Chipukeezy’s Show Halted Over Unpaid Dues

Popular comedian Chipukeezy’s show, “The Chipukeezy Show,” has been pulled off the airwaves at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) due to a payment dispute.

Ufalme Entertainment, the production company behind the show, issued a statement revealing that KBC hasn’t settled their dues for several months, causing significant delays since November 2023. This financial strain has halted production, leading to the show’s temporary absence.

“We understand the impact that these delays can have on our valued partners, suppliers, and artists,” the statement reads, expressing their commitment to professionalism and honoring obligations to stakeholders.

The development comes amidst government efforts to revive KBC. Last month, a directive by Broadcasting PS Edward Kisiang’ani mandated all government advertisements to be channeled through KBC. This move aims to boost the national broadcaster’s revenue stream, particularly in a period of financial difficulties faced by private media houses.

The government’s rationale for the directive centers on KBC’s extensive national network, ensuring wider reach for advertisers. Kisiang’ani emphasized KBC’s role in information dissemination within Kenya.

While KBC is poised to benefit from increased advertising revenue, the immediate impact on “The Chipukeezy Show” remains unresolved. Both parties are likely seeking an amicable solution to bring the show back to Kenyan screens.

Comedian Chipukeezy provides an explanation for the KBC show’s cancellation

Comedian Vincent Mwasia Mutua, popularly known as Chipukeezy, has shed light on the suspension of his show, “The Chipukeezy Show,” on Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).

In a statement released through Ufalme Entertainment director Michael Muthama and obtained by Nairobi News, Chipukeezy disclosed that the state-owned corporation had failed to fulfill its payment obligations for several months, leading to the show’s suspension.

“Dear valued partners, suppliers, artistes, and fans. We hope this message finds you well. We at Ufalme Entertainment wish to address a matter that has been of concern to many of you. It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you of the ongoing delay in payment from our media partner, KBC. Since November, we have experienced significant delays in receiving payments from KBC, despite our best efforts to meet our commitments to all stakeholders involved in the production of The Chipukeezy Show,” the statement read.

Chipukeezy elaborated that the lack of payment had adversely affected the show’s production, leading to its suspension for several months. However, he assured fans that discussions were underway with KBC to resolve the issue, expressing hope for the show’s eventual return.

“As a production company committed to maintaining high standards of professionalism and integrity, we understand the impact these delays can have on our valued partners, suppliers, and artists. We want to assure you that we are actively working with KBC to resolve this matter quickly and fairly. We extend our deepest gratitude to our incredible fans for their unwavering support! Your favorite show will resume soon on KBC once we have resolved the outstanding issues, promising more inspiration and empowerment,” the statement concluded.

“The Chipukeezy Show” premiered on KBC on September 11, 2023, and aimed to promote, nurture, and monetize young talent in Kenya. Despite its sudden suspension, Chipukeezy remains optimistic about the show’s future, expressing gratitude to fans for their continued support.

Chipukeezy: Most celebrity unions in Kenya are commercial arrangements rather than genuine unions

Renowned comedian Chipukeezy has stirred controversy with his recent assertions regarding the authenticity of relationships among Kenyan celebrities.

In a candid revelation, the comedian alleges that many celebrity romances are not genuine connections but rather strategic maneuvers aimed at profiting through social media endorsements.

Chipukeezy contends that what the public perceives as authentic love stories are often carefully crafted narratives designed to attract endorsements and influence within the entertainment industry.

“There is nothing sweet in this world like something that is straightforward. The truth is couples fight all the time, any couple all over the world will disagree, that’s a fact, except our celebrity couples,” said Chipukeezy.

He goes on to explain that behind the facade of perfect couplehood portrayed on social media, there is a harsh reality of business-driven relationships.

“This is something anyone with a clear mind would find unreal and rather funny. But you see, our celebrities have to drive this narrative of perfect couple goals every other day because it is business. How then will they land endorsements and influencing gigs if they don’t act the part? The industry wants to sell products, and so these guys have to act the part,” he adds.

According to Chipukeezy, the pressure on celebrities to maintain the illusion of a flawless relationship arises from the need to secure lucrative deals and remain relevant in the competitive industry. He cites extravagant holidays and high-profile club appearances as examples of activities driven by financial incentives rather than genuine affection.

“These things of celebrity couples going for a vacation in Seychelles and all these exotic places—there is money there, millions of shillings. There is money in the club business—when they host or make an appearance. This is the reality; a majority of celebrity couple unions aren’t real but influencing tools for the industry to make money,” he insists.

Chipukeezy had previously claimed that during his time as a radio presenter at Kiss FM, the station created a bad boy image for him to attract business, and he was encouraged to get involved in showbiz scandals.

Reflecting on past incidents, including a notorious dispute with fellow entertainer CMB Prezzo over a lady, Chipukeezy expresses regret at being manipulated by the forces of the industry. He acknowledges the toll such manufactured drama has taken on his personal life and reputation.

“Right now, at 33 years of age, as Chipukeezy, when I look back and read things about myself, I just can’t comprehend. The narrative created, and the industry controlled me. I now understand why, for some reason, my mum was always worried about my life as a comedian because it was so chaotic as the industry benefitted from the drama.”

Chipukeezy divulges information about Andrew Kibe’s contentious ascent

Kenyan comedian Chipukeezy has ignited conversations, asserting that the controversial media personality Andrew Kibe is a product of the very industry that now struggles to rein him in.

The outspoken MC, known for his candid opinions, openly admitted to aligning with some of Kibe’s controversial perspectives, particularly those regarding feminism and its impact on various industries in Kenya.

Chipukeezy was straightforward, stating, “There are other things he talks about that I take sides with him. I agree with him super. Like those things, he says about feminism and how it has affected industries in Kenya, those things we have talked about… Kibe does things, and you know why I believe it’s facts? Because they took him, tried to play those games with him, and he understood the craft of speaking out. So nobody knows how to deal with Kibe.”

Kibe, renowned for his outspoken nature, has encountered criticism from notable figures such as Jalas, Mulamwah, Eric Omondi, and Akothee, who believe he should exercise his influence more responsibly. Despite facing backlash, Kibe persists in expressing his opinions boldly, often stirring controversy on various issues affecting Kenyans.

Chipukeezy contends that Kibe’s emergence as a potent voice in the media landscape is not accidental. “Andrew Kibe is a creation of the industry because…And this is how the Kenyan industry works; it’s just that Andrew Kibe bites them. They created a lion that bites them.”

Chipukeezy alleges that Kibe’s televised presence was a strategic move by the industry, replacing someone else to fulfill a specific agenda. “It is a game in this radio business. They wanted him to speak like that because those were the same things he was saying.”

The comedian underscores that the industry initially embraced Kibe’s rugged and rule-breaking approach. However, as Kibe turned his critical eye towards influential figures, the industry grappled with the monster it had brought into existence. “They are comfortable with him saying those things about others. But now he has started saying this about their friends.”

Chipukeezy asserts that Kibe’s popularity soared as numerous media offers poured in, fueled by misconceptions about his persona. “They thought he is a clown; they thought maybe he is an intelligent person; they thought he is not what he says.”

Chipukeezy: Firmly endorsing one of Andrew Kibe’s most divisive viewpoints

Comedian Chipukeezy asserts that Andrew Kibe is a product of the industry. Speaking on the Iko Nini podcast, the MC expressed his agreement with some of Kibe’s controversial views.

Chipukeezy suggested that he aligns with Kibe’s perspective on feminism. “There are other things he talks about, and I take sides with him. I agree with him super. Like those things he says about feminism and how it has affected industries in Kenya, those things we have talked about, like marketing managers… Various things.”

“Kibe does things, and you know why I know it’s facts, because they took him, they tried to play those games with him. So, he is an intelligent person, he is smart. He is able to see. Then, when he understood this craft of speaking out, he became a proper creation. So, nobody knows how to deal with Kibe.”

Kibe has faced criticism from various individuals, including Jalas, Mulamwah, Eric Omondi, and Akothee, who haven’t spared the former radio presenter.

Chipukeezy emphasized that Andrew Kibe is a creation of the industry. “Andrew Kibe is a creation of the industry because…And this is how the Kenyan industry works, it’s just that Andrew Kibe bites them. They created a lion that bites them.”

“They created a monster. Kibe was very rough, spoke in a language we hadn’t heard, breaking radio rules. They could no longer deal with him. It’s like bringing someone from Kayole Lavi and they tell you the truth. He tells you that you can buy spinach for ten bob. And that’s where you grow up.”

Chipukeezy noted the shift when Kibe began challenging them. “They are comfortable with him saying those things about others. But now it is like he has started saying this about their friends.”

According to Chipukeezy, multiple media offers came because “they thought he is a clown, they thought maybe he is an intelligent person, they thought he is not what he says.”

Chipukeezy Takes Aim at Media Outlet: Accuses Them of Exploiting “Bad Boy” Image

Popular comedian Chipukeezy has launched a fiery attack on his former employer, accusing them of manipulating his public image and prioritizing profit over artist well-being. He claims the media group, most notably Radio Africa, exploited his involvement in a 2015 incident with rapper CMB Prezzo to solidify his “bad boy” image for their own gain.

Fueling the Flames:

The incident, a minor disagreement quickly resolved between the two artists, was allegedly blown out of proportion by the media to generate clickbait. Chipukeezy asserts that Radio Africa, which ran Radio 100 where he worked at the time, actively fueled the narrative through their platforms like Mpasho and even encouraged him to play into the “bad boy” persona on air.

A Pattern of Exploitation:

Chipukeezy doesn’t stand alone in his accusations. He points to the swift departures of Obinna and the controversial dismissal of Shaffie Weru, both former personalities affiliated with Radio Africa. He argues that the group cultivates particular narratives around talents to attract advertisers, disregarding the artists’ true identities and pushing them towards conforming to an often-damaging persona.

Reclaiming the Narrative:

At 33, Chipukeezy reflects on the impact of this manipulation. He recognizes how the manufactured image affected his career and personal life, even raising concerns for his own safety. He cites instances where his comedic persona influenced event bookings, highlighting the dissonance between the artist he is and the one the media portrayed.

Chipukeezy reveals he slid into Starlet Wahu’s DMs

Chipukeezy’s recent podcast interview revealed a surprising connection with the late Starlet Wahu, sister of Pastor Victor Kanyari. He recalled connecting with Starlet on social media, eventually leading to an interview with her brother. He expressed gratitude for her help, though acknowledged the tragic turn of events.

“The saddest part is that I knew that lady. She introduced me to Kanyari. I remember one time Kanyari trended because of listening to secular music while coming from Machakos as the lady recorded him. I slid in her DM. I am not sure if it was Kanyari I was looking for or her, but I slid in that DM.”

Kanyari, during a church service, painted a heartbreaking picture of his sister’s final moments. He described Starlet’s trust in a man she met online, believing his promises of love and wealth. This deception led her to a dinner, a club, and ultimately, a deadly night in a hotel room.

“When I saw it, one thing that I said was that it does not matter what she did; nobody deserves to die like that. Our society is taking the wrong direction when it comes to that lifestyle.”

The assailant, revealed to be a serial killer, demanded money from Starlet, escalating the situation into a violent confrontation. Unable to reach her brother and faced with escalating threats, Starlet resisted, resulting in a fatal stabbing. Kanyari recounted her struggle, withdrawing money but ultimately falling victim to the attacker’s brutality.

This tragedy highlights the dangers of trusting strangers online and the importance of exercising caution. Starlet’s story, shared both by Chipukeezy and Kanyari, serves as a reminder to be aware of potential threats and prioritize personal safety.

The Chipukeezy Show Set To Return To KBC Channel One

The popular Kenyan comedy show, The Chipukeezy Show, is making a comeback to KBC Channel One after a three-year hiatus.

The show will be hosted by comedian Chipukeezy, and will also feature Kartelo and Bena Wa Malines.

Chipukeezy announced the news on social media, saying that he was “grateful” for the opportunity to bring the show back.

“With a heart full of gratitude, I can hardly believe I’m saying this the Chipukeezy Show is back! After 3 years break, this journey feels even more meaningful, and I can’t thank God enough for His blessings,” he wrote.

The show will begin airing on September 11, and will air every Monday from 8pm to 9pm.

It will be recorded in various areas of Nairobi, and will eventually be shot countrywide.

The revival of the show is a significant moment for the Kenyan entertainment industry, as it marks the return of one of the most popular comedy shows in the country.

The show is expected to provide a platform for young talents to showcase their skills, and to help them to grow and develop their careers.

Chipukeezy and Kartelo are two of the most popular comedians in Kenya, and their return to television is sure to be a ratings success.

The show is also expected to provide much-needed entertainment for Kenyans, who have been through a difficult few years.

The Chipukeezy Show is a welcome addition to the Kenyan television landscape, and it is sure to be a hit with viewers of all ages.

Chipukeezy hospitalized

Kenyan comedian Chipukeezy has been admitted to Nairobi Hospital with stomach complications. His close friend Dennis Itumbi announced the news on social media, and said that Chipukeezy was undergoing a series of tests.

Itumbi said that Chipukeezy’s progress has been good so far, but that he is expected to undergo more tests. “He is likely to spend more time in the hospital,” Itumbi said.

Chipukeezy’s brother also released a statement on social media, saying that the comedian’s upcoming event to celebrate his 10 years in the entertainment industry has been postponed due to his health.

“Due to this unprecedented, unavoidable, and overwhelming health situation, we regrettably have to postpone Chipukeezy’s upcoming decade celebratory event to a later date, which will be communicated in due course after he fully recuperates,” the brother said.

Itumbi said that his friendship with Chipukeezy goes way back to the beginning of the comedian’s career. “We have since collaborated on numerous projects, from supporting Chipukeezy’s school project to working together on Harambe initiatives aimed at enhancing the school’s facilities,” he said.

Chipukeezy is a popular comedian in Kenya, and his fans are wishing him a speedy recovery.

Chipukeezy reveals he’ll opt for polygamy

Chipukeezy has spoken public about his desire to engage in polygamy. The comedian reportedly said, “I can’t marry one woman for a fact,” when asked if one woman was enough for him.

He wants to carry on the polygamous family tradition because he comes from one. He revealed this to SPM Buzz, claiming to currently maintain his love life a secret.

“Private life is private life. I was a young boy when I was doing those public shenanigans. I look at it differently now. For me, it’s not a big deal. Kila nyumba iko na chumvi. It’s not a big deal even among friends. Kukuwa na dame ni business yangu.

Mimi niko na mabibi wengi. Ni ukweli. I come from a family of seven wives. So I’m trying to follow in mzee’s legacy. In the whole family, it is me who has taken the challenge, tusidisappoint mzee.

Si kitu ushinde ukitangza. I support polygamy. Me I can’t marry one woman. For a fact.

It’s that whole soda thing. Coca-Cola ni tamu kama fanta, but sometimes you…

I think as long as you can be able to take care of your people, you can always have your people, so I believe if I can be able to have a family and want to extend another one I want many kids, I want my legacy to stand tall.

Nikaskia ni kipindi Kwasababu munadisagree juu ya kuextend. So then ni opens so I extend.

I think Im too African niko na ukijiji mob. If I want to have another wife, I will be very open from the word go, I don’t want one wife. So that when I have another wife, there is no complaining, sitakaa naona huyu mwingine anaenda Instagram anapost, sijui kulienda aje . Sitaki kujidanganya,”


Charlene Ruto Congratulates Chipukeezy on 10 Years in Comedy

Charlene Ruto, the daughter of Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto, has congratulated comedian Chipukeezy on his 10th anniversary in the comedy industry.

In a video message, Charlene praised Chipukeezy as one of the funniest comedians she has ever met. She said that she was impressed by his ability to make her laugh, even though she is not a naturally funny person.

Charlene also said that she was looking forward to attending Chipukeezy’s upcoming show at the Mwai Kibaki Convention Centre in Thika. The show, which is titled “Ten Toes Down,” will celebrate Chipukeezy’s 10 years in comedy.

Chipukeezy is a popular comedian in Kenya. He is known for his witty humor and his ability to connect with audiences of all ages. He has hosted several shows and events, including the Kenyan Kwanza government’s youth events.

Charlene’s message of support is a boost for Chipukeezy as he celebrates his 10th anniversary in the comedy industry. It is also a sign of the growing popularity of comedy in Kenya.

Chipukeezy Is Right That There’s No Romance Without Finance

Comedian Chipukeezy has shared some shrewd sentiments on relationship matters The jester, who is currently not dating; has been making money moves after his break-up with Miss Kibanja.

The two (Chipukeezy and Kibanja) had maintained a low-profile to their relationship; but rumours started piling up on their break-up after they unfollowed each other on social media.

While they were dating, for one thing, Kibanja always looks like the life of the party; the typical Instagram girl whereas Chipukeezy gives out the vibe that he is looking for a lady whom he can settle with.

Love Is Sweeter With Money

Despite their break-up,  Chipukeezy maintains that the two have no bad blood between them and are still friends. The jester claims he was head over heels for Kibanja and loved her genuinely. He divulged the same in a recent interview, admonishing peeps to look for money when they’re ready to love.

”True love ita exist kama ukona pesa, he said. But I believe in true love.”

In the current era of social media show off, everyone wants to live a lavish lifestyle & flaunt with it on Instagram. That’s why most women would opt to go for richer men. Chipukeezy’s sentiment is definitely shrewd. No romance without finance.


“Ni pombe” Comedian Chipukeezy blames alcohol on body weight

Chipukeezy for sure has lost so much weight that it actually reflects on his face. Remember the baby face he used to have before becoming friends with former best friend Kartelo and crew?

Chipukeezy explains weight loss

Well, all that has faded away – which explains Chipukeezy absence on social media. Anyway, with everyone worried about his ‘new’ looks comedian Chipukeezy recently held a candid interview with popular news outlet; where he rubbished claims that he could be sick.

Speaking during the interview, Chipukeezy made it known that he is not HIV positive (like that’s the only reason a person can loose weight) saying;

Chipukeezy’s extreme skinny body

Sina Ukimwi [I don’t have Aids]

Blames weight gain on alcohol

According to Chipukeezy his old weight (that made him look healthy) was a result of drinking too much alcohol.

For your information, this is my body now

Wait, I hear beer and Nyama choma adds weight – but in Chipukeezy’s case – his alcohol must have been special since it did his skin some good. I’m just being sarcastic.

Chipukeezy blames weight gain on

Anyway, explaining why he doesn’t look like his old self, Chipukeezy went on to insist that his skinny is his healthy body. Aki Chipukeezy Wewe but if he insist, why not?

The other one you have seen me was when I was drinking a lot.

Checkout Photos showing Chipukeezy’s dramatic weight loss that have left Netizens talking

Chipukeezy has always had a good body – not really the one with arbs or muscle; but just a good body that looks healthy.

Chipukeezy before weight loss

However thanks to his new photos, fans can’t help wonder whether Chipukeezy is sick, malnourished or is using/abusing something that is suppressing his appetite.

Well, from the photos it’s evident that Chipukeezy has lost so much weight to a point he actually looks sick; which explains why he recently defended himself saying that he is not sick and his weight loss was a result of not eating due to busy schedule.

Speaking to popular blog, Chipukeezy said;

 There are so many days I go without eating or sleeping. My dad usually picks a fight with me for not eating. I have lost weight and some people wonder whether I am sick

Chipukeezy’s projects

If not for the photos taken during his event – aimed at helping the development of St Martins School in Machakos County; fans wouldn’t have noticed since he has been keeping a low profile for months now.

But now that he recently got appointed as the new Vice Chairperson of the National Authority for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse; hopefully we will get to see more of Chipukeezy on social media. But again, what’s with the weight loss for sure?

“Kwani tunadate?” Chipukeezy hits back at haters calling him out for unfollowing Kartelo

Word making rounds on social media is that Chipukeezy and Kartelo are currently not speaking following unknown reasons that led to their failed friendship.

According to sources – the two have not been spotted together for months; and actually, they no longer work together like before. Kartelo’s Instagram confirmed this as he recently shared his first post featuring Modesto on Wednesday, 9th June; 5 months after taking a social media break.

Tbt: Chipukeezy and Kartelo

Seeing how the story is spreading like wild fire, NACADA chairman, Vincent Muasya Mutua aka Chipukeezy has quickly come out to address the ongoing rumors; surrounding his failed friendship with Kartelo.

Chipukeezy speaks

In a detailed video post shared by Chipukeezy, the comedian warns fans for fueling the matters; as some are blaming him for being the reason why Kartelo has been absent on social media.

Most feel that Chipukeezy May have withdrawn his support from Kartelo; hence making it hard for him to stand on his own two feet; hence the sudden break. Speaking about the unfollowing issue, Chipukeezy said;

Sidhani nili-unfollow Kartelo. Sisi ni watu wa Ghetto na tuko tu sawa. Hata wewe kwa Instagram yako unaweza pata ume-unfollow…so wacheni kuwa petty wasee. Kwani tunadate, ati sasa tuki-unfollow each other kuna noma. Wacheni Ujinga, Si pia nani aliunfollow mbona hiyo hamkuona.


Hata we have not unfollowed each other, hiyo propaganda wasee wanataka ku-spread ni bullshit. Kartelo ako sawa na ni boy wangu.

Still boys for life

To those assuming that the friendship is dead and gone; Chipukeezy promised fans that Kartelo will soon be back – as a way prove that they are still in communication as he added;

Kartelo ako fity, Yeye ni msanii na usanii ni job kama zile zingine. When he is ready he gonna come back, he has our support. He is my small brother, na ako na support yangu 100%. So ako tu sawa anapanga job

Blessings on blessings! Chipukeezy and small brother back in the village before the money and fame! (Photo)

Former funny Chipukeezy has never been shy about his life before the fame and money. Back in the day the young man from Mlolongo used to struggle like most youths looking for a brighter future; and luckily for him, his comic career managed to open several doors of opportunities.

With his name on everybody’s lips back in 2016 and 2017 Chipukeezy used this opportunity to grow himself; and looking at him now – we can agree that no situation in life is permanent.

The young man is now the director at NACADA has been using this opportunity to help the youths back in slum areas; as well as create awareness against illegal drugs affecting most the youths. Responding to those claiming the position should have been given a more experienced person; Chipukeezy during an interview told Jalang’o and Jeff;

Jaguar and Chipukeezy

“I got this job because I was the right person for the job. I think the president was looking for a young person who can represent the young people and be able to talk to them. I think that over the years, that is what I’ve been doing. I’m not saying that I am the best or the most hardworking person, but I think, probably somebody noticed what I’ve been doing,”


Well, so far I bet the fella has been doing his part apart from the party life; and expensive life he has since been living. Anyway, as he marked his small brother’s birthday, the young through his IG unveiled a never seen before photo from their childhood days.

Chipukeezy and baby brother

Judging from how they both look, I can assure you that indeed life was tough back then; but looking at how far he has come-it’s evident that there is no stopping Chipu.

Happiest birthday to my small brother and best friend mr kimondio tumetoka Mbali na mbali tunaenda enjoy your day lil man.????????❤️ @duke__mike

Chipukeezy hospitalized!

Funny man Chipukeezy seems to have taken a break when it comes to his career in comedy; however he continues to reach out to many youths through his NACADA projects that have seen him change his lifestyle from middle class – to those of ‘young sponsors’ in Nairobi.

For a while now he has not been making news and for this reason many continue to assume that he is no longer in the business of making fans laugh; but with a job with the board of NACADA – why would he choose to struggle?

Also read:Chipukeezy to accomplish his childhood dream of building a proper school in his village (Photo)

Anyway, we understand that Chipukeezy was recently hospitalized following a short unnamed illness. He revealed this through his social media pages where he shared a photo admitted at the Coptic hospital; which he captioned;

Chipukeezy Hospitalized

Man down! Get well soonest kasee! ????

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Trip to Mombasa

This comes just a few days after his trip to Mombasa where he met up with Governor Hassan Joho for an ongoing project with the youths. In a post shared by Chipukeezy he went on to reveal;

Vijana wa mombasa Governor @joho_001 amesema kazi ianze ????hivi karibuni mambo mazuri yaja???? #Nacada #directorscaravan @gatesmgenge

Well, could be fatigue judging from how much travelling he has been doing in the month of October. Anyway fans and friends have gone ahead to send get well messages to the funny man; and hopefully he will indeed feel better soon.

Chipukeezy to accomplish his childhood dream of building a proper school in his village (Photo)

Comedian Chipukeezy who doubles up as a member of the Board of Directors at the National Authority for the Campaign Against alcohol Drug Abuse ‘NACADA’; has been making big changes in his village and for his latest project, he shall be building a school.

The funny man announced this through his Instagram page where he went on to share a short clip showing where the school will be built. In his caption, Chipukeezy revealed that back when he did not attend a proper school back when he was young.

Chipukeezy’s mum

For this reason, he has decided to set up a new school that will not only help the current generation but even for those yet to be born. The comedian wrote;

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Nilisomeshwa vibaya juu ya lack of proper school in my village and I promised myself  when I grow up nitajengea watu wetu shule…so far so good… Karibu St Martin’s academy

Chipukeezy’s post

Chipukeezy venturing into politics?

Just like the young youths we have come across in the entertainment industry; it appears that Chipukeezy might be paving his way into politics.

Also read:What next for Chipukeezy after his stint as NACADA board member?

So far he has not only been reaching out to the youths living in slum areas; but has made it his business to inspire and help build themselves as future leaders.


Chipukeezy narrates how Victor Ber walked all over him before the fame and money! (Videos)

Comedian Zeddy has been on a roll blaming Victor Ber for his heartless behavior that left most new talents jobless despite showing potential of growth in the industry.

According to the lady, the creative director allegedly shuts down all new talents instead of rooting for their success.

This is how the late Njenga Mswahili stopped performing on the show; and even Kasee despite having won a huge crowd with his jokes.

To prove her point, Zeddy has now resulted to sharing videos of fellow comedians opening up  about their experiences with Victor Ber. So far the lass has shared receipts of the Chipukeezy and Njoroge the comedian narrating their experiences with Ber.

Chipukeezy speaks

Although the video is not current, the interview proves what Zeddy has been saying true. This is judging from what Chipukeezy said about his experience with Ber.

In the interview, Chipukeezy narrates how Ber discouraged him during an audition; just after Churchill had given him the green light I thanks to his witty jokes.

Vicor Ber, the reason why I mention why Victor is because I will never forget him. So I tell them, Churchill ameniambia I am the future and I need to audition. So they tell me tell a joke….then after that Virctor Ber laughed and was like “kijana ukona talent ingine kama mbio kumbia, boxing….comedy wacha!

Njoro the comedian

Judging from the interview below, it’s evident to see that even some of these top comedians had it rough before landing on their own two feet.

According to Njoro, Ber laughed throughout his jokes only for the guy to shut him down right after his performance

Nilipata jamaa anaitwa Victor Ber, he was the creative director. Nikapiga jokes zangu hapo thinking i am very funny. The funniest man in this planet, the guy was laughing, nikasema ahhh sasa mimi ndio the next…hamnijui.

He went on to add;

Akaniangalia akaniambia Kijana unafanya nini na maisha yako…nikamwambia nafanya journalism..akaniambia niende nyumbani niendelee na journalism, comedy ikona wenyewe.

Kibanja spotted with handsome man weeks after Chipukeezy allegedly dumped her!

Word making rounds on social media is that Mlolongo’s finest Chipukeezy and Kibanja are finally over and done with each other.


The rumor was first sparked by blogger Edgar Obare who whose sources confirmed the former couple was no longer together.

This however comes barely 5 months after the two had another ‘time off’ to work on themselves; but it now appears that they cannot be compatible together.

New man?

Anyway rumor has it that Kibanja has a new man in her life.

Kibanja’s alleged boyfriend

She introduced him through her Instagram page where she shared a photo hanging out with him; accompanying the photo with love heart emojis.

If the rumors are true then this confirms that Kibanja and Chipukeezy are over after a year of being an item.

Chipukeezy dumps Kibanja?

It is not known who dumped the other but word has it that Chipukeezy had already started ignoring the lady even before the break up went public.

Back in 2018, Chipukeezy was rumored to have dumped his fiancé Empress Kerry because of Kibanja who he had been seeing on the side.

Empress Kerry on the other hand seems to have moved on 1 year after her break up; and from the look of things she now appears to be happier than ever!

Empress Kerry’s new man

She however keeps her boyfriend on the low unlike her previous relationship with Chipukeezy; where they both publicized their relationship for the sake of their fans!

Chipukeezy’s special message to his girlfriend as she turns a year older!

Things between Chipukeezy and Kibanja seem to have improved since the last time we learnt about their break up.

From the comments made by fans back then, seems like Kibanja was a bit too caught up with night life and this did not seem to work out for Chipukeezy.

However with time, the two have learnt to embrace each other’s differences and are currently working on making their lives better together – as seen on Kibanja’s birthday message to her self.

Chipukeezy message to Kibanja

Chipukeezy on the other hand also went on to celebrate his woman in a loving message that left most of his fans excited.

Through his Instagram page Chipukeezy wrote saying;

The Queen , Her Excellence @kibanja_ is celebrating her birthday today. Thank you for all the good moments that you brought into my life You are my joy, my treasure, my greatest gift of life! Happy birthday love❤️ and I wish you all the best today and every day.I love you so much madam CEO❤️

Chipukeezy in mourning!

Death knows no boundaries nor does it ask for permission to take a life! However it is a path every human being shall go through and never return.

Comedian Chipukeezy is currently in mourning after losing his grandfather two days ago as revealed on his Instagram page.

He went on to reveal that losing his Tata has left him at a tricky position and after knowing him for so many years, it will be quite hard to forget him and his legacy.

Chipukeezy wrote saying;

Chipukeezy with his late grandfather

Rip grandpa❤️ I will truly miss you, Your legacy continues Tata ????

In yet another post the comedian confirmed that they indeed loved their grandfather but God loved him more and for this reason all they could do is celebrate the life he lived.

Chipukeezy in mourning

David the student loses his mother

About a week ago David the Student went on to mourn the untimely death of his mother. Through his Instagram page the fella went on to write saying;

David the Student’s late mum

Rest In Peace Mom????????????????????
I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH AND I WILL FOREVER!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Nobody or nothing ever prepares someone for this…still feels like a dream and I want to wake up and I want it to be a horrible dream!  But sadly this is life , and you have gone to be with the Lord. Just a month ago I called my sister and was telling her of plans to buy land and build a beautiful home for you mom ???????????????????????????? why ??? Why you? This life!???? Rest mama. Rest I love you so so much. I love you so much mother!

May their souls rest in eternal peace.

“We are all to blame for AKA and Mswahili’s deaths!” Chipukeezy eulogizes his late colleagues

Comedian Chipukee is unhappy with how Kenyans tend to ignore the important things then later on pretend to care when tragedy strikes.

In a new post shared on his Instagram page, the comedian came out strongly to accuse Kenyans for ignoring Ayeiya when he was struggling with depression; but after his untimely death, bloggers, friends and family sending messages of condolences like they cared.

The late Njenga Mswahili

It is quite sad that the same thing has occurred with the late Mswahili who is said to have battled depression for long before his death.

In a post shared by Chipukeezy on his Instagram page, he blamed Kenyans for always stepping up last minute – he went on to say;

ARBORTION comes in different forms!!! It is the act of terminating a life (Human) before it fully develops. The entertainment industry is busy making love, conceiving babies and KILLING them, we are all GUILTY of MURDER!! the Industry!! The Media (Mostly bloggers) and the Corporate world. The Industry never really supports you and never wants to see you grow and when you work your way and grow the bloggers are on wait to chew you, only NEGATIVITY sells for BLOGGERS, BLOGGERS YOU ARE GUILTY of MURDER!!! You have KILLED DREAMS!!! DEEMED lights and lives of young TALENTED people, You rarely SUPPORT, You never write the good stories the POSITIVES, when we WIN awards you go completely MUTE…But when you hear the slightest wind of an artist “struggling” you swiftly swing into action.

Blames corporates

According to Chipukeezy, most of these celebrities get depression since they make peanuts and still have to carter for their families after working so hard.

The late Njenga Mswahili

The CORPORATES are a multibillion industry and Pay peanuts to Artists or, not all but most do not respect ART or see it’s worth… GUILTY!!!All Njenga Mswahili wanted to do was to make you laugh, all AKA Ayeya wanted was to make you giggle abit. The untimely deaths of both AKA and MSWAHILI are identical in nature…They both suffered some sort of DEPRESSION before their demise. These depressions were caused by Frustrations that could have been avoided since they are caused by the SYSTEM, the MEDIA, the INDUSTRY and the CORPORATES, in short KENYANS. We have to embrace, Support and OWN our OWN. I am GUILTY, you are GUILTY.Thou Shall not Kill! RIP

Chipukeezy flaunts the only woman who has stood by him through thick and think (Photos)

Comedian Chipukeezy is one proud man when it comes to his mother and this is why he can’t help but parade her on his social media pages whenever she comes to visit him in Nairobi.

Chipukeezy and his mother

On Tuesday afternoon the comedian went on to post photos of his mother on his Instagram page leaving many of his fans praising her for her youthful looks.

Chipukeezy with his mum

Chipukeezy on the other hand went on to pour out his heart to the woman he calls mum. He went on to write saying;


My mum is my Gurdian angel when I came to Nairobi I promised her that I will make her proud..yesterday she came to Nairobi to see progress and she said toa hizo vitu kwa maskio na unyoe ????????lI will make you proud mami ???????? she prayed for kartelo jana ????????she will be on our show kesho pale @tv47ke from 8:00 pm to 9.00 pm????

Chipukeezy’s love life

A while back word had it that Chipukeezy’s current relationship has been facing a few issues that almost left him single.

Anyway as for how he seems to be doing fine with his young lady…but let’s keep watching and see how things work out.

Chipukeezy reveals the main reason he built a school back in his village

Comedian and a member of the board of directors at NACADA has revealed that he built a school back in his village a few years ago to help children who cannot afford school fees.

This is the very first time the fella has revealed this making many admire his efforts in trying to make the society a better place. In. A post shared on his Instagram page Chipukeezy wrote saying;

I have built a school in my village to encourage my people to take their kids to school kwa sababu masomo ni muhimu sana wale hawana school fees wanaleta watoto kwa hiyo shule yetu na tunawasomesha pia wewe unaweza try and do something to your community sio lazima ukue mdosi ama ukue unafanya ndio upewe kitu fanya tu my dream is to build an educational center hapa kwa hio kijiji tuweke library mpaka university


Chipukeezy quits K24

This comes shortly after launching his own TV station after walking out on K24 where he was airing his Chipukeezy show.

From a statement shared on his Instagram page the fella went on to say that he wouldn’t work with the TV station after they fired his cohost Kartelo.

Chipukeezy’s ex girlfriend looking like a snack in new bikini photo

Chipukeezy Ex girlfriend Empress Kerry seems to be slaying judging from her recent posts shared on her Instagram page.

Chipukeezy's fiance, Kerry
Chipukeezy’s fiance, Kerry

Her latest post shared on her Instagram stories has taken many by surprise as she flaunted her curves in a black bikini showing the world what her mama gave her.

Kerry went on to caption the photo saying she was ready to celebrate her upcoming birthday in style.

Break up with Chipukeezy

Unlike most celebrity ex couples who like over sharing after a break up; Empress Kerry has maintained her silence and till date no one knows why she split up with Chipukeezy.

Anyway as she enjoys her private life now, her ex on the other hand is now facing some relationship issues that have left many talking.