No Pain, no gain! Catherine Kamau embarks on weight loss journey a year after welcoming baby girl

Actress Catherine Kamau is currently working on her unwanted baby fat that has been stuck in her body since conceiving baby K. However after one year of catering for her newborn but now that she is all grown; mummy can spend some time taking care of her body.

As seen in new posts shared by Catherine Kamau we now believe that she is currently in the gym as she aims to shed off the weight she has gained in the past 2 years. Before baby K happened, actress Catherine Kamau had been maintaining her natural figure 8; which she now has to sweat for in order to achieve her goals.

Judging from how long she has taken before hitting the gym; it’s also evident to see that the mum of two prefers putting her kids first like most celebrities who care more about their physical appearance.

No Pain no gain

This time around working out for Catherine Kamau seems to be harder than before; however the actress says she will continue putting in effort until she gets where she has been hoping.

Through her Instagram page, the lady went on to post saying;

One thing about me ,I fall , hard sometimes but I never stay down , I almost gave up this time but then I remembered nothing worth having comes easy. My health comes first.

Having seen her shrink into smaller sizes before; I bet Catherine will be parading her petite figure on Instagram in just a few weeks.