Photo flop! Catherine Kamau hilarious response after fans shame her for photoshopping IG picture to look slimmer

Catherine Kamau has now joined the list of celebrities using photoshop to look slimmer on social media; and unfortunately for her, fans could not overlook the fact that she also enjoys the fake life.

This is after the mother of 2 shared a photo parading her curves on girls night out. Dressed in a figure hugging outfit looks like Catherine hopped her she would pull the flat tummy, tinny waist look; but having given birth about 9 months ago… this did not work out so well for her.

Her detective fans quickly went on to point out the weird looking shape between her arm and the flower vase seen on the post. Seeing that fans had already seen this, the mother of two wrote;

Catherine Kamau

 Console yourselves na photo shop , videos loading , never been fake , never will be sis ????

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Peer pressure?

Well, giving birth transforms a woman’s body in an unexpected manner; and just like most mums, Kate Kamau also added the baby fat weight. This can clearly be seen in her latest photos shared on her Instagram page.

Fans troll Catherine Kamau

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However due to the pressures of looking perfect she ended up giving fans a reason to troll and mock her for preaching water and drinking wine. But hey, who said a little photoshop hurts?