Rayvanny Features Mayorkun of Nigeria in new jam ‘GimmiDat” and its a banger

Days after releasing the contested song ‘Chuchuma”,WCB Wasafi Records singer, Rayvanny has released a new single entitled  ‘Gimmi Dat”. On this jam ‘Gimi Dat’, the “Tetema” hit maker collaborates with Nigerian singer and DMW star, Mayorkun.

With, rumors of having a heated beef with Kenya’s Willy Paul. Rayvanny chose his battle  wisely which was to do more music with no response to the alleged beef.

However many would think that in his lyrics he is firing at Pozze  chini ya maji.

Anyhow, about the beef we are yet to confirm.Meanwhile lets do some lyrical break down of  ‘Gimme dat”


In what seems like just but basic lyrics writing, Rayvanny starts of with lyrics that to many fans he was afiring back at Willy Paul.

He says,

“Wanakutukana nini, wakati  level zako  hawafuati, mbwa wa Uswahilini,tena koko hawang’ati, unamarashi mwilini wao shombo la samaki……”


Nonetheless it is a wait and see thing and as i said before we are on the look out for the juice.

At the same time, the lyrics are telling off the nay sayers of the love between him and his woman. He tells them off saying ,…tunawachoma kama nungu nungu….” In the end telling the girl he would put a ring on it. Yeah, I know its a dream for many girls but well here we are.

Moreover, he goes on to describe the kind of love he feels for her then comes in the chorus that is all about whining the waist and cooling it down.Mmmmmmh men!! Before Mayorkun comes in with his amazing voice to back up on the chorus and bridge.

Just incase you miss dancing this song is just about it.


For song that praise the woman they duo did a good job.The song is a is a Wasafi records production and audio done by Abba, shot by a Mr. C. As he put it below the video’s caption, Keep On Enjoying Good Music From Vannyboy.

For rating I will go with 7/10. Watch and tell us what you think.

Rayvanny finally drops the contested hit “Chuchuma” days after Willy Paul dropped his

Weeks after Wily Paul dropped his much contested single ‘Chuchuma’, Rayvanny of Wasafi Records is also out on the scene with the same title song.

Well, when you thought you had had it with the drama that Willy Paul put with claims of Rayvanny  stealing his song, the two songs are now out.

Compare and contrast? Similarities?

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Chuchuma is a feel good song that celebrates women and dance.  From the look of it  this song was just to quell the thievery allegations. In his part Willy Paul claims that Rayvanny had stolen this song just after they had the  ‘Mhhhh’ song collaboration.

Consequently, this was after Rayvanny released a short clip of the now out song “Chuchuma”. Who is telling the truth that? That we don’t know but we will keep our ears and eyes out and of course we will let you know. In the meantime we can do  some dancing to both.

Further on, Rayvanny in the song clearly enjoys his work. In the video you see a host girls dancing to the words of the song. Basically, the choreography team did their work well.


As methodical and proverbial as they he can get, Rayvanny obviously embraced the metaphorical approach of creation.

Especially when he starts off with, “Chuchumaa kama vile unafua Mama unapika basi nije kupakua Chuchumaa kwenye choo cha mabua Ila chunga mchanga usiingie kitumbua”

In that he is asking the girls to Chuchuma- more like Twerk.In the long end he is asking them to show the world what their waist can do. Be it cooking, dancing and other co-curricular activities in the house. No??Right, you  got it. Here is the point its all naughty , juicy and most of all dance able too.

“Kimbau mbau, tukunyema Pilau lau, nipe supu tena Mashau shau kana sinema Yaani kanakula ndizi bila kumenya”. This doesn’t even need any further translation!


The song’s video was shot and directed by Director Kenny From Zoom Production. The other production clearly done under Wasafi records. As we still ponder on the ownership of the “original  version” we thank both Willy Paul and Rayvanny for both Chuchuma’s.

For now I will give this an 8/10 rating. Watch and tell us what you think.


Bwana Mkunaji ameamua!’Chuchuma” is the new track by Willy Paul

It was just the other day when Willy Paul claimed that Tanzania’s Rayvanny had stolen his song. Well, to date we really don’t know who the legit owner of the song is.

However with all that in mind, the ever controversial once  gospel artist in the Kenyan Music industry Willy Paul is now back on the music scene.  This  time he brings us a new jam with the contentious title “Chuchuma” .


“Chuchuma” in this concept basically means drop it. From the look at the video the search for a lady with god behinds worked for him. The shaking that happens in this video might get you ignoring the the songs lyrics .

But not me.

Willy Paul

Basically it is a feel good song in praise of women that can whine their waists. At the same time Willy goes on to larsh out at Wasafi’s Rayvanny still accusing him of stealing his song.

From the Instagram posts he even calls him “Zakayo,funnyboy”.

In all his appraissals he has mentioned Vera Sidika, Wema Sepetu of Tanzania and of course Huddah Monroe. Clearly  Bwana Mkunaji is into “Big things”.

For the lyrical break down there isn’t much to talk about but just a man putting out his frustration on someone that pissed him off. The rest of it as I said earlier is just all about shaking bums.


In terms of production, well Saldido entertainment could not do any better. The audio was done by Teddy B and the song of course was written by thean himself ,Willy Paul.

As we give hit a tap on the shoulder for praisingbtge African woman, we get little skeptical on the larger message.

Further on the color and video mixing was well done and choice of models also worked for the song.

At the end Willy’s intent was to reach the “funny boy”- who we clearly know.

We will wait to see if he responds to this claims.

In the meantime below is the song enjoy.

For rating I will with 7/10.