both mum and son; and truth is, she is really desperate to find a father figure for her son.

Meet Cashy’s boyfriend

Anyway despite parading him everywhere on social media, the Micasa Sucasa hit maker never unveiled the Mzungu’s face until this past weekend.

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Cashy shared a new photo showing off her extremely tall Caucasian man and looking at the photo – let’s just say he is probably in his mid thirsties. From how he also dresses we can also say hana mambo mingi.

Anyway meet the handsome man warming Karimi’s bed below.

Cashy Karimi unveils boyfriend

Khaligraph Jone’s ex girlfriend throws shade at rappers ‘mzungu’ wife and fans are loving it

Khaligraph Jones ex girlfriend cum baby mama, Cashy Karimi has seemingly thrown some serious shade at his new girlfriend/wife Georgina Muteti by claiming that she is not the only woman in the rappers life.

The Omollo’s

The shade comes hours after Karimi exposed Khaligraph Jones for neglecting their 3 year old son, Xolani; yet he supports and even throws lavish birthdays for his other kids – but his other son gets nothing.

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Baby mama drama

Okay, okay…matters to do with kids is quite sensitive and sinve we don’t want to take sides…how about we focus on the cat fight..right?

Anyway, Georgina having seen Cashy’s post on Instagram, the mixed breed lass felt it was her place to defend her man; and boy was she wrong or rather petty for a woman in her caliber. Hitting back at Karimi for the exposè, Muteti shared a post that read;

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Like I said, we ain’t taking sides – but come on – isn’t it abit too obvious to see that Georgina was aiming at ex co wife, Cashy with the post shared above. Right?

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Karimi drops the bomb

Well, of course Cashy Karimi definitely  has a few of her friends watching Georgina (it happens, these are ladies) so clearly Mama Xolani got the message sent to her and in response – Karimi didn’t hold back.

According to Khaligraph Jones ex, the guy has so many wives/girlfriends out here that she(Karimi) doesn’t know; which of the ladies is married to him.

Well, not that we can confirm or deny, truth is – this sounds a bit bitter;?which makes it hard for us to tell whether it’s true or was said with emotions.

However with people calling out Georgina for the classless post,

a certain lady identified as Luccian Christine threatened to expose Khaligraph just to humble his wife; and fans seem quite interested especially now that they know the last time Khaligraph saw his son was during a paternity test.

Well the baby mama/ baby daddy position has never really been pleasant; nor has it ever had a fairytale story behind it, so trust me – Khaligraph; and Cashy will always have the pull and push relationship for years. So maybe the best thing position Georgina should assume is that of stepping aside.

Again, didn’t she learn anything from her bestie Tanasha Donna?