Khaligraph Jones taken to court by ex girlfriend for neglecting 2 year old son (Photo)

Rapper Cashy who is Khaligraph Jones ex girlfriend has finally confirmed that her son, Xolani was actually fathered by the her ex Mr Omollo.

This comes almost 2 years after Cashy welcomed her baby boy; but just like most celebrities she chose to keep him on the low until he turned 1 year. At this point no one really knew who the father was since Khaligraph had moved on with his current wife, Georgina; who also happens to have a 15 month old daughter.

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On Sunday, 27 September Cashy however decided to finally reveal her son’s paternity; and just when we thought it couldn’t be baba Amali – turns out that he is actually responsible for the young boy.

Child support

This comes after the lady went on to reveal that she had taken the rapper to court for neglecting his son. Through her social media pages, Cashy shared a detailed post saying;

Cashy to Khaligraph Jones

In the caption Cashy went on to reveal her reasons for suing Khaligraph who seems to have forgotten about his son, Xolani. According to Cashy, all she needs is for her child to be well taken care of; and in detailed caption she went on to explain this saying;

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Cashy post

Looking at the photo below, it’s evident that baby Xolani looks everything like his father; but the sad thing is he has never really acknowledged him in public.

baby Xolani

Khaligraph Jones Ex rapper Cashy opens up about dealing with her absent baby daddy!

Rapper Cashy is a proud mother of one handsome baby boy she always tries to keep off her social media pages!

However even after her son turned 1 year the lass continues to keep her baby daddy on the low. Probably this is because he has been absent in both her life and that of their son as revealed on her latest post.

Miss Cashy with son, Xolani

Through a detailed post shared on her Instagram page; Cashy for the first time speaks about some of the hardships she has been battling with as a single parent.

Cashy opens up about her son’s father

The lady reveals that she has battling with anxiety thanks to her baby daddy’s pride! She went on to write saying;


I cried for 3 hours before this picture was taken, but who posts pictures of their tears?… lol I cried because I feel very deeply for the wellbeing and future of my son. As a mom, I battle sooo much with anxiety and then pride, especially when it comes to dealing with an absent ‘other parent’. It gets overwhelming, and I think moms/dads are superheroes for handling their own emotions.. while still being fully present for their kids and being kickass cool parents.

Her story is however not new as many female celebrities like Pierra Makena, Bridget Achieng among other continue to raise their children as single parents.

Rapper Cashy

In conclusion Cashy wrote;

Power to everyone who manages to smile through the waves,Power to the men/women who step in to help raise these kids,and power to everyone else who holds our hands. ❤ Special love to all you moms doing your best????????

This comes after her nasty break up with Khaligraph Jones who she claims used to abuse her both physically and emotionally. They however both moved on and now Khaligraph Jones is currently in a serious relationship with, Georgina Muteti.

Khaligraph Jones Ex girlfriend rapper Cashy shows off her figure in tiny black lingerie (Photo)

Rapper Cashy has lately been keeping her Instagram steamy judging from her posts that have definitely been giving many sleepless nights!

The mother of one this past weekend left her fans excited after sharing a mirror selfie wearing what appears to be a black lingerie and a whitish robe.

Well, now that she has moved on with her life and is living the life she might have been dreaming about.


Cashy’s son

After waiting for so many months, Cashy finally unveiled her son’s face on his first birthday just recently. The new mum went on to shower her baby boy with love as she wrote saying;

Miss Cashy with son, Xolani

| ???? XOLANI TURNS 1 ???? |
I can’t believe how full life has been since you showed up.How you’re in all my thoughts, how you saved me with your innocence.
You are perfect.
Everything that’s tried us, we’ve overcome.. HARD.

We know love, you and I.

I’m grateful because you make me stronger than I ever thought I could be.
I’m grateful because you’re growing up with so much genuine love around grateful to everyone who’s raising you with me. BLESSED.????
I’m grateful to share the best parts of my life with you, and to witness how incredible you are.
My happy, funny, smart, peaceful baby boy.
Being your mommy is the biggest honour.
I’ll always protect you and do my best for you Xo. ????????????????????????????


“My son looks like Heaven Bahati” says Risper Faith

There are many who have been waiting for Risper to unveil her son’s face but it seems to be taking long.

However, thanks to a comment the lady recently left under the Bahati’s photo shared by Diana Marua we now understand that Risper’s son apparently looks like Heaven Bahati.

The Bahati’s

The mother of one went on to leave a comment saying;

So cute I wish I had the confidence to post my son he looks like heaven❤️????????


This is the first time Risper Faith is opening up about her son. A while back she had revealed that her husband Brian is not willing to have them share a photo of their baby – therefore it might take a while before we finally see him.

Singer Marya and husband

Among the celebrities who have continue to hide their children’s faces is Marya and her hubby who have kept their son Kevo Junior on the low for almost 2 years now.

Avril Nyambura, Cashy among others also seem to have joined in the new trend of keeping their babies on the low until they feel comfortable to reveal them.

Who´s the OG? Papa Jones vs Ms Cashy

On 10 over 10, Ms Cashy made it clear that she had moved on from Khaligraph Jones.

¨Mi ndiyo O.G hapa.¨ she told Willis Raburu, in response to his question about her past relationship with Khaligraph.

Quite contrary to who we all know as the O.G, Papa Khali.

Speaking on International Women´s day, Ms Cashy articulated ¨Power to us women. Tutasimama no matter what happens behind the scenes.¨

Ms Cashy

Ms Cashy seemed pained about the fact that she got threatened, a move that made her feel like people thought they could walk all over her because she was laid back.

The female rapper however reported the case to the police.

She echoed that most women did not have platforms to express themselves and even when they did, they were scared about what the public would end up saying about them.

The established female rapper revealed that she had started an initiative by the name ¨Naitwa” that is there to encourage individuals to express their stories no matter how challenging and rough the road might have been for them.

Rapper Ms Cashy makes a comeback

Ms Cashy further addresses the women, telling them they could easily overcome their circumstances with support from individuals whom have had similar experiences.

In addition, Ms Cashy tells Willis Raburu that her fire has just began blazing for she is yet to unleash more music and better collabos.

The female rapper had gone under for couple of years, before she recently made a publicity tour earlier this year.

However, even when she returned, she did not make such good remarks about her past relationship with ex, Khaligraph Jones, during her interview with Kiss 100.

¨I left because it got messy to protect myself because you can´t let yourself be in a place you´re constantly unhappy despite who he or she is.¨

Ms Cashy and Khaligraph Jones

¨Stability mentally and physically comes first¨ she stated pointing out that reason behind their breakup in 2017 was because of violence and abuse.

¨When I started getting threats from other women, I decided that is it¨ Ms Cashy reveals that Khaligraph Jones was actually entertaining other women into his life.

The mother of one, adds that they tried talking about the matter at hand but it seemed impossible to have the loopholes mended.

¨He lost who he was because he was getting recognition after his brand grew¨ Ms Cashy said in reference to the Mazishi hitmaker.

Khaligraph later denied ever having known her saying ¨Lakini juu OG ni OG mazishi inakuanga ile ile.¨

However, they both seem to have moved on with their separate lives as Khaligraph awaits to become a father.

Cashy forgives OG despite all the things he did to her: We will rise as women no matter what happens behind the scenes 

Kenyans believe rapper Cashy is using rapper and ex-lover Khaligraph Jones to revive her stalled career.

The MC has been jumping from one media house to another sharing details of her past relationship after announcing about her comeback and little has been said about her new song in the process.

Cashy has accused Khaligraph Jones of several things including being abusive and being manipulative. In an recent interview on Citizen TV, the rapper opened up about how he tormented her in the relationship, giving her a green light to move on to another.

Moved on

The rapper confessed that even after all this, she has forgiven OG and now is looking at her next phase of life.

”Today, I am the OG here. The past is in the past. I have let everything go. I went through a difficult time but I am over that now, we will rise as women no matter what happens behind the scenes,” she added. 

During the interview, she confessed she had decided to just forget about her past and everything and focus on building herself and her music career.

Cashy finally releases her new song, continues to expose ex-lover Khaligraph Jones

Rapper Cashy is back after almost three years of silence and she’s pinning Khaligraph Jones down for millage for her new song.

The popular rapper has being doing numerous interviews of late speaking about her past relationship with fellow rapper Khaligraph Jones whom she claims physically abused her.

”Like last year, you would see had moved on with my life, and I was quiet but someone puts up pictures of women nak*d on his bed. I was with this person for five years, he was not doing that. Even you people seeing him on Instagram should wonder why he is doing it, it is spite,” Cashy revealed at an interview. 


”He even did a song trying to invalidate me just because his ego is shattered. I am sorry bruuuh. And then he’s making out with who and who, having panic babies because Cashy had her baby, ‘even me’ you know. Then he texts me to tell me ‘you will see.”

Who is Cashy?

Surprisingly, Jones in an interview with Kiss 100, claimed he doesn’t know her. Yes he denied even ever meeting her.

Cashy has now released her comeback song dubbed “Naitwa Cashy” to back her interviews. Not much about Khali has been said on the track however but she mentions one or two things in the song.

Listen to it below:

Drama: Khaligraph Jones dissing ex lover in new video?

All is not well with Khaligraph Jones and his ex, Cashy. The two have been hinting this for a few days  now and word has it that Cashy will be exposing Khaligraph Jones in her soon to be released single.

With this news making rounds on social media, Khaligraph Jones has also decided to drop a new song that could be explaining why he left his ex.

Khaligraph Jones with ex, Cashy

From the lyrics, Khaligraph Jones talks about being betrayed and used by the person he loved most. He goes on to add that he was warned by friends about his lady being a golddigger but he only understood this when it was too late.

Painful breakup

The song also goes on to reveal that Khaligraph Jones went through a lot emotionally as he comes out to talk about his pain.

watch the video below courtesy of Khaligraph

Cashy and the rest, pay attention! Khaligraph sends ruthless message to all the girls that rejected him 

It’s rare for you to see an OG opening up about mellow stuff that bring emotions. But, whenever an OG heads on this path, just know it’s as real as it gets.

Khaligraph Jones was recently on social media to crucify all the ladies who gave him a NO, or gave him a YES but later, changed it to a NO. The rapper, who has a new album out called “Testimony 1990”, said that a lot of ladies rejected him as a struggling rapper but are now begging him now that he has made it.

Missed school, lost his girl

He gave a story about a girl from high school he liked. She was really pretty and she liked him too. But then some guy joined their school and when he missed school for two weeks because of school fees, the lady was taken by another man.

Here are the video clips:

Cashy explains why she chose to be quiet after the breakup with Khaligraph Jones 

So many things have been said about Cashy after it emerged that her relationship with fellow rapper Khaligraph Jones had hit rock bottom.

News about Cashy and Khaligraph’s breakup first surfaced in mid April. Khaligraph set the record straight saying that he was no longer dating Cashy.

The ‘Mazishi’ hit maker recently introduced a new chick he is dating.  Cashy however remained silent about the breakup until recently.

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Cashy and Khaligraph
Cashy and Khaligraph

Cashy claims that she chose to remain mum about the split with Khaligraph because she didn’t want to be misinterpreted by the public.

“I did not and still do not want to be misinterpreted. It is for this reason that I have been silent. Just like everyone else, I am very protective of myself and my family,” said Cashy.

Just like Khaligraph, Cashy also didn’t divulge what made their relationship crumble.

“I have no explanation to give regarding my previous relationship. A lot has been said about me and Khaligraph on social media and I would like to make it clear that anyone else’s words, actions and choices are not reflective of me as a person.”




Khaligraph Jones: I can’t date a slay queen, these are the basic qualities i’d look for in a woman

Khaligraph Jones is currently preparing to release his new album but before that, he needed to tackle a few pending issues. After news emerged that the OG has now moved on from the Cashy drama and gotten another woman, the rapper has come out to address the type of woman he wants to be with.

No Slay Queens

Jones, speaking to Adelle Onyango and Shaffie on Kiss FM, shared that slay queens are a NO for him. He then went ahead to share the characteristics of the type of woman he prefers which include discipline and obedience. Probably a few qualities Cashy lacked.

Here’s what he said:

“There are those basic qualities that you’d look for in a woman. For me as the OG, discipline, I’m not about to date a slay queen, so you have to know your limits and just have to be obedient coz I’m out here and I’m talking out of experience. You have to listen to me, I’ve been in the industry I know how these bloggers out here be acting up. So if I tell you not to do this or do that, you better listen to me,” he said.

He also shared that he won’t put his personal life in the public again after what happened to him and Cashy.

“At this point of the knowledge that I have as far as music goes, I ain’t talking about that. I learned my lesson. Going forward you will never know nothing aside from the music that I release, that is as far as it goes,” he explained.

Khaligraph and Cashy


It’s just life. I’m outchea like the OG that I am and I felt like I needed to put that question out there coz with my age, a lot of people tend to think that I’m older and when I tell them I’m about to turn 28, they are like hakuna. They think I’m like 32 or 33. So constantly they be asking me Jones where are your kids at. Personally, I felt like I needed to put that question out there and get people’s opinions and that’s what I did.”


Khaligraph Jones mocks ex-girlfriend Cashy after getting new hot bae

The drama has been unfolding as Kenyans followed. Rappers Khaligraph Jones and Cashy are no longer together.

To add salt to injury, Cashy is pregnant by another man leaving many with the idea that she cheated on the rapper.

Khaligraph all along has been playing cool and avoiding the drama. But recently, while sharing his new hot chick, the rapper also sent some subliminal shots to Cashy, throwing shade on his pregnancy and baby shower.

More drama

Khaligraph and new bae

Cashy recently hosted a baby shower and got Kenyans even more concerned in her private life as they struggled to know the father of the baby.

It seems Khaligraph might have been talking about her when he made a recent post about getting babies and settling down.

Here is what he said:


Is this the young man Cashy ditched fierce rapper Khaligraph Jones for? (Photos)

Maybe she was just tired of waiting for his debut album which has taken too long. Maybe, Khaligraph cheated. Perhaps their work schedule got them apart. Or maybe the new catch just has game. Or she was just confused.

Either way, one thing is clear: Cashy and Khaligraph Jones are no more and Kenyans don’t really know what happened. At least not yet.

Is he the father?

Khaligraph and Cashy

Cashy is back in the headlines yet again after sharing photos of her growing baby bump just days after Jones announced they are officially done.

Kenyans have been very eager to see the face behind the man who stole Khaligraph’s gem. Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, a photo has been doing rounds on social media purporting that a certain guy might be the reason the two ended their relationship.

He might also be the father of the baby though it has not yet been confirmed. Here’s the photo that has been doing rounds:

Is he the dad?


Khaligraph to Octopizzo: I’m thinking about working with Jay Z, Cassper and AKA, you continue rapping about me

Khaligraph Jones is not focusing on his freenemy Octopizzo sending subliminal shots. He’s past that now. He claims he has a greater vision that needs focus.

People are trying to bring back the beef thing. They should realize that in the past two years, I’ve refrained from that. I was dissing with the guy like three years ago. It is 2018, I’m 28 years, I want to do collabos with the likes of Jay Z, Cassper and AKA. So taking me back to Octo limits my progression,” said Jones after getting word that Octopizzo has dissed him in new track.

Done with dis tracks

Asked whether he’s heard of it, Jones said he hasn’t had time to listen to it yet but it doesn’t matter.

“I haven’t had a chance to listen to it. If I get a chance I’ll listen to it. I’m always listening to people’s albums. Why would I respond to disses right now? 


“You know I’m the OG. If I was to diss a person, I’d have done that. Mimi siekangi mtu. Octo nimemueka on the side. I feel that story pulls me back. Octo is always dissing me in most of his songs but I never take it. If he feels like he needs to rap about me, it’s all good.”

The diss, which is in the track ‘Noma Ni’, Octopizzo attacked the rapper asking him to kill himself if.

“Niliwapeleka kaburini so, wanajua ni mazishi na kwa hiyo matanga yenu jo huskii tutadish. Na kama bado una-hate on Octopizzo kill yourself and die.”

Did rapper Cashy cheat on Khaligraph and got pregnant? Khaligraph speaks why they had to part ways

While Kenyans rooted for both Khaligraph Jones and his girlfriend Cashy, it seems life had it’s own turns and dips.

Khaligraph has finally opened up on his relationship with fellow rapper Cashy saying that the two are no longer together. Speaking in an interview, the “Mazishi” rapper seemed bitter when talking about her saying that they are done and people should stop asking their relationship.

And there’s more. Word has it that Cashy is pregnant but it’s not clear by who. Khaligraph chose not to speak about it in the interview, bluntly ignoring the question.

Khaligraph and Cashy

“Me and Cashy are separated, we are not together. We haven’t been together for the past couple of months. We are not together right now and hivyo ndivyo vitu ziko. I need to move on with my life, watu waache kuniuliza ako wapi,” he said.

No more women for me

For the past few weeks Jones has been holding back on what to say about their struggling relationship, telling fans while at an interview in Tanzania that they were trying to patch things up. It seems they couldn’t reconcile and now Khaligraph is regretting.

“Biggest mistake one can ever do is bringing your girl into the limelight,” he said. 

“Not just now, I don’t want to involve myself with women. Whether am single or not should not worry you, I just want to lay on the low key. As far as the baby goes, that one I am not going to talk about that.” 

Khaligraph Jones hints that his relationship to rapper Cashy might be facing problems

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has come a long way to becoming the bright star Kenyans are currently seeing now but it has not been easy. The road to success had a lot of valley and peaks some which broke him while others made him stronger.

One person who can testify to all this is fellow rapper and longtime girlfriend Cashy who has been by his side since his early days as an upcoming Mcee. It’s seem the two might be however facing a rocky climb as word has suggested they are nearing a break up.

Larry with Khaligraph and his lady Cashy

We will be just fine

In a radio interview with Clouds FM recently while in Tanzania, Jones was asked whether the two are still together and gave a rather vague answer which hinted they might be facing some problems.

“Nikiondaka bila kuuliza hili Swali sitakuwa nimewatendea haki mafans wako, na wanataka kujua kuhusu wewe na Cashy ambaye ni Mpenzi wako.” Asked B Dozen of Clouds FM in the live interview.

Khaligraph then replied:

“You are calling the shots..Vitu zinafanyika tu , lakini wasijali vitu zitakuwa  tu sawa” responded Khaligraph Jones.

The Cashy and Jones have been together for almost five years and released “Micasa Sucasa” when became one of Khali’s most viewed videos in his career.



“She does what I tell her to do” Khaligraph reveals how he’s an authoritarian boyfriend to her girlfriend Cashy

Cashy has been missing in action ever since she dropped a collabo with her boyfriend. Apparently it’s Khaligraph who instructed her to lay low.

Khaligraph is dating a pretty rapper called Cashy whom she featured in his hit song ‘Micasa Sucasa’. Papa Jones is however an authoritarian boyfriend, he revealed this during an interview with Word Is.

Khaligraph disclosed that Cashy does everything he tells her to do, he said that he instructed her to turn her back on limelight after they released their collabo.

Cashy and Khaligraph Jones

“I was raised in a family where we value family. I’m not one of these local superstars tapping a lot of hoes out here from everywhere. If I commit to one girl, that is the girl I’m going to roll with. You won’t see Khaligraph was with multiple partners. If it is a girl I like, I will protect her from bullshit. That’s why after our collabo, you’ve not seen her. She does what I tell her to do,” Khaligraph said.

Papa Jones further stated that he doesn’t like a presumptuous girlfriend, he said his sweetheart must be well disciplined and understanding.

“The girl has to be disciplined. Has to have a nice body. Sipendi mtu kimbelembele. Has to be understanding,” Khaligraph described his ideal woman.


“You are my Queen!” This is how Khaligraph Jones celebrated his wifey’s birthday (Photo)

Khaligraph Jone’s girlfriend must be living the life as her man is currently doing so well in the entertainment industry. Apart from that Khaligraph has made it public that he is only involved with miss Cashy, the only woman in his life and this is why he chose to celebrate her birthday with his fans.

Also read:

Through his gram the now trending rapper posted a sweet message dedicated to the love of his life as she turned a year older on 7th May. Khaligraph Jones describes her as his queen as he goes on to thank her for standing with him even when he had nothing. He wrote to say,

Khaligraph's girlfriend
Khaligraph’s girlfriend

Its Le Wife’s Birthday already, Kindly help me wish her a Happy Birthday as well, Thank You for always Having My Back and supporting me Through out the best And the worst times My Queen, You will Mosdef live to see many more Cause I will always take Good care of you, Happy Birthday @miss.cashy …#respecthequeen #micasasucasa

So far the two remain the most talked about couple in the music industry since dropping their collabo #micasasucasa dropped sometime last year. Though they both keeping their relationship on the low, there is no doubt that they are both aiming to achieve greater things together.