“She is the who apologized” Tables turn on Chantal Grazioli after accusing ex boyfriend of physically assaulting her

Wait. Before anything else I want to believe that y’all saw the photos and videos shared by Chantal Grazioli and Eric Omondi showing the injuries she’d suffered after her boyfriend beat her black and blue.

Truth is, after the photos we all started pointing fingers at Nicola Traldi for putting his hands on a woman; and also – the fact that he had two daughters made it worse as keyboard warriors wished them same fate as Chantal.

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Chantal Grazioli showcasing her bruises

With everyone picking on him, Nicola Traldi tried to explain himself and from the post he shared – the young dad made it known that he would never beat a woman and anyone who knew him would confirm this.

Any man who puts his hands on a woman is a coward!! Nicola Traldi is a coward. He is weak and insecure. A man’s strength is fully shown when he protects a woman and not when he puts his hands on her. This is unacceptable and face the full wrath of the law. He will serve as an example to all those uncouth, uncivilized and primitive men who physically assault women to feel they are strong

His cry however fell on deaf ears until the case was taken to court where justice seems to have been served.

Chantal Grazioli apologizes for lying?

Anyway after weeks of missing in action on social media, Nicola Traldi is back and as expected he gave fans a chance to ask anything they needed answered with a QnA post; but of course Nicola didn’t make it so obvious.

His QnA post read;

Any dog friendly hotels in the Mara?

To which a fan responded asking;

Dude did you apologize to Chantal

And to our surprise – turns out that Chantal Grazioli is the one who apologized and not him. So why? Does it mean she lied? Did Eric Omondi clout chase using his exes toxic relationship?

Responding, Nicola wrote;

Its the truth the way other way round.

Chantal Grazioli’s ex man appears in court on domestic violence charges (Video)

It’s indeed not a good day for Nicola Traldi who is facing domestic violence charges after he allegedly beat up Chantal Grazioli this past weekend.

The viral story shared by Eric Omondi took many by surprise – maybe – because we never saw it coming. Before the violence, we had gotten used to seeing the lady share couple goals photos alongside her man, Nicola; but for some reason he never reciprocated the love shown by Chantal. Red flag.

Well, they say in a relationship there’s that one  person that falls into deep without realizing it and I guess in this case – it was Chantal.

Nicola arraigned in court

Anyway as we have already seen, this relationship was toxic on the low until the night Nicola decided to go rogue on Chanty.

Traldi arraigned in court (photo courtesy)

Although he claims he has been framed, the evidence and witnesses seem to have a different story. Maybe just maybe he is suffering from amnesia caused by alcohol he had consumed leaving me to wonder – how drunk was he?

But now that the case is already in court – let’s see what happens.

Chantal Grazioli’s boyfriend arrested days after he beat her up like a stray dog

Over the weekend, Eric Omondi exposed one Nicola Tradi for beating up Chantal Grazioli – his girlfriend who also happens to be Eric’s ex. The news of course came as a big surprise – like honestly – who ever thought a man would beat up a woman that way?

Okay it has happened to other women before – but who still beats up women in this era?

Anyway according to Chantal, she refused to let the guy inside her house after he arrived drunk…pretty sure it’s not the first time he has done this or even hit her which explains why she may have been reluctant to let him in.

Unfortunately the alcohol in him – then led to the unfortunate incident – where he beat up the lass forcing neighbors and Eric Omondi to intervene.

Nicola arrested

Right after the story went viral, Nicola on the other hand issued a statement claiming he had been framed by his ex lover.

But then again – would she really put herself through such horror just to paint him as a violent man? I mean there are other ways right? So, Come Nicola, you can do better….plus mtu amezoea kufanya kitu ni ngumu kuwacha, sio?

Where are his baby mamas to help us understand him better?

Courtesy: SPM buzz

His main explanation was that he is a father of two girls and had been raised by a woman who taught him….but at this point it all sounds like a narcissist move, not that I am taking sides but that’s how it sounds.

Anyway despite crying foul, looks like the fella has finally been picked by the police as the they continue with their investigations. So far we understand that he is at Thindigwa Police Post , Kiambu County where he will be spending his first night. Maybe…