Butita addresses the poisoning of the Churchill Show

Renowned comedian Butita has opened up about the toxicity he encountered within the Churchill Show environment.

In a candid conversation with fellow comedian Oga Obinna, Butita disclosed his struggles with growth and acceptance within the comedy industry.

Expressing his belief that he could have achieved more given the opportunity to thrive, Butita lamented the barriers he faced from certain team leaders who, he alleges, hindered his progress.

“Although I was embraced in standup comedy, I found myself at odds with the system,” Butita shared.

“Churchill is my friend, but there were times when I sought his support at my gigs, only to find him unavailable due to his busy schedule.”

The comedian expressed forgiveness for past grievances but remained steadfast in his disapproval of the gatekeeping culture that pervaded the comedy space.

He spoke of feeling stifled and marginalized due to his talent and creativity, suggesting that some individuals within the industry felt threatened by his skillset.

“The stage became my only avenue for retaliation,” Butita stated.

“I was featured on Churchill Raw for a year, where I showcased my talent and gained recognition. However, I was denied the opportunity to join the main Churchill Show lineup, despite having quality content.”

Butita underscored the impact of the toxic environment on his professional growth, noting instances of belittlement.

He recounted an incident where his acquisition of a new car was met with unwarranted criticism, prompting him to distance himself from the Churchill Show space.

“There were some petty things happening there. I got a new car and brought it to Carnivore. It was actually on loan and someone said, ‘some of you have bought cars now you want to come here how you want.’ That was the last day I stepped into that space. It was not a safe space for me as I was growing, and some of them did not like it.”

Addressing the question of toxicity within the Churchill Show space, Butita acknowledged its existence, particularly for those deemed proficient in their field.

He cited examples such as YY’s involvement in Churchill Raw, implying that talent was often overlooked within the show’s hierarchy.

“Partially, it was toxic, especially if you were an expert in something. Do we have a reason why YY was doing Churchill Raw? He is a pro. At some point, I was given a job, but someone took it away from me,” he said.

Churchill Show moving to TV 47 has doomed it

Remember back when Churchill show was one of the biggest local televised show in Kenya? For once we had something we all took pride in that is – original content from comedians who delivered jokes we could all relate with….but for some reason we no longer hear anything about the show like we used to.

Okay – we can blame that on growth or maybe cable TV since everybody seems to have moved to the netflix and chill….but again we also blame Daniel Ndambuka for terminating his contract with Nation Media and moving on to TV47….a TV network that is slowly growing with a lot of potential.

Churchill show

Churchill losing audience

However – as much as the TV station is showing potential, there are many who feel that Churchill made a bad move by relocating his show to network that many haven’t yet discovered.

I mean, his audience – (that is from kids to grandparents) always knew what station airs the show and what time….but if you ask them now, most probably dont even know the show still airs.

Well without his old audience – I guess Churchill is now targeting people who watch local TV or rather people from mashinani….but truth is, with how everything is changing…chances are that he either adjusts to the Gen Z style or allows a younger comedian to fill in his shoes because mmmmh, time to catch up is running out.

Churchill Show comedian suddenly disappears

The current times have proven hard to deal with and especially for the entertainment fraternity that has watched as millions get lost due to social gatherings’ restrictions.

Popular Churchill comedian, John Macharia aka Mc Coin has left fans and family worried after he was last seen more than a month ago, without letting anyone know of his whereabouts.

Mc Coin

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In online posts that have since gone viral, the funny man was allegedly last seen in late July by close friends and recent efforts to get through to him have proven futile.

“It’s almost been a month now since our bro (Mc Coin) went silent on all possible media. We’ve tried reaching him out for the last two weeks now in vain. Where he lives and back home is nowhere to be found. All the contacts we have, have been switched off. Its truly a sad story for us and his family. Any leads of his whereabouts lately will be highly appreciated,” one DJ Nixx Bee shared.

Mc Coin with DJ Nixx Bee at a perfomance

The Alarm

According to a local publication, the comedian had been complaining of the hard life out here, forced to move from his place at Kahawa Wendani to the village.

“We went to campus together and we’re always in touch. Around late July is the last time we talked and he told me how hard life had turned out due to tough economic times,” revealed a close ally.

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John Macharia aka Mc Coin goes missing

So worrisome was the situation because on reaching out to his parents, Mc Coin’s friends were told they had not laid eyes on him for a while.

“I looked for his father’s contacts and when I got a hold of him, he also told me that they had not seen him and that is how the search begun,” divulged one of his friends.

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DJ Nixx Bee however assured family and friends that a search had began with news hinting on a possible success.

We managed to get some info from a credible source that we are closely following to find our brother. We are hopeful this search will yield and end soon.

Stand-up comedian, Mc Coin

Mc Coin made his debut on Churchill in August 2019, where he wowed the audience.

Governor Hassan Joho finally addresses Natalie Tewa ‘Katerina’ scandal (Video)

‘Katerina’ is a word that saw Kenyans put together Governor Hassan Joho and Natalie Tewa in one box, speculations rife the two were an item and Joho finally gives his side of the story.

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July 20, in a coincidental event, Joho was spotted jamming to the Katerina tune and a quick glance into Natalie’s Instagram timeline, showed a beautiful photo of her in a yellow dress with the caption ‘Baby Katerina’ to it.

Curvy Natalie Tewa takes an outdoor pose

This did not take long before netizens noted something conspicuously similar between the two and quickly concluded that these two were an item behind the scenes. It did not take long before their affair started going public with the pair reportedly spoiling each other to some luxuries.

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A story that never gave the Mombasa Governor any peace, making headlines day in, day out over a purported curvy side chic he had bagged himself. Rumors that the stylish politician sought to put to rest once and for all during his recent interview with Churchill.

Governor Hassan Joho and Daniel Ndambuki have a chit-chat in County 001

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Joho comes clean

Definitely expecting that that question would pop up during his sit-down with the comedian and content creator, Joho did not seem so surprised, rather disappointed that spending some alone time to unwind could bring him such trouble.

“Hiyo kitu imeniletea shida, wacha tu,” he remarked.

Governor Ali Hassan Joho spending time unwinding

According to the Coastal native, he was just minding his own business and living his life, jamming to the song that speaks to his heart before it suddenly blew up on his face.

“Nilikuwa naimba tu, kwa raha zangu. I wanna look at you baby kidogo…baas!” Joho exclaimed.

Rumored lovers, Hassan Joho and Natalie Tewa

The Governor questioned why society was so quick to judge and condemn a public figure like him, who is human first and still has a life when he is not at work. So why couldn’t he jam to his favorite song and people take it as something normal?

The thing is, even if you are a leader, you have a life. What is wrong if I spend 2 minutes to enjoy music? Because I am still human, and I am allowed to enjoy and live life. So I don’t work 24/7. First, I do what I need to do then I also have to find time for myself.

Some Churchill Show comedians might be depressed because of living beyond their means

A lot has been said about Churchill Show over the last few weeks and if you ask me, people will keep talking until Churchill, real name Daniel Ndambuki, comes out to address the allegations.

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If you are keen, I am sure you’ve noticed that the comics who came out to speak claimed that two things were leading them into depression.  One is the management of the show – which includes Victor Ber and Jibril Blessing – while the second aspect was poor pay.

Churchill Show’s creative director, Victor Ber

However, none or very few of them were ready to accept that their own mistakes put them in their current situation and if they had known better, they would have made better decisions.

You see, once people start referring to a person as a celebrity because he or she has appeared on TV a couple of times, that person would like his or her fans to perceive them in a certain way.

What follows is that the person who was has now acquired a celebrity status moves from his or her ‘cheap’ neighborhood to an upmarket estate. They also hire cars so that their fans can see that they are living the life.

Daniel Ndambuki better known as, Churchill

However, remember that Churchill Show doesn’t pay much so the result is that these comedians get into debt and it gets so bad to point where they cannot settle the loans nor afford the rent in these upmarket estates.

More often than not this leaves them depressed since they cannot keep up with their fake lifestyles or the party life that they had gotten used to.

I don’t disagree that Churchill Show were being frustrated, we’ve heard several accounts of that. All I am saying is that some of them could have been living beyond their means and it finally blew up in their faces.

Churchill Show comedians finally speak up on the ills of the industry a day after Kasee’s death

Kenya’s popular comedy show, Churchill has had its fair share of controversies with multiple comedians coming out to expose the tough circumstances in the industry.

The country has witnessed numerous cases of comedians committing suicide due to depression, others quitting and turning to odd jobs to be able to meet their daily needs and that of their families.

Unfortunately, for those who pass on, the kind of reports that emerge once they are gone – regards their poor state of well being – leaves many in shock.

Sunday, June 28, young comedian, Joseph Musyoki Kivindu popularly known as Kasee was reported dead after his body was discovered by the road side in Nginduri area, Kinoo.

Comedian Kasee

Reports had it that the budding comedian was battling depression and alcohol addiction that might have led to his untimely death.

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Speaking in regard to this, comedienne Zainab Zeddy revealed that the comedy industry had proven unwelcoming of fellow creatives.

kama huezi nisaidia nikiwa hai nikifa achana na mimi kabsa!????usiwai ni post acha Mafans wangu wanipost

Comedienne, Zainab Zeddy


kufa ni lazima lakini hii ya “Comedians”imezidi. ni vizuri watu wajue nini hukula wasanii wakafikia kujitoa uhai. Lazima tukomeshe unyanyasaji dhidi ya Wasanii.

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Stand-up comedian Karis also came out to admit they had indeed given a blind eye to Kasee’s situation and it is now haunting them that he is no more.

WE FAILED YOU KASEE…when things started going astray WE FAILED BEING THERE FOR YOU..

Comedians Kasee and Karis

Karis however went ahead to clarify that it was not out of their own volition to ignore Kasee’s battles, rather, that they are also battling their own “demons”.

..but its not that we assumed it. But because WE WERE ALSO FIGHTING OUR OWN DEMONS we failed you kasee. THE SAME WAY WE FAILED NJENGA MSWAHILI.

Before reiterating Zainab’s sentiments that they go through a lot especially depression and drug abuse.

EVERY OUTCOME HAS A COURSE. people don’t just result into drinking or drugs from the blue there is a push a triger. And depression,confusion,rejection,and stress are the main culprits….

Eric Omondi’s puffed out chest drives ladies wild (Photos)

The king of comedy Eric Omondi seems to have gained some weight and become buff in the last few weeks and his fans are begging to notice.

Eric, who is a father of one, rose to fame through stand-up comedy where he would make fun of his physique thus building his career from it.

Eric Omondi

The former Churchill Show comedian left his fans in awe in a video on Instagram where he was mimicking the Health CS Mutahi Kagwe. As he was speaking, one could not miss his new set of features.

Eric, who was crowned Africa’s funniest comedian at the 5th annual AEAUSA awards, looked more masculine with a broader chest and seemed to have gained a few muscles.

One could notice that he had been working out, lifting weights and had a proper diet as his tiny physique was a thing of the past.

Eric Omondi


Dressed in a tight burgundy turtle neck in a meeting with the Health CS Eric looked dashing leaving ladies thirsting at his new body frame.

The star who had once paid a courtesy call to President Uhuru had been asked to eat more and clearly he did heed to the advise given.


Churchill Show live recording cancelled!

Churchill show live recording will not go down at the South C MOW Sports Club Grounds as announced earlier.

This was announced by Ken Waudo of the laugh Industry Entertainment group! As seen on the press release, the show was cancelled after Kenya’s first coronavirus was announced earlier this morning.

Kenyan celebrated comedians, MC Jessy (left) and Churchill (right)

In a detailed post, the Churchill show team informed their audience that the show will resume as soon as possible; but for now had to adhere to the isnstructions given by the government that has banned public gatherings in the country.

Churchill Show Live Recording at South C MOW Sports Club Grounds Cancelled
We regrettably wish to inform our loyal fans, supporters and general public that the Live Recording of Churchill Show South C Edition scheduled for Saturday 14th has been cancelled.

This is in line with the government directive about public events in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic as well as consultations with Public Works ministry leadership – venue owners via the office of HE Major General (Retired) Dr. Gordon Kihalangwa at his office.


Churchill show comedian
Paul Ndung’u in action

Be right back!

Speaking with journalists earlier this morning, Mutahi Kagwe asked the public to avoid public gatherings including religious ones to stop the rapid spread of coronavirus.

For this reason, the Churchill fraternity went on to urge their fans to partake on the ongoing self quarantine instructions giving by the government.

Churchill show

We wish to inform our loyal customers who have purchased their tickets that the SOUTH C EDITION will still happen at a later date and your ticket remains valid AS SOON AS CONFIRMATION for resumption of public events.


In conclusion

For those who had purchased their tickets for tonight’s show will be able to reuse them once the show is back to its normal programming!

We would like to take this time to apologize to every one of you who was looking forward to the event as it was never our intention to disappoint all of you.

We would like to assure of the continuity of your favourite program on TV every Sunday as scheduled.
For Laugh Industry
Mr. Ken Waudo
Email; [email protected]

Churchill Show’s Jasper Murume drops debut single ‘Sasa Pambana’ and it’s absolutely hilarious (Video)

Sometime back, I wrote an article explaining why Kenyan comedians should stick to making jokes and leave music to musicians.

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However, in the last few days I’ve had a change of heart and to be honest, this sudden shift was caused by none other than Churchill Show’s Jasper Murume.

Jasper Murume

A few days ago, the funny man released a song titled Sasa Pambana and I have been listening to it on replay because it’s absolutely hilarious.

Basically, this song is about how people were making merry in December not knowing that January – a month that is often associated with brokeness – was just around the corner.

In the song, Jasper says that some people even changed their names to CEO, MD and whatnot because they had a lot of money and now they have to contend with being blacklisted by several lenders because they can not pay back.

I really love this song. I was smiling the whole time I was listening to it not only because it’s funny but also because I can relate to many of the things that he is singing about.

Jasper Murume

To spice up the song, which is styled after Kamba Rhumba, he threw in some Gengetone words like taniua and prrrrr kang kang. If you ask me, that is the highlight of this song.

The instrumentation on this jam is also on point. It blends well with Jasper’s voice and style and believe you me, you won’t resist the urge to get up and dance. Kisinga Sounds outdid themselves on this one.

I also loved the video. It paints a good visual picture of what Jasper is singing about and perhaps it might teach you a thing or two about saving your money when it’s in abundance.

Watch Sasa Pambana below and tell us what you think.

Sad goodbyes as Churchill announces the end of his show

Churchill Show has two subsets: Churchill Raw and Churchill Show and one of them has just come to an end.

Churchill Raw is a 30-minute show that normally airs every Thursday evening and is mainly hosted by popular act, MC Jessy.

It graces upcoming talents and is meant to nurture and sharpen them into professional comedy. This is like a passage or a bridge from something, to the real deal – Churchill Show.

Churchill Show on the other hand, airs every Sunday evening with the top brass of the Churchill family staging their skills.

Churchill Raw

However, Churchill Raw aired its last episode on Thursday, the 31st of October 2019. MC Jessy, Churchill himself and other comedians broke the news through social media.

According to MC Jessy, it was a great opportunity for him to host the event and most importantly, remains thankful to the audience for their unending support both to him and to the comedians.

He further adds that they are taking a break to restructure and cook something tastier for their audience – a new experience.

Churchill on his end, in a series of throwback photos, reminisces where the show has come from and if anything, remains grateful.


He reminds us of comedy acts like DJ Shiti, Butita, Teacher Wanjiku, Sleepy David, Mammito among others, who have now risen to great ranks and are now engaged in different things, as a brand.

However, Churchill Show continues to air every Sunday evening on NTV as usual, and it is currently in its 5th season.

Comment section

Fans of the comedy show, that is the leading in East Africa, have shed tears of joy because the best is yet to come.

????????????We are hoping that’s Churchill show will still continue biko


Am finished


???????????????????????????????? You go kill me Bro. ????????????????????????????????


This was a killer


Always my laugh show


Proud of you Brother????????


Big up keep on ????????????????????????????????burning





“We couldn’t afford Ksh 300 for rent!” Comedian Njoro opens up about his humble beginnings

Churchill shows comedian George Maina popularly known as Njoro did not have it easy while growing up.

In a new interview with SDE Njoro went on to open up about his family life like never before. Njoro says he grew up with his 5 siblings in Nakuru at area known as London.



Despite having very hard working parents, life was often hard and this is what taught him to be ambitious. He says his father worked at a construction site while his mother sold tomatoes just to ensure their children did not go hungry.

However, the money they made could not sustain them and often got locked out of their home as they could not afford Ksh 300 rent.

“I was born and raised in an area known as London where our house rent was a meagre Sh300 but my family was often locked out due to lack of rent.”

Struggled in school

He went on to add that getting through primary school also proved to be hard since he also lacked school fees.

“On top of this, my primary school fee was also Sh300, but would often be sent home because we could not pay. My mother Jacinta Wahu sold tomatoes while my dad, a casual labourer at a construction site, struggled hard to take care of the five of us,”

He went on to add that he got his funny character from his dad who is one hilarious man. Njoro also says most of his jokes are real life experiences while others are from his creativity.

“I write about my life experiences, things that interest me in relation to Kiambu, where I live. If an unusual set of circumstances arises or I learn something that I can’t stop thinking about, chances are I will try to write a joke about it. My father’s funny side of life is my second inspiration. He is one person who has always been real and funny at the same time. I write my own routines,”

Dusit terror attack prompts Churchill to cancel Churchill Show recording

Churchill Show recording which was supposed to take place at the Carnivore Restaurant in Nairobi on Thursday January 17th, but it was ultimately cancelled.

Daniel ‘Churchill’ Ndambuki had earlier announced on posters on social media that the recording would be held on Thursday, this was before the terror attack at the DusitD2 hotel.

Solidarity with Kenyans

Churchill announced that the recording had been pushed to next week Thursday January 24th, the comedian said the management arrived at the decision to cancel Thursday 17th recording to show solidarity with victims of the terror attack at DusitD2 hotel.

“In solidarity with fellow Kenyans. Following the Dusit attack we hereby postpone our first live recording to next week Thursday, 24th Jan. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this. See you next week at Carnivore,” said Churchill in a statement.



Comedian Churchill among the 700 rescued from Dusit D2 terror attack

Comedian Churchill was among the 700 people rescued at Riverside when the attack happened on Tuesday.

Several celebrities have now opened up about surviving the attack. Comedian Eric Omondi and singer Willy Paul are among the prominent names who cheated death on that day.

Willy Paul was in a meeting when the attack happened while Eric Omondi was collecting a package in the premises. Eric shared that he saw two students being shot down during the attack and the militants aimed at him next and missed.

“I was to be the third person to be shot, I don’t know how I escaped the bullet. It is just God. I just started hearing gunshots, and then started seeing people running away raising their hands up and some were entering the bank to hide for their lives.” said Eric. 

Shared little

Churchill hasn’t shared much about his encounter during the attack. He simply said it has happened and he’ll be fine.

“By the way, I was there,” he said. “But we will be fine and everyone who was involved. We are strong.”



Churchill comedian Jasper Murume shares how he was robbed at gun point by men who have marked him

Comedian Jasper Murume is one of the successful comedians that managed to make a name out of the Churchill show on NTV.

In a recent interview with Mpasho, the comedian shared that this success has attracted uncalled for attention which has gotten him robbed twice now.

Murume shared that the thugs know his house  and swept it clean the first time while he was not there, and robbed him again at gun point later on.

“Hawa watu waliniibia mara mbili. Mara ya kwanza walinifagia, mara ya pili waka come na gun. Mara ya pili niliibiwa on gun point, sasa sikua na vitu za kuibiwa sasa walienda tu na laptop ya pili na simu mbili.”he said. 

Terrible feeling

Murume shared that getting your house swept clean Nairobi is not only demoralizing but also very annoying. He felt like he had been returned to his 2014 days when he had nothing as a budding comedian trying to make a name.

“It was terrible. Niliskia ni kama wamenirudisha 2014. Nilifeel vibaya sana. Kuibiwa hii Nairobi ni kitu kibaya sana. Watu wanakuangalia wanadhani uko na doo.” he said. 

MC Jessy finally apologizes to the elderly man he disgraced live on Churchill Show

MC Jessy sparked uproar when he publicly shamed a man old enough to be his father during Churchill Show live recording in Nakuru.

The comedian made an unpleasant joke about the old man which didn’t go down well with many people, he directly referred him as a sponsor and suggested that he is ugly.

“If you want a guy do not go for these handsome men, they always have other women hidden somewhere. Go for someone who has his own kind of face, a personal face. I am not talking about him, he is a sponsor,” said MC Jessy.


MC Jessy was forced to apologize to the old man after facing criticisms on social media. The comedian admits his joke was in bad taste.

“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future. On behalf of The cameraman, producer, Churchill Show family and I, We want to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to Mzee Achoka, his family and Kenyans in general.
I don’t have any excuses. I take full responsibility for the production of this episode that might have gone in bad taste. I’m really sorry it happened. In future I promise it won’t happen again,” wrote MC Jessy.





Drunk senator thrown out of Churchill Show recording in Kajiado (Video)

Churchill Show live recording at club Hornbill Rongai was interrupted after Kajiado county senator Phillip Mpayei caused chaos in his drunken stupor.

The senator caused disruption forcing the show’s organizer to stop the live recording as they sought to contain the situation which was quickly turning ugly.

The rowdy senator arrived at the recording drunk and a section of the crowd could not tolerate his conduct. People who were seated close to the drunk lawmaker called for his eviction before the whole drama ensued.

Phillip Mpayei
Phillip Mpayei
Whisked away

The senator’s security detail wrestled bouncers who were trying to escort the drunk lawmaker out of the arena. In a video that has since gone viral online, the senator is seen sandwiched by men wrestling each other as they struggle to take him out.

Watch the clip below:


Churchill explains why Churchill Show is no longer airing on NTV

Churchill Show has been airing on NTV for over a decade. The show, formerly called Churchill Live, premiered in 2007 on NTV, and has since been airing every Sunday.

Last Sunday June 24th 2018 Churchill Show didn’t air on NTV. Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki announced that his eponymous show will no longer be airing on NTV.

World Cup

Churchill explains that Kwese-NTV partnership has denied die-hard fans of the popular weekly comedy show their dose of laughter. So Churchill Show won’t be back on NTV, at least before the 2018 World Cup is over. (World Cup final game will be on Sunday 15th July).

In an effort to make it up for to their fans, Churchill and Laugh Industry decided to make their episodes live on YouTube and their other Social Media platforms.





MC Jessy speaks of leaving Churchill Show

Several comedians including Eric Omondi left Churchill Show to start their own solo projects. MC Jessy has spoken his mind about the idea of quitting Churchill Show.

The likes of Eric Omondi, Chipukeezy, Teacher Wanjiku and other comedians left Churchill Show after their breakthrough to start other projects.

Some comedians excelled while other failed in their endeavors after quitting Churchill Show. MC Jessy shared his thought about quitting Churchill show.

Pekee yako you can only go so far
MC Jessy and Churchill

Jessy asserts that the thought of quitting Churchill hasn’t crossed his mind. He reveals that he is only thinking about expanding Churchill Show not quitting.

“Pekee yako you can only go so far. But together you can go far. Our partnership is way beyond money. We are going to launch new shows this year, cause the Churchill Show is too small,” said MC Jessy.

MC Jessy is the host of Churchill Raw. Most people see him as second in command after Churchill (Daniel Ndambuki).





“She has been with me through hell” Comedian YY showers his mum with praises

Former Churchill shows comedian YY has every reason to praise and flaunt his mum. According to him, the mum is the only best friend he recognizes and this is because they have both faced good and bad times together.

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Like most celebrities who were raised by single mum, YY is no different. His mum played the role of a dad and mum to ensure that they never lacked anything.

However coming from a humble background, sometimes they were forced to go hungry; but he is grateful for such experiences.

YY introduces his mother

In a new post shared by the comedian he introduces his mum to his online family; but what caught many people’s attention is the caption. He praises her for having played the role of a super mum in his life saying;


Why he quit Churchill show

From what we heard is that the comedian felt that he was being underpaid and chose to walk away. He however makes appearances once in a while since he is still good friends with Churchill.

Mwalim Churchill reveals his biggest regret in life

Most adults have things they regret doing or having not done. Comedian Churchill also has one and it’s about an opportunity he let go of after being offered to study in the United States back in the day.

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As revealed by a popular news outlet, the comedian apparently had a chance to start his comedy earlier but his choices mislead him. Apparently he had been offered a full paid scholarship to study at Chicago university. But, he took a bit too long to make up his mind which somehow costed him as he lost the chance.

Is it true that you regret not starting comedy earlier?

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You see after high school I could have joined drama school immediately. I got an opportunity to study drama via a scholarship in Chicago University in the United States but I hesitated. I let that chance go. Maybe if I had grabbed it, I would have been doing things differently today and maybe I would have been much better at comedy.

Would he have done it any different if given the chance?

Speaking during the interview he went on to confess saying;

It has taken me a long time to get where I am right now, 15 years is quite some time you now. But I tend to think that had I joined Chicago University, I would have achieved what I have now earlier and faster. For instance, I would have learnt production earlier which is something I have had to take lessons on while on the job. Juggling production and comedy hasn’t been easy. Not having the knowledge of production earlier made me lose much both financially and creative wise.

Churchill, MC Jessy among others to perform alongside top African comedians, now this is a big deal!

The second edition of Churchill’s initiative under Laugh Industry – The Laugh Festival will be taking place in Nairobi, Kenya next Monday 11th December 2017 at the KICC Comesa Grounds from 6 p.m.

The event will once again feature Africa’s top Comedians including Nigeria’s funniest man Basket Mouth alongside our very own Churchill and Churchill Show comedians: MC Jessy, Dr Ofweneke, Prof. Hamo, Obinna, Sleepy, Jasper, Aman and Emmanuel.

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List of performers

East Africa’s comedy cocktail will include first timers: Uganda’s original pioneer female stand up comedian Cotilda Inapo and MC Pili Pili from Tanzania, who will be joined by Kenyan bonafide stars: Jalang’o and Teacher Wanjiku. Uganda’s beloved comedian: Salvado and Rwanda’s Nkusi Arthur will also be returning on the festival for a second time this year.

Initiated last year, Laugh festival has established itself as a platform showcasing the best of African comedy, and comedians while presenting a Kenyan audience with world-class entertainment right at KICC – one of Kenya’s most iconic venues.

what to expect

From captivating stage entrances to powerful stage performances, all fans of comedy and entertainment – prepare for a night of rib cracking, with African jokes set to range from topics including culture, trending topics, food and hilarious spins on everyday life experiences and events.

Comedian MC Jessy raises eyebrows after sharing this embarrassing photo of Churchill before pulling it down 

There is no doubt that MC Jessy is a funny man. For years now he has managed to entertain Kenyans through the Churchill show and I bet fans love him too.

The comedian however left many talking just recently after sharing an embarrassing photo of Churchill on his Instagram page. Apparently the photo had been making rounds on social media before MC Jessy decided to get his hands on it too.

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However, from how it looks seems that it was not as funny as he thought since he later pulled it down. Not quite sure whether it upset his boss or the comments left under it forced him to delete the photo.

It is quite surprising to see MC Jessy pull such a stunt but below is the photo he shared causing a stir on his social media page.

MC Jessy and Churchill’s relationship

The two have been long term friends for years now. They both shared a similar dream that saw them come up with the Churchill comedian show helping new talents in the country.

Though we rarely see the two together, I bet they spend a lot of time together away from Cameras.

Churchill aka Daniel Ndambuki celebrates 40th birthday in style, check out how his party went down

Top comedian Daniel Ndambuki has finally turned the big 4-0. His party was however one of a kind as Kenyans flocked KICC to celebrate the comedian’s birthday.

Together with fellow comedians Churchill hosted one of the biggest shows dubbed @40 at KICC this past Friday. The show aw many Kenyans rush to grab their tickets as this was going to be one of a kind celebration witnessed in the entertainment industry.

From the photos, seems like most of the comedians who have been mentored by Churchill availed themselves to perform at their ‘father’s’ party.

Invited guests

Well, this was not an invite only party but an open party for every Kenyan who could make it. However, word has it that Churchill turned down Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga’s requests to come to the party.

Speaking about the two political leaders, Churchill said:

“Uhunye (Uhuru) wanted to attend but I asked him not to and explained why. The same case was with Rao (Raila)”

He went on to add,

“With the situation still volatile in the country and as things seems to be, my event won’t be an ideal place for them because they will steal my moment,”

Below are a few photos from the party;

Gleam of hope in disunity! Churchill Show’s Njoro flies to US on a mission to bring an end to ethnic tension in Kenya

Hostile rhetoric and escalating ethnic tensions in Kenya ahead of repeat presidential election is threatening to plunge the country into violence.

Churchill Show comedian is on a mission to promote unity among all tribes in Kenya. Njoro flew to US where he is slated to headline a peace concert.

Njoro is in USA under the Brand CPR that is hosting an Amani food festival in Long Beach, California. The concept is to promote peace among Kenyans in diaspora. Participants are encouraged to bring their ethnic dish e.g Kambas-muthokoi, Luo-fish, Luhya-chicken, Kikuyu-njahi etc.

The annual Amani food festival is the brainchild of Steven Mbugua. This year’s event, which will be held on October 21st, is supported by Kenya Consulate General in Los Angeles and Eddy Toto Gear.

High profile guests invited

Kenya ambassador to US Robinson Njeru Githae and Long Beach mayor Robert Garcia are among high profile guests invited to the peace concert. L.A Consul General Maurice Nakitare will be the host of the event.




“I auditioned for 10 months straight without any success” Churchill Show’s Jemutai narrates her struggles

Stella Bunei Koitie popularly known as Jemutai was has come a long way in her journey to be one of the top female comedians in Kenya.

There are only a handful of successful female comedians in Kenya; Jemutai, Zeddy and Mammito. Even these three female comedians didn’t have an easy way up because they had to compete with the best male comedians for airtime.

Jemutai for instance auditioned for 10 months straight without any success. She was about to quit on her last audition when she was finally picked.

Speaking to Buzz, Jemutai revealed that Carnivore (where Churchill Show is shot) became her second home before she made it because of their time she spent there auditioning. Everybody including guards knew her yet she had no job yet.

“I auditioned for 10 months straight without any success, every Tuesday my mother gave me fare from Embakasi and taxi money to go back. The Carnivore, where we shoot Churchill, became a second home, I knew everyone, the watchman, and the camera men even the waiters. Initially I was auditioning as Stella but my act was not convincing. Nonetheless I kept going back and the judges kept encouraging me to develop a character that will help me execute my comedy.

“At some point I was about to give up and on October 20th 2015 I came for what was to be my last audition, after that I was to quit. However that week I was picked and October 22nd 2015 was my first show ever. The Carnivore, where we shoot Churchill, became a second home, I knew everyone, the watchman, and the camera men even the waiters. Initially I was auditioning as Stella but my act was not convincing,” Jemutai narrated.

“It was a great relief to get picked after such a long struggle, by then I had gotten used to the stage and the set up so I was very comfortable. My first show became the best edit of the night and I have never looked back,” Jemutai revealed how she felt after her first show.




MC Jessy opens up about Churchill Show comedians being underpaid

Claims of poor pay has bedeviled kenya’s most watched comedy show – Churchill Show since early last year when a handful of comedians openly protested.

YY announced he was quitting Churchill Show sometimes in May 2016 indicating that all wasn’t well with the popular comedy show.

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Fresh allegations of poor pay surfaced once again in April 2017 when Emmanuel Makori Nyambane alias Ayeiya Poa Poa passed on.

Former Churchill Show comedian Rapcha the Sayanist was quick fire salvos at Daniel Ndambuki accusing him of underpaying comedians, he claimed that Ayeiya Poa Poa had died a poor man thanks to Churchill.

Well, MC Jessy has finally addressed the persistent allegation that just won’t fade away; speaking to Word Is, Jessy categorically stated that Churchill Show offers comedian far more value than the pay package that portried them in bad light.

“They come while they are fresh and some don’t even have the money. Let’s take an example of MCA Tricky. He came the way he was and he is great today. Comedian YY came the same way and he is good right now. Eddie Butita came from Kariobangi and now he is doing international shows. If you are coming there to look for money you will fail, but if you are coming for destiny, you will succeed. The money aspect can’t even be discussed because you can’t even quantify to give a value for them when it comes to money, but their worth is determined by how they live their life, not how much they earn,” MC Jessy said.

He also responded to Rapcha the Sayanist’s attack on Churchill;

“Alikuanga Churchill zamani, so hayuko… That was his opinion, but you need to look at the results, kwa sababu mti unajulikana na matunda yake. I went to Churchill Show, see my life now. It is the same way for MCA Tricky, David the Student, Professor Hamo, Chipukeezy, Eric Omondi and the rest who joined the show.”