Butita addresses Wakimani’s assertions. Churchill gave them cars and $300,000

Eddie Butita clarified the narrative presented by Wakimani regarding Daniel Ndambuki, the founder of Churchill, allegedly gifting cars to comedians. In an interview with Oga Obinna, Butita explained that while they weren’t given cars, they were provided with loans to organize shows.

During a Creatives Meeting called by Churchill, Butita’s group, consisting of three individuals, was given 200K to create a show and return the funds once the show succeeded. However, their Mombasa show did not go as planned, leaving them with around Ksh 70,000, and they were unable to repay Churchill immediately. This led to tensions within the group, and one member mishandled the funds.

Later, Butita’s team had the opportunity to organize a show in Dubai, enabling them to repay the money owed to Churchill. This experience solidified a positive business relationship between Butita and Churchill, with an understanding that financial transactions could take place between them.

Butita noted that while Churchill is a good person, the environment at Churchill Show was somewhat toxic, with certain individuals creating an unfavorable atmosphere. According to Butita, there is no animosity between them, and Churchill remains a positive influence.

In a separate interview, Wa Kimani shared that Churchill provided financial assistance to comedians during a meeting. Churchill allegedly gave groups of three comedians sh300,000 each to organize and perform shows outside Nairobi. Some comedians who desired cars were directed to showrooms to select their vehicles, and according to Wa Kimani, some still use the cars provided by Churchill.

Churchill Might Be Swapping Shusho For A Gospel Extravaganza After Fan Backlash

Comedy kingpin Churchill seems to be having a change of heart regarding his New Year’s Eve (NYE) lineup, following criticism over gospel singer Christina Shusho’s inclusion on a predominantly comedic bill.

Shusho’s initial placement as a supporting act for a stand-up comedy show ruffled feathers among fans, who craved a more gospel-centric celebration to usher in the new year.

Churchill, sensing the shift in the wind, wisely turned to Instagram, seeking suggestions from the very people he aims to please. “What would make your ideal NYE gig this year?” he queried, and the response was resounding: a full-blown gospel concert headlined by the Tanzanian powerhouse, Shusho.

Netizens aren’t just throwing Shusho’s name around; they’re proposing a stellar supporting cast of Kenyan gospel stars like Eunice Njeri, Evelyne Wanjiru, and Mercy Masika.

With the pressure mounting and the fans’ voices clear, it’ll be interesting to see if Churchill officially revamps the lineup to reflect their desires. Will we witness a gospel extravaganza to ring in 2024, or will Shusho remain a comedic sidekick?

One thing’s for sure: Churchill is listening, and the power is in the hands of the people. Get ready, Kenya, your NYE celebration might just get a divine makeover!

Redsan opens up about his 4 children that many know nothing about

Dancehall artist Swabri Mohammed aka Redsan has managed to keep his celebrity life away from his private life; hence limiting fans on what they can and cannot know about this singer.

Unlike most celebrities we have in the country, Redsan chose to have a low key wedding and since then he has not only kept his wife off his pages; but also his 4 kids that most of his fans knew nothing about.

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However speaking with Churchill during Churchill shows season 10 episode 16; the husband and father for the first time went on to disclose unknown information about his family. According the artist his children are as talented as he is; but being a parent who wants the best for his kids, therefore he prefers encouraging them to work harder in school. He said;

Redsan hanging out with Churchill

There is one who rhymes. I tell him soma kwanza, sitaki noma. Kwanza the way the industry is hard, I tell him school first.

Father of 3 princesses and a prince

Having 3 daughters has not only been a blessing for him; but has become a source of joy having to raise the 3 princesses. He however went on to add that his youngest child is a 2 year old boy who has been one of his biggest challenges; since the young man keeps the entire family on their toes.

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The firstborn is turning nine, then there is a six-year-old and then a four-year-old, and the lastborn is two years. The lastborn is a boy, he pelekas me mbio. He is into TV and music, but mazee, I tell him to hold on.

Speaking about why he has chosen to keep them under wraps for so many years; Redsan went on to reveal that his wife already advised him against publicizing the kids due to cyberbullying. He went on to say;

There is so much disadvantage, especially kwanza huku East Africa, sijui ni nini mbaya. You might decide to expose your family then people compare and criticize them.

And lastly speaking about the family issue, he said:

Things like your outfit can be a topic. She [wife] always tells me to keep my family life away from social media, to post my work and nothing else. She says the family and my work should be two very different entities.

Watch the video below courtesy of Churchill show.

Former Churchill comedienne Zeddy turns to hawking

Months after quitting Churchill Show, vocal comedienne Zainabu Zeddy has taken to hawking.

Zeddy broke the announcement to fans, revealing she is hawking cookies for those interested and offering them for free to the vulnerable.

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This is after realizing just how much fans came out in mass numbers to help her fellow comedians get back on their two feet, so it is time to return the favor as well.

Zeddys new venture

After ditching Churchill show over several controversies, Zainabu has been hawking cookies in a bid to transform lives.

Comedienne Zainabu Zeddy

Revealing that it is after Churchill Show that the mother of 3 endeavored to assist others, through several projects.

“Mmenisaidia na nawashukuru,” and through her acts of kindness, has been able to partner with several organizations to help out the vulnerable especially those battling depression and mental health.

Comedian Zeddy

Giving examples of her charity works, starting at a childrens home, thereafter, running to the aid of the likes of Njoro, Paul Wakimani whose life has since changed for the better.

For Zeddy, when she made her call for help, not even celebrities ran to her aid as much as fans did.

Zeddy blocked from her page

Admitting that were it not for her supportive fans, then she might probably never have rescued the individuals she has helped out so far.

“Lakini kwangu mafans nyinyi ndio familia yangu, undugu ni kufaana wala si kufanana. Tenda Wema Nenda zako,” she wrapped up her post.

Fans have congratulated her for her humble move, wishing her nothing but luck and God’s blessings.

Comedian Njoro admitted to rehab (Video)

Njoro the comedian battled months of continued depression, lost his loved ones and friends through alcoholism but through good Samaritans the young creative has seen the light.

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After comedienne, Zeddy’s expose on his plight, Kenyans were able to come together to secure his dad financial support on his treatment and now, it’s Njoro’s time.

Njoro the comedian goes into rehab

The comedian has admitted it killed him on the inside, life no longer had meaning, he became useless to his parents and his family but through Churchill and Zeddy, he is on his journey to regain mental sanity.

I am there but I thank God He’s taking me out of it. @mwalimuchurchill, I want to thank you for the greatest opportunity that you gave me & to everyone that believed in me, I’m so grateful.

Daniel Ndambuki alias Mwalimu Churchill

Social media break

Through his Instagram page, the comedy kid revealed he would be taking sometime off the public space as he goes into therapy for 1-3 months because he is not mentally stable.

Guys, I will be away for sometime, for treatment (1-3mnths) coz my “engine”( brain) is not okay. I believe I’m gonna beat this & you’ll see me very very soon after I’m done with the treatment.


However, he would be keeping fans updated on his progress every Saturday 8pm on Instagram Live. Expressing:

I will be offline but I will be coming on Instagram live every Saturday 8pm to update you on how am doing with the treatment. Once again I thank you so much and God bless you @zainabuzeddy Asante Sana

Comedians Zainabu Zeddy and Njoro

This came alongside major assistance from Samchi group of companies who came to his aid. He however assured fans of bigger and better times once he is back.


Churchill should be responsible for the well-being of his comedians

Over the past few months, many comedians who the public came to know after they featured on Churchill Show, have come out to reveal that they are depressed.

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They have cited different issues which include; poor pay, frustration at work, being denied a chance to go on stage, being insulted by the creative director etc.


All this time Daniel Ndambuki, better known Churchill, has been very quiet. He is going about his life like nothing is happening and I have issues with that.

You see, most of these comedians see Churchill as their mentor. That aside, he’s also their employer which means that he should be responsible for their well-being.

The fact that he is yet to say a word has me very worried because it now seems like what is happening, even the deaths, don’t bother him.

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Interestingly, when Kasee and Njenga Mswahili died under unclear circumstances he was among the first people to send a condolence message on social media.


You would think he would even honor them by attending their funerals to pay his last respects but he didn’t.

The message that he is subtly sending to upcoming comedians is that he will just give them a platform but when things hit the fan, he will be nowhere to be seen.

One day when all is said and done we’ll ask the question that people are too afraid to ask and that is “Where was Churchill when all this was happening?”

Comedian Mulamwa exposes Churchill comedian for stealing his jokes 

Comedian Mulamwa is not happy with a fellow comedian who has been eating off his hard work.

Mulamwa recently took to social media to expose the fellow comedian, Wambilianga, saying the guy has been copying his jokes and sharing them on Churchill show without giving him any credit.

“Honestly this has to stop. We post our jokes and videos online because we haven’t found a chance to be on TV yet but that doesn’t mean that we don’t own them. It hurts sitting on a TV at home watching your jokes being performed. If they have to be used, then credits have to be given to the initial creative,” he wrote in part. 


Mulamwa the Mlambane hit maker

He went on to add that he has not been accepted to the popular show after auditioning several times but noticed comedians there are now duplicating content from online.

”I have auditioned severally (four years) but all in vain. I then tried making videos from the jokes and I am glad that the social media platform welcomed me and have been supportive ever since . Given a chance and mentored, we can be great too on stages, But in the meantime, stop the jokes heist,” he added. 

I Wish I Celebrated John De’Mathew When He was Alive – Churchill regrets

Comedian Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill is regretting not giving the late Benga musician John D’Mathew the type of admiration and celebration he deserved while he was alive.

The singer died in an accident during the weekend along the Nairobi Meru highway.

“Unfortunately, I never got to celebrate him when he was alive, and I wish I got the chance to host him and tell him he was a legend,” he said.


Churchill went on to describe De’Mathew as the Michael Jackson of his genre and asking other artists to copy his model of work and consistency.

“It’s a big loss and he has left a big gap, but the best thing we can take from him is that he has left us with a lot of his music and so he will be treasured in our minds and hearts. That consistency is what we wish for, not music that will only last for two weeks. De Mathew’s songs will be sung even in generations to come. I look forward to seeing the entertainment industry getting the respect it deserves,” he said. 

Comedian Terence says he used to have a lot of money as a street kid because he could speak English

Comedian Terence aka Sasa Kamami has opened up about his street life saying it was one of his toughest times in life.

Speaking in an interview on NTV, Terence better known as Lawrence Macharia said he spent seven years of his life in the streets after his mum died.

He and his brothers then had to move in with their grandma in a single-roomed house situated in Nairobi’s Mlango Kubwa slum but said he got tired of the lifestyle and ran off to the streets.

“”It was a tough thing. Street life is not easy. I stopped being a street urchin when I was around 16-years old. The whole process took two years. I went through detoxification and got it all out of my system,” the comedian said. 



The comedian added that he was a bit lucky because he knew how to speak English therefore made more money that his friends.

“I remember I had a lot of money when I used to live in the streets. I was the street kid who spoke English so people would often leave some money for me,” he said. 

Comedian Churchill among the 700 rescued from Dusit D2 terror attack

Comedian Churchill was among the 700 people rescued at Riverside when the attack happened on Tuesday.

Several celebrities have now opened up about surviving the attack. Comedian Eric Omondi and singer Willy Paul are among the prominent names who cheated death on that day.

Willy Paul was in a meeting when the attack happened while Eric Omondi was collecting a package in the premises. Eric shared that he saw two students being shot down during the attack and the militants aimed at him next and missed.

“I was to be the third person to be shot, I don’t know how I escaped the bullet. It is just God. I just started hearing gunshots, and then started seeing people running away raising their hands up and some were entering the bank to hide for their lives.” said Eric. 

Shared little

Churchill hasn’t shared much about his encounter during the attack. He simply said it has happened and he’ll be fine.

“By the way, I was there,” he said. “But we will be fine and everyone who was involved. We are strong.”



Maina Kageni, Mwalimu King’ang’i face possible disciplinary action from KFCB

Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) is cracking the whip on errant media personalities who are violating rules governing the airing of content on radio and TV.

Moral police Ezekiel Mutua on Tuesday said KFCB was concerned with the increased adult content in free to air radio and TV stations in the country.

KFCB has already banned Fresh Fry and Marie Stopes advertisements on TV for containing sexual content and supporting abortion.

Disciplinary action
Moral police Ezekiel Mutua
Moral police Ezekiel Mutua

Several Kenyan radio personalities including Classic FM’s Maina Kageni and Daniel Ndambuki alias Mwalimu King’ang’i and Radio Jambo’s Joseph ‘Gidi’ Ogidi and Jacob ‘Ghost’ Mulee are being probed by KFCB.

The mentioned radio presenters are are facing possible disciplinary action over what KFCB terms as airing adult content during the watershed period.


Former Churchill comedian loses family member

Comedian YY has lost his grandmother.

The comedian, who also started off under Churchill, took to social media to share her photo only saying: Rest well Grandma…we will all miss Adila #CelebratingLifeWellLived

His fans mourned with him after his loss.

Churchill signs mega deal worth millions after finally agreeing with Charity Ngilu

Comedian Churchill Ndambuki will be laughing all the way to the bank soon after inking a lucrative deal with Kitui County Government.

The comedian will take the Churchill Show in the county during the Kitui Sevens Rugby which will be on June 2, a deal that made him 20 million richer.

Governor’s appreciation

Though Churchill has not said a word on it but Governor Char Ngilu thanking the comedian for signing the deal.

“Thank you Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki for agreeing to bring the Churchill Show to Kitui County this June 2nd 2018 as we host the Kitui Sevens Rugby. We are excited to welcome you all,” posted the governor.

The deal, which was signed at the Kitui Agricultural Training Centre, is slated to happen on Saturday June 2 at a local hotel during the Kitui Rugby 7s.


Churchill comedian Jasper Murume lands a ‘Zari mwitu’

Top socialite Zari Hassan was recently in Kenya to headline last Saturday’s the Colour Purple event which was at Uhuru Gardens.

The visit came with a lot of controversies and dramas as gospel singer Ringtone tried to impress the mother of five who was recently dumped by singer Diamond Platnumz.

Zari Hassan

Kenyans in the ended started the Zari challenge after Ringtone hired a Range Rover to lure the Ugandan beauty but was rejected. It seems comedian Jasper Murume might have gotten himself a Zari, though not the original copy.

He posted a photo on Instagram flaunting a light skinned lady who looked like Zari Hassan, leaving social media in awe.

Murume with the fake Zari Hassan

“Alikataa Ringtone juu yangu ????.” he captioned the photo. 

“Thank you Zari. You are my main now. I know i don’t have a range rover but people say i have range and furry when angry. And am now your rover. Si there range rover is full? This ProMbox is yours. Use it to carry your makeup and expensive wigs. Diamond and Ringtone can lamba lolo. Lolo is kenyan for low low. Like when you are down until you are licking the ground now you are lambaing low low. Much rove kipens.”he added in another post. 


Churchill changes the life of city tout who returned Kes 30,000 

David Mwaura wowed Kenyans when he returned Kes 30,000 to a passenger that had left his wallet in a matatu. That random act of kindness has changed David’s life forever.

The tout’s wife was was gifted with a free delivery package from Nairobi Hospital after Kenyans learnt that David had returned the money he found.

Nairobi hospital usually charges Kes 80,000 normal delivery, Kes 100,000 assisted delivery and Kes 160,000 cesarean section delivery.

Churchill’s help

Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki has also offered to help David Mwaura get back to school. He dropped out of the Technical University of Kenya in 2011 due to lack of school fees, he was pursuing IT.

“Churchill said he will pay for my studies and so I will go to TUK and check the availability of a [art time course IT course. I intend to register and begin studying as soon as I confirm the course’s availability,” David Mwaura told Nairobi News.





Photos of Churchill’s multi-mullion shillings BMW 5 series convertible coupe

Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill is among a few celebs who cruise around the city in posh European cars. The king of comedy owns a top of the class German machine.

Churchill is rumored to be raking in a seven figure salary from his work as a presenter at Classic FM. He also has other side hustles including comedy and emceeing.

The German machine

The comedy king has a taste for posh European sport cars. Churchill owns a Kes 4 million BMW 5 series convertible coupe.

Churchill’s BMW parked at Lion Place, Westlands. Photo/Mpasho
Churchill’s BMW convertible cost at least 4 million shillings

Churchill: I want to be the Mugabe of comedy in Kenya

Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill has opened up about his aspirations after he recently turned 40. The king of comedy says he’s not retiring anytime soon.

Churchill’s most expensive gift for his 40th birthday was a convertible BMW 320i. Maina Kageni parted with 10 million to buy his friend the German machine.

Churchill recently talked to Word Is about his aspirations now that he has entered the midlife crisis bracket. The comedian says he wants to do comedy until he clocks 90s.

“Boss, I am not going anywhere. I want to be the Mugabe of comedy in Kenya, I have built my industry so why leave? I will keep pushing even up to my 90s or beyond if God grants me that permission doesn’t matter even if I will be performing for three people I will still do it,” said Churchill.

There is no single day that I will ever join politics

Churchill also asserts that politics is not his cup of tea. He explains that he can’t deal with the pressure politicians face in their work.

“I get that pressure all the time but I keep asking them why do they want me to join them yet I am just doing fine and they can clearly see that. What’s the fuss? , I’m not just ready to deal with the kind of pressure they get. I experienced it with my uncle, presha ndio sitaki. They should leave me alone to do my thing because there is no single day that I will ever join politics.”

I got an opportunity to study drama in US

Churchill reveals that Chicago University offered him scholarship to study comedy when completed high school. The comedy king however let the opportunity slip away.

“You see after high school I could have joined drama school immediately. I got an opportunity to study drama via a scholarship in Chicago University in the United States but I hesitated. I let that chance go. Maybe if I had grabbed it, I would have been doing things differently today and maybe I would have been much better at comedy.

“It has taken me a long time to get where I am right now, 15 years is quite some time you now. But I tend to think that had I joined Chicago University, I would have achieved what I have now earlier and faster. For instance, I would have learnt production earlier which is something I have had to take lessons on while on the job. Juggling production and comedy hasn’t been easy. Not having the knowledge of production earlier made me lose much both financially and creative wise.”





Churchill explains why he barred Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta from attending his show at KICC

Apparently both Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta had sent requests to attend Churchill’s show. The comedian however turned town the requests from the two political rivals.

Daniel Ndambuki ‘Churchill’ hosted a show at KICC to celebrate his 40th birthday. Churchil@40 show went down on Friday evening November 24th.

Raila and Uhuru wished to attend the show but unfortunately they were both barred by Churchill. The comedy king has hosted both Raila and Uhuru in previous episodes of Churchill Show.

Raila Odinga when Churchill hosted him on his show

I explained to them both

Speaking to Nairobi news Churchill explained why he couldn’t allow either Uhuru or Raila at his show. He says that he couldn’t host the two rivals because of the volatile political situation in the country.

Uhuru Kenyatta when Churchill hosted him on his show

Churchill also reveals that he barred the Raila and Uhuru for his own sake. He explains that the two political rivals could have stole his moment.

“Uhunye (Uhuru) wanted to attend but I asked him not to and explained why. The same case was with Rao (Raila). With the situation still volatile in the country and as things seems to be, my event won’t be an ideal place for them because they will steal my moment,” Churchill explained.



Throwback Thursday! Back when Churchill was still in High school, he is a living testimony!

Comedian Churchill aka Daniel Ndambuki has come from far. Unlike many celebrities who had good backgrounds, the fella had totally had nothing.

He however rose to become one of the most popular entertainer in East Africa. Understanding where he came from, Churchill launched his own project to help others accomplish their dreams.

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So far he has mentored almost all comedian’s in Kenyan including Eric Omondi who turns out to be the most talented comedian in Kenya.

Back in the day

Churchill however had a tough life growing up with no money. From his throw back photos it is clear to see that he was among the survivors who depended on school to help them become better people in future. Just recently the comedian shared a new photo taken from his High school days.

He wrote saying;

Ni kwa neema ?? #ChurchillAt40

“You carried me on your shoulders and showed me the future” Eric Omondi special birthday message to Churchill as he turns a year older

Comedian Eric Omondi is grateful to have met a man like Churchill who literally held his hand and helped him build his career in the comedy industry.

To show his appreciation Eric Omondi shared a touching birthday message dedicated to Daniel Ndambuki popularly known as Churchill who celebrated his birthday on 30th October.

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Through his Instagram page Eric Omondi poured out his heart in the message below saying;

Churchill and Eric Omondi

This is literally what you did? You carried me on your shoulders and showed me the future… You discovered me…Taught me everything I know today… You are a True Brother… May God continue to shine His face upon you??? May you never lack anything. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABA

Fellow comedians also joined in to celebrate Churchill through their social media pages where they showed their gratitude to the fella who has helped them get where they are now.

Guns out! Kajairo hits back at Rapcha for saying ‘all comedians working for Churchill will die poor’

It has been almost two weeks since Rapcha came out to say that Churchill doesn’t pay his comedians well. The comedian cum radio presenter went ham as he confidently said that those working for Daniel Ndambuki will die poor since all they get is pocket change.

However, none of the comedians came out to say anything and I am assuming this is because they did not want to get in the middle of the fight. But one Peter Kaimenyi aka Kajairo has come out to defend Daniel Ndambuki saying that Raptcha’s statement was not true.

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Speaking to Word Is the comedian was confident to confirm that Churchill pays all his comedians well and in fact he is thankful to the veteran comedian for creating a platform where upcoming comedians can build their own careers without having to struggle. He said,


“That’s not true. Churchill pays his comedians according to the industry standards. Churchill has given young guys a platform, so it’s upon those guys who are using that platform to better their lives. Use that platform to generate the millions you want. What Rapcha is saying is not true. I have been there and I know Churchill pays according to industry standards. If you want more work for it.”


After Rapcha, Teacher Wanjiku also speaks about Churchill show and why she left only after one year

After only one year of nothing but pure laughter and entertainment, Teacher Wanjiku shocked many when she finally announced she was exiting Churchill show.

This left all of us in total disarray, I mean, she just got there!

So for the first time since leaving the show, never to go back, Teacher Wanjiku has finally spoken into detail why she left the show and quite frankly Churchill had nothing to do with it.

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Speaking to Moree our videographer, she narrated how she had a solid agreement with Churchill when she joined the show. She was only to sign a one year contract and then after that embark on other things alongside Churchill.

Well, she followed her plan to the very end and when it was time she took a hike. As it is with everything, the plan didn’t exactly fall through as planned but she has no complains at all.

She’s in a happy place now, doing her thing and embarking on her projects.

As to how long you should stick with the man, she suggested using the platform as a place to identify yourself before branching out and doing your own thing.

It is then that now you can exploit your full potential.

Check her out here:

Churchill’s ‘wife’ who caused a stir at Laugh Festival 2016 shows off the mansion she’s building (Photos)

Churchill Ndambuki’s beautiful ‘wife’ is also constructing her own house just like Madam Boss better known as Akothee.

Sometimes in mid last year, Churchill announced that he was going to unveil his wife for the first time. This was after he was seen enjoying quality time with his ‘wife’ at Nakumatt Junction.

Churchill and Serah Teshna at Nakumatt Junction

A few weeks later Churchill walked down the aisle with Serah Teshna in a mock wedding at the inaugural edition of the Laugh Festival Africa held at Carnivore Grounds on July 29th 2016.

Churchill and Serah Teshna  during their mock wedding
Churchill and Serah Teshna during their mock wedding

Teshna has henceforth been referred to as Churchill’s ‘wife’. The lass is doing well in her hustles judging from the investments she has made.

Serah Teshna

Churchill’s ‘wife’ took to social media to show off the mansion she is building. She taunted her critics who said she would never achieve what she did.

“They say you can be anything in this world. I choose to be The Lioness (The Go-Getter) ????. I’m coming for everything they said I’ll never get. Watch me,” Serah Teshna captioned her photo.

And where did she get the money from? Teshna hosts ‘The Skin Therapy Show’ which airs on KTN. She is also an actress who has featured in local productions.