“She is the who apologized” Tables turn on Chantal Grazioli after accusing ex boyfriend of physically assaulting her

Wait. Before anything else I want to believe that y’all saw the photos and videos shared by Chantal Grazioli and Eric Omondi showing the injuries she’d suffered after her boyfriend beat her black and blue.

Truth is, after the photos we all started pointing fingers at Nicola Traldi for putting his hands on a woman; and also – the fact that he had two daughters made it worse as keyboard warriors wished them same fate as Chantal.

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Chantal Grazioli showcasing her bruises

With everyone picking on him, Nicola Traldi tried to explain himself and from the post he shared – the young dad made it known that he would never beat a woman and anyone who knew him would confirm this.

Any man who puts his hands on a woman is a coward!! Nicola Traldi is a coward. He is weak and insecure. A man’s strength is fully shown when he protects a woman and not when he puts his hands on her. This is unacceptable and face the full wrath of the law. He will serve as an example to all those uncouth, uncivilized and primitive men who physically assault women to feel they are strong

His cry however fell on deaf ears until the case was taken to court where justice seems to have been served.

Chantal Grazioli apologizes for lying?

Anyway after weeks of missing in action on social media, Nicola Traldi is back and as expected he gave fans a chance to ask anything they needed answered with a QnA post; but of course Nicola didn’t make it so obvious.

His QnA post read;

Any dog friendly hotels in the Mara?

To which a fan responded asking;

Dude did you apologize to Chantal

And to our surprise – turns out that Chantal Grazioli is the one who apologized and not him. So why? Does it mean she lied? Did Eric Omondi clout chase using his exes toxic relationship?

Responding, Nicola wrote;

Its the truth the way other way round.

Chantal Grazioli’s ex man appears in court on domestic violence charges (Video)

It’s indeed not a good day for Nicola Traldi who is facing domestic violence charges after he allegedly beat up Chantal Grazioli this past weekend.

The viral story shared by Eric Omondi took many by surprise – maybe – because we never saw it coming. Before the violence, we had gotten used to seeing the lady share couple goals photos alongside her man, Nicola; but for some reason he never reciprocated the love shown by Chantal. Red flag.

Well, they say in a relationship there’s that one  person that falls into deep without realizing it and I guess in this case – it was Chantal.

Nicola arraigned in court

Anyway as we have already seen, this relationship was toxic on the low until the night Nicola decided to go rogue on Chanty.

Traldi arraigned in court (photo courtesy)

Although he claims he has been framed, the evidence and witnesses seem to have a different story. Maybe just maybe he is suffering from amnesia caused by alcohol he had consumed leaving me to wonder – how drunk was he?

But now that the case is already in court – let’s see what happens.

Chantal Grazioli’s boyfriend arrested days after he beat her up like a stray dog

Over the weekend, Eric Omondi exposed one Nicola Tradi for beating up Chantal Grazioli – his girlfriend who also happens to be Eric’s ex. The news of course came as a big surprise – like honestly – who ever thought a man would beat up a woman that way?

Okay it has happened to other women before – but who still beats up women in this era?

Anyway according to Chantal, she refused to let the guy inside her house after he arrived drunk…pretty sure it’s not the first time he has done this or even hit her which explains why she may have been reluctant to let him in.

Unfortunately the alcohol in him – then led to the unfortunate incident – where he beat up the lass forcing neighbors and Eric Omondi to intervene.

Nicola arrested

Right after the story went viral, Nicola on the other hand issued a statement claiming he had been framed by his ex lover.

But then again – would she really put herself through such horror just to paint him as a violent man? I mean there are other ways right? So, Come Nicola, you can do better….plus mtu amezoea kufanya kitu ni ngumu kuwacha, sio?

Where are his baby mamas to help us understand him better?

Courtesy: SPM buzz

His main explanation was that he is a father of two girls and had been raised by a woman who taught him….but at this point it all sounds like a narcissist move, not that I am taking sides but that’s how it sounds.

Anyway despite crying foul, looks like the fella has finally been picked by the police as the they continue with their investigations. So far we understand that he is at Thindigwa Police Post , Kiambu County where he will be spending his first night. Maybe…


Clown! Chantal Grazioli calls out Eric Omondi for spreading false rumors about their relationship and breakup

Eric Omondi has lately been trending for both positive and negative reasons on social media. Well apart from his ugly confrontation with baby mama, Jacque Maribe; the popular comedian has also had ugly altercations with fellow celebrities as seen online.

Jacque Maribe (left), Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli (right)

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With everyone speaking negatively about him, looks like one of his ex has also decided to join the bandwagon. However, unlike the rest Chantal Grazioli has come forth to distance herself from what Eric Omondi recently said about their previous relationship.

According to the mixed breed lady, she is not one to chase clout nor is she interested in having her name dragged in any madness. Through her social media pages Ms Grazioli wrote;

Foremost, am not all about fake clout chasing, I have been silent and never spoken all along regarding my previous relationship with Eric, We left each other in good terms as adults. I want to clear my name from this madness, there are things said about me at some latest interviews that are not true regarding my family and I. I have been approached by many people asking about false information said on my behalf out there.

Leave me alone

As for those who continue to contact her looking for information on her breakup with the comedian, Chantal had this to say to them;

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Exes: Eric with Chantal

Please I have my own life and my own businesses to concentrate on PEACEFULLY.
I will continue dealing with serious people ONLY! And to all you FAKE ???? CLOWNS (you know yourself) stop contacting me.

Having parted ways in 2019, we still have no idea as to what led to their separation; but fans out here could help put express their disappointment as they had been looking forward to the white wedding he had promised the Italian babe.

But judging from the post shared above

Eric Omondi’s ex, Chantal finally unveils new boyfriend’s face (Photo)

Eric Omondi had a good woman (Chantal) but as far as we know, things did not work out; and the two parted ways after one year of being engaged.

Chantal Grazioli with new bae

Truth is, fans loved Chantal for Eric Omondi and despite being branded as a snob; her quietness and gentleness always left many feeling warm from the inside. While others claim that she may have linked up with Eric for fame; others feel that her love towards the guy was genuine – but somehow forced.

Unlike most girlfriends, Chantal was not so good at showing some affection towards the comedian. By this we mean that Chantal rarely posted Eric Omondi on her page; and if she did, it was a paid advertisement – call it whatever you want…but that’s the reality.

Exes Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli

New man getting the affection

However now that Chantal has moved on and appears to be much in love with her mixed boyfriend; this time around she is acting like a real girlfriend.

So far she has posted several videos hanging out with her new man; but this past weekend, she pulled a move that left many excited. Well, no she did not announce a pregnancy nor an engagement – but she unveiled her boyfriend’s face.

Judging from the post, many claim that he is an upgrade to Eric Omondi – but again; beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! Anyway below is the photo shared by Chantal…. and boy do they look great together! Now, how about some babies, no?

Chantal unveils new boyfriend’s face

Photo of Eric Omondi’s ex Chantal bonding with snake similar to a black mamba sparks online uproar 

Eric Omondi’s former Italian babe, Chantal Grazioli is a personality to fear. One who best handled the comedian in her own terms, confirmed after a recent photo of her holding onto a snake closely resembling a black mamba went viral.

The Caucasian-skinned babe decided to go into the wild on a sunny day before coming out with the slithering reptile beautifully coiled in her hands, as the two cutely cuddled captioning “Eve in the garden of Eden.”

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The lass believed this is exactly how Eve, Adams wife, got to befriend a snake that eventually caused eternal suffering in the world, but did she mind? Not at all.

Miss Chanty bonding with a black mamba

A photo of her that grabbed massive online attention, a section questioning her audacity to hold onto the creature that closely resembled one of the worlds deadliest snakes, as if it was a child.


Some fans believed she was equally a snake whose venom kills when handled the wrong way and did not seem any shocked at the strange photo.

__kinyanjui__They are of the same kind…what do you expect….you can’t fear what you are…
Chantal Grazioli

Fans who at first mistook the reptile for a black mamba, sparked confusion online before one of them clarified that this was but the non-poisonous brown house snake.

marcus_njihia brown house snake. Non poisonous. You can’t handle a mamba like that

Either way, a snake was a snake and fans could not contain their shock about the photo.

melsahpaula No plz,,where is the courage na ah????????
Miss Chanty

We need to admit that the two species closely resemble and it would not be a surprise that many confused it for the worlds fastest and deadliest snakes.

Others however questioned Eric Omondi‘s whereabouts that had forced the ravishing beauty to seek company with snakes of all creatures.

“Relationships without trust are like phones without service” Miss Chanty’s cryptic post rattles fans online

Celebrities have resorted to using cryptic posts and messages to let out their emotions and it takes one plus one to piece it together.

Recently, Italian damsel, Chantal Grazioli who is currently in Nairobi, penned a message that did not directly hint at its target.

The striking beauty who was once an item with Eric Omondi, compared relationships to a phone.

Italian babe, Chantal Grazioli

She compared a relationship that lacks trust to ‘a phone without service.’ So in the event a phone doesn’t have service, “you play games” she concluded.

A Relationship without trust is like a phone without service, and what happens when a phone doesn’t have service?
You play games. ????

Well, the end result of a relationship without trust does not need explanation, if the example given is a perfect description of it.

Witty fans then completed the incomplete message.

maryndwiga46 Men will never see heaven,including my hubby who is so boring and so stressful


kairitukanyina @maryndwiga46 ???????????? lol, I think this country is full of narcissistic men or they influence


josskerry @kairitukanyina true either way but lets keep the faith God has the final judgement


jessie__masai And when you cant play games, you switch it off.
_mwende_vivian @ miss. Chanty.. Very true


oliviatush_makeup Caption ????

Others decided to joke about it. Posing:

dasiago Speaking of games, Are you good at bedminton?

Eric Omondi’s girlfriends warns Kenyan women who like backbiting her: Just know I can hear Swahili

Comedian Eric Omondi’s girlfriend Chantal Juliet Grazioli aka Miss Chanty recently had a public service announcement dedicated to all those who think she’s not as “Kenyan” as other citizens.

Taking to social media, the fly cutie pie stated that she clearly understands Swahili and reminded followers that she’s also from Kiambu, so, she definitely speaks Kikuyu too.

Caught pants down

In total, she speaks five languages; Kikuyu, Swahili, English, Italian, and Spanish. Her post comes after two ladies were discussing her thinking that she doesn’t understand Swahili.

“Habari zenu? Mko poa? Hata mimi niko poa. Sasa mi niko hapa kusema mimi naongea kiswahili fluent. In fact naongeanga lugha tano. Kiswahili Kizungu, Kikuyu, Spanish and Italian.” she said in the clip. 

Grazioli, who is a half cast of a Kikuyu and Italian, said that the two women discussed her in Swahili thinking she doesn’t understand only to find out later she knows the language when they came to say hi.

Watch the video below:


Eric Omondi’s fiancée: Am not a snob, if you see me out there please come greet me

Most Kenyans – Nairobians in particular, have been forced to become very wary of some celebrities, especially female celebs, for good reasons.

People interact with celebs within the precincts of a concert or a public event but rarely do they bump into celebs in the streets and strike a conversation.

Well, the reason why some people steer clear of some celebs is because of the fear of being snubbed, imagine the public humiliation.

Come greet me

Eric Omondi’s fiancée Chantal Grazioli is now imploring her fans to always greet her whenever they see her out there. She was forced to confirm that she is not a snob on social media after her fans DMed her saying that they are always apprehensive about greeting her.

“Hi guys I get a lot of messages on my DM from people saying they saw me around but we’re afraid to say hi…Next time please say hello… I won’t bitecha ?,” wrote Chantal.





Bado niko! Eric Omondi denies Italian girlfriend has dumped him after her encrypted post on social media

Comedian Eric Omondi has come out to clear rumours that his girlfriend Chantal Grazioli has ditched him.

The comedian was forced to explain their relationship status to the public after his woman took to social media to send a very strange message that many were quick to conclude all is not well.

“It’s funny how you think you know someone but you actually don’t.” she posted.

Not concerned

Omondi, in an interview with Nairobinews, said that their marriage is strong and he’s not concerned about the rumours.

“Those are just rumours my girlfriend is currently out of the country and I am at the moment busy with my comedy work. People are just very funny I remember them telling me to stop with so much lovey dovey and concentrate on my comedy but know that I am doing it they still have something to say,” said Omondi.

A quick inspection of their social media timelines shows that the two haven’t been sharing pictures of each other for quite a while.

The two were lastly together in March so they are on serious dry spells (we hope). The post also comes just days after Eric promised that a wedding will come in 2019.


Trouble in paradise? Chantal hints all is not well between Eric Omondi and her

Eric Omondi recently revealed plans to marry his fiancée Chantal Grazioli. The Kenyan-Italian beauty has however dropped a hint indicating all might not be well between her fiancé and her.

Chantal and Eric’s wedding is set for September 2019. The comedian opened up about his wedding plans during a radio interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva.

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Unnamed person

Chantal took to Instagram on Tuesday November 6th to reveals how she was greatly disappointed by a person close to her but whose identity she didn’t reveal.

“It is funny how you think you know someone but you actually do not,” Chantal Grazioli’s post read.

Eric and Chantal have not been seen together for a while, and they have also not been posting their romantic photos like they used.

Anyway it’s too early to tell anything, Chantal could have been disappointed by someone else.


Eric Omondi finally set to marry fiancée Chantal Grazioli two years after proposing to her

Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli wedding has been long time coming. The comedian has finally announced his wedding plans.

Eric started dating Chantal in early 2015 after his relationship with Jacque Maribe hit rock bottom. Chantel moved from Italy and settled in Kenya in September 2015 so she could be with Eric.

The comedian propose to Chantal on February 14th 2016. He flew his Kenyan Italian sweetheart to a Valentine’s Day getaway at the Coast where he popped the big question.

Eric Omondi proposes to Chantal Grazioli
Eric Omondi proposes to Chantal Grazioli

Eric has finally revealed plans to marry Chantal two years after proposing to her. Speaking during an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva on Citizen Radio, Eric disclosed that he will walk down the aisle with Chantal in September 2019.

“I know we have dated for long and time is ripe for me to put on that ring and very soon, though it will not be this year rest assured September, 2019 we shall have exchanged vows. I have consulted from both sides and Chantal’s mother is a great friend of mine,” said Eric Omondi.




2 years have passed since you proposed! Eric Omondi responds to fans pestering him to marry fiancée Chantal Grazioli

Comedian Eric Omondi formally proposed to his Kenyan-Italian girlfriend Chantal Grazioli while on a Valentine’s Day getaway on February 14th 2016.

It’s has been two years since Eric went down on his knee and asked for Chantal’s hand in marriage. Concerned fans have been on Eric’s case pestering him to marry Chantal.

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Go watch wedding shows

Eric Omondi slammed fans pestering him to marry Chantal during an interview with Nairobi News. The comedian said those who desperately want to see him walk down the aisle should instead watch wedding shows on TV.

“Waende wakawatch wedding shows ziko mingi, ama waowe, ama waende church ama nyinyi muowe,” said Eric Omondi.

Watch the full interview in the video below:



Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli flaunt their mega mansion in Nairobi (Photos)

Comedian Eric Omondi and his fiancee Chantal Grazioli have once again set tongues wagging after they showed off a palatial mansion.

Eric Omondi is among a few Kenyan celebs who own property. The comedian has constructed two rental apartment blocks in his parcel of land in Kisumu city.

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Another marketing gimmick?

Eric took to social media to flaunt a mega mansion in Nairobi which he claims belongs to her sweetheart Chantal Grazioli. He says his fiancee is renting the house and even offered phone number for potential customers to contact her.

Most people however refuse to be taken for a ride by Eric this time round. The comedian has been involved in multiple marketing stunts in which he claimed some things are his just to market brands.

In February Eric claimed he bought Chantal BMW X6 but he was just marketing a car selling company.




Eric Omondi reveals how he ended up erecting huge billboard at JKIA with his girlfriend’s photo

Eric Omondi pulled off romantic masterstroke that left the whole country talking. The comedian accorded his sweetheart Chantal Grazioli a welcome party that befits a visiting head of state.

Eric Omondi erected a billboard at the exit of JKIA to welcome back his girlfriend. Chantal had been away in Italy for five months.

The lovey-dovey comedian took two months planning to welcome his sweetheart back home.  Eric says he pitched the idea to StarTimes and they were impressed with it.

“I planned the surprise for two months. I hunted for a billboard which was at an exit point from the JKIA. I needed one which was at a high traffic area. The Chinese Digital service provider had placed their advert on a billboard, which I had deemed to be on a very strategic spot. I reached out to them and they liked the idea, which saw us partnering,” said Eric.

These things are not really extraordinary

Eric urges fellow men to emulate his romantic masterstrokes. He says if men are able to spoil their sweetheart they should go ahead and do it.

“These things are not really extraordinary. If you are able to do these things, do them. I opted for the billboard placement because it is a move which, until then, had not been pulled by any couple in Kenya. I’d initially thought of placing the message on a screen at the airport, unfortunately, there are no screens at the JKIA, which left me with no choice but to go the billboard way. I wanted to welcome Chantal to Kenya after five months of being away in Italy,” said Eric Omondi.




5 times Eric Omondi pulled off romantic masterstrokes that made his girlfriend the envy of single ladies

Even men are jealous of Eric Omondi because he sets the bar so high. Any single lady would wish to be in Chantal Grazioli’s shoes.

Eric Omondi is arguably the most romantic man in Kenya. The comedian has proved multiple times that he has the game to make women fall in love with every piece of him.

Eric has pulled off some of the most romantic masterstrokes ever seen. Below are some the instances when Eric Omondi’s romantic gestures made tongues wag:

Chantel welcome party

On September 21st 2015 Eric Omondi caused a stir at JKIA as he welcomed Chantal to Kenya. He hired top dance crew FBI to perform for his queen when she touched down.

FBI dancers together with Eric Omondi started dancing to Patoranking’s ‘My Woman My Everything’ just as Chantal was walking through the arrivals terminal with her luggage.

Work with his sweetheart

Eric Omondi decided to work with his girlfriend as they explored their love. The most memorable work they did together was when they played Adam and Eve on Garden of Eden.

Unending PDA

Eric Omondi is good at Public Display of Affection (PDA). The comedian is always seen kissing Chantel in public, carrying her on the back, serenading her with songs and basically doing all romantic things we see on Mexican and Philippine soap operas.


Eric Omondi recently made headlines when he issued his ‘irreducible minimums’ to his sweetheart. The comedian protested Chantel’s long stay in Italy by threatening to camp at JKIA until she returns to Kenya.

Chantel left Kenya for Italy to be with her family in September 2017. Eric couldn’t stand the dry spell and decided to use threat to get Chantel back.

“My heart beat. My Love. My Queen. My Angel. I withdraw every petition that may make you unhappy. I will peacefully pitch camp at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until you come back… Please tag her for me… @miss.chanty,” wrote Eric Omondi.

Welcome party 2018

Eric Omondi partnered with StarTimes to welcome Chantal back in Kenya when she arrived on January 15th. The comedian erected a huge billboard at the airport which had Chantal’s photo.





Eric Omondi’s girlfriend Chantal Grazioli causes a frenzy while twerking to Diamond’s ‘Sema Nawe’ (Video)

Who knew Chantal Grazioli could wiggle it like Vera Sidika? Eric’s girlfriend may not be sufficiently endowed like Vera but sure she knows how to shake what her mama gave her.

Diamond’s ‘Sema Nawe’ is all about twerking, whenever the song is played at entertainment hotspots or wherever girls just bend down and shake their behinds.

A video of Chantal Grazioli twerking to ‘Sema Nawe’ sent social media into a frenzy. The video was shared by Eric who also recorded it.

Apparently Chantal decided to entertain Eric by twerking for him at their house, the comedian could be heard giggling in the background as his sweetheart shook her behind for him.

“@ericomondi i can’t belive you posted it…?????” Chantal whined after her boyfriend shared the private video online.


Who said Wazungus can't dance? #MamaSmoothy ???? @miss.chanty

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi) on

Eric Omondi pours out his heart to his fiancé as she turns a year older

It has been 4 years since Chantal Grazioli walked into Eric Omondi’s life, bringing him joy and nothing less. This has been seen through the various photos and videos shared by the couple on social media.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi and his fiancé

Anyway, the Italian-Kenyan lady turns a year older today and Eric Omondi couldn’t wait to celebrate his lovely lady with the most beautiful message that has left fans wondering how hard he fell for Chantal.

Through his Instagram page he wrote saying,

it’s been 4 years since God personally sent down an angel for me… I know he cut off your wings so that I could believe you are human. Your smile, kindness and heart are not of this world. I am forever grateful to the heavens for honoring me with one of their own…Happy birthday my love.

Since Eric Omondi always throws her a big bash every year to celebrate her birthday, we can’t help but wonder what he will do for her this year.



After Kenyans on social media attacked Eric Omondi’s girlfriend, this is what he had to say

Eric Omondi’s fiance has had a taste of the bitter side Kenyans show on social media. This is after she was called off for being mean to monkeys a few days ago following a video uploaded by Eric Omondi on his Instagram page.

Judging from the comments left on the video, it is easy to tell that most were disappointed by the lady for teasing the innocent animals at an undisclosed park.

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Anyway, just like any serious man the comedian did not engage with his fans but he responded using a different post that has left admiring his love for the Italian-Kenyan lady he is planning to wed soon.

Through his social media pages Eric Omondi shared a photo hanging out with his lady and captioned the photo saying,

Eric Omondi with his fiance,Chantal
Eric Omondi with his fiance,Chantal

Wife of my youth. Love of my life. God sent

Well, I guess Eric Omondi is the only one who gets to see the perfect lady she is right? Anyway we wish them all the best.

Eric Omondi’s fiancée’s Chantal Grazioli gets on nerves of Kenyans after she was seen frustrating innocent monkeys

Chantal Juliet Grazioli has zero chills when it comes to animals, she was seen deriving pleasure from frustrating innocent wild monkeys.

Kenyans didn’t take it lightly when they saw Eric Omondi’s fiancée feeling all happy as she frustrated monkeys baiting them with a banana.

Chantal was seen in a video waving a banana to two monkeys from a transparent glass – two monkeys desperately struggled to grab the banana from Chantal’s hands not realizing the glass impeded their efforts.

The video which was uploaded by Eric Omondi on Instagram attracted criticisms from Kenyans who thought Chantal was insensitive.

Woiyeee @miss.chanty it's enough give them woiyee??????????????????????????? Lakini wasikuzoe

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi) on


Mitchtenzie: Acha ujinga

kigundu_kagambi: Si poa man

omondiduncan617: It’s unfair

fridahwilliams:????☺woiye the struggle was real,

samir_prince: I would prefer doing it to you than the innocent animal ????

vincentbugozi: The human race is evil #proof

dunkahiga: This is rude… Sheme om you @ericomondi for taking such an act as a joke. I am dissaponted in you. Now ur girlfriend does not seem beautiful at all with such a heart.

Kawaiixboca: This is so mean

brei_toto: Umewatesha uwapee

pat_mwas: Na vile anacheka kama nugu she is very heartless na ata wewe eric atakufanyia ivo akipatana na fred

pia_kaz_: She should die

chapd_heir: This is not funny at all.

Badbwoysamy: Watu wa mature bana utoto hdi cku gni…