Kate Actress is thinking about getting cosmetic surgery again.

Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, has hinted at the possibility of undergoing another cosmetic procedure after a previous weight loss surgery did not produce the desired outcome.

In an Instagram interaction with fans, the actress discussed her thoughts on a potential second cosmetic surgery. Recently, she shared workout photos and expressed frustration over the challenge of balancing a healthy diet with achieving her desired abs.


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“The constant battle between Food and ABS 😩 Mai lawd! But anyways, these gym fits are the cutest. Super stretchy and comfy too…,” she captioned her post.

Her sentiments struck a chord with many followers who empathized with her struggle to maintain diet and fitness.

“The struggle is real!!!!” commented her friend, actress Izareeh.

Responding to Izareeh’s comment, Kate Actress hinted at saving up for liposuction.


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“But at least we are saving for lipo,” she replied.

In 2022, Kate Actress underwent a gastric Allurion procedure as an alternative weight loss method, which she initially described as life-saving. However, she opted to reverse the procedure after experiencing excessive weight loss beyond her desired outcome. She removed the gastric balloon after just four months, during which she shed 15kg in the initial weeks.

“I told them (the hospital) I wanted to lose weight but not this much because I still want to maintain my curvy figure,” Kate Actress explained.

Additionally, in a TikTok video, she disclosed having used silicon that lasted for eight months, emphasizing that the success of such procedures relies on maintaining portion control and incorporating regular exercise.


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“If you don’t learn portion control and how to eat light and move your body, you’ll be doing zero work. You still have to put in some effort,” she advised.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that uses suction to remove fat from specific areas of the body, such as the stomach, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, or neck.

Kate Actress reacts to Phil Karanja’s choice to sell her BMW X3 push present

Film director Philip Karanja and his wife, Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, recently clarified the reasons behind selling his black BMW X3, a vehicle he had initially gifted her as a push gift.

In a recent interview with Nairobi News, Karanja revealed that he made the decision to sell the luxury vehicle, valued at approximately Sh3.5 million, due to its exorbitant maintenance costs. He expressed regret over his initial choice to purchase the car, acknowledging that it had been an expensive journey to maintain.

“I love cars a lot, and so I was young and foolish, and I spent so much on my car, and it has been a very expensive journey to maintain. I am like, that is a car I would have used wisely somewhere. I sold it. I have decided to go back on Uber,” explained Karanja.

Karanja had shared an image with the BMW X3 just a day before announcing his separation from Kate Actress in September 2023. The image featured him beside the sleek vehicle that he had gifted Kate for her birthday in January 2020, a month after the birth of their child.

The couple clarified that the decision to sell the car was made mutually. In a social media statement, Karanja wrote, “I wish to officially document that the vehicle was sold with mutual consent, and there are no disputes with Kate, contrary to any portrayals suggesting otherwise.”

Kate Actress reposted the statement, adding, “Kindly redirect that energy to watching the new season of Becoming CEO. We ain’t about that life. Poleni and thank you.”

“I made a mistake,” TV director Phil Karanja on offering to sell Kate Actress’s BMW X3 as a “push gift”

Renowned actor and film director Philip Karanja recently revealed that he sold the black BMW X3 he had gifted his wife, Catherine Kamau, also known as Kate Actress, in January 2020. The car, valued at approximately Sh 3.5 million, was sold due to its high maintenance costs, as Philip disclosed in an interview with Nairobi News.

Expressing regret over his decision to purchase the luxury vehicle, Philip stated:

“I love cars a lot, and so I was young and foolish, and I spent so much on my car, and it has been a very expensive journey to maintain. I am like, that is a car I would have used wisely somewhere. I sold it. I have decided to go back on Uber.”

This revelation came during the launch of his latest show, “Haki Mwitu.”

The actor-director shared that “Haki Mwitu” revolves around four vigilantes who, fed up with rampant corruption, take matters into their own hands. The show, which began production in 2023 and is still ongoing, aims to address societal issues through its narrative.

Interestingly, Philip shared an image with the BMW X3 just a day before announcing his separation from Kate Actress in September 2023. The image featured Philip standing beside the sleek vehicle he had gifted Kate for her birthday in January 2020.

Kate Actress celebrated the luxurious gift on her social media, expressing gratitude for the reward.

“Every push has been rewarded,” she captioned a video showcasing her new ride, with another post quoting, “God says try me! Do your part!”

During the interview, Philip also discussed his production company’s plans for the year.

“We started working on the project in 2023 and began shooting in November 2023, and we are still shooting. Phil Production also has a new series in the pipeline, and we plan to release a new film this year. There’s a lot to watch out for,” he added, promising an exciting lineup for fans in the upcoming months.

Catherine Kamau on why she backed off her weightloss journey

Catherine Kamau is among the few celebrities that have opened up about their struggle.with weightloss to a point they opted for an easy way out that is – gastric bypass surgery or rather swallowing a ballon to lose weight.

Catherine Kamau pregnant

Well having had her second baby 13 years since her first born – of course her body wasnt ready for the many changes that came with the pregnancy hence her struggle to shed off the baby fat. And again, being a celebrity especially an actress – one can imagine the pressure she was putting up with in terms of image.

I told them (the hospital), I wanted to lose weight but not this much coz I still want to be a curvy girl.

Catherine Kamau with her son, Leon

For this reason she went in for weightloss journey and barely 6 months into it and Catherine Kamau has called it quits. Speaking about this, you’ll be surprised to hear that the surgery worked so good for her – to a point she felt she was shedding off wanted weight hence quit.

Catherine Kamau weight loss

Speaking about this for the first time – the actress says her main reason for intragastric balloon placement procedure is because she wanted to attain a certain figure for a role she had just landed in an acting gig.

Catherine Kamau shedding weight

However with time, she started losing more than she hoped hence having the ballon removed for good and replaced that with gym work out sessions to help tone and sculpt her body.

I realised that my body would shrink and I might not look like the same person. I would not look nice. I talked to them and they told me after a month they would incorporate movement and change my diet so I don’t end up losing so much and look saggy.

Catherine Kamau finally slimming down after ‘ingesting ballon’

Catherine Kamau is getting her sexy back by all means and this is why she recently under the knife for gastric balloon procedure at Nairobi Bariatric Center.

Catherine Kamau

Her reasons for losing weight did not just include looking sexy but a healthy lifestyle now that she’d been declared Class 1 Obese bordering Class 2. Well, that’s after she welcomed her 2nd child – 13 years after she gave birth to her firstborn son.

Her body however started becoming overweight after giving birth: and unlike the first time she had a baby….this time around Catherine Kamau’s body fat was multiplying too fast; and the toughest part is that despite the dieting and eating healthy….the stubborn fat couldn’t just go away.

Catherine Kamau sliding back to old figure

For this reason – Catherine Kamau ended up opting for a gastric ballon procedure which aims at minimizing her food intake. With the ballon, Catherine Kamau rarely over eats – which is a big help for the weight loss.

Well, a few weeks after the procedure and the actress has already started showing the changes in terms of body size. Flaunting her new figure, Catherine Kamau shared a photo and video whining her waist while parading body goals online.

To caption her post, she wrote;

Till we get it right ???????? 6kgs down, lots of inches lost. A gastric balloon is NOT a quick fix, its a step in the right direction, you still have to put in the work, eat right, portion control.

Catherine Kamau showing off curves

“Thank you for saving lives” Catherine Kamau to Aida Alisha after speaking out on abusive marriage

Catherine Kamau aka Celina was the main act on TV show Mother in law until Aida Alisha joined the cast as Olive – hence making the whole show more spicy.

Despite their rivalry on the TV series, these two ladies some connected as good friends in real life – and from what we’ve heard so far is that they’ve been friends for over 7 years now.


Tbt: Idah Alisha (Olive)

Speaking during an interview with Lynn Ngugi about a week ago, Olive opened up about her abusive marriage, cheating husband; and why she never spoke of her marital woes immediately after the divorce.

Young and in love

Although Olive says her ex husband was something like a villain disguised as a super amazing man – she still couldn’t bring herself to leaving him despite the everyday fights.

Tbt: Aida’s wedding day

Just like everything that has a beginning and an end – Olive finally gathered strength to leave a few months after their grand wedding. Close friend Catherine Kamau apparently housed her for a few months – and this is what solidified their friendship.

Well, having Catherine step in during the hardest times of her life Olive (Alisha) bonded with the lady to a point that they even became sisters.

At that point she could tell her bestie Catherine Kamau the deepest secrets from her awful marriage – which explains Kate’s reaction after Olive finally shared her story.

As seen on a comment shared by Catherine Kamau on Lynn Ngugi’s YouTube interview with Olive, she wrote;

I am so proud of you. It has taken you years to heal. Thank you for saving lives because I know you are. I love you so much. Lynn we love you so much, God bless you for this platform.

We wouldn’t really want to over-read Kate’s comment – but one things for sure…chances are that Olive’s ex man could be putting someone else’s daughter in the same situation – and because people don’t believe her – she’s ends up stuck in the toxic marriage. No? Let’s then keep our ears open.

Adorable! Catherine Kamau shares rare photos of her lookalike daughter to mark 2nd birthday

Catherine Kamau has been floating on air with happiness after her daughter Njeri turned 2 years recently; and yes we totally understand why she couldn’t keep calm.

Having had her first born while still in college, Catherine Kamau popularly known as Kate actress never got to do much for her son; but 15 years later she has every reason and all the money she needs to spoil her second child, Njeri.

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Catherine Kamau alias Kate Kamau with her adorable baby girl, baby K

As seen on her page, the toddler was taken out for classy princess photoshoot for her birthday; and the photos seem to have captivated fans by the striking resemblance between Catherine Kamau and her baby girl.

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Njeri turns 2

This comes  as a surprise judging from how Catherine Kamau once made her fans believe her daughter had taken after daddy’s genes – hence the stagnant hair growth.

However from the photos shared below, fans beg to differ judging from the striking resemblance between Catherine Kamau and her baby girl, Njeri. Anyway to mark the special milestone, Catherine captioned her daughter’s photos saying;

Let me tell you maina , I had prepared a whole photo shoot , she shot in this one dress and was DONE ,njeri hapangwingwi ????

Alaar! Kate actress reveals whether or not she will have more kids with hubby, Phil Karanja

Actress Catherine Kamau has lately been keeping a low profile; unlike back when she was all over social media with her projects.

This is probably because she is a wife and new mum to a year old daughter; and with 24 hours a day – clearly Catherine Kamau can’t carter to hubby; and still maintain her previous lifestyle on social media like before.

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Catherine Kamau parades curves

However speaking to Spm Buzz during a recent interview; Kate made it known that she is doing everything possible to ensure her personal life doesn’t affect her career in any way. Speaking about this Kate said;

  I try as much as possible to re-invest myself once in a while; so I can keep up with the trend

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Planning on having more kids with Phil Karanja?

On the same interview we also learnt that Catherine Kamau surprisingly has no plans on having more kids. I mean how? Is hubby, Director Phil also on this?

I’m assuming her decision is a result of the fatigue that comes with parenthood; especially since she also happened to have her second born in her mid 30’s.

Anyway, according to the actress, the two kids (one from previous relationship) she currently has are enough for her; and will not be adding any more anytime soon or in the future.

Catherine Kamau with husband, Phil Karanja

Speaking to Spm Buzz, Catherine Kamau said;

  I have two children and am done.

Well – chances are that she is speaking for herself and not hubby, Phil Karanja; who may be interested in more kids especially since he only has one baby, that is Njeri. But who knows!


Never seen before photo of Actress Catherine Kamau’s hot sister

Actress Catherine Kamau popularly known as Kate actress has unveiled her only siblings after years of keeping her off social media. Through her Instagram page, the actress went on to introduce her sister, Nyambu in a post where she wrote;

Tbt: The Kamau sisters with their mum

Happy birthday to the most amazing sister , my only sibling , my therapist , my lawyer , you are wise beyond your years , such a pillar of strength to us all ,we love you so much NYAMBU, am amazed by your strength ????❤️????. May God grant you your hearts desires ,may peace and favor be upon you as you go through life … Happy birthday mama Bunbun ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @nyambura_kamau_

This comes as a big surprise especially judging from how secretive Catherine Kamau has always been when it comes to her family. So far we have had the chance of meeting both her parents (through wedding day photos and anniversary) but since then the old folks remain on the low.

The Kamau sisters

Her sister who is as gorgeous as she is has however never made it to Catherine’s social media pages; but since she was celebrating her birthday on Tuesday, 23rd – Kate then decided to introduce.

Catherine Kamau daddy and mummy

Fans in the comment section were undeniably ogling at the fine mami; while others inquired whether she was single – so as to shoot their shot! Anyway from the photo below it’s obvious to see that the two ladies are indeed siblings – as their parents genes almost left them looking like twins.

Anyway, check out the  hot sister that has left the male species drooling online.

Catherine Kamau’s look alike hot sister

“Hukuniambia humeangi nywele” Actress Catherine Kamau blames husband for daughter’s baldness (Photos)

Actress Catherine Kamau remains as one of Kenya’s or rather Africa’s finest actresses; and what makes her even more interesting is the fact that her personality is to die for.

She is not only a go getter but hard working mum who juggles both her career and family like a boss. Unlike most actresses, Catherine Kamau has not been dragged into any scandal – but as usual – never say never.

Catherine Kamau with husband, Phil Karanja

Her husband Phil Karanja on the other hand was almost caught up in some drama involving Kibe’s minor girlfriend; but luckily the damage control was done fast and carefully enough not to notice.

Hair genes

Away from that, Catherine Kamau has come out to blame her husband’s (Phil Karanja) hair genes which were passed down to their daughter.

This not being the first time Catherine is complaining about her daughter’s bad hair; this time around she was calling out Phil for not being open about the baldness gene in their family.

Catherine Kamau alias Kate Kamau with her adorable baby girl, baby K

Of course the aim of this post was to give fans a reason to smile; but also shows how people walk into relationships only to learn about the bad stuff later on.

Catherine Kamau with bald Baby K

Him : yaani zile breakfast za 6am zilikuwa PR
Me: Na wewe hukuniambua humeangi nywele hapo mbele ????????‍♀️
@phil_director sasa tuko na picha tatu

Catherine Kamau with baby K

Hopefully baby K will one day rock a ponytail whether in a few years or in her teenage years. But we still love her!

House goals! Actress Catherine Kamau puts her huge mansion on display during Christmas

Catherine Kamau is among the most celebrated actresses we have come to see in decades. She is not only gifted as an actress but has a golden heart that has seen her win many fans around East Africa.

Tbt; pregnant Catherine Kamau

I bet what most fans love about her is how real and human she is. Before the fame and money, Catherine Kamau had to drop out of campus after she got pregnant with her first child. However this minor set back did not make her give up on her dreams; and during a recent interview she made it known that having a child was the beginning of her blessing.

At the moment, Catherine Kamau and husband Phil, own one of the most successful film and production company dubbed ‘Phil It’ which has helped build the people they are today.

Private home

While many celebrities continue to squeeze themselves in rentals; Catherine Kamau and her family already build their home which she unveiled this Christmas.

Although her intentions were not to publicize her home; we managed to get screenshots from her latest hilarious video which shoes a section of the mansion.

Judging from how the home looks, fans couldn’t help but applaud Mrs Karanja for the far she has come. Indeed, owning a home like hers not only proves that she is good at saving but shows how hard working she has been in the past few years.

Anyway check out the huge mansion below.

Catherine Kamari’s home
Kate actress shows off home
Catherine Kamau and Phil Karanja’s home

Priceless! Catherine Kamau’s husband and step son serving ‘daddy and son’ goals with new photo

Catherine Kamau is proud to have both her husband and son bond in a special way despite not being blood related. As we all know, Catherine Kamau conceived her baby boy immediately after joining campus in Uganda.

According to the actress, she was just a naïve girl in a new country with new friends; and I bet any lady from a strict family would have made use of the freedom the same way Catherine Kamau did.

However sadly Catherine Kamau ended up having too much fun which led to her son existence; but looking back, this may have seemed like a set back – but years later Catherine Kamau this experience as a blessing in disguise.

Tbt; pregnant Catherine Kamau

Although her son’s father remains anonymous, Director Phil Karanja has been playing the daddy role for years; and looking at the bond he shares with Catherine’s son – one wouldn’t say he did not father the handsome boy.

Daddy and son goals

Apart from just bonding, the two recently went on a daddy and son photoshoot where they had quite an interesting experience. Well, this is judging from the photo shared by Catherine Kamau on her page appreciating her soldiers. she went on to caption this post saying;

Catherine Kamau’s son and husband

Everything ❤️

This is probably another way to give thanks for having survived the hectic beginning back when she got pregnant; and seeing the struggles life threw her but still managed to survive. Indeed her boys bring nothing but joy in her life not forgetting how special addition of baby Karla.

Why Catherine Kamau regrets throwing grand wedding 3 years ago!

Catherine Kamau and husband Phil karanja gave fans a reason to talk shortly after sharing their wedding photos. Being popular and all, the Karanjas made sure to have a low key wedding but as much as it was private; trust me the set up looked just confirmed that this wedding was not just any ordinary ceremony.

From Catherine Kamau’s gown to husband Phil suit – it was evident that these two had gone all out for their special day; and since they had been working nonstop to achieve this beautiful dream… why not spend!

However what fans didn’t know is that these two had strained themselves to ensure the wedding was perfect; and i’m pretty sure Phil had planned to give his wife the best honey moon – forgetting that there is life after the wedding.

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Catherine Kamau with husband, Phil

Catherine opens up

As they marked their 3rd wedding anniversary; Catherine Kamau for the first time came out clean revealing what really happened after the wedding.

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According to actress she got or rather they got so broke; since the honeymoon in Seychelles turned out to be more expensive than expected. But of course they wouldn’t cancel but luckily, they survived.

Anyway as part of appreciating her husband, Catherine Kamau went on to post saying;

Catherine Kamau weds Phil

Msituone hapa tulikiwa tumesota mbaya after wedding, we went to Seychelles for our honeymoon we had no idea how expensive the island was ,weeh nways we survived. Word of advice, spend less impressing guys kwa wedding and travel the world with your manz for your honeymoon. Happy anniversary Mr money manager , ???????? we still had fun .

But true love always conquers all and for this two, this was just stepping stone to greater heights!

No Pain, no gain! Catherine Kamau embarks on weight loss journey a year after welcoming baby girl

Actress Catherine Kamau is currently working on her unwanted baby fat that has been stuck in her body since conceiving baby K. However after one year of catering for her newborn but now that she is all grown; mummy can spend some time taking care of her body.

As seen in new posts shared by Catherine Kamau we now believe that she is currently in the gym as she aims to shed off the weight she has gained in the past 2 years. Before baby K happened, actress Catherine Kamau had been maintaining her natural figure 8; which she now has to sweat for in order to achieve her goals.

Judging from how long she has taken before hitting the gym; it’s also evident to see that the mum of two prefers putting her kids first like most celebrities who care more about their physical appearance.

No Pain no gain

This time around working out for Catherine Kamau seems to be harder than before; however the actress says she will continue putting in effort until she gets where she has been hoping.

Through her Instagram page, the lady went on to post saying;

One thing about me ,I fall , hard sometimes but I never stay down , I almost gave up this time but then I remembered nothing worth having comes easy. My health comes first.

Having seen her shrink into smaller sizes before; I bet Catherine will be parading her petite figure on Instagram in just a few weeks.

Goals! Catherine Kamau’s flaunts grandparents huge mansion and bungalow during recent visit to her village (video)

Actress Catherine Kamau has left many tongues wagging on social media after unveiling her grandparents homes back in the village.

Unlike most celebrities who have refused to invest back home; Catherine has proven to be one smart lady! Clearly she is not like most celebrities who fear showing where they come from since they never invested; or even thought of changing there parents lives so during events like funerals; you find most trying to hide the shame.

However this is not the same when it comes to Catherine Kamau. Judging from her recent post, Mrs Karanja is seen giving fans a tour of her country side; and from what we can see is that the Kamau’s family has really invested back home.

The Kamau’s residence

According to Catherine Kamau, her grandparents own two homes that is a mansion and bungalow. Judging from the sizes too, it’s no secret that they must have spent a huge amount to have the houses built.

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Well of the video below just shows Catherine Kamau’s grandparents homes; then you can only imagine how grand her parents homes look.

Kamau’s residence back in the village

As for now all we have are just screenshots of the two homes owned by her grandparents; but since she is still in the village, we hope that Catherine gives us a tour of her parents home too.

Anyway, Phil Karanja must really be proud of his visionary wife; and truth is, this woman will ensure her future generations knows nothing to do with poverty!


“How Phil Karanja earned the title ‘dad’ from my teenage son,” Kate actress opens up

Kate actress is sure a fun personality to be around. This time round, she opens up on life as a teenager, being a young mom, ditching studies for the film industry and finally meeting the love of her life.

The curvy, fashion enthusiast was hosted by Churchill comedian MC Jessy who was left in stitches for a better part of the interview, unable to contain Kate actress’ high sense of humor.

Apparently, the award-winning actress was thrown out of school, since a young age, because of her character and love for drama, at the expense of her studies.

Attending 2 high schools and 3 Universities, hopping from one to another for different reasons. However, her mom never gave up on her, fighting for her education and this leaves Kate actress so indebted to her.

Catherine Kamau’s mum

It so happened that her mom footed KSh400k to take her to an International University in Uganda, after studying at KCA proved difficult, only for her daughter to return home 3 months later, pregnant.

Since then life was never easy, the 19-year old mom took up motherly duties for her son, life proved difficult but Kate learnt to be strong and mature.

Catherine Kamau with her son back in the day

The beauty later got into Multimedia University where she landed her role at Mother-in-law that has since opened big doors for her.

She toiled day and night and put in all the hard work just to bring up her son in a conducive environment.

Kate actress’ all-grown teenage son

The meet with Phil Karanja

At Mother-in-law, Kate met Phil but not in a good way. Kate was this don’t care woman, living life like there is no tomorrow while Phil was the focused, visionary man.

Phil Karanja and Kate actress

Kate strongly disliked him, but it was until she got her act together that Phil started having a soft spot for her.

Slowly, the two got pretty close but now there was a teenage son on board whose opinions needed to be heard.

Kate’s son never liked her mum’s boyfriend from the beginning, but after some time, the two became close friends. And it was just before their wedding date that he for the first time called Phil ‘dad’.

Phil Karanja with their son

On their wedding date, it was a teary affair as the boy read out a loving speech to the Phil It co-founder who turned emotional.

“On our wedding day, my son read a speech telling Phil thank you for stepping in. Thank you for being my dad, you earned it”.

The rest has been history. Have a listen;

Kate Actress and Maureen Waititu among top female personalities who bagged the coveted Couture Africa Style Awards 2020

The list of the just concluded Couture Africa Style Awards 2020 finalists is finally out.

A coveted African award that saw a good number of Kenya’s A-list female celebrities work day and night just to be the ones to clinch awards for different categories but like they all say, there can only be one winner.

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That is exactly how it ended.

Couture Africa Style Awards 2020 finalists

Fortunately, there are still wins in the Kenyan celebrity space to applaud among them being curvy YouTuber Maureen Waititu and the stylish Catherine Kamau aka Kate actress.

The former Mother-in-Law actress has proven her unique taste and sense of style when it comes to fashion, ever going extra be it Monday, Friday or Sunday.

Kate Actress clinches two Awards at the coveted Couture Africa Awards 2020

Crowning it during the Couture Africa Awards 2020, where she made a stylish appearance in a classy, hot designer black dress, making her steps to the front as she bagged home, two Awards.

She got crowned Most Stylish Entertainer of the Year and Most Stylish Person of the Year during the fashion awards.

The beauty who did not take anything to chance, made a ground-breaking appearance at the event, teasing her loyal fans;

Imagine dressing up this much alafu nikose ku win ????, aki you guys always come through ???? Asanteni Sana..

Kate Actress at the coveted Couture Africa Awards 2020

Ms Waititu on the other hand, sure did not disappoint. Stepping out looking like a million bucks, in a stylish, glittering off-shoulder long dress that let out a good part of her thighs as she scooped the Most Stylish Female Content Creator of the Year 2020 Award.

“Here to say that I am filled with gratitude to all who have not stopped believing in me, those who pray and cheer me on, those who encourage me and even those who have put me down,” she beautifully captioned.

Maureen Waititu at the coveted Couture Africa Awards 2020

Congratulations to them!

Photo flop! Catherine Kamau hilarious response after fans shame her for photoshopping IG picture to look slimmer

Catherine Kamau has now joined the list of celebrities using photoshop to look slimmer on social media; and unfortunately for her, fans could not overlook the fact that she also enjoys the fake life.

This is after the mother of 2 shared a photo parading her curves on girls night out. Dressed in a figure hugging outfit looks like Catherine hopped her she would pull the flat tummy, tinny waist look; but having given birth about 9 months ago… this did not work out so well for her.

Her detective fans quickly went on to point out the weird looking shape between her arm and the flower vase seen on the post. Seeing that fans had already seen this, the mother of two wrote;

Catherine Kamau

 Console yourselves na photo shop , videos loading , never been fake , never will be sis ????

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Peer pressure?

Well, giving birth transforms a woman’s body in an unexpected manner; and just like most mums, Kate Kamau also added the baby fat weight. This can clearly be seen in her latest photos shared on her Instagram page.

Fans troll Catherine Kamau

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However due to the pressures of looking perfect she ended up giving fans a reason to troll and mock her for preaching water and drinking wine. But hey, who said a little photoshop hurts?

Catherine Kamau leaves many fighting baby fever with new photo of 9 month old daughter

Actress Catherine Kamau has left tongues wagging on social media shortly after unveiling a new photo of her daughter, Baby K. Judging from the reactions and number of comments left on the post; it appears that fans had been waiting to see the adorable baby K after weeks of being hidden.

Anyway now that they are on vacation, Catherine Kamau could not hold back from sharing yet another stylish photo of her baby girl on Instagram. This time around, she did not talk about the bad hair genes from hubby, Phil Karanja; but the adorable rolls seen on her baby’s thighs and arms.

The popular actress went on to caption her post saying;

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 Baby K out here catching sunsets .

Heaven sent baby

Having been blessed with baby K almost 13 years after she welcomed her son; Catherine Kamau has since been talking about her blessing with hubby Phil Karanja.

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Looking at how energetic Catherine Kamau is on social media; one wouldn’t say that she sometimes spends sleepless nights next to her daughter. Probably this is because this time around she was ready for child, unlike the first time when her first born arrived.

Anyway, check out the adorable photo below.

Baby K


Kate Actress and Baby K serving mummy-daughter goals after stepping out in matching Ankara outfits

Baby K was indeed a blessing to Kenyan celebrity actress, Catherine Kamau, clearly seen in lovely photos of the two cuddling and sweetly exchanging glances.

Despite her young age, Kate actress has made it a priority to dress her gorgeous baby girl in stunning outfits, setting the bar high enough for her princess’ future.

Kate actress flaunts her new bundle of joy, baby K

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Most recently, the two dressed in well-knitted ankara dresses with a black turtle neck underneath, admitting that in her daughter’s eyes, they are mini besties and she is obsessed with that.

To the hopeful mums to be, am sending you lots of hugs, and prayers. You will hold yours soon. Remember there are many ways to becoming a mum, just don’t give up hope????. I wish you well, she penned.

Kate actress with little daughter Karla Njeri Karanja

Her hubby, Phil Karanja on the other hand, who was most likely the one behind the lens adorably gushed at a sweet photo of the two, all smiles and looking stunning in their beautiful ankara outfits;

Can’t stop staring ????,” he remarked.

Catherine Kamau looking stunning with Baby K

The former Mother-in-law star welcomed her first child with husband Phil Karanja in December 2019, now almost all-grown. Baby Karla Njeri Karanja is however the actress’ second child after siring her first child, a son during her teen years.

The Karanjas

The lovebirds are yet to hint on welcoming more babies in the near future with Kate actress hinting she is done with that chapter.

Fans who could not stop envying the gorgeous girls, adored:

denise_madamproducer Your 3 hairs are perfect just the way they are!!!! Also, our baby K is adorbs!!!! ????????????????


mwaibrenda ???????????? so cayuteee ????


philo_mwass She is wow????


nyakshimrembo ???????????????????? beautiful mum n dota


phoinahaircollection Awwwwww my babies ????????????????


elaijahgichuru ????lovely mother daughter moments

Why Phil Karanja has left many women envying his wife, Catherine Kamau (Photo)

Phil Karanja and Catherine Kamau seem to be taking over the film business in Kenya and if anything; they are an inspiration to many as they two build their ‘Phil It production’ from Zero to an empire.

Thanks to the several successful shows they have produced, Kenyan actors now have hope of bagging acting awards in the near future; not forgetting new job opportunities created by their empire!

Anyway, away from all that… Phil karanja sometimes decides to give fans a reason to talk by showing how much he adores his wife. The last time the popular producer appreciated Catherine Kamau on his page is during their second wedding anniversary where he wrote;

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 This is what ‘ NOT GIVING UP ON EACH OTHER ‘ looks like . I am really thankful that we got to be friends first , you got to see and know the real me , and you still chose me with all my flaws , my strengths, and my madness ????! Thank you for being an amazing patner , my closest friend , my sanity , my safe haven ????????????… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DADDY K squared ❤️❤️❤️ @phil_director

I make money for you!

After unleashing new photos from her recent photoshoot, Catherine Kamau not only left her husband impressed; but seems to have made him confess his main reason for working hard.

As seen on the post shared by Phil Karanja; he made it known that keeping his wife comfortable and happy is the main reason he hustles so hard!

  @kate_actress One reason I wake up everyday and hustle in beast mode????

Phil showing love to his wife, Catherine Kamau

Well, while some of y’all can’t even get a text back, the likes of Catherine Kamau are clearly eating life with a big spoon!


 Catherine Kamau embraces post-baby body with 7 new photos that will leave many drooling over her curves!

It is no secret that carrying a baby for 9 months changes your physical appearance. The good and bad part is that sometimes these changes can either be permanent on temporary depending on your genes.

Actress Catherine Kamau welcomed her second born, baby K 6 months ago and just like most ladies; she gained unwanted weight thanks to the stubborn baby fat.

However whether big or small; Catherine Kamau has definitely set a good example for the young girls looking up to to her.

This is because she has since embraced her body and although it’s evident to see she put on some extra weight; the mother of two never complains or even talks about it on her social media pages.

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Big beautiful woman (BBW)

Just to prove how confident she is, Catherine Kamau recently stepped out for a photoshoot and thirsty photos shared on her page; clearly show that confidence and self love is what makes a person beautiful!

Mama K undeniably brought her A game with the new photos shared below; and if you thought having a baby would make Kate actress slow down, they you thought wrong!

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Big beautiful Catherine Kamau
Yummy Mummy Kate actress looking all glammed up
Catherine Kamau parades her new figure leaving fans thirsting over her curves
Stunner! Kate strutting like a boss mum
Actress Catherine Kamau proves big is beautiful
Phil Karanja’s wife looking hotter than ever in new photos
Catherine Kamau

“Where is the law” Catherine Kamau demanding justice for the 4000 pregnant minors in Machakos

Catherine Kamau is a favorite to many. And this is because the actress has always has always been real and from the look of things; she might just be the voice young women need to listen to.

Just recently the lady went on her instagram account sharing an important message; where she schooled her followers on the importance of educating and protecting the girl child.

Her post comes just a few hours after 4000 minors from Machakos were reported to be pregnant. This is because of children remain at home due to the on going pandemic lockdown.

However, with this kids at home and no money to survive on, most of these young girl have turned to older men for small cash; and now most are expectant with their first children on the way.

Tbt; pregnant Catherine Kamau

Educate your sons

As much as the young girls are to blame; Catherine Kamau also feels that parents should also step in and talk to their daughter’s on the importance of waiting for the right time.

Catherine Kamau with her fiancé, Phil Karanja

My heart is completely broken ???? the teenage pregnancies statistics reported earlier this week (if factual ) are shocking , we need to speak louder IT IS NOT OKAY , BABIES ARE NOT ACCESSORIES, YOUNG QUEENS PLEASE WAIT . YOUR TIME WILL COME . However Some of them are victims of rape and fallen pregnant as a result , ????????‍♀️, where is the law ??

Being a mother of 2, Catherine Kamau also feels that the boy child should be schooled since it takes two to tangle and the girl child should not be blamed alone. This is also because some of the pregnancies were brought by forced sex (rape) and the culprits continue to stroll around free.

She went on to add saying;

We need to have this conversation with our sons too , takes 2 to tangle , we must raise a better generation.

Lastly, the popular actress concluded by saying;

This is heavy ???? N/B did this video last year , it’s on YouTube

Catherine Kamau schools the youth on the importance of living with their own means!

Actress Catherine Kamau left her serious side showing after her sharing a detailed post dedicated to the young talent. As seen on the post, Catherine Kamau usde her online platform to help build some of her young followers in a way most parents would!

According to Catherine, the Youth need to understand that saving up for rainy days is important. She went on to advise these young talents to avoid carrying the pressure of pleasing their fellow friends with the little they have; since she already knows how things up looking like in the end.

Catherine Kamau who started hustling at a young age; went on to urge these youths to master the art of saving and growing their money through investments. She went on to post saying;

Dear young talent , I know you are trying hard to create a brand but here are a few things I wish someone told me too.. 1. STOP USING YOUR LITTLE Savings or profits TO PLEASE FRIENDS OR YOUR FOLLOWERS .You work so hard , grow your money , invest,save for a rainy day . When you run out of money to buy the champagnes and the mzingas they will Run too ????.

Be Content!

Having worked extra hard to have a brighter future for her children; Catherine says she can now afford to live however she wants but she chooses to save instead. This is the very first time the lady shared such an important message that has left many congratulating her for her wisdom. The mother of two went on to say;

2. LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS . I earn enough to live in the the boojiest neighbourhoods but hey priorities ????????‍♀️, I even have comments thrown my way but I don’t listen I know what am working for , so I stay focused, please live comfortably, grow slowly sweetheart.
3. CHOOSE YOUR CIRCLE OF FRIENDS WISELY: may God grant you wisdom here , this is a struggle , if you are a genuine soul you think everybody is the same ! Sweetheart people are cruel , pray , good friends give you peace , encourage you , cheer you , and protect your dignity.

To conclude her letter, the lass went on to say;

I really wish you the best . You don’t have to make the same mistakes we did ! We are here for you . We did better , you can too .
With love … Aunty Kate ????????

Can your friends even? Here is what Catherine Kamau looks like without all that make up (Photo)

Catherine Kamau has left both her male and female friends drooling over her makeup free photo. The lass blessed her followers with the gorgeous photo on her Instagram page flaunting what her mama gave her.

Ms Catherine Kamau

In the photo, Ms Catherine Kamau appears to have one of the most gorgeous and flawless skin; not forgetting to mention her dark chocolate tone that would earn her a crown for  representing all the African queens proud of their color!

Indeed Phil Karanja counts himself lucky if the photo below is a representation of how Catherine looks without any make up of filter!

Fans applaud Catherine

Looking at the comment section, you will realize that most of her fans could not stop praising her flawless skin and beauty seen on latest photo.

Catherine Kamau’s flawless skin

Instagram lost their mind when Catherine Kamau who recently welcome a baby girl showed up on screen looking #flawless! Not only were her natural eyebrows visible, but her glam was on point and the photographer managed to get the the perfect shot.

Vera Sidika and the rest

Unlike most women in the entertainment industry, Catherine Kamau has never been pressured to bleach her skin in order to look beautiful.

She is the reason most dark skinned girls proudly flaunt what their mamas gave them; and indeed we might as well hand her the crown for being the most beautiful new mum in town.

The real Vera Sidika

As for Vera Sidika, we are now aware that she hopes not to never get back her old skin tone; even if it means doing the impossible.

After photos emerged showing her current brown skin, the socialite got defensive on her gram and a drink or two…. her insecurities couldn’t be hidden.

She has however turned this into a business opportunity as she will now be hosting a new Instagram live twerking event; featuring 10 of her bootyful girls and from the look of things team mafisi is ready for some action.

Kate Actresses’ youthful-looking mother gets Kenyans talking (Photos)

Catherine Kamau has every reason to be grateful for the fact that both her parents are aging like fine wine!

As seen on her social media pages, fans agree that indeed Catherine has stunning parents and thanks to a new photo shared to celebrate her mum’s birthday; fans now wish to know the secret behind her mum’s youthful look!

Surgery or photoshop?Catherine Kamau showing off curves 1 month after giving birth

The photo has attracted not only likes but many comments from her Instagram fans asking whether this was Catherine Kamau’s sister!

Well just by her smile, one can be able to tell that the joyful grandma is aging better than most people her age due to the positive energy surrounding her!

Birthday message

Anyway through her Instagram page the popular actress wrote;

Catherine Kamau’s mum

Happy birthday to my mummy dearest. I owe everything I am today to you. Thank you for the lessons, the values and for the unconditional love❤️❤️❤️❤️

Among the lessons we know Catherine Kamau got from her mum is being independent.

In an interview done a while back the actress opened up to reveal that her mum kicked out after her son turned 2 years.

According to Catherine, her mum did not approve the late hours she arrived home from work and since she already had a baby; Catherine now had to be responsible for her own child.

Speaking about this experience Catherine said;

Tbt; Catherine Kamau

  “Yeah I was kicked out but I think the reason she kicked me out is because after my son had turned two years. That’s the time I got into arts, so couldn’t balance between being a mum and an actress. You know the hours we work on set and then I used to come back the baby has not seen me. My mum is an academician she doesn’t understand arts so she was like what the hell is this!”