Chebet Rono Calls Out Women Who Take Back Cheating Partners

Kenyan content creator Chebet Rono has called out women who take back cheating partners. In a video on her TikTok channel, Rono said that she believes that forgiving cheating lowers a woman’s IQ.

“I don’t know if you forgive cheating lower your IQ,” Rono said in the video. “Because I don’t know. If your husband or life partner has cheated on you and you have taken him back, you’ve forgiven him, you’ve gone back to his shoes, you are a rat dog.”

Rono went on to say that she doesn’t understand why women would listen to the lies and excuses of their cheating partners. “You’ve listened to the lies and the reason as to why they have cheated, you listened,” she said. “You are a rat dog. Somebody call the police, somebody call Jesus. What do I know? The discourse of life. So you let somebody cheat on you and explain it? He explained to you how it went in?”

Rono’s video has been met with mixed reactions. Some people have agreed with her, while others have said that she is being too harsh. However, Rono’s video has sparked a conversation about the issue of cheating and forgiveness in relationships.

Comedian Rono Chebet’s workout sessions finally paying off, check out her new hot body (Photos)

It’s no secret that radio presenter Ronoh Chebet has been trying to shed off the unnecessary body fat she has been carrying around for years; however this has not been an easy journey for her – that is judging from her IG stories.

Throwback photo of Rono parading thick curves

So far the young lady has been putting effort and the results are finally showing. Well, if you have been keeping up with Rono, you will notice that she has since shed off some pounds; and as little as they maybe – the change is still visible.

Unlike before, Rono seems to have embraced her new body and to prove this, the radio presenter has even spiced up her mode of dressing too. These says she no longer steps out in baggy outfits but tiny outfits – leaving no room for imagination.

Work out session getting intense for Rono

Rono shows off new curves

In a series of photos Rono has given team mafisi something to keep them busy; and boy is Rono looking shnaack.

With the new changes hopefully she will also learn to stay away from the junk food she likes to partake in the middle of the night; just saying – but hey – check out the new look below.

Rono finally slimming down
New body goals!
Stunning Miss Rono parading new look

I Smoked At A Police Station Inside The Cell- Chebet Ronoh Reveals

After turning 20 years, Kenyan comedian Chebet Rono is officially not a teenager anymore. The young Youtuber has already achieved a lot considering her age. Before turning 20, she already had endless achievements, including earning her first million at such a tender age.

While playing  ‘2 Truths and 1 lie’  game with Dennis Karuri, the Youtuber reveals that she has ever smoked in a police cell.

Image result for About Chebet Ron

”I have ever smoked at a police station. I’m not kidding. Inside the cell actually.”

She however refused to reveal what she specifically smoked while in the cell. Weed? Cigarette?

Rono has also become an Instagram personality with her hilarious short videos. In addition to earning her first million at the tender age of 19, the Instagram personality is also proud of being the first youngest radio presenter in the country. She was also a former NRG radio presenter.

In addition, the content creator is also proud of gathering over 4.2 million views on her YouTube channel.

Rono further expressed her gratitude to God for the blessings.

“I really just wanna thank God so heavy for everything he blessed me with at 19 I could never do this on my own fr. I’m thankful for every struggle and lesson.”

Rono’s rib-cracking comedy keeps us entertained. She is such a vibe!

Boo’d up! Comedian Chebet Rono introduces the handsome man warming her bed

Comedian Rono Chebet has not been present at Homeboyz where she recently bagged a new job; months after calling it quits at NRG radio.

Barely 2 months into her job and rumor has it that she may have also quit the new job, but as for now we stay speculating! Away from that, Rono earlier this morning gave fans a reason to talk after sharing a photo with a new man in her bed.

Chebet Ronoh back on air at Homeboyz radio

Well, we wouldn’t really conclude that this is Rono’s new man – but come on – would she really be comfortable with just any man posing in her bed?

Rono showing off bae?

Apart from fans asking who the new man is, others could not overlook the fact that he wore a jungle green nail polish that left him looking a bit girly.


However I guess this is the latest trend with the cool kids of Nairobi; and Rono being one means that she must also be dating from the same circle.

Anyway, below is the photo that has left many tongues wagging on social media earlier this morning. Aren’t they just adorable! Young love…

Rono showing off new young man in her bed

Mothers to 6 prominent celebrities who are aging backwards

Age is but a number is a saying majority of ladies have embraced, whether in their 40s, 50s or older.

Many have been introduced to the faces of celebrities but very few have met the earlier generation. Mothers who bore children who got to grace the limelight but very little said about where they came from.

Women who however maintained their looks, youthfulness, sense of style, their vibrancy and beauty.

Lets have a look;

1. Anne Mwaura

Sassy TV presenter and Lifestyle Journalist who doubles up as a presenter at Capital FM recently got to introduce her fine mom to the public as she graced the fifth floor. Gushing; “My mum is actually so cute, she said “Can you imagine I’m 50? Anyway enjoy you enjoy your day””.

Anne Mwaura’s youthful mum

2. Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika got to celebrate her mother on her special day – her birthday – sharing beautiful photos of the woman she always called mum’ and cherishes to date. A woman who has maintained her class and vibrancy.

Vera Sidika’s mum

3. Chebet Rono

The popular comedian took fans by surprise after introducing a fine young woman who she mentioned is her ‘mom’. A beautiful blend of style and taste.

Rono chebet with stunning look alike mum

4. Yvette Obura

Bahatis baby mama got to parade the 3 generations in a sweet photo with her nieces and nephews, with a mother blessed to be called ‘grandmum’ but taking one step at a time.

Yvette with mummy and family

5. Kate actress

The former Mother-in-law actress has more often introduced her mom as a no-nonsense woman who is still able to generate positive energy with her radiant smile.

Catherine Kamau’s mum

6. Azziad Nasenya

Azziad happened to mention that she acquired her dancing skills from her mom who used to be a dancer back then but still keeps fit to date and probably why her body doesnt seem to age.

Azziad Nasenya parades her mom

7. Patricia Kihoro

We get to finish off with a bonus of the multi-talented singer and actress who recently marked her moms birthday in a heartwarming tweet before sharing a photo of her young, adorable mom who is sure aging backwards. “My mum turned a year older today. Cheki dem.”

Patricia Kihoro’s mum

“I hated myself and the world” Funny girl Rono reveals how toxic habits led to downfall

Comedienne Chebet Rono has for the first time revealed what led to her quitting her career in comedy. As we all know, Rono has for the longest time entertained her fans through hilarious videos as seen on her gram; until she stopped producing new clips.

However thanks to a new post shared by the lady on Instagram; Chebet Rono confesses to having battled some dark moments in her life that led to her hating not just herself but the world.

As seen on the post, the hilarious and bubbly Rono went on to add that this year has not been so easy for her; but luckily, those around her helped build her back to who once was.

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Miss Rono

Dear all my fans,

I would love to let you know that I was going some things this year some lessons some consequences of bad choices I gave up on the one thing I was good at and swirled into toxic habits I hated myself I hated the world I was mad at the world for things I did to myself even lollzies But!

Back like she never left

Call it depression or just an emotional phase, but Rono says her family and those close to her helped mend the brokenness and emptiness she had been carrying on the inside.

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Having quit her career for the same reasons, Rono says she is back to where she started; and will continue entertaining her fans all through. She went on to write;

The immense support sometimes used to make me cry in bathrooms at clubs even. Just the love you guys gave me that I literally couldn’t give myself ( like y’all would say my videos word for worrrddd no stutter nothing!!! Y’all blessed me with so much materialistic and intangible) AND ALL I CAN SAY IS BECAUSE OF YOU IM BACK TO MAKING VIDEOS

Chebet Ronoh shatters hearts with photos of her handsome new bae

Chebet Ronoh has been become a household name in the entertainment industry – thanks to her comedy videos shared on her page.

So far she has managed to attract her own fan base that supports her projects whether in good on bad times. This past weekend she however  left a few of her followers feeling some type of way after introducing the man she has been seeing.

As seen on the photos, Rono undeniably loves her man who we are yet to unmask; but all we know is that he is not a celebrity nor have we seen him on her page before.

Chebet Ronoh with bae

First serious relationship?

Well, Ronoh has been in the entertainment industry for quite a while now; however never have we ever seen any of her boyfriends shared on her page. So what makes this new one special?

Chances are that Miss Ronoh finally bagged herself a good man who she feels safe with; and just like her former workmate Tanasha Donna, she couldn’t help but introduce him to her online family.

Also judging from Rono’s facial expressions in the photos shared below, its evident that happiness does make one look younger indeed.

Ronoh’s new man

Benzema aka Alejandro

This is the latest bae months after Ronoh was linked to Ochungulo family artist Benzema David aka Alejandro Chief inspector. The two left many talking back in November 2019 when Alejandro posted a video on instagram kissing and then deleting it.

Many assumed they were an item on the low but turns out that it was yet another stunt for the gram; and just like with Ronoh, Alejandro has been giving many ladies sleepless nights after settling for Noti Flow.

Although the linked up for a new projects; there are those who feel that there is more to the story behind closed doors.