Priceless! Catherine Kamau’s husband and step son serving ‘daddy and son’ goals with new photo

Catherine Kamau is proud to have both her husband and son bond in a special way despite not being blood related. As we all know, Catherine Kamau conceived her baby boy immediately after joining campus in Uganda.

According to the actress, she was just a naïve girl in a new country with new friends; and I bet any lady from a strict family would have made use of the freedom the same way Catherine Kamau did.

However sadly Catherine Kamau ended up having too much fun which led to her son existence; but looking back, this may have seemed like a set back – but years later Catherine Kamau this experience as a blessing in disguise.

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Although her son’s father remains anonymous, Director Phil Karanja has been playing the daddy role for years; and looking at the bond he shares with Catherine’s son – one wouldn’t say he did not father the handsome boy.

Daddy and son goals

Apart from just bonding, the two recently went on a daddy and son photoshoot where they had quite an interesting experience. Well, this is judging from the photo shared by Catherine Kamau on her page appreciating her soldiers. she went on to caption this post saying;

Catherine Kamau’s son and husband

Everything ❤️

This is probably another way to give thanks for having survived the hectic beginning back when she got pregnant; and seeing the struggles life threw her but still managed to survive. Indeed her boys bring nothing but joy in her life not forgetting how special addition of baby Karla.

Catherine Kamau unveils new pregnancy photo from her campus days

Actress Catherine Kamau has lately been making headlines on most tabloids thanks to her gorgeous baby bump!

The actress who is also a wife and mother to a handsome baby boy could not hold back her joy as she went on to confirm that she was pregnant with her second child just a few weeks ago.

Catherine Kamau pregnant

This came as a surprise to many since she kept her pregnancy on the low until it started showing. Her fans on the other hand went on to congratulate her for baby number 2 and of course her pregnancy glow!

Pregnant Catherine 13 years ago

Anyway, about 13 years ago Catherine Kamau got pregnant while in college back in Uganda and being young, the lass could not face her parents who later on came to learn that she was expectant.

Catherine Kamau pregnant

According to her, things were not so smooth since the person responsible for her pregnancy  did not want anything to do with her.

However, thanks to her supportive parents she managed to welcome a handsome baby boy — who is currently her favorite person in the world.

Well as for those who never got to see rock her baby bump, then below is a photo taken 13 years ago when she was pregnant.

Catherine Kamau

“Please go to high school, we are busy making your sister!” Catherine Kamau tells son as he celebrates 13th birthday

Catherine Kamau is happy to celebrate her son, Leon as he turns 13 years old.


The actress who is popularly known as Sue from TV series Sue and Johnnie marked his son’s birthday in a sweet but cheeky birthday message shared on her gram.

Having faced many trials and challenges together, Catherine Kamau says her son still remains the constant blessing that has helped her become the woman she is today.

Catherine Kamau with her son, Leon

For 13 years there bond still remains the same and although her son is now a teen; the actress says he will continue being her baby boy. However in her post, the mother of one went on to joke about her son wanting his personal space now that he is all grown up.

So this is his public swag when he is out with me. No hugs, no kisses ‘Mum cheza chini ‘ is all I get ????, where did time go! What do you mean you are 13 ?? Does this mean I can’t smack your face with a hot sufuria anymore when you piss me off?Of all the things I have I have achieved in my 32 years of existence, being your mum tops the list. We have come from far, from our ‘kanyumba’ (bedsitters) to where we are now ???? we can only thank God ????????,”

Baby number two on the way!

In the witty message, Catherine Kamau couldn’t help but joke around her son already joining high school since she was ready to start trying for a second baby (hopefully a girl). She concluded saying;

Happy birthday son, now please go to high school we are busy making your sister ???????? happy birthday @kenyan_loganpaul.


Catherine Kamau: “My mum kicked me out of the house after my son turned 2 years!”

Catherine Kamau recently opened up about her past life revealing how she got pregnant 2 months after joining campus.

This being a new experience she did not know what to do as she was pretty much afraid of her mum. Speaking to Kalekye Mumo on Central Talk, Catherine Kamau went on to reveal how her mum kicked her out of the house.

Well, her mum kicked her out because she did not agree on the career Catherine Kamau had chosen. Due to the long hours on set, she did not spend enough time with her son and this forced her mum to react.

“Yeah I was kicked out but I think the reason she kicked me out is because after my son had turned two years. That’s the time I got into arts, so couldn’t balance between being a mum and an actress. You know the hours we work on set and then I used to come back the baby has not seen me. My mum is an academician she doesn’t understand arts so she was like what the hell is this!”

Catherine Kamau’s mum reacts to her first episode on Mother in law

Well having landed a role on TV show Mother-In-law her mum got pissed with her role which She termed indecent. Catherine Kamau went on to add saying;

“Remember the first episode of mother-in-law I was an extra, I was dancing in a short skirt. So she was like this is what you are leaving the baby to go dance naked. Toka kwa nyumba yangu. I was kicked out. My cousin and I got a house in Maringo so we started off from there.”

She went on to add;

“I was determined to work so hard, take my baby and now start a life. I worked hard and proved to my parents that this is a career and I’m trying to build myself and finally she let me have my son.”

“I knew nothing about contraceptives!” Catherine Kamau reveals how she got pregnant 2 months after joining campus

Catherine Kamau is not shy to admit that she got pregnant at 19 years. She has always been open about her son Leon who has been her strong hold for years now.

Speaking recently during an interview with Kalekye Mumo on Central Talk; Catherine Kamau not only revealed why she left Mother-in-law but how she also got pregnant.

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According to Catherine Kamau she was just new in campus when she got a boyfriend and within 2 moths, she was already pregnant.

Had no idea about family planning

Well, she did not get pregnant out of ignorance but because she didn’t know anything about family planning. She opened up saying;

“I was 19, I had just joined campus in Uganda I grew up with my very strict mum. This was my first time alone, first time away, exploring. Aki hata sikumaliza 2 months nikajazwo! It was so confusing. I can’t believe I didn’t know about family planning. I didn’t know, it happened and life changed I had to come home and get my baby.”

Phil Karanja opens up about his relationship with Catherine Kamau’s, now this is interesting!

It is not always easy to raise another man’s child but one director Phil Karanja is proving to be a pro at it. The guy who is a renowned film director just recently proposed to actress Catherine Kamau who is popularly known as Celina and from what we hear is that the two will be getting married in a few weeks.

However, their relationship took a while to grow despite the two knowing each other for long. Well, this is because Catherine Kamau had a son when she was young and since the child’s father is not active in his life – she needed to play the part of a mother and father before deciding who the best father figure for her young man was.

Catherine Kamau with her fiance and a friend’s baby

She however happened to meet Phil Karanja who was also an actor at Tahidi High and the rest became history. Speaking during an interview with SDE the fella revealed that his relationship with Catherine Kamau’s son was not easy at first as he said:

Catherine Kamau’s fiancé and their son

 (Laughs). We were both fighting for the attention of the most important woman in our lives. Truth Is, it’s a relationship that you build day by day.

He went on the reason he still chose to be with Catherine Kamau despite knowing that she had a child with another man. He said,

I personally have never had an issue with adopting a child. Even when I was young, I would often say I will adopt children when I am older. I guess it boils down to one’s personality.

But with time the two boys (Phil and Catherine Kamau’s son) have learnt to live with each other and surprisingly the young man now refers to him as daddy.

We are like brothers now. Our bond is so strong nowadays the mum gets jealous at times. Though I keep stressing that I am not his friend first, I am his father and teacher first.

Catherine Kamau reveals why she can’t stand seeing her little boy grow up so fast!

When they grow up, they change and start acting like they can do everything by themselves and this is the stage that Catherine Kamau’s son has reached.

He is now a teenager and unlike before wants to have a private life which is more cooler than the one he had when he was a kid.

Actress Catherine Kamau recently revealed that her young man no longer wants to be hugged or kissed especially in public places where people are watching.

Catherine Kamau with her son back in the day

According to her, it is a good feeling to watch her baby grow into a fine young man but she misses how he used to depend on her for everything.

As for now, he is the one choosing what he wears – and small small things are the ones Catherine Kamau misses most.

Anyway, I bet this is just a stage that he will soon outgrow as we have all been there.