When Njugush and Wakavinye reveal their new minibus, Tugi, Abel Mutua and the crowd respond.

Comedian Timothy Kimani, known as Njugush, and his wife Celestine Ndinda, also known as Wakavinye, have expanded their business ventures into the matatu industry.

The couple has acquired a new minibus, which they have named after their firstborn son, Blessed Tugi. This minibus will operate under the famous Super Metro Sacco, covering the Nairobi to Kitengela route, which is relatively new for the Sacco.

Njugush and Wakavinye officially unveiled the minibus on Thursday, marking the occasion with a dedication ceremony and prayer before commencing operations.

Inside the minibus, the couple has adorned the interior with pictures of Njugush’s friends and close business associates, including Eddie Butita and Philip Karanja, among others.

Njugush’s friends have extended their congratulations to him on achieving this new milestone in their business endeavors.

Abel Mutua

“WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!!! I see nothing to write home about. @blessednjugush @celestinendinda I wish mngeniconsult,” Abel said sarcastically.


“Hii move nayo imeninice mbaaaaaaya👏🏼👏🏼 Eeeeeish Mabeste zangu wamenichora kwa mathree👑 @abelmutua usijali naongea na @blessednjugush tuone kama tutaongeza picha yako kwa Kabat @celestinendinda ashakubali,”

Adding; “Congratulations @blessednjugush and @celestinendinda 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I am happy @abelmutua hajachorwa ndani ya hii gari😂😂��.

Phillip Karanja

“KABAT!! 🚌🚌 Congratulations @blessednjugush and @celestinendinda. Nyi ni wanoma! Super Proud of you!!👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾,”.

njorothecomedian KABAT🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥congratulations to the Njugunas 🙌🙌🙌

luvusi_bruce your friendship is one for the books!!! we as your fans are always proud 🙌

mollykabuteh We don’t play about God here!!!!!

kabiez_trendy_babies_and_mums This is what real friendship looks like. It’s reciprocal, positive, supportive, loving and most of all hopes &prays you do better in every stage of your life

princearakaki However told you grass to grace doesn’t exist tell them shame on them! God is the lifter of Men!

l.i.z.b.o.n Hapa naenda Kitengela na nirudi 😂😂😂 .. congratulations 🎉 Baba na Mama Tugi

rionita8 Congratulations to this power couple 🎉🙌

bencyco Congratulations bana👏😂

misskithinji Congratulations 👏👏

No more babies for Njugush says, wife Celestine Ndinda

Celestine Ndinda has been concentrating on raising her children and, of course, hustling with her husband since giving birth nine months ago.

With stories about parenting her boys, the mother of two has charmed her admirers. She is pleased that after having her first child, she has developed into her position.

She is under considerable pressure to expand her family, though. Celestine has reminisced about how she learned about her second pregnancy on her YouTube channel.

Celestine summarized her experience having baby no. 2 and added

“There’s a video I did baby number two there was so much speculation of baby number two. People were asking those questions, so thats what made me do a video. There were so many questions. I kept wondering if there was a jackpot for baby number two the way I was being pressured. Anyway baby number two came, and there was no jackpot. Hakuna kitu mlikuwa mnataka, hakuna jackpot iliekelewa, turia is now nine months.

There are no more babies, please hehe, no. There is so much power in kutamka, but I am so happy.”

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Baby girl! Celestine Ndinda and Njugush hold lavish baby shower ahead of delivery date

Celestine Ndinda and Njugush will be welcoming their second baby anytime soon or maybe just like they did with Tugi – they might have already welcomed their baby – but prefer keeping the news on the low.

However from their social media pages – looks like baby is still in the oven but not for long that is judging from how big the baby bump has grown; and chances are that Celestine has a few more days before delivery.

Anyway before the new born gets here, the couple recently held a lavish baby shower that saw only close friends and relatives attend.

Judging from Celestine Ndinda’ s choice of outfit and color – we now have reason to believe the couple might be expecting their first baby girl; and since they already have Tugi – I bet daddy (Njugush) can’t wait to meet his baby girl.

Baby shower

Thanks to a few photos from the couple, fans get a chance to witness the low key baby shower through a series of photos especially since Celestine Ndinda has been sharing her pregnancy journey with fans on YT.

Well, although the baby’s gender remains a secret for now, chances are that it’s a girl and Celestine Ndinda cannot keep calm. Check out the photos below.

‘8 years and counting’ Emotional Njugush celebrates wife in moving message

Timothy Kimani popularly known as Njugush won our hearts through The Real Househelps of Kawangware; where he played the struggling hustler, lover and hilarious joker. Of course Njugush changed the game in terms of delivering new and fresh content the acting industry had been missing.

While others saw the show as childish, those who appreciate local actors and actresses however continued to show their support; not knowing that they were helping build Njugush. Indeed the funny man remains grateful to all his supporters and for this reason Njugush has several platforms where he connects with his day 1’s.

Blessed Njugush with wife, Cele

Talking of day 1… we understand that Njusgush and wife Celestine Ndinda (Wakavinye) have been together for 8 years. However what many don’t know is that they too have relationship issues just like any other couple out here.

8 years and counting

With all the problems including financial struggling, the two still chose each other and never they gave up despite all the problems life threw their way.

Judging from their stories, Njugush says his wife would support him with the small small things he couldn’t afford; and just like that years late the two are counting millions together. Anyway just to prove how much he loves his wife, Njugush has shared a beautiful post to mark their anniversary where he wrote;

Njugush and wifey, Cele

 Kutako nikunauwo…..wewe bado pia unaninauwo. 8 years lived well. Thanks @celestinendinda thank you so much. THANK YOU honestly. Asante I’ve tu unwell aki….


Tough moment Celestine Ndinda watched as other kids walked around while Tugi could not even move (Video)

Tugi Kimani, an intelligent, quick-witted 2-year old boy born to comedian couple Njugush and Celestine Ndinda has become a charm to many but his early baby stages were not easy for his parents.

Celestine Ndinda better known as Wakavinye’ has come out to spill unknown details of her son’s growth at a tender age, that saw her struggle to see him grow like every other child.

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She chose to engage her pediatrician, in an open professional chat where she let in her fans as well, just in case anyone would benefit from it.

The revelation

During their talk, the Doctor happened to mention that a ‘normal’ child should be able to sit well by around 6 months but with some support.

Then at around 9 months, the baby should be able to firmly stand but with some support and achieve balance.

Tugi Kimani with his mom, Celestine Ndinda

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Then by 1 year, the kid should be moving around.

However, for Celestine Ndinda, that was not the case. She mentions that at 12 months, Tugi could not even move around like the rest of the kids.

“Apo ndio I think my Tugi alikaa. It took time for him to be able to walk,” she reveals.

Baby Tugi

So bad was it that every time they attended Sunday service, she could see other young children, especially girls even younger than Tugi, beautifully walk around in those gorgeous stockings and wonder how.

“Tunaenda Sunday school ama Church na unaona watoto wengine wadogo kwanza wasichana wako na stockings, wanatembea. Na Tugi hajawai songa, na huyo msichana anatembea ni mdogo kuliko Tugi,” she openly admits.

Looking quite concerned even though that happened to Tugi months ago, the doctor had to intervene and tell Cele that every child has their own time.

Have a listen at their fascinating conversation;


Before and after photos of Njugush 20 years apart spark wild reactions

Watu hutoka mbali is a phrase common among the Kenyan people that makes reference to your past in comparison to your present.

More often than not, it is used to describe life before the money and life after the money where the difference can clearly be seen.

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This is most especially among public figures who either end up gaining weight, become more muscular, skin brightens up, their lifestyle changes – all this, best describes life after the money.

Njugush hilarious TBT photo

The most recent case being a dear comedy star, Njugush who was yesterday listed among the top 100 most influential young Africans in 2020.

Comedy star Blessed Njugush

A creative who 10-20 years ago could not convince anyone that he would be this famous, let alone get recognized in the large entertainment industry in Africa.

Well, it has happened and is the reality we can only accept and appreciate.

So the father to an upcoming 2-year old comedian of a son, has decided to light up the internet with a throwback photo of him and his younger brother, 20 years ago.

Timothy Kimani aka Njugush

The year was 2000, an innocent-looking and very humbled 9-year old Njugush who did not look like he could even kill a fly, let alone stand before a huge audience to crack jokes.

“Sema kukiuka …The year is 2000,mimi na bro. 20 years can change alot.”

Njugush and younger brother hilarious TBT photo

According to him, it is all about breaking barriers and going beyond. Prompting fans to also share their throwback photos of 20 years ago.

A TBT photo that left fans bursting out in laughter disbelieving that indeed this kid had come this far.

Others comparing his then and now’, admitting that he has not quite changed as much, probably just height, body size and the courage to stand before a crowd.

Blessed Njugush 20 years on

Others could not help but make fun of his head.

Mtawezana? Njugush’s wife’s weight loss journey finally paying off (Photos)

Wakavinye did not stress over her weight gain after welcoming son, Tugi 3 years ago. Well, if you ask me this was the best decision the 27 year old mum made as she chose to focus on the important matter which is Tugi; and herself instead of stressing over baby fat.

3 years down the line and now she has all the time she needs to work on her body and image. As seen on both her posts and those of Njugush, the couple has been working quite hard as they aim to achieve their dream bodies.

Njugush who was known for his skinny has since been growing some muscles; giving the likes of Eric Omondi and Khalighraph Jones a run for their money. His new photos confirm that he has indeed been putting on some weight and we love it!

Wakavinye aka Celestine Ndinda

Mama Tugi snatched!

As hubby is struggling to gain some muscles, mama Tugi on the other had is busy trying to lose both the baby fat; and unnecessary weight she has gained over the years. And just like her husband, Celestine has shared a few photos showing her progress so far.


From the photos below, one can clearly see how fast the mother of one has been shedding her weight ever since joining the Gym. But with celebrity trainer Freddy Kaloki on their cases; there is no option but to stay fit. Check out the photos below.

Mama Tugi
Celestine Ndinda’s weight loss
Njugush’s wife

Njugush’s son’s hilarious reaction after being caught crying on camera lights up the Internet

Blessed Njugushs son, Tugi Kimani is sure a fun kid to be around.

Just like his parents, you can never quite tell when he is serious, or when he is fooling with your mind.

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The most recent case being a time when his dad caught him in the car with eyes soaked in tears and you could hardly tell whether this kid was being funny or was actually in pain.

The scenario

So innocent-looking and he can easily make you pity him. He was explaining to his dad how he was crying because he was afraid of a door knob that did not seem to make sense to him.

Blessed Njugush with son, Tugi Kimani

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Njugush was busy laughing at the 2-year old from behind the camera because it just did not make sense how one would cry because they are afraid.

The whole scenario quickly turned into a fun scene, with Tugi letting go of his fears after Njugush showered him with endless love. Pretty intelligent though, after his dad wiped off tears from his right eye, the kid was quick to turn his left eye as well.

Njugush with son enjoying nature’s goodness

Surprised by the move, Njugush sounded quite impressed with his son.

The funny part came in after the comedian told his son “Love You”, who quickly responded saying;

Love you, like the big elephant in the Tsavo.

“Aww!” Njugush sweetly remarked. Tugi’s innocence and high level of intelligence, will leave you cracking your ribs. Have a listen:

Why comedian Njugush’s new gym workout photo is driving mafisilets crazy

Popular comedy kid, Njugush has lit up the internet after a photo of him flexing his muscles saw his little man conspicuously pop out of his shorts, to the excitement of many.

Known for his reserved nature, baba Tugi was trying to flaunt the fruits of his new workout plan, only for his sleeveless shirt to parade all that was going on in his screaming yellow tight short.

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The thirst trap

Unfortunately, while trying his best to redirect fans to his joke about how Abel Mutua faked a groin injury for a whole month to avoid working out, his fans eyes betrayed them leading them in a different direction.

Comedian Blessed Njugush

The bulge came out too big, leaving fans guessing that that is what might have actually drawn his wife Wakavinye to his heart and nothing else.

Fans were left guilt tripping after their conscious could not stop haunting them for their misleading thoughts and corrupted minds.

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But since it was already pretty obvious the photo had not lied, fans took the opportunity to drool over what they could not have, throwing in sexxy comments and praising the young celebrity comedian for his natural abilities.

Njugush born Timothy Kimani

This is not the first time the comedian has treated online fans to such photos of himself, having paraded his manhood during their recent family staycation while wearing tight biker shorts that left little to imagination.

Meanwhile, his wife Celestine Ndinda tried her best to cover her nakedness with a long chiffon top while avoiding the camera lens.

Rib-cracking throwback photos of your favorite celebrities before the fame and money

It’s Thursday and you know what we do, throw it back to the days before the camera job became everyone’s talent or even before flawlessness on photos became a thing.

The past remains a memory; days when life might not have been as cool as today, but days that saw majority grow into what they are today and to forever remain cherished.

We throw it back to some of Kenya’s top celebrities, be it in their childhood days, campus life or early adulthood years. With no particular order to it, let’s kick off with crazy TBT photos of Internet sensation Diana Marua. Way back when she was living her best life as a slender city girl so in love that she would never mind one or two outings with her exes.

So there was this time the then dark-skinned babe and her ex trooped to Hell’s Gate Park for a bit of catch up and this was her;

Diana Marua TBT

She seems to have gotten woke with time and in 2013, this was the massive transformation:

Diana Marua back in 2013
Party girl Diana Marua slaying in her youth days

We move on to Catherine Kamau aka Kate actress whose throwback photo proves her family’s genes were top-notch. The support system though;

Top Kenyan TV actress, Catherine Kamau

Former K24 news broadcaster Eric Njoka shared a throwback of him quite in his youthful days and ready for the market, just before he made his debut on TV.

Journalist Eric Njoka TBT

As she turned a year older last week, Njugush unearthed a throwback photo of Celestine Ndinda presumably during her campus days, sitted in what seemed like a hostel and Njugush captioned “Remember the journey always!!!”

Celestine Ndinda throwback

A recent hot photo of Akothee when she would step out a bit more decent and in that blue jeans fashion has left fans sprawling to the ground. This looks like a few years back though;

Madam Boss Akothee TBT

It would be an honor to crown the day with Kenya’s top boy band Sauti Sol with TBT photos of the band members.

A young Chimano with his mom
A young Savara
Young Bien Aime with his dad
Polycarp Otieno in uniform during his early school years
Willis Chimano TBT
Khaligraph posted a TBT photo of Sauti Sol
Chimano and Polycarp TBT
Bien Aime and Savara in their youth

Njugush giving the ladies lustful thoughts with tight swimsuit boxers! (Photos)

Comedian Njugush went on a short vacation with his family just recently; and as usual together with Wakavinye, the couple made sure to flood our social media pages with nothing but stunning photos from their baecation.

Well apart from Wakavinye showing her curve in complete swimsuit; it appears that Njugush also had some heads turning on social media.

This is after he stepped out in what appears to be male swimming bikers that did not cover up so much. Not that we are complaining, but using this as another reason to give thanks for the gift of functional eyes.

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Loaded Njugush

As seen on his swimsuits photos, Njugush appears to be packed well and the comments left by thirsty slay queens also confirmed this.

Njugush, Wakavinye and Tugi on vacation

Most of the ladies who dropped comments on the photo talked about the cassava protruding from the boxers; and being the first time, you can imagine how excited the ladies got.

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Not quite sure how Wakaviye felt about the ladies ogling her man’s bananas; but since they both signed up for the celebrity life I guess this comes as a package! Below is a photo of the last thirst trap giving fans sleepless nights.



Celestine Ndinda’s glammed-up look causing a stir online (Photo)

Celestine Ndinda is probably a storm we never saw coming. Pretty humbled and a down-to-earth wife and mom.

Addressed by many as Wakavinye, Mrs Njugush has never cared much about how she looks or which fashion trends she needs to chase after, as long as she is comfortable in what she wears, then that will carry the day.

Celestine Ndinda aka Wakavinye

We have seen here more often stepping out in those loose deras and baggy shirts paired with loose trousers but what many did not know is that when she decides, she can bring out the curvy girl from within.

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Whatever might have prompted her recent looks, I don’t know but one thing is for sure, she is stunning!

Donning a red-fitting jumpsuit, with a black leather belt around her waist, Cele’s edges well curved-out and the heels on her feet only add to the glam.

Content creator and mom, Celestine Ndinda

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A beautiful bouquet of roses completed her look.

Celestine Ndinda aka Mrs Njugush

She soon after made a drastic move stepping out some tight jeans, leopard print blouse, long red wig and those black ankle boots that oh my! Do I say?

Curvy girl, Celestine Njugush

Icing the cake was with her olive green look, knee-length skirt, the translucent chiffon blouse that showed off some chest skin, some open red block heels and her make up in place.

This was the in thing!

Mama Tugi aka Celestine Ndinda

Your guess is as good as mine, the comment section had just been heated up:

abelmutua Huyu mtoto anatusumbua sana of late!!! Saaana!!!
dee_day26 Si unatesa! We are sorry
izareeh ???????????????????????????????????? Gosh!!!!
vernilishia Umeamua utumalize tukufe ????????????
phil_director ????????????eish
jackyvike Eish Mum Tugi! I looove what I see????????????????
nutritionbynthenya Kana Cele weeeeh Tumalize kabis????????????????????????????
violet_kithinji Weeee we are sorry “cele” looking great wow

Vry beautiful ????????????????????????????

joanthuomuchiri You are so beautiful it’s not even funny, wueh????????????????
Njugush better keep his watch, before he becomes ‘wife-less’.

Njugush’s wife Celestine Ndinda’s enticing new look that has left Team Mafisi thirsting over her curves

Comedy couple Njugush and Celestine Ndinda have made online fans accustomed to their casual and simple looks, moneyed but decided to keep it simple.

More often than not, I am sure you have come across these two showcasing their naturally-inspired home sketches alongside their young son, Tugi, so carefree and keeping it real.


Zero drip! Sometimes you stop and wonder, can they just one day decided to dress up? Well, the day is here.

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Celestine has always stepped out with those loose fitting dresses, some simply backlaid plaits, more often than not, all casual and your like okay, pass.


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This time round though, she leveled up and like a boss, left fans bowing. Donning an chic trouser suit and some low-neck lace top that perfectly brought out those curves she got from her mama while showing off some skin.


Some high top blue heels, complementing her look with a short wig that screamed confidence but well, she decided to look away, otherwise, the drip would be too much to handle.

Her background closed in on the bossy mood, warm colors, sun shining, it was a beautiful day with just the appropriate woman on set!

Celes comment section was set ablaze, fire emojis carrying the day, with those comments like:

sallykahia ????????eish wakavinye we r ur lemon squash us


j.u.n.n.e_j.u.l.i.e.t Sanitize us wakavinye ????????


mulwa.terry We are your grass walk on us????????????

Other comments:

peternduati Wah! I calling @blessednjugush to report on you for looking hottest


vibefab ???????????????????????????????? love this look on you ????????????


joyceomondi Eish, sawa Mama Tugi????
hassansarah Eiisshhh????????????????
Here are more photos of the mother of one flaunting her curves.





You can enjoy some good laugh as well.


12 times Njugush’s son Tugi has effortlessly cracked us up with humor (Videos)

Baby Tugi is an interesting kid, young but so creative, sharp and a brave young man. Many would claim its characteristic of his comedian of a dad but his mum has proven competitive too.

The young kid has probably trended more times that any of his parents, not because his parents are not good at what they do, but because this kid is special.

Blessed Njugush with wife Celestine and son Tugi

If you have come across just one or two videos of this young kid, you know what I mean, this kid is adorable yet so razor-sharp.

He is actually more funny compared to his parents – so I think, probably because of his innocent, young soul that bewitches our hearts but either way, we cant deny the charm and life this kid brings to fans.

Boss baby Tugi

Whether there is a camera before him or not, he will do what he needs to, not worried or shy what awaits tomorrow, he just does him!

Let me start with a cute one of him mimicking the famous Kagwe line “if you continue nomaree…”.


Trust me, he can get really playful with his parents.


There is a time Tugi could not allow his mom enjoy her gym sessions, watch the kid hilariously act up.


It gets interesting, you wonder how he knows so much!


Sometimes when he talks, you’d think he’s tipsy but it’s just him and you can’t help but fall in love.



On other occasions, doing it multilingual and artistically so.



Other times it gets tricky but he does it so well, the wittiness of this kid baffles me.


But when he doesn’t want his territories messed with, he means business!


Trust me, Tugi did not start his theatrics yesterday, this kid had potential since he was young.


Days he would do crazy stuff with his dad.




But I guess that’s all part of growing up!

“Hauna shingo?” Njugush’s wife opens up about her struggle with baby fat

Celestine Ndinda popularly known as Wakavinye shocked most of her fans after sharing a throw back photo; showing how ‘fat’ she got after giving birth!

Njugush with pregnant wife

Just like most mums, Wakavinye struggled with baby fat for a long time and at some point, people couldn’t even tell if she had a neck or not!

As seen on the comments many went on to urge the lady to stay off snacks and junk foods; not knowing this was taken back when baby Tugi was still breastfeeding.

17 Kgs down!

Anyway thanks to her gym trainer, Wakavinye has managed to shed off 17kgs so far and will not be stopping anytime soon!

We kosana a lot but I have never left our marriage – Njugush´s wife, Celestine Ndinda reveals

Through her Instagram page she went on to write saying;

So on my previous post, guys couldn’t believe that was me????. Sikuwa na shingo ???? babyfat was real! But gues what, less than one year later 17kgs down????????????????. @freddy_kaloki narudi tena gym sasa, hizi picha zimenichocha aki… enyewe nothing is impossible.

Advice to new mum’s

Speaking to new mums who are also struggling with weight loss, Mama Tugi went on to advise them saying;

Before and After weight loss

And to all those struggling with baby fat imagne itaisha. Kwanza we maliza breastfeeding toto then hit the gym or diet which ever works.

Njugush’s struggle to add weight

While Celestine Ndinda is busy trying to shed off her weight, her husband Njugush still can’t put on weight!

In previous interviews, Njugush made it clear that he has tried everything but his body can’t seem to add any weight or build any muscles!

Anyway despite this, his funny character and personality continues to make him a big star in the entertainment industry.

“Tujipatie miaka zingine kama 97 alafu kila mtu ajipe shugli” Njugush’s message to wife as they mark their 3rd wedding anniversary

Comedian Njugush and his wife Celestine Ndinda are definitely a couple many singles look up to and hope to be like when they finally settle down.

The two have been together for quite a few years now and from their posts we understand that they both struggled before their final breakthrough that saw them rise to the top.

After holding a private wedding that saw their close friends and relatives attend; the couple finally marks their 3rd wedding anniversary – and of course no one could have done it better than Njugush who sent out a special message to his wifey!

Through his Instagram page the comedian went on to write saying;

Njugush with his wife, Celestine Ndinda

Happy 3rd
@celestinendinda given another chance to marry I would still choose that chicken tulikula pale high table ????????its what I was thinking about in the last pic . Oya mtuangu wewe ni mtrue bana tuzidi hivo hivo. Been good ride. Tujipatie miaka zingine kama 97 alafu kila mtu ajipe shugli kazi sio moja Mtuangu.!!! Tuzidi!!!! Seriously though. I still remember this day vividly. It’s the only day I managed a perfect hairline.???? Thanks for always holding me down. God bless you and your family.

Celestine’s message to Njugush

Njugush’s wife on the other hand went on to celebrate her hubby with a short message where she thanked God for his faithfulness and for the far he has brought them.

She went on to write saying;

Njugush with his wife, Celestine Ndinda

Happy 3rd Anniversary mtuangu. @blessednjugush  On the real though, God has been faithful siamini ni miaka tatu aki????????‍♀️. So leo boy child akona surprise ama nijisort??????????

A love like no other! Comedian Njugush reveals why he was accused of stealing together with his wife back in the day

Comedian Njugush has left many admiring the kind of love he shares with his wife, Celestine Ndinda.

In his latest post the celebrated comedian and father of 1 opened up about his first time experience in Mombasa.

Njugush and his wife in Dubai

Unlike most couples who often make reservations and go all out to ensure their trip is extraordinary…. Njugush and Celestine at the time had no money and their trip to Mombasa was made possible thanks to drama festival.

Apparently, Njugush only carried Ksh 500 which was meant to last the two for a whole week – but unfortunately he ended up spending it all at Mtito.


Accused of being thieves

Being the only people with no money and shopping, Njugush says they had to pretend all through…. yet deep down they both knew they had run out of money.

Since a few of the people they had travelled with to Mombasa knew about their financial struggles, Njugush and Celestine at some point were accused of stealing a phone.


Well, despite the hardship and challenges the two have faced in the past, their love seems to have remained constant and are now living their best lives as they conquer the world together.

Njugush’s wife responds to those asking “when is the baby due?”

Njugush and his wife are expected to welcome their baby anytime from now judging from the size of the baby bump.

However, their fans feel that it has taken a bit too long and this is why they have been asking when the baby is due.

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This is however getting a bit too much for Celestine Ndinda who has responded with a hilarious meme through her Instagram story.

How difficult pregnancy journeys are

Well, it hasn’t been easy for her throughout the whole pregnancy and unlike most, one wouldn’t understand how much she is looking forward to meet her baby.

Many celebrities like Yola also revealed in the past that being asked “when is the baby due?” make one get upset.

Anyway in Celestine’s case, she shared the post below saying;


Njugush reveals the one thing he won’t do with his child that most celebrity parents are doing

Timothy Kimani aka Njuguna and his wife Celestine Ndinda are expecting their first child anytime soon. The comedian talked about the things he would do and not do once his child arrives.

Njuguna and Celestine walked down the aisle in December 2016 in a colorful ceremony. The two lovebirds plan to keep their child away from the limelight.

“Wacha huyo tu akue private tumfiche, kwa sababu it’s upto mtu ajue if they want to be involved in something,” Njuguna said during an interview with the star.

No social media accounts!
Njuguna and his wife Celestine Ndinda

Njugush also reveals that he will not be opening Instagram account for his child like how other celebs do with their kids. He explains that it will his child’s personal decision to join social media once they attain the age of 18.

“Opening an account for our child will not be one of our agendas because according to me, that is a personal decision they can make when they reach 18,” said Njuguna.

The comedian also hinted his wife is pregnant with a baby boy. Njuguna said that he will name his son after his own father who is a pastor.





Comedian Njugush and his pregnant leave Kenyans laughing after sharing this video

Comedian Njugush will never seize to amaze his audience. He is a funny man and he knows it. Lately his Instagram page has had nothing but funny clips which he entertains fans with.

Just recently he shared another video where he plays the role of a tout. Surprisingly he featured his pregnant wife who helped play the role of a passenger.

Njugush with his wife, Celestine Ndinda (courtesy)
Njugush with his wife, Celestine Ndinda (courtesy)

In the video Njugush shows how rough touts can be when trying to get passengers to board public transport. The video which has it’s funny scenes has left Kenyans asking for more projects and hopefully Njugush will deliver.

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Acting career

Njugush first made headlines after he was featured on local TV show The Real Househelps of Kawangare. Even after leaving the show, he continuous to produce funny content for his die hard fans.

He is now waiting to become a father as his wife Celestine Ndinda is heavy with their first child.

Njugush lands a lucrative deal with Pwani Oil Products ahead of his wife’s delivery

Njuguna is sorted, the comedian inked a lucrative deal with Pwani Oil Products that will see him get ‘cautioned’ by the time his wife gives birth.

The popular comedian was unveiled as the brand ambassador for Pwani Oil Products on Friday September 29th during the launch of White Wash Extra at the Serena Beach Hotel in Mombasa.

Njuguna however refused to reveal how much he was being paid for the endorsement, the comedian only termed the deal as being too good.

“Although I cannot reveal how much I was paid, but I confirm that it is a good deal and I am very happy. This is a clear indication Pwani Oil Products is supporting local talents,” said Njuguna.

The deal with Pwani Oil Products couldn’t come at a much better time for Njuguna who is going to be a father soon; his wife Celestine Ndinda is heavily pregnant.

The two lovebirds got married sometimes in December 2016, they are expecting their first child anytime soon judging from Celestine’s baby bump.



Goals! How comedian Njugush celebrated his wife’s birthday (Photo)

Njugush has become a house hold name and a brand that has gained popularity thanks to his funny character that is quite hard to ignore. If I am not wrong, then allow me to refer to him as one of the most successful people we now have in the entertainment industry.

Away from that, the comedian has proven to be the best husband in the world as he took some time off to spend with his wife who was celebrating her birthday this past weekend.

Judging from the photo which was shared by the comedian, there is no doubt that he decided to take her away from the busy city of Nairobi to a nice quiet place where they both enjoyed the fresh air and the beautiful nature seen in the background of the photo. The comedian captioned the photo saying;

It’s this shy Gem’s birthday today. Happy birthday @ Celestinendinda

Then shared the photo below….don’t they just look lovely!

Comedian Njugush with his wife, Celestine Ndinda