Kate Actresses’ youthful-looking mother gets Kenyans talking (Photos)

Catherine Kamau has every reason to be grateful for the fact that both her parents are aging like fine wine!

As seen on her social media pages, fans agree that indeed Catherine has stunning parents and thanks to a new photo shared to celebrate her mum’s birthday; fans now wish to know the secret behind her mum’s youthful look!

Surgery or photoshop?Catherine Kamau showing off curves 1 month after giving birth

The photo has attracted not only likes but many comments from her Instagram fans asking whether this was Catherine Kamau’s sister!

Well just by her smile, one can be able to tell that the joyful grandma is aging better than most people her age due to the positive energy surrounding her!

Birthday message

Anyway through her Instagram page the popular actress wrote;

Catherine Kamau’s mum

Happy birthday to my mummy dearest. I owe everything I am today to you. Thank you for the lessons, the values and for the unconditional love❤️❤️❤️❤️

Among the lessons we know Catherine Kamau got from her mum is being independent.

In an interview done a while back the actress opened up to reveal that her mum kicked out after her son turned 2 years.

According to Catherine, her mum did not approve the late hours she arrived home from work and since she already had a baby; Catherine now had to be responsible for her own child.

Speaking about this experience Catherine said;

Tbt; Catherine Kamau

  “Yeah I was kicked out but I think the reason she kicked me out is because after my son had turned two years. That’s the time I got into arts, so couldn’t balance between being a mum and an actress. You know the hours we work on set and then I used to come back the baby has not seen me. My mum is an academician she doesn’t understand arts so she was like what the hell is this!”

Catherine Kamau reveals a small detail about her wedding that will make you cry

Catherine Kamau popularly known as Celina or Sue from TV show Sue and Johhny is now a married woman. She tied the knot with the love of her life a few weeks ago leaving many surprised.

Well, this is because she chose to keep the wedding details on the low until the last minute. Only friends and relatives were aware of the union that took place in at Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club.

Catherine Kamau weds Phil Karanja
Catherine Kamau weds Phil Karanja

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Anyway what we did not know is what happened before she left her parents home. According to Catherine Kamau, her wedding left her mother crying the entire day as she could not believe her baby was finally settling down.

This is however not a surprise since many moms would tear down at the site of seeing their daughters dressed up in white wedding gowns. Catherine’s mum was no different as she chose to express feelings through happy tears. The actress through her Instagram page wrote saying;

Catherine and hubby enjoying honeymoon

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For their honeymoon actress Catherine Kamau and director Phil Karanja flew out to Seychelles where they have been enjoying their stay at Kempinski.