Late Catherine Kasavuli’s Grand-Daughter Wants To Be A TV Presenter

Martin Kasavuli, son of the late TV icon Catherine Kasavuli, recently introduced his daughter, Kayla Kasavuli, to the public. Kayla, who is following in the footsteps of her family’s media tradition, wants to be a TV presenter.

In an Instagram post, Martin Kasavuli shared a heartfelt moment when he went on a date with his daughter, emphasizing the importance of connections and quality time with loved ones.

Kasavuli wrote, “Today, when you’re surrounded by the people who light up when they see you, make sure you capture that moment. Because outside of the food, music, and even the laughter, all we have is our connections with each other. I personally value that more than anything. A great connection is the highest form of appreciation.”

The date was so enjoyable that Kayla not only made new friends but also forgot about her father who had accompanied her. Martin Kasavuli shared, “Yesterday, we went out on a date with Kayla Kasavuli, and she met this kaboy, lol, she even forgot about me. She wants to be a TV presenter, so she’s thinking of doing some hosting/reporting videos, hehe.”

It is clear that Kayla Kasavuli is passionate about following in her grandmother’s legacy. Her father’s support and encouragement will undoubtedly be invaluable as she pursues her dream of becoming a TV presenter.

Martin Kasavuli Remembers His Late Mother, Catherine Kasavuli, On Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In an emotional tribute on social media, Martin Kasavuli, the son of the late news anchor Catherine Kasavuli, remembered his mother and the profound impact she had on his life.

Kasavuli passed away on December 29, 2022, after a brave battle with cervical cancer. In his tribute, Martin spoke of the void left by her absence, offering a glimpse into the deep sense of loss he has experienced.

He highlighted the cherished moments they shared, saying, “Whenever I am missing you, I also remember how fortunate I was that you were in my life. I wouldn’t trade those moments for the world.”

Martin also celebrated the qualities that made his mother extraordinary.

“You were precious, a gift from God, so much beauty, grace, love, and patience you possessed. You touched my heart in so many ways,” he reflected.

This testament to her character emphasised the enduring impact Catherine Kasavuli had on those around her, even during her final days.

He further acknowledged the resilience and positivity that his mother exuded, even in the face of adversity.

“Even on dark days, your strength and smile made me realize I had an angel beside me. I’m still learning how I will do life without you,” Martin expressed.

This touching remembrance comes at a significant time, coinciding with Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an annual global campaign observed throughout October to raise awareness, educate, and support those affected by breast cancer. This initiative not only emphasises the importance of early detection but also highlights the progress made in research, prevention, and treatment of this prevalent and life-altering disease.

Martin’s tribute to his mother is a powerful reminder of the importance of cherishing loved ones and celebrating their lives, both during their time with us and after they are gone.

Catherine Kasavuli Opens Up On Battling Cancer, Says Previous Month Has Been Tough

Veteran news anchor Catherine Kasavuli is currently admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital- and is in need of blood and financial assistance. The celebrated news anchor had been on a break from her socials; and made her comeback in October this year; which happens to be the toughest month for her. The news of her admission at KNH was revealed this week.

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Opening up about her status, Catherine thanked family and friends for being there for her during her toughest time.

”Last one month has really been crazy for me , I want to take this moment and appreciate my family , colleagues in the media industry, Catherine Kasavuli Foundation team, my doctors , friends, strangers, online community; I wish I could respond to all your messages, I see them and I’m really humbled. May God remember you ..

To special people that have come forth to donate blood may God bless you , may he enrich your beautiful souls , may He meet with the desires of your heart . To special souls that are contributing towards my medical bill , I love you so much and God bless you .”

Kasavuli continued to state it hasn’t been an easy journey for her; but she’s optimistic to recover and tell her story after recovery.

”It’s not an easy journey but I believe in God’s faithfulness and breakthrough. To anyone fighting the same struggle – I love you , we shall overcome, life is a beautiful thing and we shall live to tell our stories.

God bless you.”

Catherine Kasavuli’s medical condition explained

Veteran News anchor Catherine Kasavuli is quite known by most kenyans who grew up watching on TV and i hear back then – she would not only turn heads with her looks but her voice, grace and class.

And although most TVs were black and white back then – Catherine Kasavuli still managed to captivate many which explains why she made a come back after almost a decade since she retired.

Anyway having been back for close to a year, word making rounds on social media is that the lovely Kasavuli is currently admitted to KNH private wing after doctors diagnosed her with Cervical cancer.

This was made known by her boss wnd KBC acting Managing director Samuel Maina who has been mobilising colleagues to help the veteran newscaster. According to reports, Samuel apparently shared an update on Kasavuli’s medical condition saying;


Dear friends, colleagues and well-wishers. Our dear colleague Catherine Kasavuli is hospitalized at the KNH Private Wing after being diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Friends and family appeal for blood donation

Well, having disclosed the veteran anchor is battling cervical cancer – Samuel Maina went on to appeal for blood donation from Kenyans as he went on to add;

For those who can, she needs blood transfusion urgently. Your prayers and moral support will be very welcome.

Citizen TV news anchor Francis Gachuri also mobilised his followers and well-wishers on social media urging them to contribute blood for the anchor in a post where he wrote;

Blood donation appeal. Legendary newscaster Catherine Kasavuli is hospitalized at the KNH Private Wing after being diagnosed with cervical cancer. She urgently needs blood. Kindly avail yourself and donate. Thank you,

Veteran journalist Catherine Kasavuli reacts to Kamene Goro’s ignorant joke on mental health

There is nothing funny about mental health and although Kenyans on social media will joke about anything; at least the celebrities are expected to act more sensitive when it comes down to such matters.

Well, a few days ago Kiss FM’s Kamene Goro shared one of the most unfunniest memes we have since come to see; and this was on mental health. As seen on the post, Kamene’s meme read;

Mental health na hamna akili

Of course when posting it, Kamene Goro was sure fans would find it funny; only to realize that she was on her own. I mean, many people out here are dealing with money related (which she can’t relate with;) and others facing worse situations; only for Kamene to prove how ignorant she can get.

Kasavuli responds

Well, having come across the various stories highlighting Kamene’s ignorant mental health; the veteran news anchor has also come out to speak.

This is probably because back in her days journalists (whether TV or radio) strictly followed the Media ethics; that teach respect for life and the rule of law and legality.

Speaking about the post, Kasavuli wrote;

Yesterday I literally cried when I saw someone joking about #mentalhealth.

These aren’t things to joke about, until it hints home, it hits so different. Ask me.


Lets use our platforms regardless of size to raise positive awareness.

Although no one is perfect… I’m pretty sure back in Kasavuli’s time…journalist weren’t getting hired for their foreign accents like those of today.

Started from the bottom! Catherine Kasavuli’s first salary before she started commanding stellar pay packages

Catherine Kasavuli was the first female news anchor on KTN. The veteran media girl is no longer anchoring news but she on a pedestal thanks to the 17 years she spent at KTN.

Generation Z might not know it but Catherine Kasavuli is the real queen of Kenyan television. She was part of founding team at KTN when it went on air in March 1990.

First salary

Catherine Kasavuli began her career in media on a Kes 1, 500 monthly salary. She however earned a few extra coins voicing commercials.

“I would earn around Kes 3, 500 from commercials. One time I earned Sh25, 000 from a commercial and those days that was like Sh2 million! I not only joined a Sacco called Sauti Cooperative but also opened an Eaglet account for my son,” revealed Catherine Kasavuli during a past interview.

Kasavuli now commands stellar pay packages. She works at Royal Media Services (RMS) as Corporate Affairs Manager.